Map of Dreams

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Dreams List

Dreamsort ascendingCityNumber of Dreams
Shadow 1
Open heart surgery while awake 1
Wedding 1
Spiders 1
Buying red and yellow cherry tomatoes 1
True Love 1
Pooping until it hurts 1
Swimming the sea 1
face-licker 1
rooms 1
Cigarettes, I was trying to buy them. I don’t smoke. 1
I married Scarlett Johansson dream 1
crazy old lady 1
dreamt 1
falling 1
Baby deer. I was taking care 1
Denying food 1
Boundary between dream and reality 1
Eating ice candy with mon 1
Falling elevator with sister 1
Eel 1
frog 1
soulmate 1
Childhood play ground 1
dreamt 4
Quick sand 1
vampire 1
Unpacking China with my husband 1
Preying Mantis, Cat, Dragonfly, Ants 1
Garden 1
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