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What does it mean when in you dream of body parts?

When your dream concerns a body part it foretells change. The essence of knowing the interpretation of dreams gives you the opportunity to become aware and make yourself ready to avoid disruption in life. It is very important to note every defined meaning and know which among those can be applicable to you. The meaning of dreams on body part varies depending on the portion that you dreamt of. What does dreaming of thumb means? How will it affect your state of life?

In your dream you may have

  • See different thumb activities.
  • Dreamt of seeing your own thumb.
  • Thumb of different sizes which either small or unusually large.
  • Injured or loss thumb.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Thumb point upward.
  • Seeing a normal and beautiful thumb.
  • You have an unusually large sized thumb.
  • You measure a house or any property with the use of your thumb – may appear silly but this is really a good one.

Detailed dream interpretation

Changes are the only permanent occurrence in human life while self-control and discipline is needed to achieve this. Dreaming of a thumb without emphasis on its direction, it symbolizes ability to take control on some things. Thumb directs our grip wherein in its absence means losing a good grip. A thumb dream tells you about your ability on taking control and power. This also tells that you are loved by others especially those with inclination to arts/creativity with your good attitude and energy. If you will look into this dream seriously, it can give you good fortune. Fortune that does not mean all money but social approval, high regard of people, peace of mind, worry free life and contentment.

If dreaming of a thumb pointing upward means that your action is agreeable to others or it is going to give you good results. However, if the direction of the thumb is pointed downwards, it serves as a disagreement to your actions or important decisions. Try to review it closely for there may be things that need to be reconsidered.

Dismember of a thumb has something to do with negative feelings like having difficulties and sorrowful instances in life. If the dream is about an injured thumb like appearing swollen, let it serve as a warning of losing a project or a business that may elicit negative reaction from partners and people around. Generally, an injured thumb signifies dissatisfaction over things. That the expected result was not achieved since the ability was not maximized.

The size and appearance of thumb in your dream is also interpreted differently. A small thumb means having pleasure at a limited time while unusually large sized thumb is symbolic of unexpectedly swift success. To notice a thumb nail that is long is a warning to look into your decisions since it indicates probability of falling into ill-wills or activities.

Your thumb dream can also be involved in activities like thumb wrestling or measuring. Thumb wrestling dream may indicate struggle to achieve success or control over things while measuring property like houses with the use of thumb means that you will have the opportunity to own that property.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a thumb

Open-mindedness, wilful, superiority, peace and tranquillity, decisiveness, joyful and excited in achieving set goals in life, anxious

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013