Biblical Meaning Of Oranges


Biblical Meaning Of Oranges

The Bible does not mention oranges per se, but the segments within an orange can be seen as little areas of our own life experiences. In my research into the biblical meaning of orange, each segment is a chapter of our story contributing to the wholeness of who we are. Oranges have such deep spiritual meaning and I am going to discuss the biblical meaning of oranges in your dream.

Oranges are associated with the "orange" aura, and each segment is about our own lives. An orange fruit seen or eaten in a dream signifies that times are going to be excessive and unruly for some time (that is the spiritual interpretation). Think about each segment as a reflection of how we navigate life. Dreaming about orange juice is like the sun in my view. 

Spiritually, oranges are associated with creativity, fruitful paths, and the sacral chakra. In some practices, oranges are also used to unblock energy. Often, when we dream of orange, we will experience a creative energy in our lives. This is why you had this dream: a) creativity b) unblocking energy c) fruitful path d) Good news coming e) abundance and finally f) fertility.

Many cultures view oranges as symbols of unblocking or removing something that doesn't serve them.  Good fortune, abundance, and fertility are often associated with oranges. If you eat oranges in a dream, biblically you are inviting prosperity and wealth.


By Florance Saul
Feb 28, 2024