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The dream about an owl is connected to wisdom, and it indicates new society entourage or a circle of friends through joining a club.

As the owl represents the nocturnal world, this dream is often misinterpreted by dream dictionaries. The ancient interpretation is focused around misfortune, and this is a warning that precautions should be taken. To see a dead bird or an owl indicates a narrow escape from illness or an accident.


In your dream you may have...

  • An owl.
  • You see an owl.
  • Other people see an owl.
  • Other people kill an owl.
  • A screaming owl.
  • A quite owl.
  • A beautiful owl.
  • An owl hunting a rodent.
  • You catch an owl.
  • A dead owl.
  • Lots of owls.
  • You scare away an owl.
  • The sound of owls.
  • You watch an owl.
  • An owl in your house.
  • An owl flying away.
  • An owl up a tree.
  • Killing an owl.
  • You hunt an owl.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You take some precautions.
  • Be careful not to get injured.
  • Beware of your friends.
  • Expect a loss.
  • Be prudent in life.
  • Take care of your health.

Detailed dream interpretation...

When the owl appears in a dream it means that you will have good business deals, but you must be careful not to be harmed. Owls in the dream have absolutely nothing to do with the folk symbol of the owl portending the death of someone or unhappiness. In dreams, the owl is just a nighttime bird symbolizing the shadows, and hence the human instinct that can often take away your peace.

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The owl can even symbolize the peace and spiritual balance you need in a dark world full of enemies. At the same time if you dream that you scare away an owl and the bird flies away it means that you will have much better living conditions. Owls can be the omen of quarrels with the oldest of the family.

In philosophy, the owl is the symbol of wisdom. Traditionally, the owl awakens fear, such as the fear of death. Seen in dreams, the owl portends business growth, but also possible damage. Either way, a loss will necessarily occur if you dream of an owl.

An owl refers to wisdom, and selected education. In the meantime, the sound of owls is a warning, and it refers to hidden fears and danger. The owl can mean misunderstanding, privations, loss, and that you should beware of your friends. Watching an owl in your dream suggests good business, but also danger and loss. If you have an owl in your house, this is the omen of troubles and deprivation.

Hearing an owl screaming in your dream is the sign of death, troubles and material loss. Seeing an owl foretells a wise friend is coming your way. In general, seeing an owl sitting on a tree branch means wisdom. If the owl is flying away, this is the sign that you will escape danger.


An owl in your dream can suggest that you will not undertake anything. Hearing it sing is the sign of bad luck, disease, bankruptcy, failure, and even death. Looking at an owl means sorrow and possible attack coming your way at night. If the owl is up in a tree, this is usually a bad omen.

If in your dream you kill an owl, this is the sign of useless gossips coming your way. If other people kill the owl, this means prudence. It suggests that you should be more careful for a while, in regard to your health, friends, entourage, and even work.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of owl...

Embarrassed. Astonished. Confident. Happy. Bewildered. Proud. Upset. Surprised. Worried. Confused. Fearful.


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