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Vertigo is something which happens inside the body of a person that makes them feel as though they are off kilter, crooked, and might experience dizziness and nausea

Vertigo makes the person feel as though their center of balance is off and they can’t seem to make it get any better. This is usually a result of some kind of deficiency, an inner ear infection and numerous other ailments that happen in the body.

If you are experiencing a case of bad Vertigo in a dream, this is a symbol of the dreamer’s inability to feel balanced in life and is therefore a bad omen, often as a result of some larger or problematic situation in which they feel out of control.

Dreaming of falling down at a party as a result of Vertigo, it means that you are feeling out of control of your indulgences and should take care not to become addicted. It is important for the dreamer to consider whether or not they need professional help to get through their frustrating time.

Getting drunk and experiencing dizziness, this is the body’s way of processing the alcohol and the dreamer will be nursing off a significant hang over in the morning. If you did not drink the night before but still felt vertigo when you went to bed (before slipping into a dream) then this can be indicative of a health issue and you do not want to ignore this – even if it was only once.

Dreaming of Vertigo having an effect on the parental figures or the guardians of the dreamer is representative of the dreamer’s lack in a solid strength or foundation; this also represents familial issues which must be paid attention to.

In this dream you may have

  • Had a bad case of Vertigo causing you to fall into a well.
  • Fell down during a party as a result of Vertigo.
  • Got drunk and experienced Vertigo or dizziness.
  • Dreamed of Vertigo affecting your parental or guardian figures.
  • Stood up quickly.
  • Were pregnant and dizzy.
  • Saw a room spinning.
  • Went on a carnival ride.
  • Helped someone that appeared to have vertigo.
  • Were concerned about someone with vertigo.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You helped someone who has vertigo.
  • You created a medicine that cures Vertigo.

Detailed dream meaning

When one dreams of falling into a well as a result of the imbalance of Vertigo this means that the dreamer has become inundated by their strong emotion surrounding a romantic or painful situation which is causing them to feel as though they have no control and play no important role in the life of the person to whom they share affection. This means the dreamer needs to simplify their life before their emotions cause them to drown, metaphorically. Also shows a fear of enclosures.

Dreams that are of tripping and falling into oncoming traffic as a result of Vertigo, this symbolizes that life has become exceptionally chaotic and there is a need to put fears to rest about a matter of business and that now is the time for them to take action, but sure action which has been plotted and planned. Random decisions will not work for the dreamer at this time.

When you dream that someone has Vertigo and their Vertigo is so bad that they become incapable of speaking, this means that the dreamer is feeling disrespected and is going to go through a time of having others tell them what to do. This is often the case in familial situations, such as reunions and the like where one might be considered ‘young minded’ when surrounded by elders. Someone who has vertigo that needs help in a dream that is reliant on you indicates that you need to help someone out but they are afraid to ask for help.

Cures are always a positive dream and finding a cure of vertigo is a positive sign that things are going to be coming your way and new positive energies are around you. Dreams of being diagnosed with a permanent case of Vertigo and feels happy about it, this means the dreamer is going to go through a time in their life which is going to be full of ‘ignorance is bliss,’ about certain challenging situations in their life.

If you are diagnosed with a permanent case of Vertigo and the dreamer feels devastated, this represents that the dreamer is not going to be able to solve the big problem in their life for quite some time as a result of feeling emotionally chaotic.

Children with vertigo are a warning omen regarding the health of the child in the waking world. This can be scary and should be checked by a professional.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Vertigo – Confusion or Worry.
  • Vertigo – Feeling out of control or off balanced.
  • Vertigo – Drank too much alcohol.
  • Vertigo – Parental/Familial dysfunction.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Vertigo

Imbalance. Protectiveness. Clarity. Certainty. Consternation. Fear. Lack. Instability. Confusion. Strength. Pride.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012