Dreams of an ex-girlfriend

Dreams of an ex-girlfriend

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To dream of an ex-girlfriend indicates that you are feeling worried about the future.

There are many different reasons why we dream of ex-partners, it can mean that we are simply not fulfilled in our current relationship, alternatively, it can do indicate that you are missing that partner in your waking life. It is true to say that sometimes dreams how dreaming transports us to different dimensions in the spirit world. It can be extremely rare to encounter a dream where we move between different dimensions. However, if the dream is particularly vivid it can indicate that in a different dimension you have perhaps stayed with your ex-girlfriend and this is transportation to that particular different dimension.

If you are in a happy, in magical relationship with somebody at the moment and you have a surprisingly vivid dream of an ex-girlfriend this can indicate that perhaps you are not completely fulfilled in the relationship that you currently have. It could mean that you are perhaps not sexually compatible. Basically to dream of an ex-girlfriend can take many different shapes and forms depending upon the details of the dream. If in your dream you feel that you are going back in time and reliving the situation and this can indicate that you are feeling particularly lonely in the waking world. For us to complete a full analysis of what the dream means it is important for us to look at the more detailed meanings and associations that could have cropped up within the dream state.

Dream meaning involving an ex-girlfriend:

To dream of an ex-girlfriend years after the relationship suggests that you have arrived at the conclusion that you are not completely happy in real life. It may be a symbolic dream and have no real meaning. As we have also mentioned above it could be a spiritual dimension dream. Try to find a way to change how you feel. To dream that your ex-girlfriend wants you back can indicate that your ex girlfriend has actually thought about you recently. If your ex girlfriend is pregnant in the dream and this symbolizes the need to follow your own standards you have to care about yourself dream. It can also be the fact you feel you’ve lost out in life, this may not be connected to your real life - but commonly associated extreme competition. if your ex-girlfriend is crazy in the dream this denotes that you are going to encounter a complex and perhaps to troubled situation.

To dream that you want to get back together with and ex-girlfriend suggests that you are in constant back regards to your emotion someone in life is command and you be more forthright the way that project yourself. It is important to say at this point that the detailed meaning of a dream of an ex-partner indicates emotional ties.

Dreaming of an ex-partner expressing themselves to you indicates that challenges are ahead emotionally. An ex-girlfriend signifies some sort of loss in your current emotional state. If however, the dream is more a transportation to a different dimension then it can denote that in this life the relationship which is not meant to be. If an ex-girlfriend proposes in your dream state it indicates that you are missing the relationship you had with her. The dream can also symbolize the fact that you are missing your ex girlfriend and it is just a focus on how you can move forward in life and make things better. If you are happily married and you dream with an ex-girlfriend it can indicate that you are looking for adventure in life. If you make love to an ex-girlfriend in your dream then this suggests that you are not feeling intimate with your current partner. If you do not have a partner (in real life) but do so in your dream this suggests emotional imbalance. To dream of having sex with an ex-girlfriend can suggest that there will be difficult times ahead. It indicates that you need to overcome depression and also ensure that you don't become too lonely. Try to fill your time with various hobbies.

If you dream you murder your girlfriend, alternatively your girlfriend is murdered by somebody else this is a symbolic dream meaning that you find it difficult to communicate with other people. In such a dream it can raise various emotions inside us. It is important for us to understand that despite having such a dream it may not actually be about your ex-girlfriend it could signify that there is an alternative situation that requires your emotional involvement. This could be a possible career move or a time where you have to dedicate more time to understand yourself.

If you dream that you are in love with your ex-girlfriend then this can just signify that you actually miss the relationship or the best parts of the relationship that has come to an end. Dreams of ex-girlfriends are fairly common and even though you're happy in your current existence it may just be your subconscious mind trying to remind you that it is important that the relationship you currently have do not turn into an ex-situation. Dreaming of a husband's ex-girlfriend is associated with your fear of losing him. Maybe you have felt that you need to understand more about him and his feelings for you? If in the dream your husband has sex with her and gets his ex-pregnant indicates a possible fear of losing your love! This can also be accompanied by the uncontrollable sensation that times have turned against you and it is time to bring problems to the surface. Use your own wisdom to understand your husband more.

In conclusion, ex-girlfriend dreams are extremely common and it is very rare that it is connected to a spiritual dimension. As we have highlighted within this dream interpretation to uncover whether the dream is actually you transporting through to a different spiritual realm depends upon the vivid nurse of the dream. It is also important to note that if having this dream you feel emotions and connections with your girlfriend in may just be the she has been thinking of you recently. Lots of different feelings and energies are transported in the dream state and if you dream of an ex-girlfriend this could possibly mean that she has been thinking about you recently.

Your dream:

  • You and your ex-girlfriend having sex.
  • You and your ex-girlfriend are reliving past moment.
  • You and your ex-girlfriend are fighting.
  • You and your ex-girlfriend or in a relationship within the dream.
  • You have children with your ex-girlfriend in the dream.
  • Your ex-girlfriend looks slightly different in the dream.
  • Your ex-girlfriend is murdered in the dream.
  • Your ex-girlfriend is in love with you in the dream.
  • To dream an ex-girlfriend is missing.
  • Dreams about an ex-girlfriend years later.
  • Dreams about an ex-girlfriend wanting you back.
  • Dreams about a dead ex-girlfriend.
  • Dreams about your husband's ex-girlfriend (maybe she is pregnant in the dream?)
  • Dreams of ex-girlfriend expressing herself.
  • Dreams of an ex girlfriend who is pregnant.
  • Dreams about your girlfriend talking to her ex
  • Dreams about an ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend.
  • Dreams of ex-girlfriend get revenge.
  • Ex girlfriend is crazy.
  • Dreams of getting ex-girlfriend back.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream:

Love, passion, worried about your ex, trying to get back with your ex-girlfriend and sex with your ex-girlfriend.

By Florance Saul
May 17, 2017