Artichoke in dreams

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An artichoke is a type of food that is an edible part of the flower budding before the flowers bloom.

It is connected to the thistle family and is normally cooked then eaten. A globe artichoke is connected to detoxifying but holds a nasty bitter aftertaste. To see an artichoke on a pizza in a dream suggests that other people will help you. To see more than one artichokes (uncooked) indicates a new problem in a work context. If you eat or see an artichoke in your dream, it is an indication that, you need to analyze details of areas in your life. It also represents your creativity and potential which you can utilize to make great things happen in your life.

Stop holding back on how things should be handled in your life. An artichoke can also represent secret sorrow. If you eat jam made from artichoke it represents an impending fight with someone. It will occur because you wish to prove your point of view. You should be considerate of other people’s viewpoints even if you have already made up your mind that your way is best. If the artichokes are rotten or spoilt it denotes that you have a broken heart due to a separation from a loved one. If you are in a marriage, it could be a warning sign that, things might be difficult, causing a separation from a spouse. If you are not married but involved with someone romantically, it could foretell that you may encounter a conflict. It is a sign that, you are going to have a heartache.

Detailed dream interpretation:

To see an artichoke in a jar suggest your emotions are going to be packed together. When you eat an artichoke in your dream, it is a symbol of high esteem and veneration. Many people will admire you, especially at your workplace. Thus, your approach in life will pay off. It could also denote that you have won the heart of the person you have been secretly admiring. If you cook an artichoke in your dream it implies that you are going to encounter a challenging situation and have an admiration of others - this will inspire you. Your strength and tenacity are what will be admired, and thus, you will be a shining example. This will touch so many people and change lives. It will only be possible if you make sure that, you do not neglect your responsibilities in life.

If you see an artichoke on a plate in your dream this foretells that there is a huge obstacle in life. In days to come, you are going to come face to face with a roadblock which will make it impossible for you to focus on your goals in life. It is a warning, and if you try to work extra hard, you might be able to overcome obstacles and be successful in life. Don’t give up as you will be shocked at how thing turns out. If you see yourself in a field of artichokes in your dream it implies that you will become romantic in waking life. There is a new flame in life. Maybe you will encounter a passing flirtation or be in a deep relationship that could lead to something more permanent.

Decorating a dish with artichokes can mean that, in real life, you are always successful with the opposite sex. You are likely to meet with a soul mate in your waking life. Don't shy off from them just because of fear of rejection. To see a globe artichoke suggests happiness in life. To see enormous fat artichokes denotes happy times in life.

In this dream:

You eat an artichoke. You cook an artichoke. You serve an artichoke. You cultivate and grow an artichoke.

Feelings associated with the dream:

Success. Heartache. Strong. Flirtation. Shocked. Obstacles. Warned. admired

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017