Gun dream dictionary

Gun Dream Meaning

Both you and I know that a gun shoots bullets. The bullet in your dreams is about how you survive all those challenges in life. Bear with me here. Today, we live longer on less money. The internet is constantly bringing new technologies online, we have so many things in the day that enters our mind. In life, we create a system that seems to be designed to keep us from our money, rather than help us grow it. While I type these words, the interest rates on our savings and markets move like stones at the bottom of rivers. We are faced with many challenges in life and dreams of guns is about how we get on target, that we need to be on target.

So what do I mean by being on target? If this dream freaked out you out then don’t worry as the message it carries is about your targets in life. No matter how caring or knowledgeable other people might be, we cannot let anyone else decide our fate. Experts are our guides, not our commanders. Only you have the ability to make critical decisions regarding your family, faith, finances, and health. Think of yourself as a Managing Director of your life, and the gun dream brings with it change, transformation, and new beginnings. When the gun symbol appears in a dream, it can mean it's time to let go of the past and move on. There are times when things must come to an end, but that is necessary to make way for something new. The bullets in the gun can be interpreted as a call to action. Changing your life may require some thought and action.

What gun did you see in the dream?

You may or may not know the gun used in the dream. There are many different types of guns that can appear in your dream. Each type of gun has a slightly different dream meaning, and each gun is used for a different purpose. As I have already said, guns can be used for protection, hunting, or even ritualistic purposes, but spiritually this is about. Different cultures have different beliefs about your targets in life. I want to share each type of gun's spiritual significance. In some cultures, guns are seen as symbols of power and strength, while in others they are seen as symbols of peace and protection. We all know that guns have been used for centuries, and their spiritual meanings have changed over time. 

Pistol in your dreams: I am sure you know the pistol is a small, hand-held gun. It is typically used for self-defense or as a secondary weapon. Pistols are often seen as symbols of power and strength in dreams, if you hold a pistol it is spiritually about the little steps in life.

Rifle in your dreams: As the rifle is a long-barreled gun that is fired from the shoulder it is about taking the time to learn your goals in dreams. Rifles are often used for hunting or warfare. Ask yourself: what are you hunting? What do you want to gain in life?

Shotgun in your dreams: The shotgun is a large, hand-held gun that fires a spray of pellets. Shotguns are again as I have said before used for hunting or self-defense. They are seen as symbols of peace and protection in many different cultures and the dream of a shotgun can mean peace might enter your life in the coming weeks.

Machine Gun in your dreams: This rapid-firing, large-caliber gun appears in dreams when things seem crazy. Machine guns are typically used in warfare. They are seen as symbols of quick action in order to meet the targets that you set in life.

Toy guns in your dreams: Toy guns may symbolize feelings of powerlessness or childhood innocence if you dream of the toy gun. This dream could also represent repressed anger or aggression from what I feel is childhood experiences. In other words, the dream could be a metaphor for putting your ideas and plans into action. A toy gun pointing at you in a dream could represent feeling threatened or helpless. In your dream, you may also see a toy gun as a sign that you are not taking something seriously enough.

Other guns in your dream:  A number of interpretations can be made of the dream meaning of seeing other types of guns that I have not listed. To live a healthy and happy life, we must balance the different aspects of our personalities. Submachine guns, for instance, represent our more extroverted side, whereas sniper rifles represent our more introspective sides. Our more aggressive side is represented by the assault rifle, while our more passive side is represented by the AK47. Our ability to take action in the world and make things happen is embodied by lever-action rifles.

We all deal with different aspects of the human condition at some point. For example, the sniper rifle represents death, while the submachine gun represents life. The assault rife represents war, while the AK47 represents peace. And finally, lever-action rifles represent our ability to change and adapt to our ever-changing world.

No matter how you interpret the spiritual meaning of these guns, one thing is for sure: they all represent a part of who we are and what we need to do in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. So, next time you see one of these guns in your dreams --- take a moment to think about what it represents and how you can use its energy to help you achieve

What does it mean to see a gun in your dream?

I have covered quite a bit already. Seeing a gun in a dream is not something to be taken lightly. I’m sure you will agree they are powerful tools that can change the course of your life in an instant. When you are holding a gun in a dream you are responsible for the safety of yourself and others around you. This is a big responsibility, but it is one that you can handle if you take the time to learn about what targets you need to reach.

A gun seen in a dream can mean that you need to build plans to achieve your goals in life. It can give you the confidence to pursue your dreams and reach your potential. As with any tool, a gun must be used correctly and with care. I'm sure you know that guns can be dangerous if you don't take care of course. But, I am not saying that something dangerous will happen when you see a gun in a dream, it is about opening up your thought processes. When we watch TV a gun is about power or violence. Or a way to protect people. It is important to remember that what a dream means to you is personal and can be different from what it means to someone else, but there is a message that I wish to share if you did see that gun in your dream.

A gun gives you the power to make your voice heard when you are ready to take your place in the world. Great power, however, comes with great responsibility. Make sure you use your mind wisely, and always put safety first. You can achieve anything you set your mind to with responsibility and care. Making your dreams a reality is the message once you set your targets.

What is the biblical meaning of a gun dream?

I am a true believer that the bible can help decode dreams deeper. The Bible doesn't explicitly mention guns, but it does mention self-defense. I’m sure that you can appreciate that we can apply the scripture to your gun dream to help decode the meaning. According to Luke 22:36, Jesus said, "If you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one." I feel this shows that Jesus approved of self-defense, the gun dream therefore biblically could mean you may need defense in the face of difficulty. As well as talking about the importance of justice, the bible also mentions that we need to protect ourselves. There are certain things in the bible that the Lord detests: a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood. Therefore, putting this all together, although the bible doesn't explicitly mention guns, it does talk about self-defense and justice, which implies that guns can be used for good or evil.

You need to know about the dream psychology of guns

In order to look for more meaning, I want you to consider the dream psychology of guns. Guns in dream psychology are a representation of violent behavior, control, supremacy, and defense. To see a gun in one's dream can indicate anger, violence, and probable danger. Guns according to the famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud is connected to sexual aggression. To kill someone in a dream with a gun can denote a desire to cut off part of your life. A gun may also indicate your inner instincts. To be shot by a gun can indicate a person will make you feel vulnerable. You can be on the defensive side or you may be deal something with issues of aggressiveness and power. If the gun shoots accurately then the dream indicates power and self-confidence. If a gun doesn’t fire properly, it indicates feelings of weakness and less confidence. If you are attacking someone with a gun then you should be aware of your anger toward others. If you find yourself being shot in your dream, that may indicate an emotional assault in your daily life. If you find others surrounding you with guns this may indicate you are going to face something dangerous that can lead to a horrible situation. Guns can feature in many different dreams and I am here to help you decode this dream.

Your dream:

  • You see guns.
  • You see someone carrying a gun.
  • A gun goes bang.
  • You are carrying a gun.
  • You are shooting someone with your gun.
  • You are being shot by a gun.
  • Some people are running after you with a gun.
  • Some of your close ones got shot by gun.

What is the dream Interpretation of a gun?

The question I need to ask you is: are you worried? If you are worried about something in life, you may dream of a gun. A gun is a sign of supremacy and pride - the bullet is the challenge you must navigate. Perhaps you are searching for protection in your dream. Also, it is a signal of upcoming danger. If you carry a gun in your dream this determines that you are confident enough to face many of life's hurdles. It gives you a strong feeling to win. If you see yourself loading a gun in a dream this means that you need a lesson in trying to suppress your anger. It also can indicate your capability in defending yourself in a tough situation. It gives you confidence that you can face any trouble.

For one's gun to not fire in your dream can indicate a helpless feeling in some situation. This also denotes that one must overcome life's problems in a different way. That means the approach you are applying to overcome your problems is not working. A faulty gun also stands for sexual weakness, a panic of impotence. The actual act of firing a gun indicates sexual power for men. Shooting someone with a gun shows your destructive feeling and buried anger toward that person. You can blame those people for something. Watching this dream means you can control your anger towards others, if you don’t do so, you may create trouble for others. Watching someone shooting at you with a gun hint that you may be experiencing conflict or having an argument in your life. If you see many people surrounding you with guns this may indicate that you are fearing getting robbed by robbers. To commit suicide in a dream with a gun is a negative omen, it means that you need to think about the future more. Maybe you are holding onto some precious in life. There is a lucrative market for guns in the US but in dreams, there is pressure about violence. 

What does it mean to dream of holding a gun?

Who is holding the gun --- you or someone else? I believe that a dream of YOU holding a gun can represent feelings of power, aggression, or control. In addition, it can indicate the need for security or protection. It may also indicate that you are feeling threatened or vulnerable in some way. You may be having a dream about an "armed" situation or issue in your life. Seeing someone else holding a gun indicates that you may deal with someone that is powerful, aggressive, or in control. Security or protection may also be indicated. A similar dream may indicate some form of vulnerability or threat and I feel that holding the gun is about holding your goals in your own hands. This is a great dream to have -- you are holding the mechanism to change for the better!

What does it mean to carry a gun in a dream?

Gun carrying is an interesting topic, especially when it comes to dreams. There is many reasons why you carry guns in real life, in America guns are easy to get hold of and many carry them as a source of protection. In other countries gun carrying is illegal. Let me get down to basics here. The gun carrying in a dream is about maintaining your own targets in life, if the gun was not licensed or was associated with a crime in your dream it could indicate that you need to stay on target and not get down with what other people think of you. I know we all love to be loved. That is the way of the world. Gun carrying in dreams is about making sure you are ready for the assault, ready for action, and above all ready to get what you really want in life.

Seeing other people carrying guns in a dream can indicate that you hold the inner powers needed to meet your targets. It could also indicate that someone is feeling threatened or is in a position of authority if the guns will be used against them in the dream. I have also found that seeing people you love carrying a gun in a dream is associated with hidden aggression or anger that someone is too worried about expressing, it could be pent up anger.

What does a gang shooting mean in a dream? 

Shooting in the dream often indicates a complex or difficult situation. As I’ve already mentioned it also denotes a rejection of some type. Seeing a “gang” of people shooting at each other can indicate a recognition that people will help you. To see a “drive” by shooting can suggest that you will protect people around you.

What is the dream interpretation of not being able to shoot?

I do believe this dream is all about your goals, not being able to reach them. Think about the gun as the tool needed to reach where you need to be. Each bullet is a goal, and if this cannot be shot in the dream it can mean you are blocked. Not being able to shoot a firearm in a dream can indicate that you are fearing your sense of personal security or possible loss of confidence in life. Alternatively, this dream can indicate a positive shift for the better. If you cannot load the gun due to panicking or being frightened. This could just be fragmentation of your own confidence. 

What does it mean to dream of a gun pulled on me?

Having a gun pulled on you during the dream can be rather worrying.  In my view, this dream indicates going to be a person that you need to look out for. It may be interpreted as meaning that other people are going to turn to you for advice. In aging dream dictionaries, if somebody pulls a gun out it can suggest a fair woman provide you with advice. This is rather far-fetched in our modern world but I do like to include some of the older dream interpretations.

What is it me to dream of a replica or toy gun?

I touched on this above, but a plastic replica gun indicates that you are going to be threatened but it is not going to be significant. In dreams, replica weapons look like the real thing, and in life too. To dream that you robbed a bank, or post office person with a replica gun can suggest that something is going to backfire but it will be for the best - just remember that you can change anything.

What does it mean to dream of a stranger shooting a gun?

To see a stranger shooting a gun can indicate hard work but you need to be aware of somebody who may cause fraud and deceit. The stranger pointing a gun at you signifies a lock of something important. If somebody shot you and you actually died in a dream this can suggest a symbolic sign of renewal. If you knew the person shooting the gun during the dream it can indicate many different undertakings going forward.

What is the spiritual meaning of a gun? 

When a gun is locked in a cabinet, or disabled spiritual it can indicate danger. To load a gun or get this ready in a dream from a spiritual perspective can indicate that someone will damage you. Spiritually, guns represent a shift spiritually for the better.

What does it mean to see a child with a gun in a dream?

Anti-gun people argue that guns kill 15 young people each day, in dreams spiritually to see  Also daughter in relation to gun can suggest a possible dilemma life. Obviously, dreaming of children being killed by guns can be somewhat disturbing. If firearms are lying around in your dream, this can suggest that you’re going to be tested in life.

What’s the dream interpretation of gun pointed at me?

Having a gun pointed at you in a dream can cause anxiety and disturbing feelings. You can wake up in a sweat wondering if it were all true or you were just dreaming. To have such dream indicates confrontation and bravery. How were you feeling when the gun was pointed at you? If you felt ready and not scared at all, it means you’re ready to overcome every difficulty on the road to success in waking life. If you were scared, it represents your discomfort. You feel trapped and unable to freely express your opinion and attitude about something that’s important to you. Your dream denotes uncomfortable and unpleasant situations in waking life. You will handle everything well. Having a gun pointed at you might represent a recent task you’re given but don’t want to finish. Or pressure you’re feeling by doing something that you believe it’s inappropriate or unnatural. Feeling trapped and abused? It’s time you do something about it, other than complaining. Try to think about why you had such a dream.

What does a dream of the gun not firing signifies?

The gun is a symbol of self-destruction, power, death, and anger. If you dreamed of a gun not firing, it might represent a change of old opinions. You will stop someone from doing something negative. It can imply that you are facing a last-minute obstacle. Maybe you were supposed to perform a task you disliked? Or that you have questioned your performance? The fact the gun did not fire is positive - maybe it’s time you approach people in a different way? However, if you forgot to load the gun with bullets, and it didn’t fire because of this reason, the dream means all your efforts will go to waste because of possible carelessness. Try to “think” about life and avoid putting yourself in a dangerous position. Finding a way out won’t be easy, however, it won’t be impossible as well. Are you putting your efforts and time in the wrong place? It’s time you reconsider your actions before you lose any more time on something worthless. So I feel that this dream indicates that you are you feeling tired or stressed. My advice is to…relax!

What’s the dream interpretation of a gun battle?

There’s nothing worse than dreaming of a gun battle. However, it’s not an unusual dream. Everyone experiences these dreams once in a while because they signify our waking life, especially hidden fears.  I can remember having a dream of a gun battle at war. So what does it all mean? Spiritually? To be in the middle of a gun battle suggests that you’re experiencing some trouble or confrontation in waking life. You feel like someone has put you in danger. Do you feel victimized and abused? If the gun battle started unexpectedly then someone might be planning to perform a surprise attack on you in waking life. Do you have enemies? If yes, pay close attention to their actions until you make sure there’s nothing to worry about. To return the gunfire represents your protective attitude about something. You feel like you must defend yourself with everything you’ve got to protect what’s yours. Do you have anger management problems? Are you known for your aggressiveness?

What do dreams about guns and killing represent?

As you might assume guns and killing in dreams has a negative interpretation, just like in waking life. The dream meanings are related to your subconscious mind and the message is that you are trying to transmit something important in life. If you are doing something very wrong. It will either make or break you. Luckily for you this dream represents killing something in waking life, Freud assumptions are that your dreams are related to your sexual urges. He says that the gun represents the male genitalia and the male sexual drive. If you are male then this dream represents fear of impotence. For girls, it’s a symbol of sexual energy that needs to be released.

What’s the dream interpretation of shooting?

If the person shooting at you was someone unknown, it indicates a rejection of some aspect of yourself. There’s something about your character that you don’t fully understand. Explore your personality, your reactions, your desires, what makes you happy, and what brings you down. You will get to know yourself better eventually. And once you do, you will no longer reject who you truly are because you will fall in love with yourself. If the shooter was someone you know or your enemy, it means you’re ready to confront the person in waking life. Shooting in general means you know what you’re aiming for in waking life. Nothing is impossible for you. The sky is the limit.

What does Sigmund Freud say about a dream of a gun?

As I have already mentioned before, Freud’s assumptions on the gun are related to sexuality. It represents your genitalia and fear of impotence. If you’re a female and could see a gun in your dream, it means you’re ready to express your sexuality and reveal the sexual tension. Find new ways to enjoy sex.

I had a dream someone pulled a gun on me. What does it signify?

If someone has pulled a gun on you in your dream it signifies confrontation with the person in waking life. You’re feeling abused by the person. It’s like the person’s trying to shut your mouth down and prohibits you to express your opinion. To have a gun pulled at you also means that your bravery will be tested soon. If you felt scared and endangered, you will fail the test. Make sure you pass and boost your self-esteem. You could use some extra motivation in life. What makes you truly happy?


Shooting properly with your gun can give you confidence. It can show your power. It can give you a lesson in self-protection. Alerting you about danger but most importantly staying on target and reaching your goals is my message to you about this dream.

Feeling that comes in your mind after watching this kind of dream: 

Worried, Anxious, Helplessness, Power, Confidence, and so on.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013