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August is the eighth month of the year and it is symbolic of the strength of character, beauty, family, love, and marriage.

A dream where you happen to see some events happening in the month of August suggests that something unpleasant may happen.

In ancient dream dictionaries if events occur in this month there may be an issue with business or family matters. August is a month you will find it hard to expand or start new businesses. If you dream that you are doing business in August, this indicates a disorder in communication with employees.

A dream where you are planning a wedding in August denotes something critical is about to happen in your relationship and you need to take all the necessary measures if you can, to prevent it from happening; or if it does, this dream is a warning that you must be alert and minimize any problems.

In this dream, you may have

  • Seen the month of August.
  • It was hot and sunny.
  • You could see the words August.
  • It was your birthday in August (in the dream state)
  • You were on holiday in August.
  • You gave birth in August

Detailed dream interpretation

If you just see the month of August in your dream, it is symbolic of things happening in your family, marriage or love life. Depending on how it appears, the situation can be positive or negative. August is generally a positive sunny time so the meaning is the opposite. To see a wall calendar with the month of August suggests that an important event will happen soon.

When you see a hot and sunny August month in your dream it can suggest that the problems that you have been encountering for the past few months of the year will disappear. You will be able to gain solutions to problems if you could see a wedding in August. If in your dream the weather is hot and sunny (no matter what the month is) then this is a positive dream. But if in your dream, the hot and sunny weather in the month of August is making you uncomfortable to the extent that, you are forced to look for a shade, it implies that you will try to sort out problems that have been accumulating during the year. To see a calendar in your dream and notice the month of August suggests problems will prove too tough for you and thus, you need the assistance from those around you.

If you just see the words AUGUST in your dream, it foretells that you will face a lot of uncertainty in the month of August and it is best if you try to create strong bonds with friends and family.

If in your dream, you happen to see birthday celebrations in the month of August it means adversity.

A dream where you take a holiday in August denotes good times ahead. To see yourself sunbathing suggests that you need to Prepare for anything. This is due to the fact that other people may create problems for you going forward.

There may be some sexual activities or self-abuse in the future if you see an event in August within the dream state. If you see yourself giving birth in the month of August, it foretells that you should be ready to meet new people in your life who are going to impact you in a positive way. You will find new friends whom you will bond with well.

Feelings Associated with the Dream

Strong. Disillusioned. Loved. Sad. Positive. Negative

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2017