Snakes in the bed

Snakes in your bed

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Have you ever woken up to a dream whereby you see snakes in bed?

Feud associated snakes with our intimacy with a partner. He believed that the snake represents the male organ. If we look at the Bible the snake represents temptation, therefore if seen in a bed can indicate that you might have a temptation from a lover. Jung wrote that he believed the snake was connected to the essential energy in life and also nature itself. Perhaps in your dream, you noticed that a snake was underneath your bed I am going to briefly go over what this snake actually means. Many of you have contacted me about snakes laying under your bed in the dream. Snakes are generally connected to rebirth in life.

To see snakes in your bed indicates that you will encounter that your unconscious mind is worried about a relationship. This could possibly be unrest due to difficult situations in your waking world. If you actually see snakes underneath your bed then this can indicate hidden deceit from another. The snake itself is often connected to how you are privately viewing your world. Therefore, for the snake to appear in the bed indicates that you are feeling uncomfortable about a situation waking life.

In your dream

  • A snake was under the bed in the dream.
  • A snake was large under the bed.
  • A snake was on top of the bed.
  • A snake was in your child's bed.
  • The snake was black under your bed.
  • You had a dream with many snakes in a bed.
  • A snake in your dream was in the bed then chased you.

Detailed meaning of a snake found in a bed in your dream

To see a snake with two heads in a dream on your bed denotes dependence. Perhaps you have a friend who depends on you or creates unnecessary drama. Alternatively, it could be a family member that can cause conflict and triangulation in a relationship. As our beds are often connected to being intimate, the snake can be shown in dreams as this symbol. From a spiritual viewpoint, the dream can be associated with possible dishonesty in a love relationship if the snake attacks you during the dream.

If you see in your dream that you are sleeping in your bed and suddenly there is a snake underneath the bed this is associated with possible difficulties in your love life. If you see a black snake on a bed this suggests that there will be somebody dishonest in your future. If you see a bunch of snakes on the bed in your dream, this can suggest that you are going to be emotionally pulled in different directions. Think about each snake relating to a different emotional problem in your life. Snakes found in a bed can also be an expression of your desire for intimacy. Perhaps you have been feeling frustrated and this dream indicates that it may be time to either find a new partner or focus your energies on work.

The color of snake

The actual appearance of the snake is equally important when defining the interpretation of this dream. A black snake means you are feeling anxious, but if you see a red snake then this is connected to passion and positivity in life. As the red snake appears in your bed it can indicate that a passionate and romantic time is predicted. If a brown snake is present on or near the bed in your dream then this can suggest you need to be more grounded in life. It is directly connected to nature and rebirth of a situation. If the snake is vigorously moving in your dream then this can be an indication that your emotions are going to become out of control. Classically, the dream of your bed is connected to your urges and intimacy so as it is moving quickly in the dream is connected to a relationship that will have a new sense of “renewal.”

If you see a snake underneath the bed covers then this indicates that there will be a situation that is private in waking life that will become more open. This could possibly be a relationship that will blossom or a passionate hobby will come to life. If you notice that the snakes are crawling in your dream then this is connected to a situation whereby somebody in your waking world doesn't communicate with you. The action of the snake can mimic the action of a lover or somebody who has some emotional control over you.

If you kill the snake in your dream (which is found in your bed) this is a positive omen and can be associated with happiness and contentment. If you see a snake in somebody else's bed this can be associated with forming a bond with a partner who is close to you. In your dream, it really depends on whose bed you see the snake. If the snake appears in your child's bed then this is connected to your emotional bond with your child. It denotes that you have a great emotional connection and the feelings are rebirth and joy will enter your relationship. If the snake is in your partner's bed then this is a suggestion that you need to grow the relationship in order to ensure the survival.

If the snake is large, and frightening in your dream this can suggest the volume of the problem that you will encounter. As I have already concluded a snake in a bed is associated with intimacy, therefore to find a large snake in the bed suggests that if there is any problem with intimacy it will become greater with time. To see smaller snakes, maybe more than one in a bed is a suggestion that you will find many different partners that will have different attributes in life. You may currently be a partner that you are not sure of. You may wonder if he or she is the one for you in terms of lifetime commitment. As I have already concluded the snake in a bed dream is associated with the deep-rooted intimate feeling.

To see the snake on a silk bed is a suggestion that there is a delicate situation that needs to be addressed. This could be a lover or a work situation. I also think there are many types of questions that you need to ask yourself when you have a dream of snake in a bed. You need to think about your intimate relationships and your life. Think about how you can connect with people going forward. If the snake appeared in a cot near a baby in your dream then this suggests that you feel your emotions are coming out of control. If you notice red and black snakes in a bed in your dream then this is connected to different lovers that you have encountered during your lifetime. To find a bunch of snakes under your bed is associated with somebody who is going to criticize or make it difficult for you in a career context. If in your bed you notice an adder then this is connected to your inner frustration.

If the snake in your bed chased you after you see it in your bed then this can be a suggestion that other people will require your time. This could be emotionally and perhaps you don't have the time to spare. If in your dream the snake is yellow or orange and you find this in your bed this can be connected to happiness and rebirth in life, especially in love and intimacy.

So to conclude I generally associate a snake with symbols of rebirth and also wisdom, the snake symbol appears in many different cultures and throughout the world. As I have already established to see a snake is an omen of renewal and rebirth. This is because they shed their skin. To see the snake in your bed is directly connected to intimacy, passion, and romance. Therefore, it is predicted you will have intimate feelings towards somebody new going forward.

Feelings associated with a dream of snakes in the bed

Worry. Scared due to the snake. The shock that the snake is in the bed. Worrying about being chased. Terror.

By Flo Saul
Jul 2, 2017