dreams of yahoo

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

We all know the famous search engine Yahoo.

We all know that since the introduction of Google the market of yahoo has somewhat diminished. So, you wake up and wonder what the dream of yahoo or the internet actually means. Ok, so let's crack onto the actual meaning. Dreaming of the internet represents your lack enthusiasm to follow your dreams and accomplish your goals. However, it could also imply that you are too focused on your social life and other people. Are you focused on yourself and your own life? Yet, dreaming of Yahoo can also be interpreted differently, depending on your dream state. Scroll down and check out the meaning of your dream.

You were reading news on Yahoo in your dream

Dreaming of reading the news on Yahoo is interpreted as communication and news coming your way. However, it could also mean you are obsessed with the public opinion and it affects your self-confidence. You don’t have to care what others think or say about you. If someone has a problem with you, it’s not your problem. It’s theirs. Learn how to live your life without worrying what others have to say.

You were using Yahoo e-mail in your dream state

Dreaming of using the Yahoo e-mail in your dream foretells you are in doubt of contacting someone. You want to establish a connection or renew it but something inside is stopping you. Listen to your intuition. If something tells you not to write or call, don’t. Otherwise, overcome your fear of rejection or negative answer and pick up the phone. Or use your e-mail to text, like you did in your dream.

You weren’t satisfied with Yahoo’s services in your dream

Feeling dissatisfied with Yahoo’s services in your dream is a sign of insecurity. You always feel like someone should do something to keep you satisfied. The truth is, no one has to do that for you, except for yourself. Be independent and create your own luck. We can put this simply for example: plan your own flowers instead of waiting for someone to buy them for you. You are capable of feeling happy and satisfied alone. Everyone is.

Someone was using Yahoo services in your dream

If you saw someone using Yahoo services in your dream, it denotes your admiration for the person’s success. You believe the person is successful because they follow their dream and heart. You want to do the same but you’re scared. You feel insecure. And you have a lack of enthusiasm due to past failures. What a person can wish – he/she can accomplish. You aren’t an exception. Instead of feeling scared you fail, think of your future victory. Tomas Edison once said – ‘I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’. You can’t defeat a soldier who doesn’t give up.

You saw the Yahoo logo in your dream state

Seeing the Yahoo logo in your dream signifies a victory. Whether you are preparing yourself for a competition or job promotion, positive results are inevitable. Keep up the good work in future.

Quick Yahoo dream meaning

  • You started working in Yahoo in your dream: It implies to your wish to have a meaningful, better-paid job. However, it could also foretell your hope for a future promotion.
  • You were satisfied with Yahoo’s services: It foreshadows your social status and wealth. You know people admire and envy you. Yet, instead of behaving arrogantly, use people’s focus on you to boost their motivation. Teach people how to achieve their goals like you did.
  • Someone sent you an e-mail using Yahoo: It denotes your expectations of people. You secretly believe everyone close to you must be focused only on you. The truth is, no one has to be focused only on you because everyone has their own life. And you should learn some independence. Otherwise, you will live an unhappy life, build of disappointments due to unrealistic expectations.

In your dream

  • You were reading news on Yahoo in your dream.
  • You were using Yahoo e-mail in your dream state.
  • You weren’t satisfied with Yahoo services in your dream.
  • Someone was using Yahoo’s services in your dream.
  • You saw the Yahoo logo in your dream state.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Yahoo

Alarmed. Doubtful. Confused. Excited. Upset. Surprised. Indecisive.

By Florance Saul
Oct 6, 2017