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Rats and other vermin in your dream (apart from mice) show that someone you know has a personality trait that should not be trusted.

Often, when we encounter deceitful people the rat appears in our dreams as a warning. I believe this could be a symbol of lies someone is telling and is a sign to stop being weak and gullible. You need to make sure you are tolerant and understand what is happening in your life. This dream also shows how much someone you know can annoy others. The rat can also signify that friends close to you are your secret enemies. Here I have rounded up some popular "rat" dreams and what they mean. I'm Flo, so read on to find your dream. I have weaved some interesting facts about rats so you can understand a little more about this amazing rodent. If there is something I am missing then leave me a message at the bottom of this article. Scroll down to find your dream.

What is the general dream interpretation of seeing a rat in a dream?

Rats are a common dream. They do seem somewhat sinister and this is probably due to the fact that we generally see them in the garbage. We normally have such a dream when we are afraid of rat’s themselves. Rats as an animal not only known as a pest in life but also are somewhat intelligent creatures. The rat is associated with survival in all types of situations in waking life. They are connected to fear, but spiritually they are deeply meaningful creatures and somewhat misunderstood.

To dream of seeing hundreds of rats indicates your dream is associated with a wide range of events in our waking life. The rat is normally found in dreams when there is a warning of a "dishonest" person in waking life. It can be associated with someone who makes you feel worried, anxious and betrayed. The rat can appear in the dream in a number of ways but this is generally the key meaning. A dead rat in a dream is associated with feeling worried in the waking world and possible to ending of a period of life. It could represent a fresh start is required or needed and it is time to let go now. A rat is often a negative omen when seen in dreams and can be associated with the need to push forward in life and move away from the “tried and tested” it can also represent someone will not be honest with you in life. If we look back at the bubonic plague in Europe that killed over 50 million people, the rat was the host creature. This was due to the fact that they carried fleas which spread, from this alone the rats are connected with death in Western terms. Surprisingly, in Asian culture, the rat is a fortunate omen in business affairs. They are great spirit guides when one needs to find a way out of a problem or issue. 

The rat is also associated with how clean we are, organization and also the need to declutter and clean the home. The rat can also indicate a desire to not be honest with yourself or others. Maybe you are hiding behind something in life? A rat can also warn you that you need to have more motivation in life - stop taking things for granted! Get your motivation back is the key message. In Hindu traditions, the rat is connected to “overcoming difficulties” due to the god Ganesh the rat was known as Mooshika. Many people have argued that this creature was, in fact, a mouse rather than a rat. Ganesh is the god of removing roadblocks / obstacles and the focus is on intelligence and wisdom. Each Hindu god has a vehicle and his was the rat. What this god is trying to communicate when one dreams of a rat, whether they believe in Ganesh or not is that the rat is unstoppable, he is connected to fertility and growth. You will encounter wealth and this will build a clear foundation in life.

What do rats generally represent in your dream?

I’m going to be talking a lot about what the dream of rats mean. You might have seen the rat swimming in the dream, if so, it is considered quite a lucky omen. If the rat was swimming in the river it can indicate that you need to have to work harder in order to get what you want. It can also signify judgements according to older dream books. Every dream that you have the "rat" will result in a range of emotions. As many famous dream psychologists have determined various emotions can occur in our dreams, providing hidden clues to your conscious state. There are various aspects that can become apparent. You don’t need a dream psychologist in order to determine what these mean. The most prevalent way to do this is to try to find the connection between rats and your subconscious mind. We all hold a view about rats in waking life - they are dirty pests I am afraid. The dream itself could turn out to be a complete nightmare alternatively you could just see a rat. Historically, rats have been the cause of death the many millions of years. Predominantly we associate the rat with the plague which was directly connected to the bacteria “Yersinia petis” which can also adversely affect rats. This disease caused mass murder and the fleas were carried on the rats.

What is the spiritual meaning of a rat in a dream?

If we turn to Chinese astrology the first sign of the zodiac is the rate and those born under the year of the “rat” have creativity and motivation to do well in life. American culture believes that rates are associated with a strong character. Thus, the dream will differ depending on the dream dictionary. For this interpretation, ancient dream dictionaries have been reviewed. To see a white rat in a dream indicates intense feelings of peace, but also dishonesty. A black rat is an omen of ill luck. A brown rat in a dream foretells possible helplessness. To see rats and mice together then this dream is common. If they are pursuing you then this can foretell some misfortune in life. If you see them in a room then they denote a decision that should be approached with more thought - before making a decision. To see rats eyes in a dream indicates that a situation will haunt you in waking life.

What does it mean to catch a rat in the dream?

Catching rats can be quite an interesting dream interpretation. If you see yourself laying down plenty of traps and this can indicate you wish to trap somebody in waking life. In spiritual terms, rat catching can suggest that you need to avoid detection. If we look at how rat traps are used they normally spaced around 20 feet apart. In dream terms, this could mean that there is somebody who may be a distant acquaintance who should not be trusted. Whether you are using bait stations or even snap traps this dream indicates that you do need to focus on what you need in life. To dream of making a cardboard box to trap a rat can suggest that you must resist something in life. There is a “trigger” in this dream that you are almost touching a goal but can’t quite get there. If the rats are on the roof and you are laying mass traps this can indicate that you want to catch a goal that has been on your mind for a while. I have said in the attic dream interpretation - this because the roof or attic in dreams indicates life goals. It is quite popular to see rat catching commercial buildings. If you notice a glue trap, live trap or vermin trap in your dream this can be associated with making sure you “trap” your own ideas. I hope this helps but if I have forgotten something get in touch at the bottom.

What does it mean to dream about rats and mice?

Seeing a combination of both rats and mice dictate a deceitful person. Both these rodents generally mean the same thing, they indicate the rise of problems in life. But, that you can overcome these problems quickly and expertly. To see these uninvited guests in your house indicates you’re going to be rather optimistic but there may be a problem with other people. in life. If rats and mice make you squeamish then this can suggest that you will focus on life. To see both these under floorboards indicates you need to tidy and clean your life.

What does it mean to kill a rat in a dream?

There are many things that can occur in a dream of killing a rat. If you yourself are killing a rat then this dream can suggest that you’re trying to move away from “difficult” people in your life. If you intend to kill a mouse then this indicates you will be able to grow to understand those who think differently. Rats, on the other hand, can suggest that you are you may find a deep lasting relationship which doesn’t turn out “how” you which it would be. Destroying rats in a dream can indicate that you are going to overcome an enemy. Survival also depends on how well you know an enemy. Your dream may have had deep implications such as violence or even problems in killing the rat. As we know terrier dogs (like mine) have been trained to catch rats. It could be that you saw a ratting dog in the dream. In farms, rats and also mice are extremely destructive to corn. To dream of “farm rats being killed” can suggest that you will be showing a behavior or belief that is not how you wish this to be perceived.

What does it mean to see eyes in a dream?

Rats have many different senses, sight is not the most developed sense in rats I am afraid. They are able to see shadows and only in black-and-white. They do have poor vision which leads to my question...so what does this mean in your dream? As a vision is poorly developed the rat has a stronger sense of feeling in touch. If you dream of rats that have pink eyes then in spiritual terms this indicates your endless curiosity. It can mean you can’t necessarily see what’s in front of you. It is well documented that rats have excellent intelligence. Therefore, to notice the rat eyes in a dream generally means you need to watch somebody who appears to be rather intelligent but perhaps deceitful.

What does it mean to dream of rats attacking you in a dream (eats you or attacks others)?

For the rat to attack signifies that you need to beware of others around you. Maybe you are feeling that you are being betrayed? If the rat caused you pain and the dream resulted in a nightmare then this is associated with someone who has inner aggression and you need to focus on the direction you take in life. To see blood connected to this dream symbolizes the power of deceit will be strong. This will be yourself or others! You need to express your thoughts and use your own influence to overcome anything worrying. Figure out who is being deceitful.

What does it mean to see multiple rats in a dream?

Seeing multiple rats during your dream can indicate deception in life. Basically, multiple rats can appear in groups and the rat infestation can indicate deceit in life. To hear the scratching of multiple rats can indicate that you will tune into people better. A bold rat sitting there staring at you in the dream can denote being optimistic in life.

What does it mean to dream of a running rat?

Running rats indicate the need to complete a task or project before someone dishonest comes along. Being pursued by running rats indicates your own concerns in life. You need to plan better to organize your life more effectively. To see rats running underground denotes negative forces - that you cannot see. For the rat to be running symbolizes a strong powerful partner - but they may be dishonest! Beware of others

What does it mean to dream of a rat gnawing, biting and chewing in the dream?

To see the rat chewing, biting or hearing this sound in a dream is connected to your tremendous energy in waking life. You could feel that something is gnawing on your own values and morals in life. Is your life fulfilled? Have you built the foundation that you wish in life?

What does it mean to dream of a rat that is in the sewer or in a pipe system?

The rat seen underground in a dream indicates that they are associated with your health. Are you protected from others? This dream generally appears when you need to review your health. Have you been working to much lately?

Catching a rat in a dream

Surprisingly catching a rat is extremely lucky in the dream state. If you catch the rat in a trap, and the rat is not dead. In ancient times the catching of a rat is associated with feeling on top of the world.

The spiritual meaning of rats in the house

To see a real rat in waking life then this is associated with your own anxiety and worries in life. It is a spiritual message to say that you need control over others.

What does it mean if the rat is dead in the dream?

For the rat to be dead in a dream indicates an end of a relationship, it is associated with a lack of sexual connection with others. It can be the fact you have emotions that you cannot control. To see blood as well as rats dead in dreams indicates that you are caught up in your own world. At times the dead rat in dreams can also urge you to keep emotions to yourself. Often, this dream is connected to our relationships with others especially a love or sexual one.

What does it mean if the rat was a pet in the dream?

For the rat to be a pet in a dream illustrates your desire to worry about events that have not yet happened. The “pet rat” in a dream means that sometimes in life we concern ourselves with others when really we should focus on ourselves. The rat, in this case, will illustrate your own desires but the anxiety that you hold. To see a pet rat be killed in a dream indicates you will question your own motives in a love affair.

What does it mean if you were chased by a rat in the dream?

Being chased by rats in dreams indicates your commitment is being challenged. It can suggest sexual problems or uncertainty. The chase aspect of the dream symbolizes your own fears and the need for independence in life. We can often get carried away in life and love and not think about the other person, to be chased by rats suggests that you are feeling unfairly treated in a relationship.

The love rat in a dream

To see a man or women cheat in a dream reminds that you should not let someone betray you. This dream can be connected with intuitively feeling that “things are over” in a love relationship. I am sorry. A love rat can, of course, appear in many different ways. You may wish to plan everything down to the last minute detail if you encounter a love rat in your dream.

What are the 1930s dream meanings of a rat?

Here I am going to round up some ancient dream meanings of the rat, from my vast library of dream books. Dreaming about rats is a sign that you have enemies. White rats are the omen that you are going to win over your enemies. Rats, in general, symbolize small troubles ahead. If you dream about a big rat, it means you will party with your friends. Many rats in your dream are the omen of a disgusting sexuality. Seeing rats running in your dream means uncertainties. This dream signals that you are surrounded by enemies. Rats symbolize being dishonest. To dream that you catch a rat in a trap, it means you will get lucky. To dream of rats that scour it indicates that you have to take care of your health. This dream can scare you very much, and it predicts hostility from one or more persons. If an animal appears often in our dreams, that is definitely the rat. The rat is an underground rodent, coming out at night, and familiar with the drain pipes and holes. The rat is never felt by those who dream of something positive. In the Western tradition, the rat is a carrier of plague, its bites are dangerous, and it damages the crops. In the dream interpretation, the symbolism of rodents will be especially retained: it portends a big concern, a state of turmoil, and a tribulation that grinds you.

To see a rat in your dream, it signifies feelings of doubt, greed, guilt, unworthiness and envy. You keep something to yourself that eats you inside, or you might have done something that you are not proud of. Alternatively, rats in a dream denote repulsion, decay, dirt and even death. Also, the dream may be a pun on someone who is a rat. Do you feel betrayed? In particular, seeing a black rat in a dream represents deceit and covert activities. To see a white rat in your dream signifies that you will get help from an unexpected source. To dream that a rat bites your leg is similar to the rat race that you experience in your waking life.

A dream about a rat suggests that you might be deceived and maybe even harmed by a neighbor. The same dream can foretell quarrels with your love partner. If in your dream you catch a rat, this means you will ridicule the meanness of other people, and you will defeat your enemies. If you kill a rat in your dream, this means you will win any race or contest in your life. Dreaming about a rat can omen guilt, greed, and doubt. A dark-colored rat in your dream means illness and betrayal. If the rat in your dream is in a cage, this suggests that you will have to deal with some annoyances. If you catch a rat in a trap, this refers to getting rid of worries and tension in your life. If the rat in your dream is light in color, this means someone up there loves you and protects you. Usually, the rat is a negative symbol that can undermine you. However, if rats came in your dream state and were on your bed or under the bed in the dream they symbolize your social activities in your reality. You’ve been hiding from the world for too long. If you saw a white rat, it’s a symbol of strength, wealth and adaptability. You will gather the courage to take the first step toward something new

Rats are the symbol of new beginnings and changes. They also denote the emotional baggage that you could be carrying around. It’s time for a spiritual cleaning. And the first step, to begin with, is with actual cleaning. Throw away or give away all the physical things that remind you of some difficult period or some person who’s no longer welcome in your life. The cleaning act will make you feel free again. Also, it’s the first step toward your inside cleaning. I know these are contrasting, some say deceit others say defeating enemies for example. But, I like to include some older dream meanings in case they related to your dream.

What are some interesting facts about rats?

Rats themselves are divided into various groups. Which surprisingly is down to their jaw muscles. The first group of rodents is associated with squirrels, beavers, wood chunks. The second set of rodents are mice with around 1082 species. This includes lemmings, hamsters, mice and rats. The second type of rodent is chinchillas, guinea pigs which are around hundred 90 species. The most common thing about all rodents is that they have a jaw bone structure that allows these animals to gnaw through many different surfaces. Interestingly, the teeth grow continuously and can grow in total 5 inches every year. Spiritually speaking, this can imply that you may encounter some criticism from somebody who is deceitful. A rat is a resourceful animal and they generally find shelter somewhere warm. If the brown rat appears dream, especially when this can suggest that you may encounter someone who will become less aggressive as time goes on. In warm climates, the rat leaves the building or city and goes to the countryside to find food and farmland. We always assume that the "rat" is a pest and in cities. There are many different labyrinths and boroughs underneath sewers.

Although disliked by many people, rats enjoy the company of humans. They’re extremely social and lovable animals. I can even say that they’re more humane than us considering the fact that they take care of sick or injured rats in their group. And amazingly, they don’t charge the favor. They also have feelings and when alone. Scientific research has shown that they too feel depressed and lonely. They also have an excellent memory and can remember a route without ever forgetting it – quite amazing ability for such small brain in such tiny creature.

Another cute and interesting fact about rats is that they grind their teeth when content. Research has shown that they even make cheerful “laughter” sounds when playing with each other. They can smell a potential threat and have been described as being shy creatures. Except for cuteness, rats are also gifted with curiosity. And no matter what you hear about rats, they’re one of the cleanest animals on earth. They spend hours grooming themselves and they’re less likely to transmit or catch viruses and parasites, unlike cats and dogs.

What is the significance of dreaming of rats compared to mice?

The “Rat” and “mice” aren’t scientific classifications but common names for rodents that look similar. People see “rats” as medium-sized rodents with long and thin tail and represent deceit, while the mice are often the tiny rodent. The fact the mouse is small is significant. We often see mice in movies as being small and can be associated in society with being somewhat timid but also the fact that in life we need to be more focused on fighting for what we believe. There are many different children’s books which have the mouse as the main character as a mouse, who even though small is cleaver. For example, the book known as the Gruffalo or alternatively the most famous mouse in children's television, Mickey Mouse. A mouse during the dream can indicate that we need to take notice of what we believe and review changes as we pass towards enlightenment. Like the rat and mouse featured in a dream can indicate somebody this deceitful but also that we are braver and can deal with life in a better way. There are many types of rats that could appear in your dream and often we do not know we are even dreaming of a specific mouse. The rat could be the cotton rat, the Norway rat, the kangaroo rat, African rat, black rat, pack rat, wood rat and I could go on but you get my drift. Although they all look alike, they have they’re not closely related to one another at all. The mice, or also known as “mouse” has only a few species: such as house mice, the deer mice, smoky mice, field mice dormice and spiny mice. The difference in dreams between these two is the fact that dreaming of a mouse can indicate a fresh new approach to someone who we do not trust. A rat indicates that the person who is not to be trusted is already in our lives and it will be harder to fight for survival.

What does it mean to dream of a white rat?

The white rat in dreams is a symbol of abundance, adaptability, strength, and purity. In dreams, this white rat could indicate that your subconscious mind sees the good in everyone and everything. And you see others in a “good light.” That’s why people like to spend time with you. To see a white rat with pink eyes could imply someone who is the lone wolf in society. The white rat in your dream is also a warning sign. You could be in contact with people who are not who are not true and they pretend to be just a certain person to get your attention. This is a dream of your “gut” which is warning you about others.

What does it mean to dream of a dead rat?

To see a dead rat in your dream state represents your emotional side and your wish to succeed. The road could have been rocky and resulted in you becoming rather emotionless. These dreams often occur when you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. This particular dream foretells letting go of someone and changing an aspect of your personality. If you are feeling betrayed it would be the best for you to walk away peacefully. To dream of killing a rat yourself, however, predicts victory over your enemies. This dream can imply that you will find a way to win over the competition and you will feel powerful and invincible. This dream also reveals that you miss someone you left in your past by your choice.

What does it mean to dream of a pink rat?

A pink rat in dreams is an unusual symbol that represents the person you love in a romantic kind of way. Scientists have carried out many studies into what makes a rat happy, including looking at facial expressions and the pink in the rat's ears. Research in Switzerland by Edna Hillmann in 2016 showed that the rat ears are pinker in color when they are happy. Therefore, I will conclude that as pink is spiritually a representation of love and compassion to see a pink rat, or pink rats eyes in a dream can suggest that you will overcome possible disappointment and life will work out for the better. The pink rat in dreams represents caring, unconditional love and understanding. Pink is feminine, romantic, intimate, and extremely cautious. And the pink rat is connected to how we are focused on gaining perfection in life. To kill a pink rat in a dream warns you of possible disappointments and betrayal.

What does it mean to dream of a brown rat?

The brown rat represents a somewhat mundane lifestyle and may predict a time where your health needs attention. When was the last time you changed your diet? Or exercised? Or meditated? The brown color in dreams is associated with stability, support and wealth. The spiritual meaning of this color is associated with your great sense of duty and ability to acquire mind power. Seeing multiple brown rats brings contemplation in dreams and the power to understand others and “read” people.

What does it mean to dream of a black rat?

Although many would assume that a black rat symbolizes something negative, the interpretation of this symbol is totally opposite. The black rat signifies overcoming a dark part of your personality or “looking after yourself.” There is a focus on improving yourself as a person and your life, in general. The black rat also indicates deceit. It may be yourself because you have to undertake some deceit in order to grow. The dream can indicate that you will feel amazed and envious of a positive life change. Biblically, the black rat also represents your sins.

What does it mean to see rats attack you in the dream?

To be attacked by rats in your dream means you’re feeling trapped in waking life. The black rat can suggest hidden struggles, spiritual blocking, difficulties but also the desire and need to overcome anything. In my experience, the black rat appears when we have to review our life. Often, we feel like we can’t do anything about improving our lives, but you can. Even though this sounds rather morbid eventually everything will fall into place. If you have been dealing with someone who is not truthful then remember: Lies are like blocks of ice. They eventually melt when the sun shines. And the sun always comes up, eventually. So, the advice from dream lore is to simply cheer up! A rat attack also foreshadows your perception of people. It may mean that there are certain people who are “unwanted company” and you prefer to be alone. If you get anxious in a crowd then this dream is common. To attack a rat yourself in a dream indicates that you will have no problem living on your own. In fact, you like it! It could indicate that you feel you wish to retreat.

What does eating a rat mean?

To eat a rat in your dream can be rather disgusting, in waking life, some people in countries like China, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam find rats as a delicious dish. The dream interpretation of eating a rat is both positive and negative. In a nutshell, you will carry something out that you don’t find pleasing to get what you want. And once you do, it will all be worth it. But eating a rat can also represent someone in your waking life that’s “eating” your soul. You may find this person annoying but you can’t think of a way to remove their presence.

What does it mean to see running rats?

To see running rats in your dream symbolizes the unexpected changes you’re going through in waking life. In my research running rats can imply that things are happening fast. To see a pack of running rats in a dream indicates a new approach to your problems. Everything happens so fast for you and you may feel like you can’t keep up. This dream also foretells that you need to change direction in life. Can you see the given opportunity? Seize it!

What does it mean to see rats in the kitchen in your dream?

To see rats in your kitchen is a common dream that indicates a warning. Someone’s may not be acting honorably. In dream lore, the message is to be careful with whom you share your secrets. Kitchens are representations of family gatherings. Times spent having a lovely time with our loved ones. Cooking food, being ourselves. A rat seen in a kitchen can indicate that difficult times will be overcome, so lucky you!

What does it mean to be bitten by a rat in a dream?

A rat bite in a dream can indicate someone will say something to you that may cause offense. I love any little facts that I find out when researching my articles. So, did you know that rodents carry many diseases of which some are fatal and others cause digestive disorders and rash? Rats can transmit the diseases through bites, scratches, furniture, food, rodent-hosted fleas and even air. In recent years, due to problems with the global economy and many buildings being abandoned, rat infestations have risen increasingly. Especially in the world’s largest cities. Latest statistics say that over 100 New Yorkers get bitten per year, while the annual number escalates to 2 million people in the rest of the world’s largest metropolises. That is allot of people suffering from rat bites. If your body is bitten in the dream it can indicate a new focus on life. For your hands to be bitten indicates a fresh approach to a new problem.

In old dream lore, if you were bitten by a rat in your dream, it indicates that someone is trying to hurt you. Or someone has already hurt your feelings but you won’t admit. The biting denotes betrayal. This dream also symbolizes your inner pain and trust issues. There is a hidden warning in most older dream books I reviewed. That is, try not to trust anyone but yourself due to a possible betrayal.

What does it mean to dream of a rat's teeth?

Rats teeth in a dream can imply that you will overcome deceit by someone from a spiritual perspective. An interesting fact about mammals is that they have four kinds of teeth, different in function, shape, and position. These types are known as canines, incisors, molars, and premolars. The incisors are the front teeth, two on top and two on the bottom with rats. The molars are the rearmost teeth for grinding food and rats have 12 of them in the mouth, six on top, six on the bottom and three on each side of their jaws. However, premolars and canines are not present in rats’ mouth. Instead, they have a wide, toothless space called the diastema. The black rat has a bite force of 500 kg/cm2. This is considered as quite phenomenal for such small creature.

What does it mean to step on rats in a dream?

To step on rats in your dream can be rather worrying and of course squeamish. In dream lore, this portrays your fear of being trapped and run or “controlled” by other people. Often, this type of dream occurs when our self-confidence is low but something will change soon. A “change” will boost your confidence and recreate any negative images you have of yourself. To step on rats that are running in a dream can imply a difficult event coming soon. In some dream books, stepping on rats portrays a short temper.

In summary, to dream of rats portrays someones traitorous behavior. Or it denotes your fear of being betrayed by someone in waking life. It also represents the person you can’t trust in life, and as you read this, your intuition is probably pointing out this untrustworthy person. However, if you don’t have someone you can’t trust in reality, and you still dream of rats, perhaps you see yourself as one. Are you the person everyone avoids telling secrets to? If yes, then you probably are the untrustworthy one. Rats in dreams are also a symbol of survival and financial loss. Even if these two things aren’t much related, once you experience a financial loss, your survival instincts come to action in order to help you find a temporary financial resource to survive. Your dream also denotes your mistrust of people.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of rat

Disgusted. Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry. Scared.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012