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Rat dream meaning


Rats and other vermin in your dream (apart from mice) show that you have a personality trait that should not be trusted.

You need to think about the lies you are telling, and stop being weak and gullible. You need to make sure you are tolerant, and understand what is happening in your life. This dream also shows how much you can annoy others. The rat can also signify that friends close to you are your secret enemies.


In your dream you may have…

  • You see a rat.
  • Rats attacking you.
  • Lots of rats.
  • White rats.
  • The rat is gnawing, biting and chewing in the dream.
  • The rat is in the sewer or in a pipe system.
  • The rat is dead in the dream.
  • You were being chased by a rat in the dream.
  • You could see large rats in the dream.
  • The rat in your dream was black.
  • The rat in the dream was white.
  • Dream of rats running
  • Spiritual meaning of rats in dreams
  • Killing rats in your dream.
  • Dream about rats and mice together.
  • Rats attacking you in the dream

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Be careful with the people around you.
  • Stay alert.

Detailed dream interpretation...

Rats are a common dream. They do seem somewhat sinister and this is probably due to the fact that we generally see them in garbage. We normally have such a dream when we are afraid of rat’s themselves. Rats as an animal not only known as a pest in life but also are somewhat intelligent creatures. The rat is associated with survival in all types of situations in waking life. They are connected to fear, but spiritually they are deeply meaningful creatures and somewhat misunderstood.

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To dream of seeing hundreds of rats indicates your dream is associated with a wide range of events in our waking life.  The rat normally found in dreams is a warning of a dishonest person in waking life. It can be associated with someone who makes you feel worried, anxious and betrayed. The rat can appear in the dream in a number of ways but this is generally the key meaning.

A dead rat in a dream is associated with feeling worried in the waking world and possible to ending of a period of life. It could represent a fresh start is required or needed and it is time to let go now. A rat is often a negative omen when seen in dreams and can be associated with the need to push forward in life and move away from the “tried and tested” it can also represent someone will not be honest with you in life. If we look back at the bubonic plague in Europe that killed over 50 million people, the rat was the host creature. This was due to the fact that they carried fleas which spread, from this alone the rats are connected with death in Western terms. Surprisingly, in Asian culture the rat is a fortunate omen in business affairs. They are great spirit guides when one needs to find a way out of a problem or issue. 

The rat is also associated with how clean we are, organisation and also the need to declutter and clean the home. The rat can also indicate a desire to not be honest with yourself or others. Maybe you are hiding behind something in life?  A rat can also warn you that you need to have more motivation in life - stop taking things for granted! Get your motivation back is the key message.

In Hindu traditions, the rat is connected to “overcoming difficulties” due to the god Ganesh the rat was known as Mooshika. Many people have argued that this creature was in fact a mouse rather than a rat. Ganesh is the the god of removing road blocks / obstacles and the focus is on intelligence and wisdom. Each Hindu god has a vehicle and his was the rat. What this god is trying to communicate when one dreams of a rat, whether they believe in Ganesh or not is that the rat is unstoppable, he is connected to fertility and growth. You will encounter wealth and this will build a clear foundation in life.


If we turn to Chinese astrology the first sign of the zodiac is the rate and those born under the year of the “rat” have creativity and motivation to do well in life. American culture believes that rates are associated with a strong character. Thus, the dream will differ depending on the dream dictionary. For this interpretation, ancient dream dictionaries have been reviewed. 

The rat eats you or you see blood in the dream.

To see a white rat in a dream indicates intense feelings of peace, but also dishonesty. A black rat is an omen of ill luck. A brown rat in a dream foretells possible helplessness. To see rats and mice together then this dream is common. If they are pursuing you then this can foretell some misfortune in life. If you see them in a room then they denote a decision hat should be approached with more thought - before making a decision. To see rats eyes in a dream indicates that a situation will haunt you in waking life. 

Rats attacking you in a dream (eats you or attacks others).

For the rat to attack signifies that you need to beware of others around you. Maybe you are feeling that you are being betrayed? If the rat caused you pain and the dream resulted in a nightmare then this is associated with someone who has inner agression  and you need to focus on the direction you take in life. To see blood connected to this dream symbolises the power of deceit will be strong. This will be yourself or others! You need to express your thoughts and use your own influence to overcome anything worrying. Figure out who is being deceitful.


Dream of rats running

Running rats indicate the need to complete a task or project before someone dishonest comes along. Being pursued by running rats indicates your own concerns in life. You need to plan better to organise your life more effectively. To see rats running underground denotes negative forces - that you cannot see. For the rat to be running symbolises a strong powerful partner - but they maybe dishonest! Beware of others

The rat is gnawing, biting and chewing in the dream.

To see the rat chewing, biting or hearing this sound in a dream is connected to your tremendous energy in waking  life. You could feel that something is gnawing on your own values and morals in life. Is your life fulfilled? Have you build the foundation that you wish in life? 


The rat is in the sewer or in a pipe system. 

The rat seen underground in a dream indicates that they are associated with your health. Are you protected from others? This dream generally appears when you need to review your health. Have you been working to much lately?


Catching a rat in a dream

Surprisingly catching a rat is extremely lucky in the dream state. If you catch the rat in a trap, and the rat is not dead. In ancient times the catching of a rat is associated with feeling on top of the world.



Spiritual meaning of rats in the house

To see a real rat in waking life then this is associated with your own anxiety and worries in life. It is a spiritual message to say that you need control over others.


The rat is dead in the dream

For the rat to be dead in a dream indicates an end of a relationship, it is associated with a lack of sexual connection with others. It can be the fact you have emotions that you cannot control. To see blood as well as rats dead in dreams indicates that you are caught up in your own world. At times the dead rat in dreams can also urge you to keep emotions to yourself. Often, this dream is connected to our relationships with others especially a love or sexual one.


The rat was a pet in the dream.

For the rat to be a pet in a dream illustrates your desire to worry about events that have not yet happened. The “pet rat” in a dream means that sometimes in life we concern ourselves with others when really we should focus on ourselves. The rat in this case will illustrate your own desires but the anxiety that you hold. To see a pet rat be killed in a dream indicates you will question your own motives in a love affair.


You were being chased by a rat in the dream.

Being chased by rats in dreams indicates your commitment is being challenged. It can suggest sexual problems or uncertainty. The chase aspect of the dream symbolises your own fears and the need for independence in life. We can often get carried away in life and love and not think about the other person, to be chased by rats suggests that you are feeling unfairly treated in a relationship.

The love rat in a dream

To see a man or women cheat in a dream reminds that you should not let someone betray you. This dream can be connected with intuitively feeling that “things are over” in a love relationship.

Other rat dream meanings


Dreaming about rats is a sign that you have enemies. White rats are the omen that you are going to win over your enemies. Rats in general symbolize small troubles ahead. If you dream about a big rat, it means you will party with your friends. Many rats in your dream are the omen of a disgusting sexuality. Seeing rats running in your dream means uncertainties. This dream signals that you are surrounded by enemies.

Rats symbolize cancer. To dream that you catch a rat in a trap, it means you will get lucky. To dream of rats that scour it indicates that you have to take care of your health. This dream can scare you very much, and it predicts hostility from one or more persons.

If an animal appears often in our dreams, that is definitely the rat. The rat is an underground rodent, coming out at night, and familiar with the drain pipes and holes. The rat is never felt by those who dream of something positive. In the Western tradition, the rat is a carrier of plague, its bites are dangerous, and it damages the crops. In the dream interpretation, the symbolism of rodents will be especially retained: it portends a big concern, a state of turmoil, and a tribulation that grinds you.

To see a rat in your dream, it signifies feelings of doubt, greed, guilt, unworthiness and envy. You keep something to yourself that eats you inside, or you might have done something that ​​you are not proud of. Alternatively, rats in a dream denote repulsion, decay, dirt and even death. Also, the dream may be a pun on someone who is a rat. Do you feel betrayed? In particular, seeing a black rat in a dream represents deceit and covert activities. To see a white rat in your dream signifies that you will get help from an unexpected source. To dream that a rat bites your leg is similar to the rat race that you experience in your waking life.

A dream about a rat suggests that you might be deceived and maybe even harmed by a neighbor. The same dream can foretell quarrels with your love partner. If in your dream you catch a rat, this means you will ridicule the meanness of other people, and you will defeat your enemies. If you kill a rat in your dream, this means you will win any race or contest in your life. Dreaming about a rat can omen guilt, greed, and doubt.


A dark colored rat in your dream means illness and betrayal. If the rat in your dream is in a cage, this suggests that you will have to deal with some annoyances. If you catch a rat in a trap, this refers to getting rid of worries and tension in your life. If the rat in your dream is light in color, this means someone up there loves you and protects you. Usually the rat is a negative symbol that can undermine you.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of rat...

Disgusted. Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Furious. Tired. Lazy. Confused. Upset. Overwhelmed. Offended. Insecure. Upset. Angry. Scared.

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