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Sex Slave

Sex Slave.

Being a sex slave in one’s dream is connected to the relationships around the dreamer.


A sex slave is someone who is raped or forced into sex with someone. To see more than one sex slave in a dream means that you have been a slave to other people’s feelings. In essence, people have walked over you for too long. The dream suggests that it is time to stop to think about what you actually want from life. In dreams, sex can reflect the archetypal pattern which underlies the real person’s position in life. This type of dream may represent a wished-for reunion with another person in life.


In your dream you may have…

  • Seen others as sex slaves.
  • Been a sex slave yourself.
  • Been trapped by someone as a sex slave.
  • Sold as a prostitute.
  • Forced marriage.
  • Sex trafficking.
  • Kidnapping and raped.
  • Child prostitution.
  • Arab slave trade.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You were able to escape the sex slave.
  • You ran away.
  • The dream ended positively.
  • The police were called.

Detailed dream interpretation…

To dream that you are a sex slave suggests that you are not taking the initiative in life. This can mean that you have started to become so consumed by the needs of those around you that you have lost all focus on the value of your own life. To see others as sex slaves (in a brothel or dungeon) means that you feel trapped by your own thoughts. The slave aspect of the dream means that others may not want the same things in life. A prostitute in a dream means that you are going to encounter some difficult times ahead. The “selling” aspect of sex is seen as the way one communicates with others. Thus, to be a sex slave, selling sex means that others in life may take advantage of you – at a cost of your own feelings. As this dream is associated with control, it can suggest that you will encounter strong feelings of being controlled by others, especially if in your dream you escaped being a sex slave.

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To run away in the dream shows that it will be time to break away from someone in waking life. To see children sex slaves in any of this context is ultimately disturbing in a dream. It can mean that you hidden inner child is being controlled by someone.

Maybe you have overeaten or you are not giving yourself credit in life. To dream of contacting the police, or being rescued by the police means that habits or bad relationships are going to cause problems in the future. The police can also suggest that it is time to negotiate in life.

To be chained in the dream, or to see others chained is a sign that you want others to do something for you in life. It can also suggest that you want something in life such as more money or promotion at work. To see many sex slaves in the dream is connected to pressures in life. For you to dream of a male sex slave means that you need to find more energy to get up and go. It can also mean a secret fantasy. To see sex trafficking in one’s dream can suggest a quest for love and affection. To be the person that is sex trafficking means you are trying to control others. To move to another country in your dream and be caught or sold for sex means that you may have a real-life crisis in waking life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a sex slave...


Anxiety, fear, uneasiness, awkwardness, guilt, shame, humiliation, indignity, low self-esteem, dishonor, nervous and distress.

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