Unravelling the gigolo dream mystery

To dream of an erotic captivating scene involving a gigolo / male escort in a dream can be quite liberating. It was only a few weeks ago I had a dream of a gigolo. After I had this dream it was revealed that a friend was false. I do think the spiritual meaning of this dream is to be wary of “false” people around you. After all, the gigolo is a false lover.

To see either of these indicates that you need security going forward and a possible false friend. While we sleep we often tend to get lost in a different space in “the world of dreams.” Our dreams can consist of very strange events and people. One never really understands why he dremed about some particular dream but we can use some of the symbols to give us clues as to how we can improve our life. Having sex with a male prostitute in a dream can indicate there is something “missing” in life. If you are the gigolo in a dream this can imply that you are giving something back to others.  

In your dream, you could have seen:

  1. A gay escort
  2. Straight male escort
  3. Straight/bisexual male escort

There are various events, emotions and other bizarre elements which can get wrapped up in our mind. We can experience nightmares, recurring dreams, and lucid dreams. Each person has a distinct experience about what they dream of. They are triggered as a result of various life conditions like relationships, problems, stress, medication or illness. If you keep having a dream of a gigolo then this can be a result of psychological distress. 

Going deeper into knowing the gigolo dream

Your curiosity levels may go up after hearing the word Gigolo. Well, Gigolo has an even unusual meaning. Gigolo has a pejorative connotation. This word has a French descent which is believed to be a Frenchman’s name. Its use dates back in the 1920’s European countries. In French society, this term was used for male prostitutes who met ladies in dance halls to satiate the physical needs of the women. Thus, Gigolos are younger boys generally for the entertainment of the affluent old ladies. They offer companionship and are expected to be well mannered with great social skills. These men are quite well rewarded in return.

Gigolos form such a relationship with several women to earn their living. Many romantic and comedy films use Gigolos in their plots. You can find even the erotica and romantic novels written having Gigolos as their protagonists.

Seeing Gigolos in your dreams is a reflection of your character and any change that has taken place in life. You have such dreams when something new replaces the old in your life. Monotonous life is not acceptable to most and one needs to bring change in life from time to time. If you do not find a fresh perspective you start to get annoyed with your life.

To choose a Gigolo in a dream indicates that you can be looking for comforts or spending more time with people around us. Our dreams speak to us on a very deeper level. They are often seen as great advisers in many situations. It is a way in which many forces of the universe connect with us. In my particular dream, I had a dream of a gigolo and it was someone I knew. I had hired this man and I woke up in the morning rather confused. 

What personality traits do such weird dreams symbolize?

As I have already touched on gigolos deal in the trade of prostitution to satisfy the needs of the females and earn money out of this trade. The existence of more than one gigolo in your dream can describe the fact that you tend to get acquainted and addicted to the material comforts life offers you. 

To dream of someone you know who becomes a gigolo means that you must seize every single moment and live it to the fullest. Enjoyment and luxury matter to you. 

Certain other indications

1. A sexual hunger

 The Gigolo dream can be interpreted as your urge to satisfy your physical needs. Often when you do not pay attention to your lustful wishes you can have such dreams about Gigolo.

2. Need for Diversity 

When there is a lack of excitement and dullness seeps in, having the gigolo dreams may tell you about your desire for a more exciting partner and to bring in luster to your life.

3. Wanting to feel desirable

Each one of us at some point wishes to grab everyone's attention and be the center of conversation for others, this longing may be reflected in your gigolo dream where you get the attention you always seek.

Interpreting your dreams about Prostitutes

Seeing a prostitute or sex worker in your dreams obviously can feel very strange. As we are aware Prostitutes are those who are willing to trade their bodies for coitus for a required of money as per contracts or deeds. They are often seen by the society outrageously with disgust and treated many a time with disrespect. People believe prostitutes lack values and morals and are interested only in raking money at any cost.

There can be two types of connotation with prostitutes in your dream. Either you may dream to be with a prostitute or see yourself as a prostitute.

Seeking Control

If you dream about being with an escort it can be said that you have a controlling attitude. You want to dominate over others. You care less about the people around you and take them for granted. You use people for your self-interest.

Unleash your desires

On the other hand, if you dream about being a prostitute yourself, it may suggest that you seek to open up. Desires and lust are trapped inside. You want more freedom. Sexual freedom is what you wish for. There is something that is keeping you from following what you want. You are too concerned about what others might think and stop yourself from liberating yourself of the false shackles. The feeling of overpowering someone subsists within.

Letting others take advantage of you

The other possibility of the reason why you have had a dream about a prostitute is when you are in situations where you let others take the wrong advantage of you. Do you tend to give too much information away to others? Such a dream points to the existence of people in your life who gain benefit from your kindness and giving nature without considering your well-being. 

Leave behind the people pulling you down    

Another important inference is to let go of those who are not letting you rise to your actual self. Those who are hindering your potential. Push away the negativity and do not pay heed to pessimistic people.

If you dream of male rent boys this can imply that you are looking for security. It does not necessarily mean there is an issue in your life it just means you are looking for someone to keep you. 

Lack of love and intimacy

One major explanation for such dreams where you sleep with a prostitute is the lack of love and a good sexual relationship in life. When you are forced to stay in a heartless relationship, your mind may send you an indication about your need to find love and pleasure. Try to create healthier relations and find a good partner.

In summary, for a Gigolo and Prostitute to feature in ones dreams can have several explanations and theories, as I have outlined above. I do feel though this dream is a symbol of falseness or someone that is not to be trusted. Each of our dreams has some "hidden" message for us to understand if we analyze closely. 

By Florance Saul
Aug 11, 2019