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To dream that you are using a brush suggests that you need to think about your appearance.

A brush is connected to self-care. Maybe you have not been giving yourself enough time to take care of your appearance. This dream can be analyzed more thoroughly depending on the type of brush you are using in the dream state. If you are using a hair brush, it can suggest that you need to face up to a situation in waking life which, if you ignore, suggests that things will be difficult going forward. The hairbrush is connected to feelings of cleanliness. It suggests that your physical appearance will be important in the future. In general, to see a brush in your dream symbolizes a happy and content life. On the other hand, a dream where you see a brush used to sweep or clean the floor suggests a new start.

A dream where you are brushing a horse is a symbol of current hardships. Grooming a horse is hard work and it is exhausting. The dream could foretell that you might have to go through stress before achieving your life goals.

If you see a dirty brush that is broken in the dream, it suggests that you may struggle business wise. It also denotes that, there is someone in your life who is envious of your success. There is someone close to you that is more successful than you are. If the brush in your dream is clean, it is a sign that you will receive good news in the future. This will make you happy and help you forget a difficult patch in your life. To see more than one brush indicates an issue which has been demoralizing you lately.

A dream where you see yourself brushing a goat is a sign that a person endeavor or project which you are currently working is about to be fruitful. If you brush a floor this suggests you will encounter a prominent person in society.

A situation where you see a metal brush is a sign that, you are going to be relaxed. At the same time, you have been underestimated in your career. If the brush you see is wooden, then it means that, any person who harms you will be harmed more than you. A plastic brush is a symbol of being happy due to feeling surrounded by loved ones.

If you see yourself buying a brush, it implies that you are going to save money or make a profit in life. Giving someone a brush in your dream is an indicator that you are going to forgive a person who apologizes and feel remorseful for what they did to you.

A dream where you see yourself brushing clothes implies that you will soon receive reimbursement for your hard work. If the brush is miscellaneous, it is a sign that you have several jobs which are all well paid.

In the dream state…

  • You brush your hair in your dream.
  • See others brushing their hair.
  • You clean with a brush in your dream.
  • You sweep up in the dream.
  • You use a makeup brush in your dream.
  • You use a dustpan and brush in the dream.
  • The brush has bristles.
  • You see a toothbrush in your dream.
  • You see a car wash brush.
  • You see a wire brush.
  • You see a floor brush.
  • You see a shoe-polish brush (buffer)
  • You see a curling brush used in sport.
  • You use or see a clothing brush.
  • In the dream, you see a vacuum cleaner brush.
  • A lavatory brush is featured (toilet brush or slang bog brush)
  • A chimney brush is seen in the dream.
  • A broom is seen in the dream.
  • You see a paint brush.
  • A shaving brush is seen in the dream.
  • A dog-grooming brush is used in the dream.
  • You are cleaning with a brush in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation…

Brushing a pet with a hair-brush, denotes you'll suffer misfortune from others. To find hair brushes in your dream that are old / vintage denotes possible illness. To use clothing brushes suggests a big task is before you.

Brushing hair in a dream is connected to characters and attitudes in life. Brushing hair is also associated with the attraction of others. To change your hairstyle using a brush suggests that you want others to notice a change in you. Brushing the hair is also connected to the hidden desire to get fit. It can suggest that you need to rid yourself of any emotional problems or ideas in life

To brush your hair and for your hair to fall out in your dream suggests emotional problems in waking life. Using a hair brush is a sign that you are going to suffer misfortunes from a others. If the hair brush is old in the dream it denotes sickness and ill health. Alternatively, it could foretell your appearance and the work you need to handle in order to achieve what you desire. If you use your hairbrush to brush someone else’s hair, it is a sign that you have a desire to control your relationship with a colleague at work. If it is your hair which is being cut using the brush, this means their is a possibility that you have a great original business idea. Beware someone may wish to copy this in the future. To see others brushing their hair is a sign that you will forgive others in your family. Try to build bridges instead of waiting for other people to make the first move. If you dream that you wake up and there is hair all over you it is a warning that you need to appreciate what others do for you. It is a message that you need to love yourself and that you should think about others in life. To lose a hairbrush in a dream denotes that you need to listen to you inner voice which will guide you. 

To clean with a brush in your dream is a sign of making a profit in business. If the brush removed dirt it represents a woman’s property or money. Alternatively, it could imply that you are trying to think about what you “want” in life:  your unconscious and conscious state. You need to be cautious in your career to make sure that you don’t experience losses. Be content in life - at the same time try to approach business by having a level head.

What you “sweep up” in the dream is an indication that you will have unpleasant relationships in life. If you use a broom to sweep a path or a floor it suggests that you will remove all obstacles in life.

It could also be a sign of a family reconciliation. A dream where sweeping occurs is an indication of rapid movements and improvements in your finances. It is a positive dream which denotes that new beginnings. If the brush breaks in your dream it denotes difficulties you have been encountering.  If you are a woman or a young girl and you dream of sweeping with a brush, it is a warning there are friends in life who are not true friends due to their negative behaviour. You may wish to “retreat” or to go into yourself and find a better way to deal with emotions. If you are using a broom to sweep up, it is an indicator that you are going to be lucky if you practice abstinence. Using a brush to sweep a room can be a sign that you will meet people who are challenging. If a hairbrush breaks in a dream it suggests you are going to experience sorrow.

To use a makeup brush in your dream to remove makeup is a reflection of your insincere nature. You are going to realize what you need to do in life. To apply foundation with a brush in your dream suggests a change for the better. If you are applying blusher in your dream it is a warning that you will encounter someone hiding from the truth. The blusher is a way to hide your true self. Try to learn to be more open. Most cosmetic products featured in dreams denote the need to hide in life.

To use a dustpan and brush in the dream denotes you will have a positive time at work. It is a sign of comfort, assistance, and organization. It is also a sign that you have positive thoughts and you have the capability of making everyone around you feel loved. The dream is an indication that you are always there to help those who are in need.

To see a toothbrush in your dream or to use a toothbrush to brush your teeth is an indication that you are going to make sacrifices to enable you to maintain your current happiness level. You will remain happy in your life. If you dream you go out without brushing your teeth it is a good omen as it is a sign of personal growth. If the toothbrush breaks in a dream try to free yourself from the societal norm by caring less about your appearance.  A situation where you see yourself holding a toothbrush, and you brush your teeth with salt denotes that you need to make some sacrifices in life. This will, in the end, weigh you down, causing you stress and making it impossible for you to be friendly.  A toothbrush is a symbol of development in a dream, it is focused on great achievements and accomplishments and numerous troubles.

To see a car wash brush is a sign that troubles will soon pass and you will be able to enjoy life. Alternatively, it could suggest that you will need transformation which will result in improvement in life. A change will improve your life. You will encounter sacrifices, but the good thing is, you will have your independence to do what you think is right. You will be prosperous in your business after making an effort in life.  If you just pass through the car wash, it implies that you are going to let go of old ideas and embark on a new bright beginning. A car wash is a good omen which indicates that you have what it takes to make positive and fundamental changes in your life.

To see a wire brush denotes indifference and negligence. The dream is associated with not giving attention to the quality of life. It could also mean that you are growing older but you are wiser. The wire is a sign that of passions and feelings.  

To see a floor brush shows you as a person who investigates people’s emotions and you will help them where necessary. If you are cleaning the floor in the dream it means that you are seeking the company of others. If you are sweeping the road or driveway it shows that you will perform your tasks. If you clean the floor of a neighbor in your dream this is positive and denotes good fortune.

To see a shoe-polish brush (buffer) is a sign that, there are people within your family who are going to help you. To see your shoes cleaned by another (using a brush) indicates you might go on a journey soon. If you put on your shoes on in the dream you are going to receive individual help. If someone you do not know brushes your shoes in the dream, it denotes that, you have debts and you are going to clear them as soon as possible. If the shoe brush is new it is an indication that a vacation is predicted.

A brush that is brand new denotes good news which will make you happy. Torn and old shoe brushes refer to a business journey you are going to make, and it will be fruitful. If you see yourself buying a shoe brush it symbolizes that you will have money which you will put to good use. For a shoe brush to be stolen or lost in the dream is a symbol of good communication.

To use a clothing brush in your dream denotes you will be rewarded for difficult work. The strong clothes brush a sign of hard work ahead of you.

To see a vacuum cleaner brush in your dream represents your preoccupation to finally deal with problems. You are proactive, solution oriented and you usually, go out of your way to get a solution to your problems. You are doing everything possible to succeed. If you work hard, you might just have everything you wish for.

A lavatory brush (toilet brush or slang bog brush) represents your feeling of doubt about feedback that you receive. It could also imply that you are concerned with your perception. You are more tolerant with other individuals without being critical.

A broom seen in the dream suggests that you care about the community. Cleaning the floor using a broom is a sign of financial benefits emanating from your hard work. If you are using the broom to sweep someone else’s floor is a sign that, you are going to receive money from others. If you are rich and you see yourself sweeping the floor using a broom, it means that you are going to become poor through loss of property. Alternatively, a broom is a representation of one’s household or family and seeing this in the dream is not a positive sign as it represents a servant, employee, or a housekeeper - in ancient dream dictionaries. To see yourself sweeping the floor using a broom denotes that will owe money. On the other hand, a broom in general suggests that you are overcoming difficulties, recovering from depression or clearing your debts.

To see a paint brush is a sign of happiness, creative accomplishment, joy, and talents. If you are not a creative person, this is a dream which is instructing you to reevaluate yourself as you might have a potential to be creative. If you are a creative person, this dream could be pointing at the emotional and financial success which will be coming your way soon due to your creative endeavors.  Alternatively, a paint brush denotes that, you will fall into trouble due to your careless and reckless statements about a colleague. If you are holding the brush in your hand to paint something, it means that you are going to gain satisfaction in the work that you are currently pursuing.

A shaving brush seen in the dream is a sign that, you are going to have family conflicts. Alternatively, a shaving brush could mean that you are experiencing a decrease in your strength, you are being censored, or your power is decreasing. If you are undergoing a stressful time at your place of work or a relationship is strenuous it is common to dream of a shaving brush. A dream about shaving could also mean that you are going through some minor changes in your life.

A dog-grooming brush used in the dream symbolizes fidelity and friendship. If the dog shows affection in the dream it is a sign of friendship in real life. If the dog barks, it is a sign that, there is impending danger in your life.

To clean with a brush in the dream is a sign that you are anticipating good news and you will receive this shortly. To see a new and clean brush indicates new and fresh ideas in your workplace. If you buy a brush in your dream, it suggests that you will need to educate yourself better. Update your knowledge on work topics. This dream is a warning that you need to do something about your work-life balance.

Feelings Associated with the dream of a brush…

Appreciation. Release. Strange. Tears. Happy. Anxiety. Shocked. Inability to cope. Concerned. Overwhelming. Wisdom. Frightening. Chaos. Distress action. Acceptance. Uncomfortable. Danger. Relaxation. Floating. Tired. Upset. Discontent. Busy. Surprised. Upset. Dream

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