Chameleon dream meanings

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Chameleons can easily blend into their environments, adjusting to most situations and backgrounds they are given. On the other hand, chameleons are easily scared and threatened and can sometimes be hostile and unfriendly.

A dream about a chameleon shows that you have the ability to change and adapt to strange and uncertain circumstances in your life, especially if the chameleon in your dream is adapting to a healthy green environment. The dream shows that no matter what is thrown at you, you can handle it. You may be anxious about facing an upcoming difficulty or new job opportunity, but you will be able to adapt to your requirements and succeed in this task. Keep in mind, however, that a dream about chameleons is a link to your devious side and that this is a dream that is sometimes associated with people who are not worried about anything.

Your dream:

  • Come across a chameleon.
  • Been transformed into a chameleon.
  • Taken on chameleon characteristics of color-changing.
  • Seen another person take on adaptive color-changing.
  • Seen a chameleon fail to change the appropriate color.
  • Lost a chameleon that blended in too well.
  • Possessed chameleon color-changing abilities but were unable to adapt or blend into your surroundings.
  • Seen a strange pattern on a chameleon, such as polka-dots or zigzags.


  • The chameleon was able to change and adapt to all scenarios.
  • The chameleon was attracted to and adapted only to desirable conditions and lush green environments.
  • The chameleon you came across accepted you and did not seem fearful.
  • Sometimes, it is a positive sign if your chameleon does not blend in (as this shows that it is not fearful or hostile and that it may be positively rebellious or independent).

What is the detailed dream interpretation of a chameleon?

If you are the type of person who can handle anything, you do not ever worry and are confident at most of the things you try. This may seem like arrogance to some, so be sure to blend sometimes like a chameleon does in order for your confidence not to be perceived this way. Remember also that chameleons are fearful and hostile, which is why they feel the need to remain unnoticed by blending in with their environments.

This sort of dream can mean that you will soon be dealing with a hostile chameleon type of person in your life. There is also a feeling of being self-sufficient, which may also be perceived as the Chameleon. To observe a Chameleon running in your dream is connected to independence, womanly instincts, innovation, and primacy. Unfortunately, this dream is also connected to difficult times and some difficult relationships. The other elements of this dream are that someone may be untrustworthy or disloyal to you.

A different colored Chameleon (rather than green) signifies that you are currently experiencing difficult times. Chameleons become very scared and anxious when they see the color black. Any pet store owner will tell you not to handle your chameleon when you are wearing the color black. To see a black Chameleon means that you have some hesitation in determining what you actually want out of life. If the chameleon in your dream exhibits a unique trait, it can be a positive or a negative thing. It might be negative if the chameleon is in a situation where he should have adapted (i.e. he was about to be attacked but did not try to hide himself by changing colors). However, a uniquely colored chameleon who is not threatened can represent an independence that is good and admirable.

What is the spiritual meaning of a chameleon?

Due to their nature of adapting to the color of their surrounding, chameleons are some of the unique creatures that are found on planet earth. I am sure you know that the chameleon is in the category of lizards, but with the uniqueness of color change. A chameleon can adapt to any environment and be able to change accordingly to protect itself from catch prey or predators. You can easily find chameleons in different parts of the world, even people carrying them around as pets. As a symbol, a chameleon is very important and a strong creature for change (spiritually).

Its power has been noticed over time and has made it one of the favorites among many people and that is why it is important to learn about its traits with the characteristics and behaviors of human beings. A chameleon is somewhat adaptive both on its outside and inside. You will find that they are very adaptable to its habitat and surroundings. When it comes to hot and cold weather, they can endure, like when it comes to living in the desert. This means from a dream perspective – you are adaptable! A chameleon is a slow mover, and that is why it will take them a lot of time to move from the top to the bottom of the tree, but they don’t give up as they treat it as a goal which they have to meet. They might just be going on top of the tree to sunbathe on a branch.

What does it mean to keep seeing a chameleon in your dreams?

I believe we can consider your animal totem as the chameleon. I will quickly discuss this. In the spiritual world, if you have a chameleon as a totem, then it means that you are an interesting person to hang out with. Check out their ability to adapt to the environment and change color as well as their slow and calm way, if you have such traits, you will likely be likable to many people. If you are protected or born under the chameleon totem, then it means that you are a very peaceful and calm person. It is very hard to become angry or even be anxious. You are one person who likes hanging with friends and family and getting a conversation going on light topics.

When it comes to approaching people, you do it calmly and kindly and thus, making them feel confident to confide in you their topmost secrets. You are a great friend and partner to many due to your good listening skills. You know how to deal with people around you due to your listening skills which makes you know more about them and what they need. A chameleon being your animal spirit, you will automatically be stable and steady in your life. You don’t have many adventures, but that doesn’t make you boring or bored. You derive your pleasure from the little things that life brings into your life like watching movies, catching up with friends, or just reading an interesting book. Once you do this, you feel fulfilled and happy. You are rarely a risk taker, especially if people depend on you.

Even though you are stable and steady, you like to stand out with your appearance. Maybe you enjoy putting on bright and bold colors, and at the same time, you have personalities which stand out, just like your chameleon spirit animal. You don’t just follow people blindly, and you like doing your things your way. A chameleon being an adaptable animal, people under this spirit seem to easily adapt to changes and start their lives afresh when necessary. And that is why you can fit in any social group or work environment. As an animal totem in your life, a chameleon will make you patient. You can patiently wait for an opportunity that is right for you, however long it takes. You seem to think that, it is better to wait as long as what comes your way is more right than rush things and get into opportunities which are not right for you.

For love and careers, if you have a chameleon as an animal totem, you will always be curious. You are picky and love exploring your options into every detail of various people until they get the right match. You will find curiosity in your everyday life, and you are one person who enjoys listening to gossip. The negativity associated with a chameleon as a spirit animal is that, if you are born or have it as a totem, you tend to be overly calm and an introvert. You will likely miss out some opportunities in life due to your tendency of waiting for the perfect.


  • New friendships and social relationships.
  • Job promotions or a new career path.
  • Dealing with hostility or anger in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a chameleon:

Friendship. Acceptance. Love. Fear. Hostility. Anger. Loyalty. Disloyalty. Trustworthiness. Threatened. Comfortable.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012