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camels dream dictionary means


Camels are amazing animals. They can store water for a long period of time, and trek through the desert under extreme heat and deprivation.

All of this can be done while carrying precious cargo or human lives. Camels in dreams represent our own inter-personal journeys.



A camel in your dream represents any kind of personal journey your mind and body are venturing into. Just like the camel that does not complain or stop on its journey, you too should have this attitude towards life. The camel does not mind the rough terrain, because he has prepared. If you are prepared for anything, then everything will be okay in the end.



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In your dream you may have…


  • Seen a camel.
  • Become a camel.
  • Ridden a camel.
  • Fed a camel.
  • Spoken with a camel.


Positive changes are afoot if…



  • You or the camel completed your trek.
  • The camel in the dream seemed generally healthy and happy.
  • The camel carried you where you needed to go.
  • You spoke with a camel that offered you good advice.


Detailed dream interpretation...


Your camel dream may have been telling you several things about your life’s journey. Camels represent long journeys, but in reality, they do not rush through this epic quest. Life, in a sense, is a journey, so the camel in your dream may be telling you to take life slowly as it comes.



The camel also does not whine or complain about its long journey. Use this dream to look into your current situation. Have you been stressing about things that are not truly that important? Have you been demanding too much from other people for your own selfish desires? You might be too focused on your own present happiness to see that it is the future destination that really matters.


Camels also know to stock up on water before a rough journey. There is no way you can physically prepare for every situation that life throws your way. However, you can mentally prepare by reminding yourself not to let the bad situations take over your thoughts. If something negative happens in your life, you should always do your best to fix it, but you should not stress out if things do not go your way. Reminding yourself of this fact will help you to accept life as it comes and not to be bothered by difficult situations.


If you were riding the camel in your dream, and you successfully finished your trek, you are handling life’s journey just as you should. However, if you were riding the camel in your dream and you did not finish the journey, you are trying too hard to control what cannot be determined. You have taken life’s reigns and tried to steer them in your direction, but life will always be on its own path. There is only so much you can do to control your own destiny, but after that point you must let go of the reigns. Realize that you are not the controller of every little thing, because this will greatly decrease your stress levels.


If you spoke with the camel, you were seeking advice about your future. This is a sign of good times to come, as your subconscious sought out the advice of the animal kingdom’s expert on life’s long journeys. Whether you can remember what was said or not, take it as a sign that you should heed any advice you receive in the near future that may help you with your current and future goals.



This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life…


  • Life goals and achievements.
  • Following your dreams.
  • Rushing through time.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a camel…

Calm. Relaxed. Rejuvenated. Nourished. Refreshed. Relieved. Illuminated. Wise. Wholesome.

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