Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreams having trunk in them could have many interpretations.

Depending on the category of trunk its dream meaning changes to either good fortune or bad luck. In general, the meaning of trunk in a dream indicates both of them. If simple trunk is seen in a dream foretells that you are going to have a long upcoming journey and you might have misfortune in your journey. Every dream that we dream has different meanings; it is the circumstance that occur to us in our dream which changes the whole scenario’s interpretation.

What exactly a trunk in a dream means? How to know that it has an effect on you r life or not? How to interpret different situations in a dream that involve trunk in it are among some questions that are needed to be justified.

Different situations of a trunk are

  • Watching a trunk in an empty space.
  • An empty trunk containing nothing inside it.
  • A trunk being filled with different things.
  • Someone is throwing stuff out of the trunk.
  • Seeing trunk statue in your dream.
  • A trunk appeared as a celestial entity in your dream, like a treasure.
  • Old locked trunk in your store.
  • An elephant’s trunk in a dream.
  • Trunk seen underwater.
  • An open trunk in a dream with the appearance of light in it.

Interpretations of experiences of trunk in a dream

  • Good luck in business and personal life.
  • Guidance inside that celestial trunk.
  • Feel of power and inner strengths because of the trunk.
  • A bad news of disaster that is coming after you.
  • Removing hurdles in the way of your progress.
  • Dissatisfaction and unpleasantness in your journey.
  • Suggesting mental peace and serenity.
  • Enlightened future ahead, for drummer.
  • Consequence of exploring new ways.

Detailed interpretation of trunk in your dream

Trunk as a clan has its vital importance to some people which believe in that totem. Seeing light in a trunk represents power and spiritual stability. It also indicates that sooner or later you are going to acknowledge the facts and realities of life and when you will confront them, you will find what you were looking for - Happiness and inner-peace.

The light is not an ordinary light when it comes to dreams. It further interprets in helping us to regain our powers that we have inside us but we are unaware of them. Seeing light in a trunk represents that you are going to regain those powers. These powers will certainly fulfill what you were wishing and bring happiness in your life.

Packing your trunk foretells that you are going to have a smooth going in your journey, from the beginning till the end. There are chances that you will explore new and better ways, meet a person who is going to help you carry on your trip. Shortly, you will start to like and most likely get affiliated with that person.

Another dream interpretation that you can extract is of seeing a trunk of elephant in a dream. The dream meaning of such dream is completely opposite to what is already mentioned above. It tells that you will get the powers but your desires will overwhelm those powers and your authorities of being powerful. You have to be really careful or you will lose them.

Feelings that you could experience during a dreaming about trunk

Happiness, power, spiritual energy, success, loss, inner satisfaction, serenity and good luck.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013