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Carl Jung discussed in many books that he encountered many dreams that featured the “home” but what does this mean from a dream perspective? discover areas of his home he couldn't have known existed. Carl Jung states that he thought this dream was a representation of his inner personality. Carl Jung thought that people's home displayed parts of their character, and also new things that he found in the home were associated with new improvements.

Numerous dream experts sign up for Jung's principles and believe that homes signify aspects of the personality and these buildings help us make decisions in our lives. The actual second floor of a home symbolizes the conscious thoughts, and also the lower areas as well as cellars the actual other than conscious, or even concealed, mind. Some areas of your home might signify different times in your lifetime, and also the attitudes and also values you've experienced. The options of the dream building may also reflection options that come with the individuality; through so carrying out, they mirror the character, expectations as well as goals, and just how you're feeling about yourself. Let’s get down to basics in this dream meaning, I’ve covered in the questions and answers below many different “dream” elements where the home can be featured. Before you go and read your meaning, I am Flo and I have been researching dreams for almost 20 years and I’m quite excited that you’ve had this dream. Scroll down to uncover what this dream means from a psychology and spiritual perspective.

What is the detailed dream meaning of your home?

If you dream of a home or even a building, ask yourself just what aspect of the creating symbolizes. Can it represent the method that you observe oneself? Is it any symbol of the body, brain or perhaps character? When the house is crumbling or warping, are you in need of psychological, spiritual or even require cleaning and also restoration? In the event, the creating is actually using up, performs this present your own desire to get rid of something that will be stopping you moving forward? In the event, the house is damaged means that you may feel useless as well as controlled by relatives? May be the home symbolic of your emotions in childhood or other past experiences? What are the circumstances like in your house?

What does dreams about not being able to get home mean?

The home is quite interesting “symbol” in dreams. It is very much focused on the condition of your environment. Sometimes things are representative of the fact that you need to look at planning or that you just want to remain at home and be free from social constraints of life. I’d like to summarize the general meaning of “seeing your home” in a dream as avoidance. Avoidance of having to socialize with others and having some time away that you can follow the light and resolve your dreams. I believe that this avoidance is positive. The reason I choose his words is that I feel that dreaming of the home is very similar. This dream reminds me of the man on the hermit tarot deck walks through looking for enlightenment. He walks through the tarot deck need to find a way out. Dreaming of not being able to get home can alternatively mean that you need to have space in order to progress in life.

What do dreams about a childhood home mean?

A childhood home represented in dreams is quite common. When we grow up we often move on to become a roommate, then finally you buy our own home. This dream can indicate that you are passing through the life cycle and that the childhood home symbolizes how comfortable your feeling in life. In the same respect, this dream can indicate you may be avoiding certain responsibilities. In essence, this dream can be associated with how you can succeed in life. There is no real mystery to crack in the dream - it is very much focused on trying to please those around you. Especially family. Often, when people have dreams of their childhood home it can indicate that you want to feel safe again. Maybe you suddenly discover that your body has an alarm system when things don’t seem to be going away. Or you find yourself in the middle of some complex problem. This is often accompanied by dreams of our childhood residents. If you could actually see yourself as a child in your dream then this adds further mystery. It can signify that your brain is wanting a safe haven right now.

What does it mean to dream of being at home?

If you dream of being in your current home then from a dream psychology perspective this can indicate that things seem to be getting out of hand, especially in a work context that is of course if you go to an office or establishment in order to work. If you own your own business when you dream of being at home it can indicate you just need to relax a little bit more. Often, we cannot control our thoughts we cannot even draw conclusions. The dream of being at home indicates you might be looking around for somebody or something to save you and bring you “back home” in order to feel happy again. The world we live in sometimes seems chaotic and threatening and the home is our placed to feel relaxed.

What does it mean to dream of a funeral home?

I’ve included this in the home dream interpretation because many of you have contacted me about the dream meaning of a funeral home. The first thing I am going to say is that death in dreams is just a metaphor for transformation. If you see yourself in a funeral home and you are grieving over the loss of a loved one this indicates that you are worried about your own health. This dream could indicate a terrible dilemma that you need to face in life or that you are considering ways to move forward. If you dream of working in a funeral home then it indicates you’re going to be supporting other people through difficult times. Details of the dream are equally important if you are being comforted in a funeral home in a dream and this can suggest new possibilities in life. The funeral home is connected to the fact that we want to try and remove our emotions or the fact that we feel life has become too complex. A dream of seeing somebody’s funeral can signify past relationship problems or an issue you are dealing with in life at the moment. If you dream of your parents died and you attend a funeral home reflect that you are feeling a sense of insecurity in life.

What does it signify to dream of a new home?

Dreaming of a new home is quite an interesting and refreshing symbolism. It can mean you are looking for security your own values and also that you’re prepared to step into the unknown. If you are avoiding places or circumstances in waking life is quite normal to dream of moving into a new home.

What does the home mean in dream psychology?

I like to include aspects of dream psychology, Carl Jung believed the home in dreams represents security and establishment. We often dream of the home when we are facing the heavy scratchy overcoat of anxiety, which at times is difficult to remove. If the home was featured in a negative light during the dream then this can suggest that you are encountering varying feelings of ups and downs. It is not uncommon to develop strategies to keep yourself together without really knowing what it is you want. If you see yourself doing normal things in the home, such as watching television, reading the paper or alternatively eating breakfast or dinner then the home is an indication for a new beginning from a dream psychology perspective. This dream can mean you are on overload and that you’re walking yourself through different events in the day. I don’t necessarily feel that this has a specific meaning in dream terms.

What do dreams about building your own home mean?

Building your own home in a dream can be quite exciting. I know myself I have built many homes in the dream state from using both bricks and straw. This reminds me of the three little pigs! Building a home is all about the foundation of life. It can suggest that your best intentions are trying to protect yourself from the attacks of life. Looking to Buddhism the home is normally somewhere do not let you anything negative which is generally our own psyche. This dream refers to strong values and happiness if we get frightened about building a home (or we cannot build it) in the dream then this can indicate you may be worried about encounters in life or the way that you come across. Seeing the front door can represent opportunities in life.

What does it mean to see your dream home in a dream?

Seeing an amazing house or mansion in a dream indicates that good news will be yours. As your home appears in your dream I would say this has many meanings. Think about your own life and how you communicate with people. Every day could turn into a tense, happy or dramatic period in life. A dream home seen in a dream can signify that no matter what happens security will be yours you’re quite clear on the goals that you have in the future.

What does a home invasion mean in a dream?

Home invasions and dreams are connected to our own hidden anxieties. You might feel that you are not safe inside your own home. This dream can suggest that you have become perhaps frightened to venture out the door. Often, people have contacted me about dreams of home invasion when they have been housebound or spending longer than expected in the home environment. Symbolically, home invasion means you can’t escape the feeling that is inside you. Let’s face it, the world outside of the hostile place, you don’t what’s going to happen. Ma be you deeply feel that you are only truly safe at home. A high-pressure job can also result in dreaming of an invasion. The contents of this dream are equally important and the invasion of the home is normally symbolic someone trying to invade your life.

If the intruder in your dream was alien in dissent this can suggest that you are feeling much anxiety about your job or daytime gig. If you experience high anxiety at work then dreaming of a male or female entering your home is common. The dream can often be connected to the personal relationships that you feel around you and I will now turn to the dream psychologist Sigmund Freud, he believed that the home represents our own psyche and the different rooms are interconnected to our feelings in waking life.

The symbolism of somebody you invade your home as a message to the conscious mind that you feel that there is no break from anxiety or that you are feeling isolated. At the same rate, this dream can bring with it a sad view. To dream of your boss or co-workers trying to invade your home is directly connected did how you feel about a job. If you wake up with re-occurring dreams of your “house invaded” it can indicate that you are being somewhat complacent. The only way that you can fully achieve success is if you ask yourself the most important elements in life and how to get them.

What does a new home mean in a dream?

A new home in a dream indicates you’re going to be able to travel freely. Perhaps you watch over the weekend's people packing their suitcases into vehicles or venturing off for the weekend. A new home in a dream is connected to wanting to escape from the mundane way of life. The new home represents new challenges ahead. If the new home was inviting then this can suggest you are going to fulfill a goal in life. If the new home was frightening more worrying, in the worst case the house is like the “great wall” that imprisons you. This can give you a clue to how you’re feeling right now in your life.

What is the dream meaning of a break in?

A break-in during the dream is quite an unfair nightmare. It often accompanies the feeling of being out of control, possible attacks and in some cases drink and feel vivid as if it’s actually real. Dare I say that this is just a dream and not real in reality. Itself is all about surviving, and overcoming anxieties problems. If you work from home and you often dream of the home then you are likely to dream of break-ins or being in danger. In life, we tend to lose ground and gain ground. The most important aspect of this dream is that you need to feel free again other people aren’t imposing their own thoughts and feelings in life.

What does home demolition mean in a dream?

To see your home bombed, or demolished in a dream is connected to the hard work you are currently undertaking. To dream of your home being demolished by someone you know can indicate changes coming. This dream can also signify that you feel that things are breaking up in different directions. To watch your house explode in a “controlled demolition” can be an implication that you feel that things have just got out of control. If you did not know that your house was going to be demolished in the dream and it looks like a pile of rubble, then this can indicate that you might be facing distress in waking life

What does a nursing home in a dream mean?

Aging in dreams is globally connected to focusing on personal care in dreams. Every one of us approaches life in different ways, and at the end may need care in a nursing home. This dream is “symbolic” in that it has both positive and negative meanings. Often this dream reflects that we need to really care for ourselves. Seeing yourself in a nursing home is about the fact that you need to be cared for. The nursing home in the dream indicates the love you feel for those around you, if the nursing home was elaborate, new modern it can indicate that this is going to be a time a relaxation. To dream of a derelict nursing home which caused anxiety suggest that there will be wide-ranging demands upon yourself. If your children left you in a nursing home and this can mean you need to work super hard in the future.

What does a home intruder mean in a dream?

An intruder in a dream can suggest that you are feeling exposed in life. If the intruder was someone you know can imply difficult times ahead. If a man was breaking in your home then this indicates that you should be alerted to your own desire to belong. Spiritually, this dream can represent you are feeling restricted or limited life. In regard to communications, the dream of things intruder can be both positive and negative depends on the context of the dream. If you knew the intruder in real life in this conflict the relationship that you feel about him or her. A woman breaking into your house in a dream can imply you need to focus on your female qualities.

What does it mean to dream of a vacation home?

Seeing a vacation home or a home rental indicates that you need to get away to enjoy yourself. This often represents a confusion of ideas because a vacation home it's not your proper residence you in a spiritual sense as a representation of the phallic, representing masculine spirituality. The home in this sense can stand for nourishment also represent that you don't feel that there was a certain place in life for you. There is a message here that you need to give yourself pleasure in life.

What do strangers entering your home mean?

To see strangers entering your home many dream books illustrate a lot of confidence and strength. He can suggest that your personality isn't how you should be this one sometimes manifesting dreams. The strangers in a dream as an interesting symbolism which you can suggest that you do feel confident you are worried about other people's personalities. Recognizing the dreams that we are surrounded by people that we don't know is quite a powerful embolism.

What does it mean when you cannot find your way home?

Not being able to find your home in a dream illustrates they might be suffering from alienation. These themes often occur when we are not feeling settled with our family. The home is an illustration of “a secure” environment that provides us with comfort. Therefore, not being able to find this “safe haven” in a dream can often symbolize problems or difficulties going forward. If you are lost and you cannot find your home could mean you are lost in life. Alternatively, to dream of seeing or finding yourself in a foreign country (not being able to return home) can illustrate the need to relax and think about how you focus yourself in life.

In conclusion, the home can crop up in our dreams in various ways. The main thing you must remember about the dream is that the home represents security. If anything is threatening you in the dream world then this could be a direct response to how you're feeling in waking life. I've pointed out throughout this dream interpretation that dreaming about the home can highlight certain aspects depending upon the actual details. You don't need a dream psychologist in order to decode the this is all about you and how secure your feeling in life dream, I have Facebook comments below if you wish to mention something I haven't covered. For now, farewell and blessings. Flo

In this dream you may have

  • Seen an old home.
  • Seen areas of your current home.
  • Been in an unusual home.
  • Visited someone's home.
  • Been back to your home but someone was living there.
  • Seen the bathroom.
  • Been attacked in your home.
  • Seen the bedroom.
  • Seen the basement.
  • Visited your next door neighbors home.
  • Visited your next door neighbors home where you no longer live.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Drive by a hitchhiker without stopping.
  • Hitchhike after car trouble.
  • Getting picked up while hitchhiking.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012