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Waving generally involves moving your hand back and forth in a greeting or as a signal.

However, it can also involve the movement of objects back and forth or the fluctuation in sequence of an object. For our purposes, however, we are simply concerned with waving as it pertains to communication or using your hands. Waving establishes a connection with other people from a distance, so dreams in which you are waving express a desire to connect without being able to bring about deep ties with other people.

In this dream you may have

  • Waved hello.
  • Waved goodbye.
  • Waved to warn someone of something.
  • Waved away a fly or insect.
  • Mistakenly waved at a stranger instead of someone you know.
  • Seen your partner wave to someone else.
  • Waved to flirt with someone.
  • Waved at a waiter.
  • Waved for help.
  • Waved in a procession like royalty.
  • Waved with disembodied hands.
  • Been waved at by disembodied hands.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You wave to get someone's attention.
  • The wave results in getting what you want.
  • You waved like a king or queen.
  • You wave away a fly.

Detailed dream meaning

Waving in dreams signifies a desire to establish some kind of relationship with other human beings. Most dreams of waving are fairly straightforward. In fact, in many dreams, waving carries the same intent and meaning as in your waking moments. Dreaming of waving hello implies that you are welcoming a new beginning in some form or it simply signifies a greeting. To dream of waving goodbye suggests a loss or separation which may be temporary or it also is simply a greeting. Paying attention to the circumstances of the gesture in the dream will reveal whether or not it is a significant one.

Waving to warn someone of impending danger implies that you are willing to become involved in social causes and lend a helping hand.

Waving at a waiter or waving for help both signify that you are aware that you require support in some area of your life, and you have begun the process of seeking it out. If your wave is ignored, then it indicates that you feel frustration due to not having your needs met.

Waving at a person that you know implies that you are attempting to gain their approval, love or recognition. Paying attention to both their response to you in your dream and the identity of the people you wave at is necessary in order for you to fully analyze the importance of the gesture. Receiving a positive response indicates that you are gaining self-confidence in your interactions; receiving a negative response indicates that this is an area of insecurity for you.

Dreaming of mistakenly waving at a stranger and then experiencing embarrassment as a result connotes lack of social confidence which inhibits your ability to network effectively.

To dream of waving away an insect or pest signifies that you use your communication skills to handle and minimize conflict; however, you are afraid of expressing yourself with conviction. This means that the problem or conflict will return.

A dream in which you are waving regally at others from a distance suggests that you feel as though your behavior is under scrutiny and that you cover your timidity, shyness and discomfort by remaining aloof. Contrarily, this dream could also signify that you have a sense of entitlement which is interfering with your ability to form deep relationships with others.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Seeking a parent's or boss's approval.
  • Being the new kid.
  • Taking a journey.
  • Social climbing.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Waving

Coyness. Bashfulness. Boldness. Dissatisfaction. Frustration. Shyness. Awkwardness. Chutzpah. Nerve. Loneliness. Isolation. Companionship. Friendship. Hope.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012