Aches and pains in dreams

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Oh.. so you could see yourself experience pain in a dream? You are wondering what an earth this means when you wake up! Look no futher!

So what does having pain in a dream mean spiritually? Well, the aches and pains can be a warning of possible problems at work, we all try to work towards our goals in life and  sometimes forget about our own health.  The first question we must ask his aches and pain significant in dreams? What if crazy things happened in your dream and you did not feel any pain? What happens if you are murdered and you actual experience the ache or pain of the knife going into you! Thank you for visiting my website It is great to have you here. I am Flo, a psychic from England and I have been studying the spiritual development of dreams for just over twenty fives years. Pains and aches in dreams can mean many different things! So let’s begin! 

Aches and pains can occur in dreams in many different ways. Dream psychologists such as Freud believe that symbolism in our waking world connect to our dream state. The most important question we must ask ourselves is why did the pain occur in the dream? Is there a spiritual reason? Are the aches and pains more apparent in some dreams? And finally what does it essentially mean.

If you wake up with any pain, when you first experienced this in the dream state it can just indicate discomfort in the way that you move your body during your sleep. Surprisingly we move our body over 100 times when we are asleep. How many times have you woken up with an aching shoulder or alternatively a dead arm?  Yes, I can hear you say that that it is more common! 

Our dreamworld is somewhat complex, fascinating and difficult to sometimes decode. Perhaps you felt pain or aches in relation to something in the dream. Maybe you saw a mass murderer stab you in the stomach or alternatively were bitten by a tiger. Pain and aches in dreams can occur in normally only certain ways. There are two main types of aches and pains that we need to understand. Firstly, you could have experienced aches and pains in the real world due to illness, or alternatively the ache or pain can be symbolic so that this sensation only occurs in the dream state.

In this dream interpretation I have not only used the ancient dream meanings, which can be somewhat subjective - given our modern world but I have also looked at the question of whether physical pain can really exist in the dream state. We all wake up sometimes with our limbs  hurting, pins and needles in various parts of our body and also some people experience a stiff neck.  Interestingly our blood pressure changes during what is known as REM sleep. Therefore, when this happens there is normally sensation of pain or aches which occur in the dream. 

For example, you could be a celebrity dancing on the stage and slipping over breaking your feet in the dream then in the real world you wake up and you foot is actually hurting. We may think something happened during your sleep. However, sometimes pain in real life can transfer to the dream state. We all sometimes have dreams of being murdered, killed or even tortured. So if this happened to you in the dream and you had pain or aches what does it mean? Yes, your in your dream you may have experienced actually “feeling this pain” especially if you are in a lucid dreaming state. Suddenly when you awake the pain or aches dissolve. This is normal. It occurs because in our dream state we transfer the sensation of pain and aches and apply this to the dream.

Let’s quickly turn to scientific research. We do not know for certain how we create pain or aches in the brain. It is a mystery. During sleep it is even more difficult to understand! Maybe in some dreams awful things occurred but you did not feel them! This again is normal. Now, here I have analyzed some old dream books and come up with specific meanings to each area of ache and pain you suffered in the dream. In order to dissect the dream deeper it is important to turn to the ancient dream dictionaries as these were used as a guide for many during the 1920s and 1930s where dream interpretation was extremely popular.

In life we sometimes have vivid dreams, I am a great believer in the fact that your dream of aches and pain will actually mean something. I found this meaning particularly fascinating! To dream of pain in the eyes is connected to not being able to see “spiritually” yes any type of aches and pains in the eyes or even to be blind in the dream can suggest that you need to review your life. Aches and pains in dreams can suggest many other spiritual things. Let’s get back to specific meanings of aches and pains in dreams. 

What is the meaning of pain and aches in dreams?

If you dream of aches and pains it can generally signify either an illness or regretting situation or problem in life spiritually. To dream of aches or pains in your teeth indicates that other people are going to communicate with you in unsavory manner. Yes, this does sound rather worrying. When you have a dream of suffering from a headache then it means that there might be something that is disturbing you in real life. A headache spiritually is connected to self-expression, and migraines in dreams can be a warning to look after yourself better. In order to decode this dream we must look at gender in relation to the interpretation. When a woman has a dream that that she is having  backache, then this dream can imply that this woman may fall ill and that sickness may cause some minor problems going forward. For a man, to dream of pain suggests a problem at work. If you dream someone else is suffering from pain in a dream it can be rather worrying. So what does it mean? To see your family suffering from pain in a dream denotes difficulties going forward in your family circle. It can indicate conflict and possible worry.

What does it mean to dream of toothache or pain the the shoulder?

If you dream that other people whom have issues with toothache in the dream,  it can suggest that someone will create conflict through word-of-mouth. If in the dream you experience any neck pain then this, spiritually is associated with not keeping promises. If you have shoulder ache in the dream and ancient dream dictionaries this was connected to material wealth, therefore the good news is that this is a positive dream. If you experience stomach pain in the dream then this suggests that you need to think about your money and how you spend it. 

What does it mean to dream of stomach ache?

Stomachache in dreams also indicates a positive outlook on life you need to be more prudent how you spend your money. If you dream of heartache then this is associated with your love life. Try to think about how you portray yourself to your partner - are you in a loving relationship? To dream of aches and pains of the organs,  such as liver or spleen pain in the dusty old dream dictionaries this means you have suffered a difficult childhood.

What does it mean to dream of pain in the lower back or kidney? 

To dream of pain in the kidney while you sleep indicates that you need to be more committed in life. Kidney pain can sometimes occur when you’ve been drinking alcohol in the night. It could just be a dream whereby you are actually feeling dehydrated,  this transpires into the dream state. Like when you dream of searching for a toilet, when in real life you need to pee.

What it means to wake up with a stiff neck?

A stiff neck is completely normal. Sometimes it takes days to get over the pain! Is there anything “spiritual” in connection with waking up with a stiff neck? The pain in your neck can occur for many reasons. It normally occurs when you sleep in a strange position. For me, I get a stiff neck when my pillows are too hard or high. You may not realize this is the cause. So you have woken up this morning with a stiff neck? It is normally how you sleep and the fact that you are sleeping strangely. In ancient times, old superstitions said that if you wake up with a stiff neck it can mean a lack of support but you will succeed in the face of adversity. So, even though you are walking around today with a stiff neck remember this spiritual meaning and hopefully it will lighten your mood. 

What does pain in your limbs or back mean in a dream?

If you dream of pain in your back it can suggest that a close person may become ill in the future. This is a very old-fashioned dream meaning!  I have already covered the dream meaning of a woman with back pain above, but generally to experience any pain or aches in the thighs can be connected to gossiping people.  To see someone you know experience pain in the dream indicates a new type of relationship with this person. Now, to have ache's in your own dream suggests that you are paying attention to new ideas, and making changes in the way you think and feel. This dream is not "literal" and indicates that in time you will grow as a person. The dream may also refer to the need to take on a new projects or be a reflection of a certain situation in your life.

Now turning to a dream dictionary from the victorian times here is the meaning of aches and pain: When you dream of suffering from aches or pains then it suggests that you are risking things in business. This dream can also imply that your opponents in business or other people may cause problems. You are the profiting from your own creative ideas while you are also relaxing in life. You may have a great mind and profiting business ideas but you are very reluctant to put these ideas into action, instead you tell other people about your ideas and they just make use of them. Even profit from them! When you have a dream that you are suffering from heartache and you are a young woman (under the age of 30) then this dream means that you will have some minor distress in your life because of the way your lover is treating you. This dream can also show that your lover may be having a possible affair. 

In your dream you may have experienced any of the following

  • Strong backache and you feel pain in the dream, this is an indication that you may experience an illness because you may be carelessly exposing yourself to bad situation or unfamiliar conditions.
  • Experienced a headache - this indicates a new start in life
  • This dream can suggest that you have decided to take risks because you want to get rid of rivalry in life.
  • Had an ache in the leg or foot which indicates travel in ancient dream dictionaries.
  • Experienced pain in the hands - this means that the decision that you are about to make involves the use of your mind.

To conclude this article:

A dream about aches and pains holds many interpretations. This is because of the specific aches that you could suffer in the dream. It also depends on if you are having any illnesses in waking life which I outlined above.  Don't worry, some of these ancient interpretations of the dream all sound rather "negative" however, such a dream can be somewhat a message or wake up call spiritually. Pain in daily life sometimes transfers to the dream world - although it is rather uncommon to have. It is advisable, if you have a dream of aches or pains then try to be careful in life - look after yourself. These dreams can at times suggest an illness if the ache is felt vividly in the dream. Try to take life more seriously and act accordingly.

Positive changes are afoot if:

It is positive to dream that your stomach is aching. Yes, it might sound a bit barmy but in ancient dream dictionaries this is a great dream! To dream of taking pain killers is also a very positive dream. It implies that people will benefit from the ideas that you give them. These ideas will flourish their businesses. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of aches: 

Unhappiness, discomfort, uncomfortable, irritated, anxious.

By Flo Saul
Mar 22, 2013