Mountain Lion Dream

Mountain Lion Dream Meaning

Mountain Lion Dream Meaning

I once had a dream that I was on top of a green hill and I noticed a mountain lion staring back at me. A few minutes later the mountain lion was chasing me in my dream and I was unable to get away. I'm not sure if it was because I was watching the Netflix documentary Joe Exotic, if you have not seen this I urge you to do. I believe that it serves as an important reminder of how large cats such as mountain lions can be dangerous to humans when they come into contact with us. They are without question beautiful wild animals but unpredictable when provoked or threatened by people, so dream-wise this is about keeping a safe and respectful distance from someone in your life.

When I woke up this dream caused me to be somewhat anxious and perplexed. My first port of call was my extensive ancient dream dictionaries, for which I have a library of about 1000 books. Most of the dream books indicated that seeing a mountain lion can indicate that something is perceived as “threatening” in daily life. To see a mountain lion generally indicates that “danger” is coming. Sorry this is a more positive and yes it did freak me out! Gratefully, these were the really old pre-1930s dream dictionaries which also included things like seeing a cellar could mean death so I did not pay that much attention to this meaning.

What is the dream meaning of a mountain lion?

In some dream dictionaries (more modern ones) escaping or getting away from the mountain lion suggest that you are ready to meet any challenges in daily life. Killing a mountain lion can illustrate that going to challenge a threat “head-on” if you are befriending a mountain lion and he or she is not seen as a threat and be a positive dream. It symbolizes your hidden desire for calm collective thought the female mountain lion can indicate that it is time to take your deep emotions. To dream of seeing more than one mountain lion in my research can suggest that you may fear some type of freedom. Maybe you’ve been t relying on somebody it’s time for you to take control in life. 

You may have been wondering what the spiritual meaning of a mountain lion in a dream could be. To answer this, I feel it is important to not only look at the symbol of a puma but also take into account its natural habitat as well as your own feelings or beliefs related to the dream.

A mountain lion is an animal that prefers living in rocky regions, such as mountains - especially those found in the Andes - plus they prefer being solitary and stealthy hunters. So looking at these characteristics we can now start to understand what this animal might mean for us during our dreams.

The first thing to acknowledge when analyzing a dream featuring a mountain lion is that it often represents strength or ferocity. This could be due to its hunting abilities and independent nature, with many spiritual interpretations pointing towards inner power and determination from within oneself or one’s spirit guide team protecting them from any potential harm – physical or symbolic – on their journey through life.

My dream books (I have them all) suggest that dreaming of a mountain lion can indicate awakening spirituality; when we see one in our dream world it can represent our connection with something much larger than ourselves, such as cosmic energies which are all around us - even if sometimes we cannot feel them directly. 

When you dream about a mountain lion, it often means that there is an element of fear or intimidation present in your life. The big cat can represent an intimidating figure or force that is coming into your life in some way, whether this be from other people or from yourself. This could manifest as self-doubt or limiting beliefs holding us back from reaching our full potential. I’m sure you will agree with me that this dream can represent someone who intimidates us within our own lives; perhaps a family member, friend or colleague.

Where was the dream featured?

The mountainous terrain where these lions live also represents physical strength and resilience – its ability to survive the most dangerous of places with ease illustrates its unique effectiveness as both predator and prey. Our dreams about such animals could therefore suggest that we are searching for inner strength to overcome whatever challenge we’re currently facing; confidence-building if you will! Similarly, dreaming of this beautiful lion could mean ‘power’, especially in a work context. Dreaming of a golden mountain lion (most of them are golden) could also relate to feeling protective towards those around you - like a fierce animal protecting its territory. I also feel this is your spiritual guide simply protecting you. This dream can also suggest that you feel a sense of responsibility towards, just like how the mountain lion looks after her young. If the mountain lion was featured in an urban setting (such as on a road, or in your home) during a dream then this is about the fact you should exemplify courage in the face of adversity.

My feeling is regardless of “where” the lion was in the dream this dream is urging you to take proactive steps such as affirmations and positive self-talk are essential for creating an empowering mindset. Think about it, if we speak positively (act like a lion) it helps build up our confidence. So start injecting positivity into your mind by talking kindly to yourself and replacing any negative thoughts with affirming ones like: “I am capable of succeeding” or “I have the power needed for this task”. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a mountain lion?

I contacted my spiritual leader in order to understand specifically what the mountain lion signifies in dreams. From a spiritual perspective, the mountain lion is often connected to our transformation in our physical plane. He concluded that the mountain lion appearing in my dream was a spiritual animal that was trying to connect to me. The fact that the lie was chasing me, he said, was that I was trying to run away from something important in life. This was quite interesting as at the time I was trying to run away from a difficult position at work. If you think about the name of the mountain lion, the name “mountain” indicates you will climb up to something. The mountain lion itself can be associated with a challenge or problem that seems never-ending.

Many people have emailed me after dreaming of a mountain lion (also known as a panther, puma, or cat amount) this is a very interesting dream and I want to take some time to describe what this dream means spiritually. The mountain lion is generally a hermit, scouring the landscape alone. This is super significant because in dreams it can mean you just want to be alone.

On Sunday I randomly (not planned) watched a documentary about mountain lions on Netflix this was a truly captivating experience, especially watching a rather frightening attack on a buffalo. It made me realize that only do these animals have an impressive spirit, but they also hold great symbolic significance for many cultures and religions. 

The most widely known characteristic of mountain lions is their solitary behavior; they are independent predators who thrive in isolation. Despite this, there are times when female mountain lions will team up together to hunt prey, forming a powerful bond of solidarity and cooperation between themselves. This can give us some clues as to the dream meaning, especially as female mountain lions establish territories using vocal communication; they make incredible yelping sounds that not only intimidate other animals --- but also mark the boundaries around their territory. What are you trying to protect?

The Cheyenne people believed that the spirit of the lion was essential to bring strength and protection against danger or evil forces from outside one’s home which allowed them to live happily within it. In South American culture there is reverence for Puma (another name given to mountain lions) as it has been known since ancient times as representative power – seen in pottery art from Peru dating back 3000 years. That is such a long time, and from historic artifacts, we can conclude that the mountain lines is associated with confronting obstacles or enemies along life’s path.

What does it mean generally to dream about a mountain lion?

Dream interpretation and symbolism regarding a mountain lion is very much focused on how we perceive ourselves against others stop every single dream that we have is unique and the details around three are super important in order to gain a better understanding. Having a dream about a mountain lion might reveal something deeper in your waking life such as the fact that you want to remain quiet. It could be that you have undertaken a very difficult significant time of stress in the dream is connected to your experiences and associations with others.

In the case of dreaming about killing a mountain lion can indicate that you have been spending too much time alone now, socialize if you can. f you were chased by a multi-line lion, this generally means somebody is being truthful with you that you are chasing the truth. I’m now going to go on a bit further and deeper into these two dream meanings and others in order to give you a true interpretation.

What does it mean to dream of a mountain lion attack?

In our waking lives we sometimes counter very stressful situations in my interpretation I tend to attach the dream of “attacking” to a problem or difficulty. The mountain lion can be the symbolism a difficult person or alternatively, a career or position that is causing you problems moment in reality, this kind of makes sense when you see a mountain lion being aggressive or chasing you in the dream state.

Think about how you have coped with stressful situations recently. Have you found yourself worried or anxious? Or have you found yourself in difficult situations? Being chased by a mountain lion in a dream can also indicate that it is time for your full attention. I hope this makes sense to you.

Dreaming of a mountain lion attacking or hunting you can have deeper prophetic meaning. Generally speaking, the presence of a lion in your dream could mean many things like power, strength, and resilience or it could also signify fear, aggression, and dominance.

In terms of spirituality, seeing a female lion in your dreams may signify qualities like independence, courage, and self-reliance. The mountain lion is known to be one of the most solitary cats because they do not usually travel in packs or form social groups which is unusual.

Prophetically speaking too, the mountain lion’s speed and agility enable them to catch prey quickly- so for some people this might be interpreted as representing moving swiftly towards achieving goals or swift action-taking ability even amidst obstacles faced along the way.

What does it mean biblically to dream of a mountain lion?

When it comes to the biblical meaning of a mountain lion, there is nothing actually mentioned in the scripture about the mountain lion. I'm feeling like seeing the mountain lion could represent an inner journey through unknown territory (like a path that is described in the bible) which requires courage and resilience; because they are solitary creatures who roam wild areas and make their own paths in life just like us on our spiritual journeys.

What does it mean to hear a mountain lion scream in a dream?

A user emailed me not long ago regarding a dream of screaming mountain lions there are many different interpretations to the dream and this is mainly associated with the understanding that there may be some obstacles or challenges ahead. The dream could represent something that may be difficult to achieve. If the scream comes and goes, it can be a representation of a thought or problem in waking life. Of course, there is a possibility that you could have heard a scream while you’re asleep which can represent itself in the dream state.

What does it mean to dream of a mountain lion chasing you mean in a dream?

Being chasing a dream is often worrying and quite frightening. Often people have dreams about being chased by many different things. I’m down the road being chased is a symbolic indication that we are trying to run away from something significant in waking life think of it like a metaphor. What are you running away from? Being chased is also connected to our feelings of being powerless, insecure, and also perhaps worried about being caught. The chase in the dream can also signify many different details which I do wish to discuss.

Firstly, the mountain lion is chasing you and you are unable to run then this variation is being chased can indicate that you feeling frustrated in waking life. If you are being chased and the lion manages to catch you this can suggest focus is required in order to succeed in life. The circumstances around being chased are very important to understand it can be connected to the feeling of being worried about the future. Are you worried about the future have you got some plans coming up to focus on? Many people contacted me about re-occurring dreams of being chased I often provide the advice that there is something in order to succeed. If you dream of being chased by multiple mountain lions this can suggest that there is a group of people that you are trying to connect with struggling to understand you this could be a work situation. Almost everybody has encountered a chasing dream at some point in their lives and as I have said above is often because we were running away from our life.

What does it mean to dream of a mountain lion and be unable to call for help?

If you dream of being unable to call for help in the dream or you just freeze when you see a mountain lion in your dream, this can indicate that there is a "parallel situation: in your waking life, that is STOPPING you from asking for help from others.

What does it mean to dream of killing a mountain lion?

The dream of killing to live is a very important symbolism it can indicate a loss of freedom or possessions. The dream signifies a fear of looking bad on social media we have seen many images of people killing lions which have appeared in the news. If you have seen such an image then it is not uncommon for that to appear in your dream. The other details of being interpreted.

One way you could potentially kill a lion in your dream is by shooting it with a gun. The interpretation here largely depends on why you chose to shoot the animal and what kind of weapon you used in the dream. For example, if you were using an ancient gun or bow and arrow as opposed to modern firearms and this could represent primal urges that are manifesting themselves in your subconscious. It may also mean protection or defense against a situation in waking life — that is threatening you - real-life threats or even psychological trauma.

Maybe you had a dream of stabbing a lion with sharp objects such as knives or swords. This could represent aggression towards someone else who has wronged or betrayed you; an indication of reaching deep down into hidden pockets of rage and hostility. Some people might also experience dreaming about a lion killing them by biting them – usually involving their teeth and jaws – which often seems quite violent, it could indicate (i.e., “mild” versus “hard & strong”), this dream can make different symbolic interpretations beyond your own sense of confusion at such a crazy dream and I feel this is all about the spiritual insight into life.

What does it mean to dream of a lion stalking/hunting you?

My thoughts are that dreaming of a mountain lion stalking you can feel quite unsettling and scary – however, it could actually suggest something powerful. As I have already mentioned a mountain lion is a symbol of strength, resilience, and courage - characteristics that you likely have within yourself. A dream where the lion is hunting (maybe even chasing you) is a dream that reminds you of your own capacity for greatness and that you can overcome pain or a problem or issue that has been shrouded for a while. To see the lion hunting you and escaping might also represent the need to break from your day-to-day stresses.

What does it mean to dream of a lion attack?

If you are dreaming of a mountain lion attacking you,  it can be an indication of a sort of powerful inner energy that has been exposed and is beginning to manifest itself. I know this might seem like a negative dream but it is positive if you were able to escape the attacked lion. It's possible your brain put this image together to communicate a feeling or emotion of being “attacked” rather than an actual threat externally. Consider how the lion relates to your life: Does it represent aggression? Strength? Fear? Also, think about what time of day and where the scene takes place; this information will help determine its meaning for you specifically. Finally, remember that these dreams don’t always point toward something bad (or crazy) happening -- they could just mean that you need to reflect on peacefulness; because mountain lions often show isolated tendencies. 

What does it mean seeing a lion in a house mean?

Dreaming of a mountain lion in your house can be disconcerting, to say the least. It’s natural to think that such an animal may bring some kind of danger or calamity in life. Dreams are powerful symbols that often come from our subconscious mind, with each symbol representing something different depending on how we interact with it and why it appears in the first place. In the case of dreaming of a mountain lion in your house the presence of this -- points to feelings surrounding power and control - whether that be relationships, career advancements, or creative opportunities. The presence of a mountain lion upstairs in our house further suggests that even though you may face battles.

What does it mean to dream of playing with a mountain lion?

Dreaming of playing (or seeing lions playing in a dream) can be a very profound and symbolic dream. It is one that has been interpreted in many ways, but it generally suggests that you are feeling frustrated and upset by the lack of control that you have over certain aspects of your life. 

The type of mountain lion present in the dream can also give clues as to what kind of situation this might be. For example, if the lion is tame then it may suggest that whatever frustrations and issues you are facing can be resolved without too much difficulty or effort on your part - whereas if the lion appears untamed and ferocious then this could indicate an uphill battle ahead!

So when trying to understand what this dream might mean for us personally it's important to pay attention to how we act around others; who do we try to dominate them? Are we intimidated by the lion’s presence? Do they pose any danger to us? These questions will help provide further information regarding what message this particular dream carries for you. The way the lion acts indicates how things in life can sometimes turn.

What lessons do you need to learn from this dream?

The mountain lion is known as the power in life and as the breed all year long then this can indicate that you need to think about how you can create things. I’m sure you will agree, that Mountain lions have been a source of spiritual symbolism in modern culture and literature for centuries. For example, the Native American folklore to Greek mythology, mountain lions have been used to represent power, strength, and courage. In Native American culture, the cougar is seen as a spirit guide that helps with personal growth and transformation. It can be seen as a kind of metaphor for your own journey from childhood into adulthood; this dream serves as a reminder to go through life fearlessly and keep striving forward in the face of adversity. In ancient Greece, mountain lions were associated with Zeus and Hermes who were often described as having shape-shifting abilities like those of the cougars themselves which could symbolize their agility or flexibility when dealing with different situations or people.

Not long back I read Toni Morrison’s book “Song Of Solomon” is a great read and uses a character called Milkman Dead who is actually part lion; his animal traits such as his strength, curiosity, and independence are basically metaphors for overcoming hardships. The reason why I mention this is that dreaming of lions chasing you (or attacking) can be connected to this, that you need to show power in the face of problems.


In conclusion, I feel it is important to understand the “lion” symbolism in the dream but also take actionable steps towards understanding feelings that has popped up – even if those feelings seem difficult process at first . Taking mindful moments allowing space for reflection and thinking about this dream will set enable personal growth.



By Florance Saul
Aug 27, 2019