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I once had a dream that I was on top of a green hill and I noticed a mountain lion staring back at me. A few minutes later the mountain lion was chasing me in my dream and I was unable to get away.

When I woke up this dream caused me to be somewhat anxious and perplexed. My first port of call was my extensive ancient dream dictionaries, for which I have a library of about 1000 books. Most of the dream books indicated that seeing a mountain lion can indicate that something is perceived as “threatening” in my daily life. To see a mountain lion generally indicates that “danger” is coming. Sorry this is a more positive and yes it did freak me out! Gratefully, these were the really old pre-1930s dream dictionaries which also included things like seeing a cellar could mean death so I did not pay that much attention to this meaning.

In some dream dictionaries (more modern ones) escaping or getting away from the mountain lion suggest that you are ready to meet any challenges in daily life. Killing a mountain lion can illustrate that going to challenge a threat “head-on” if you are befriending a mountain lion and he or she is not seen as a threat and be a positive dream. It symbolizes your hidden desire for calm collective thought the female mountain lion can indicate that it is time to take you deep emotions. To dream of seeing more than one mountain lion in my research can suggest that you may fear some type of freedom. Maybe you’ve been t relying on somebody it’s time for you to take control in life. While what you change about tray

Spiritual meaning of a mountain lion

I contacted my spiritual leader and shame in order to understand specifically what the mountain lion signifies dreams. From a spiritual perspective, the mountain lion is often connected to our transformation in our physical plane. He concluded that the mountain lion appearing in my dream was a spiritual animal that was trying to connect to me. The fact that the lie was chasing me, he said, was that I was trying to run away from something important in life. This was quite interesting as at the time I was trying to run away from difficult position at work. If you think about the name of the mountain lion, the name “mountain” indicates you will climb up to something. Mountain itself can be associated with a challenge or problem that seems never ending.

Many people have contact me after dreaming of a mountain lion (also known as a panther, puma or cat amount) this is a very interesting dream and I want to take some time to describe what this dream means spiritually. The mountain lion is generally a hermit, scouring the landscape alone. This is super significant because in dreams it can mean you just want to be alone.

What does it mean generally to dream about a mountain lion?

Dream interpretation and symbolism regarding a mountain lion is very much focused on how we perceive ourselves against others stop every single dream that we have is unique and the details around three are super important in order to gain a better understanding. Having a dream about a mountain lion might reveal something deeper in your waking life such as the fact that you want to remain quiet. It could be that you have under taken very difficult significant time of stress in the dream is connected to your experiences and associations with others.

In the case of dreaming about killing mountain lion can indicate that you have been spending too much time alone now, socialize if you can. f you were chased by multi line lion, this generally means somebody is being truthful with you that you are chasing the truth. I’m now going to go on a bit further and deeper into these two dream meanings and others in order to give you a true interpretation.

What does it mean to dream of a mountain lion attack?

In our waking lives we sometimes counter very stressful situations in my interpretations I tend to attach the dream of “attacking” to a problem or difficulty. The mountain lion can be the symbolism a difficult person or alternatively a career or position that is causing you problems moment in reality, this kind of makes sense when you see a mountain lion being aggressive or chasing you in the dream state.

Think about how you have coped with stressful situations recently. Have you found yourself worried or anxious? Or have you found yourself in difficult situations? Being chased by mountain lion in a dream can also indicate that it is time for your full attention. I hope this makes sense to you.

What does it meant to hear a mountain lion scream in a dream?

A user emailed me not long ago regarding a dream screaming mountain lions there are many different interpretations to the dream that this is mainly associated with the understanding that there may be some obstacles or challenges ahead. The dream could represent something may be difficult to achieve. If the scream comes and goes, it can be a representation of thought or problem in waking life. Of course, there is a possibility that you could have heard a scream while you’re asleep which can represent itself in dreams state.

What does it mean to dream a mountain lion chasing you mean in a dream?

Being chasing dream is often worrying quite frightening. Often people have dreams about being chased by many different things. I’m down the road being chased is a symbolic indication that we are trying to run away something significant in waking life think of it like a metaphor. What are you running away from? Being chased is also connected to our feelings of being powerless, insecure and also perhaps worried about being caught. The chase in the dream can also signify many different details which I do wish to discuss.

Firstly, the mountain lion is chasing you that you are unable to run then this variation is being chased can indicate that you feeling frustrated in waking life. If you are being chased and the lion manages to catch you this can suggest focus is required in order to succeed in life. The circumstances around being chased very important to understand it can be connected to the feeling of being worried about the future. Are you worried about the future have you got some plans coming up to focus on? Many people who contacted me about re-occurring dreams of being chased I often provide the advice that there is something in order to succeed. If you dream of being chased by multiple mountain lions this can suggest that there is a group of people that you are trying to connect with struggling to understand you this could be a work situation. Almost everybody has encountered a chasing dream at some point in their lives and as I have said above is often because we were running away from my life.

What does it mean to dream of a mountain lion and be unable to call for help?

If you dream of being unable to call for help in the dream of a mountain lion and this can indicate that there is a parallel situation in your waking life stop have you been calling for help from people have you been asking for help and not getting any response? Dream is commonly encounter dreams of what is happening in waking life. Unable to ask how shall you are feeling this way in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of killing a mountain lion?

The dream of killing to live a very important symbolism it can indicate a loss of freedom or possessions. The dream signifies a fear of looking bad on social media we have seen many images of people killing lions which have appeared in the news. If you have seen such an image then it is not uncommon for that to appear your dream. The other details of be interpreted.

By Flo Saul
Aug 27, 2019