Dreaming and meanings Adieu

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Adieus means goodbye. To say goodbye in one's dream means an enjoyable and pleasant relationship in life.

This dream can also signify saying goodbye to an annoying habit, such as smoking or drinking. If in your dreams, you made a bid of adieu to people in a sad and sorrowful manner then the dream can mean that you will encounter some loss or you will have to endure a bereavement or sorrow in your life. If the nature of your mood in the dream changes, after saying goodbye then there maybe problems in the future.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen that you are actually throwing kisses of adieu to your loved ones. This can be an indication that you have to make some given journey soon.
  • Seen that you are giving kisses of adieu to your children. This also means that you will have to travel soon, but your journey will be very safe without any form of unfortunate incidents or accidents.
  • Saying goodbye to others.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You have a dream that you see yourself bidding very happy adieus to your wife, children and people who are important in your life.
  • To say goodbye to others is a positive dream because it suggests that you will have a very happy and enjoyable trip, where you will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest without any major challenges or problems.
  • For others to say goodbye to you means there is a future trip.
  • Kissing people when saying goodbye reminds you to be relaxed and feel comfortable.

Detailed dream interpretation

A dream of adieu as explained above can mean two different things depending on your mood during the dream. It is important to understand who you bid adieu to. To be happy and excited in your dream means that you will have a peaceful and safe journey throughout your trip.

When you are sad and feeling disturbed in your dream as you bid people adieu, then this dream can mean some form of unpleasant adventure during your journey. The journey may not be as safe as you had expected. This kind of dream can act as a warning to you when you want to travel to ensure that you are careful with everything. This dream means that you must avoid any negative issues during the journey which can be the cause of your problems and heart ache.

If the people in your dream are happy if you bid adieu - but you on the other hand are sad and disturbed; then the dream can indicate a problem during a trip that you are about to make. You may end up in an accident or just having some bad luck; like a burst tire, engine failure or something else that will interrupt your trip. Such a dream, can be a negative dream and can mean negative things in life. To bid adieu to a country or home then this means that you will travel and exile from love and fortune.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of adieu

Happy, excitement, joyous, sad, anxious, uncomfortable, irritated.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013