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Dreaming of an ax is associated with anger and aggression. The main use of an ax, is to chop firewood. It has a steel blade and a wooden handle. In most cases, it is normally used as a symbol of the breakup and threat. This implies that, if you see it in your dream, there are possibilities that there is a threat on your life which you have to take precaution to prevent it from happening. 

What is the detailed 1930s dream interpretation of an ax? 

The act of beheading in your dream with an ax is normally considered rater barbaric. To see this in one's dream is worrying for the dreamer. To see the ax swung in your dream is associated with loss. The beheading event - using an ax suggests you will find some aggression in your life. To chop off a head with an ax in the dream state is connected to inner aggression. Try to find out why you are angry. A limb that is chopped with an ax is associated with helping others. To see others or yourself felling with an ax is associated with your own actions in life. Maybe you need to go back to nature in order to understand what you need in life. For the ax to be used to decapitate someone in a dream is also related to a problem in waking life. If we look at the medieval reliquaries, if the stroke of the ax missed in a dream this is associated with working in a better way with other people. To see someone place their neck on a guillotine denotes there is something that you have seen in your waking life that has concerned you. This can also suggest possible illnesses. In some dream dictionaries, the ax is connected to being angry and hostile. The ax used to chop off someone’s head indicates you need to use your judgment better. 

To use an ax for chopping wood suggests unexpected events in life. As the ax is sharp it can suggest that you need to “cut” out difficult people in your life.  So you happen to see yourself holding an ax in your dream, it suggests that you are facing several threats in your life which might be from new friends you have met or new relationships you just started. You have to take precaution; you evaluate people's “intentions” and get to know those people you can trust. To see an ax in a shop or buy one - means false people. If you decide to retain a relationship with others this can cause mayhem later on. Move on in life. Before this happens, ensure that you have a peaceful life and trust others.

To be chased with an ax means that you have trust issues. This can be a result of having untrustworthy people surrounding you. If you find it hard to pinpoint those people that bring negativity in your life then stand back and let events play out. If the ax is broken in your dream indicates gossip. Do you know who is backbiting behind your back? Try to understand who is a true friend; this is only possible through spending time with different people. If you happen to see a familiar person in your dream holding an ax, it implies that a relative or friend is having a few problems. Try to be willing to assist others who need help. This might be psychological, financially, socially or even physically. Whatever they need help them. To see someone cutting wood indicates possible anger towards you. To cut wood with an ax ask yourself what you need to do to make a new start. When you see a strange person in your dream holding an ax, it denotes that you need to take the time to sieve through “real’ friends before you welcome them into your life. To see blood in connection with your dream that features an ax indicates a risk of having untrustworthy people around you. Although this is minimal it is important to understand that people may have different intentions in life. It is important that you help other people whom you meet along the way to be cautious in coming up with the right friends in their lives.

In 1920s dream dictionaries to chop wood suggests that you need to undertake a lot of work in order to be successful. An ax chopping block seen in a dream is a suggestion that you need to celebrate in life. You could be looking at creating something important that in the end, you will celebrate. To be hit or murdered by an ax is a warning of possible illness. In ancient 1930’s dream dictionaries an ax was associated with possible diseases that were serious in nature. If you see yourself chasing someone with an ax this indicates that you will forget something important in life. To chase an animal with an ax is an open of luck. To kill someone with an ax in your dream symbolizes that you will overcome the difficulty. If you hit someone using an ax then this indicates that you need to project a more assertive stance at work. To sharpen an ax is a sign of new beginnings. To sharpen an ax with a blade suggests that others will challenge you. The ax in dream interpretation has long been associated with dangers and warnings in waking life. If an ax is not a large feature in your dream then this will probably have little meaning. 

What is the psychological dream meaning of an ax?

The ax in a dream represents your deepest emotions, hidden anger or fear. In other words, it symbolizes the person’s emotional state. Remember an ax can be used as a tool or a weapon. The spiritual meaning of this symbol stands for strong intuition and sharp focus. The sharper the ax in the dream is, the stronger the person’s intuition in waking life is. Your dream might represent a warning. Are you going against your instincts about something that’s important to you? Maybe your gut is telling you to do something in life, but your mind forces you to do the opposite. The message of such a dream is to follow your gut. Dreaming of an ax might also denote your wish to cut off the negativity around you. Or being somewhat disconnected from someone who takes all your positive energy. Try to handle bigger problems into a more manageable size. According to Freud, to dream of an ax represents a sexual desire and a wish to control your partner. Although it makes no sense, this is an erotic dream and reveals your wish to be dominant in bed. Danger turns you on and you like the taste of adventure. The ax represents your wild sexual nature.

What does it mean to be attacked by an ax in a dream?

To dream of ax also represents a conflict in waking life. You’re having trouble with yourself or someone else. Being attacked by an ax is a disturbing dream, it can mean you must suppress your anger. However on the surface and you may snap. To dream of an ax denotes your feelings toward a person who acts like they don’t care about your feelings at all. If you were attacked by an ax in your dream, it foreshadows your fear of being betrayed by someone you trust. If you attack someone with an ax, it reveals the anger you feel toward a certain person. There is a key message of such a dream is to forgive and forget.

What does a hatchet mean in a dream?

A hatchet is a small ax with a shorter handle and known as a battle ax, in dreams we need to think about the pun “bury the hatchet" The hatchet in a dream has a similar interpretation as the ax. However, there are slightly differing interpretations. If you dream of a hatchet it represents a warning to forgive someone. Has someone harmed you? This dream indicates that you need to think about what you’ve done in the past. The hatchet spiritually is a symbol of hope and control. If you’re holding a hatchet in your dream, it implies life is about to improve. You want to have a complete control over your destiny. Your actions will create destiny. Act carefully and ignore people who tell you that you can’t change. Anyone can change and you’re not an exception. Can you try to outline your goals on a paper? 

If you only saw the hatchet in your dream, it stands for forgiving others. Maybe you are a target of envious people. In dream lore, the message of seeing a hatchet in a dream is: The only way to win the battle is to not fight. Ignore and just walk your path. If you worked with a hatchet in your dream, it implies that you’re determined to achieve success in waking life. You have specific goals and you will do everything in your power to achieve them. If someone else was working with a hatcher in a dream, it denotes a person will have some problems - but won’t tell. Maybe it’s the new person who just walked into your life. Don’t trust your new friends and always be “alert” before you decide to share your secrets with someone.

What does a battle ax mean in a dream?

If you have a dream of an attack this is a negative dream that means someone will attack in verbally in life. I believe such dreams always make you wonder about their interpretation. To be an ax murderer in a dream indicates that you could be asking yourself, “am I capable of attacking someone in waking life like I did in my dream?” Am I an aggressive person who’s ignoring anger? Does this dream indicate that I should change something in the future?

If you were attacked, it means you’re feeling insecure and vulnerable in waking life. You’re afraid you might get hurt by someone you love. If you’re attacking someone with an ax, it doesn’t mean you want to kill the person in reality but someone has issues that irritate you. Maybe the dream also represents some of the old habits you actually hate. Or the bad habits of someone you love. If you’re having a battle with an ax and you’re both attacking and being attacked, there’s something about you, that you need to change. Maybe your opinions are having a bad influence on your social life. Are you often arguing with people who don’t share your opinion? If yes, learn to respect other people’s opinion without feeling the need to change or eliminate what they believe in.

What is the spiritual meaning of an ax and hatchet?

According to the contemporary American Indians, the Maya, the T’and Dynasty Chinese and the Celts, the stone axes were ‘thunderstones’. They believed that the axes fell from heaven. Other people believed that axes were sent on Earth by the gods of water and the fertility gods. As you know axes are mankind’s earliest combined tools and weapons. The oldest ones were known as hand axes and had no shaft. They were used by Homo ergaster around 1.6 million years ago.

The spiritual meaning of ax and hatchet is related to integration, and the manifestation of something permanent, according to psychologists and dream experts. The ax and hatchet contribute in the process of survival of the humans and represent breaking bigger problems into a manageable size. You will find an optimal solution for each problem you encounter in the future.

The spiritual meaning of ax and hatchet is related to something that needs to be disconnected from the life of the dreamer. You need to cut off the negative around you to notice a positive change. As you know, the ax is as quick as lighting. It falls and shears. Sometimes, it strikes sparks but its main purpose is dividing. Just like thunder divides a tree or a ground when it strikes. Some cultures associated ax with thunder and rain making it a fertility symbol. They also believe that ax has the power of stopping the rain or reduce the raining, according to African people’s claims.

The spiritual meaning of an ax is also related to release and personality dividing. You will take a certain actions to release yourself from everything that makes you feel uncomfortable. However, communicating your own personality to people will be a challenging, yet not impossible thing to do.

What does the ax symbolize in the Bible?

The word ‘ax’ comes from a Hebrew word meaning ‘chopping’. It was used for chopping off trees and hewing timber for construction of buildings. The name also signifies the tool’s sharpness. According to the Bible, the translation of the word refers to the material of which the tool is made – iron. It represents a ‘hewing’ instrument and has a metaphorical meaning. It’s seen as a God’s instrument to destroy Babylon. It also represents wisdom, strength and the power of cutting off the demonic thoughts that often occur in every human’s mind. It also signifies resisting the temptation. The biblical meaning of an ax is related to using the wisdom of God in a complicated situation. This dream also symbolizes a conflict in life, there is someone who is showing you disrespect.  Instead of confronting a person, be the bigger person and just walk away. Don’t let such things hurt your pride and self-confidence. 

What does dreaming of axing someone mean?

To dream of axing, someone means you have unsolved issues with a person in life. If it’s someone you know, maybe you’re encountering some communication problems. If you’re axing an unknown person, it means you’re looking for someone to blame for your mistakes. Instead of blaming the world, blame yourself. Your life is your responsibility. 

What does it mean to dream of killing someone with an ax?

If you killed someone with an ax in your dream, it represents a person with a cold attitude, frustration, and anxiety. The dream itself can imply drama and fighting, especially in public. Maybe you try to avoid conflicts? However, seeing people being “axed” or running away from a mad axman indicates that you are feeling fragile in your mental state. Sometimes, it’s better to express your anger and negative feelings. Otherwise, it’s like you are waiting for someone to respond to you - negatively. What I am trying to say is that seeing an ax attack can be a direct result of you expressing your anger and means that you will avoid dealing with your own problems. 

What does it signify if you’re the one holding the ax?

If you’re holding an ax in your dream it denotes you’re controlling attitude. You like to handle everything and separate your emotions from others. People like that about you, but they feel annoyed by your attitude from time to time – don’t worry we all get annoyed. Learn how to control yourself and remember – sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow and let things happen on their own. I am going to say this: you don’t always need to fix things. 

What does it mean if a familiar person is holding the ax?

If you dream of a familiar person holding an ax, it means you admire the person’s determination and courage. To dream of someone trying to murder you with an ax (and you know them) it can indicate that you are afraid of a person. You’re feeling threatened by someone’s behavior. 

What’s the interpretation of a strange person or someone you do not know holding the ax?

If you’re seeing a strange person with an ax in your dream, it implies you’re obsessed with trying to achieve in life. Maybe you are always imagining how will you react if someone unknown and strange attacked you and your closest ones. Your dream is a product of your thoughts. Instead of thinking negatively, imagine something beautiful before you go to sleep next time! Horror films often have effect on our dreams, especially if we watch something aggressive before bedtime. 

What does it denote if you’re hopping up wood with an ax?

Chopping wood with an ax in your dream represents your strength, hard-working nature and your effort to improve the life of your family. You’re always taking care of others more than you take care of yourself but you don’t mind because seeing others happy makes you even happier.

Your dream has also a negative interpretation. Although you don’t allow yourself to dislike someone, this dream can imply that you’re having some inner issues related to a person. Talk openly about the things that bother you instead of arguing and fighting with people. Try not to face confrontation. Chopping wood for carving represents your innovative character and creative thinking.

What does it mean if someone was chasing you with an ax?

If someone was chasing you with an ax in your dream it denotes your fear of feeling regret in life. into some trouble or doing something inappropriate and being punished. Your dream also means you’re avoiding your own emotions that are chasing you in real life. However, if the person who was chasing you with an ax was unknown, it represents a warning. Taking unnecessary risks in your life at this point might be a silly move to make. So, I will summarize that being chased with an ax indicates you are trying to avoid the troubles in life.

What’s the symbolism of splitting and cutting wood with an ax?

The symbolism of splitting and cutting wood with an ax in your dream is related to the spiritual and vital aspects of yourself. The wood represents your wish for a warm home, peaceful life and simplicity. Such a dream can imply that you are a person with a hard-working nature. However, you might be suffering from depression. To see yourself in a forest splitting and cutting wood represents your wish to focus your personality and your own goals. 

What does it denote if the ax has a steelhead in your dream?

To see an ax with a steelhead in your dream represents your strong attitude and denotes an award for something. You will be rewarded for your sharp intuition and hard decisions. Most of the axes I see have a steelhead and to dream of this being used as a “weapon” indicates someone will be high maintenance going forward.

What does it mean if you saw a felling ax?

To see a felling with an ax foretells your ability to put an end to something that has a negative influence on your life before it’s too late. It also represents an easy battle and energetic, and exciting lifestyle.

What does it mean if an ax was in your hand?

If you were holding the ax in your hand it is connected to your inner strength and battles with yourself. You’re fighting something inside you and you should not let things overwhelm you. This dream means you need to stop denying who you really are and try to stand up for yourself. It’s time to show the world who you really are. There is a hidden message of being courageous.

What does it signify if you see an ax chopping block?

The ax chopping block in your dream represents your current mental state. You’re feeling comfortable in your skin and you’re confident to follow your dreams. The ax chopping block is also a symbol of investment. Either you are going to make a profitable investment, or someone close to you, maybe a family member will make a great deal that will improve the life of your family. To dream of being beheaded in a dream or to see an ax in this respect indicates that you should focus on yourself for a while and also your knowledge.

What’s the interpretation of someone sharpening an ax in your dream?

To dream of sharpening your ax or someone else sharpening an ax denotes an unexpected money windfall that is coming your way. You will spend this money smartly and carry out investment in the future. Your dream also represents your wish to grow spiritually and sharpen your focus on what you want to achieve in life. Start with meditation or yoga, and focus on only on what really matters to you.

What does it denote if someone’s head was chopped off with an ax?

To dream of someone’s head chopped off with an ax denotes a change in your personality and emotional state. You will experience something that will turn off your compassion and turn on the empathy part of your personality. Your dream also means losing your perspective and control over things.

What does it mean if you chop off a head with an ax in a dream?

If you were the one who chopped off someone’s head with an ax in your dream, it means you’re going to make an important decision that will change your life. Be careful and aware of others. Someone is trying to put you under their influence, so they can make you do things you don’t want to do. There is a message here in this dream – try to avoid people who seem suspicious. 

What does it represent if you see someone beheaded with an ax?

If you saw someone beheaded with an ax, it implies to poor judgment and bad decisions that someone else has made. They regret acting reckless, however, they will get a second chance in life. 

What’s the significance of a limb chopped off with an ax in your dream?

Yes, a rather disturbing dream! The significance of a limb chopped off with an ax in a dream is related to the dreamer’s life. There’s something missing in life. You feel empty and you don’t even know why. Your dream represents your frustration as well. Do you feel incapable of expressing who you really are? Maybe you have been too busy recently and not had time to think about life and how you can progress. The “limb” such as an arm or leg can suggest that other people will want to spend time with you. To dream of other people’s limbs being cut off with an ax is a warning to ignore the gossiping people in life. People who gossip don’t have anything to do but be bored and “gossip.”  

Feelings associated with your dream of an ax: 

Helpful, friendly, stranger, in need, cautious, peaceful, suspicious, threatened, broken-hearted.  In the dream:

  • You are the one holding the ax = good luck.
  • A familiar person is holding the ax = help is coming.
  • A strange person is holding the ax = a new start.
  • Chopping up wood with an ax = listen to others.
  • Someone chasing you with an ax = new beginnings but you need to be careful.
  • Splitting and cutting wood with an ax = grounding spiritually.
  • The ax has a steelhead in your dream = don't get into conflict.
  • You saw a felling ax = help is at hand.
  • An ax was in your hand = don't let others bother you.
  • You see an ax chopping block = gossip.
  • Someone is sharpening an ax = much effort little reward.
  • Someone’s head is chopped off with an ax = hours of work is required.
  • You chop off a head with an ax = emotions will run high.
  • You see someone beheaded with an ax = see above.
  • A limb is chopped off with an ax in your dream = empathy towards people.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017