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Dreaming of an ax is associated with anger and aggression.  

The main use of an ax, is to chop firewood. It has a steel blade and a wooden handle. In most cases, it is normally used as a symbol of the breakup and threat. This implies that, if you see it in your dream, there are possibilities that there is a threat on your life which you have to take precaution to prevent it from happening. 


In the dream…


  • You are the one holding the ax.
  • A familiar person is holding the ax.
  • A strange person is holding the ax.
  • Chopping up wood with an ax.
  • Someone chasing you with an ax.
  • Splitting and cutting wood with an ax.
  • The ax has a steelhead in your dream.
  • You saw a felling ax.
  • An ax was in your hand.
  • You see an ax chopping block.
  • Someone is sharpening an ax.
  • Someone’s head is chopped off with an ax.
  • You chop off a head with an ax.
  • You see someone beheaded with an ax.
  • A limb is chopped off with an ax in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation...

The act of beheading in your dream with an ax is normally considered rater barbaric. To see this in one's dream is worrying for the dreamer. To see the ax swung in your dream is associated with loss. The beheading event - using an ax suggests you will find some aggression in your life. 

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To chop off a head with an ax in the dream state is connected to inner aggression. Try to find out why you are angry. A limb that is chopped with an ax is associated with helping others. To see others or yourself felling with an ax is associated with your own actions in life. Maybe you need to go back to nature in order to understand what you need in life. For the ax to be used to decapitate someone in a dream is also related to a problem in waking life. If we look at the medieval reliquaries, if the stroke of the ax missed in a dream this is associated with working in a better way with other people. To see someone place their neck on a guillotine denotes their is something that you have seen in your waking life that has concerned you. This can also suggest possible illnesses. In some dream dictionaries, the ax is connected to being angry and hostile. The ax used to chop off someone’s head indicates you need to use your judgement better. 

To use an ax for chopping wood suggests unexpected events in life. As the ax is sharp it can suggest that you need to “cut” out difficult people in your life. 

So you happen to see yourself holding an ax in your dream, it suggests that you are facing several threats in your life which might be from new friends you have met or new relationships you just started. You have to take precaution; you evaluate people's “intentions” and get to know those people you can trust. To see an ax in a shop or buy one - means false people. If you decide to retain a relationship with others this can cause mayhem later on. Move on in life. Before this happens, ensure that you have a peaceful life and trust others.

To be chased with an ax means that you have trust issues. This can be a result of having untrustworthy people surrounding you. If you find it hard to pinpoint those people that bring negativity in your life then stand back and let events play out.


If the ax is broken in your dream indicates gossip. Do you know who is backbiting behind your back? Try to understand who is a true friend; this is only possible through spending time with different people.

If you happen to see a familiar person in your dream holding an ax, it implies that a relative or friend is having a few problems. Try to be willing to assist others who need help. This might be psychological, financially, socially or even physically. Whatever they need help them. To see someone cutting wood indicates possible anger towards you. To cut wood with an ax yourself indicates a new start.


When you see a strange person in your dream holding an ax, it denotes that you need to take the time to sieve through “real’ friends before you welcome them into your life. To see blood in connection with your dream that features an ax indicates a risk of having untrustworthy people around you. Although this is minimal it is important to understand that people may have different intentions in life. It is important that you help other people whom you meet along the way to be cautious in coming up with the right friends in their lives.


To chop wood suggests that you need to undertake a lot of work in order to be successful. An ax chopping block seen in a dream is a suggestion that you need to celebrate in life. You could be looking at creating something important that in the end, you will celebrate. To be hit or murdered by an ax is a warning of possible illness. In ancient 1930’s dream dictionaries an ax was associated with possible diseases that were serious in nature. 


If you see yourself being chased with an ax this indicates that you will forget something important in life. To chase someone with an ax is an open of luck. To kill someone with an ax in your dream symbolizes that you will overcome the difficulty. If you hit someone using an ax then this indicates that you need to project a more assertive stance at work. To sharpen an ax is a sign of new beginnings. To sharpen an ax with a blade suggests that others will challenge you. The ax in dream interpretation has long been associated with dangers and warnings in waking life. 

If an ax is not a large feature in your dream then this will probably have little meaning. 

Feelings associated with your dream of an ax...


Helpful, friendly, stranger, in need, cautious, peaceful, suspicious, threatened, broken hearted

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