Bruise Dream

Bruise Dream

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Being bruised in a dream or seeing other people being bruised can be quite harrowing and difficult type of dream.

Bruises are a symbol of difficult times in your life. If we look at the bruise this is often caused by violence or inflicted pain upon others. Bruises generally represent difficult and a rough path in life. In the subconscious world this can be associated with abuse and also pain in life. Perhaps you are trying your hardest in order to overcome difficulties with another in waking life. If you are bruised in waking life you have a dream of being bruised then indicates that you are going to have some difficulty in controlling power.

Seeing a bruise on a person can suggest that optimism is called for. Are there some possible circumstances that are affecting you at the moment?  If you are bruising somebody else in the dream state then this indicates you are having to step forward in life.

 Perhaps you are encountering difficulties and looking for a way to move forward. If you see other people being bruised then this indicates that forces are in motion. It can signify that other people will look to you for advice.

 In the dream state 

  • You are bruised in your dream.
  • Other people are bruised.
  • You caused bruises in the dream.
  • Some people are causing you to bruise in your dream.
  • You see bruises in your dream on others.
  • You suspect someone is being hurt by looking at their bruises.

 If you are in an accident or collision within the dream state and you subsequently find bruises on your body then this mirrors the need for action in life. Try to use your energy wisely. If you see others bruised in your dream then this points to the need for logic and intellect in a given situation. Goals are important if you see children bruised. Make sure that you clearly set out your goals going forward.  If you suspect that somebody's been hurt in your dream and this person is bruised then this indicates that a fresh start is required.

 On a more positive note, a dream about multiple bruises can be an indication that you will be victorious in a given situation. This dream can also be a grave warning that you must try to overcome any difficulties in life. No one can really hurt you unless you allow them to. There are certain situations that are out of our control but if the bruise is small indicates minor complications. To see a green or purple bruise in the dream state is a suggestion that you are planning something that is not going to prove worthwhile. To see your whole body covered in bruises indicates that somebody has your best interests at heart. The symbolism of your whole body covered in bruises can also indicate difficult and challenging time ahead. The good news is that if you have been suffering from a block in regards to creativity the bruises indicate that this block will be lifted. If your legs are covered in bruises this indicates a somebody is trying to take advantage of you. If you fall over in your dream state and see a bruise this indicates that action is required.

If we look at this dream from another perspective bruises can also be an indicator of past difficulties. It can suggest that you have encountered problems and that the bruises are a representation of mistakes. If you see yourself running and falling over thus causing a bruise it is a connection to emotional disadvantages. Maybe you have approached things with other people in the wrong way. Many ancient dream dictionaries denote that bruises represent a mistake or difficulty in your life. It can suggest that are going to help you move forward. If you see a black eye in the dream state then this is a direct indication that you need to be able to understand how others perceive you in life. The bruise represents your emotional connection with other people you need to realise that you do have the authority to change your life for a more positive outlook. If you see yourself being treated in hospital for a bad bruise then this indicates a new start is on the cards.

Feelings regarding the dream of a bruise

Worry, hurt, conflict, hostility, and discord.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017