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Serving food in dreams

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Serving food in a dream can be quite an interesting symbolism.

As we go about our daily lives food it's something that way encounter at least three times a day. It is not uncommon to dream of being in a restaurant where you are being served food by a waitress. If we turn to dream psychology, such as the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud his theory was that our dreams make up of our own visions in waking life. What I'm trying to say here is that the dream of being served food was because perhaps you were served food during the day and it is just a transition of the event that actually occurred. If you did not enter a restaurant or you were not served food then I will say it is important for us to turn to the spiritual meaning. Importantly, the actual food that was being served is quite important and we can try to gain an overview what this dream can actually mean. I will now attempt to go through the different types of food and situations that you could have encountered during your dream. The first question is: did you serve the food or did someone else?

What does it mean to dream of being served food in a restaurant?

A restaurant signifies a place where we can relax, have fun and potentially enjoy ourselves while eating. Whether this is a roast dinner, a lavish meal or even something as simple as a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. To be served food in an establishment can often indicate that you need to “flex” your style in regard to a work situation. It is very important in life that we always achieve what we feel we should do. Sometimes our lives can be somewhat busy, hectic and even though we wish to carry out everything that we wish we want to during the day it is always hard to find the hours. Being served food in a restaurant, bar or takeaway can signify that things will become quite hectic. I've researched many different dream dictionaries some old texts and serving food in a restaurant can indicate that you wish to take something from somebody. I will go deeper into the actual food a bit later on but if you found yourself in a restaurant then as I've already mentioned it's probably due to the fact that you're feeling the pressure of meeting some high standards you set yourself.

What does it mean to be served food in a fast food outlet?

Perhaps you saw yourself in a McDonald's burger bar. Being served fast food indicates that we are feeling pressurized into carrying out various tasks in a very fast time. If you were served chips and burgers and this can suggest that you are looking for comfort. After all chips and burgers are generally comfort food. If you are served Indian takeaway then this denotes that you want something to spice up your life stop any type of Asian food or Chinese food served to you in a dream can suggest that you are feeling a need to have more adventure and fun in your life. When we eat Chinese and Asian food it brings about a sense of travel, relaxation and positive energy. The most important element of this dream is the fast action of the food being served. This indicates that you are feeling your life his so fast and there's just not enough hours in the day stop

What does it mean to be served food by your parents?

Sitting down for dinner in your dream and being served food can suggest that you are feeling attuned to friends and family at the moment. In my view, this is a positive dream which denotes that in the future you will find comfort in conversations with those that are close to you. Dreams of sharing a meal and passing the items of food can indicate unity. In cavemen times, we often bond over a meal or food. This is why friends like to go out for meals or luncheons in order to catch up on bonding. Any type of meal that you are being served can indicate your bond with another person. If you are being served food by an unknown person in your home it can suggest that you are looking for new avenues and adventures in life.

What does it mean to be served food at a wedding in a dream?

Seeing a wedding reception in a dream is a positive omen for love. If we turn to dream lore the reception indicates there's going to be a new love affair or relationship in the future. If you are being served a three-course meal then this can indicate that in time things are going to improve in your love life. To dream of eating a wedding cake suggests you might have been facing some difficulties lately and having this dream can suggest that no matter what happens things are going to work out well. If you could see yourself eating a wedding buffet or for someone to serve food on plates (waitresses or waiters) can imply reliance on others.

What does it mean to dream about serving cake to someone?

To dream of serving food to someone represents your obedient personality. You’re always trying to please others, even if it means harming yourself. However, to serve a specific food in your dream to someone, such as cake means that you will help others apply some positive changes in their lives. Your dream also denotes career progress and successfully finished the project. I feel, that from my research this dream implies that everything will turn out as you wanted. You’ll get that long-wanted promotion. Or accept a better job opportunity. Not to forget that the person you’re serving has an important place in your life. If you are trying to impress a person in waking life. The richer the cake in a dream, the bigger your success.

What does it mean to dream about serving burnt food in a dream?

Burned food is never great to have. If the food you served in your dream was burnt, it signifies bad luck. If you were planning to start a new business project or look for a better job, maybe it will be better to wait for a better period to come along. Same goes for your personal life. Perhaps you want to start a new relationship with someone. Or end your old relationship. Your dream warns you to wait.

What does it mean to dream about serving fruit?

To dream about serving fruit predicts you will find growth in life. You are going to be assigned to a project but due to poor planning you may have lost focus. To dream of giving people an apple indicates you will deliver worry about something that is unfinished. Your carelessness may cost you your job. Your dream also denotes confusion. Your head is a mess and you need to sort out your priorities. You feel like you’re constantly doing something that you don’t like. Next time, if you don’t feel good about doing something, don’t do it – simple as that. And you will feel better.

What does it mean to dream about serving a three-course meal?

Maybe you dreamed of serving that Christmas Dinner? Or a romantic meal. To dream of serving a three-course meal symbolizes your future accomplishments. You will overcome some certain challenges that seem impossible to beat now. You will also experience fun time with your friends. This is a positive omen and serving a three or four-course meal indicate prosperity.

What does it mean to dream of serving plates of food?

To dream of serving plates of foods, maybe for a banquet suggests in old dream lore that you will be wealthy soon. A vast amount of food symbolizes abundance in waking life. You are doing just fine in life and you enjoy each moment. To see piles of food in a dream suggests abundance.

What does it mean to dream of serving moldy food?

In order to uncover this dream, I am going to turn to dream lore. It's a bit old-fashioned but I think it is important to include the ancient meaning. To dream of serving moldy food denotes reckless spending. The money will need to be tightly watched. And not just financial resources. You will also need to review how you spend your energy resources. The advice here is to stop investing time and emotions into people or situations who don’t deserve you.

What does it mean to dream about serving food to yourself?

To serve yourself in your dream implies to your self-care. In life, things get so busy it is sometimes hard to think. Perhaps you should spoil yourself more is my message to you. This dream also indicates some new relationships in the future. To have wonderful tasty food indicates a new start in life.

What does it mean to dream about serving a small amount of food?

If the food you were serving in your dream was in small portion it can be puzzling. The picture of Alice in Wonderland comes to mind. it represents the soft and weak friend or partner in your waking life. You think that the person is completely honest and faithful, but you think wrong. This person isn’t worth your time, love and attention. You already assume who this person might be because your intuition has warned you about them before. Listen to your gut more.

What does it mean to dream of serving food to many people?

To dream of serving food to many people foretells happy events in the near future. You will be invited to attend an event you didn’t see coming. Your dream also denotes your soft personality and self-doubt. It’s time you stop caring so much about others and start working on your future.

What does it mean to dream of serving horrid food?

There is awful food around the world that can occur in our dream state. For example, tuna eyeballs or white ant egg soup. Dreaming of nasty food has many meanings according to dream lore. To serve bad tasting food in your dream state indicates your lack of motivation and anxiety. You don’t know what drives you anymore. Bad tasting food is related to our own inspirations in life and fresh ideas. However, creative people never lose their touch. If you are experiencing an identity crisis then seeing nasty food can imply that you are not sure how to react to others. To see a plate of strange food that was not appetizing - such as bugs and snakes indicates unpredictable and exciting times ahead.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2018