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Perhaps you have woken up and wondered what a dream of horses is all about? Maybe you are slightly curious about what the dream is trying to tell you? The good news is you’re in the right place! Do you have some questions on what horses featured in your dream actually signify?

What is the general meaning of a horse dream?

You will be quite interested to understand these nightly images of horses in your subconscious mind actually means something! A horse is connected to your own freedom within. The horse in dreams comes with a message: “ freedom will be yours now.” Dreaming of a horse suggests that you need something important in your life, a goal or that you need to move towards making things better in life. The horse's color is also important which I have detailed below. Just scroll down this dream meaning to find the interpretation of the horse color. I will quickly summarize as I know you have not got much time, a white horse means you have some type of awareness that is spiritual in nature, and that you have a down-to-earth style. A black horse shows you have energy that needs to move into your life in a positive manner. If you dream of a horse that is either dying or unwell, you are going to encounter some type of situation which is going to test you, but through this experience, you will grow as a person. I have also put facebook comments on the site so feel free to leave a comment. I will now quickly continue what a horse means in your dream.

A horse in a dream represents many different things, dependent on the details. If the horses running fast then this can indicate that the situation is going to keep on track.

  • If you see yourself riding a horse and this illustrates you are going to be in charge of others. I will now go over some common dreams connected to horses.
  • Tame horse in dreams: If the horse is tame to see yourself in a riding school then this indicates that you’re going to have the authority encourage in order to drive forward in life. The tame horse also represents how we show our own feelings around others. Are you being too placid is the question you need to ask yourself.
  • Horse carriage in dreams: To see a horse and carriage indicates that you will work through difficulties in life, you must move forward and focus on the right path.
  • Wild horse in dreams: To see a wild horse in the dream indicates adventure, action and also creativity. The horse itself is a spiritual creator of the dream. As we have already explained in the opening paragraph the horse is also representative of our sexual desires.
  • Riding on a wild horse: If you are on top and riding a wild horse and dream it suggests that happiness and contentment will soon be yours.
  • Cowboy in a dream: If you are a cowboy in the dream or you see a cowboy riding a horse this can suggest that you need to focus more on the responsibility of life. It can also imply the need to try to think about your enemies make sure that you overcome any difficulties in life.
  • Biting horses in dreams: If you see biting horses in a dream and this is a representation of the quality-of-life. To see a horse bite you on the hand indicates that somebody is going to attack you in waking life. If you see more than one horse biting you this is related to how you are feeling inside. Do you feel other people are talking or gossiping about you? The biting action of the horse illustrates that you are not feeling comfortable around others. If the horse is biting others it represents a new start.
  • Horse manure in dreams:To see horse manure in a dream is a great omen. To shovel horse manure or to even smell the horse manure is connected to wealth and fortune. The dream of manure is representative of our own material well-being in life. In ancient dream dictionaries from the 1930s manure was connected to happiness, contentment, a new start and above all wealth. If you are covered in manure then this represents a new start a new beginning going forward.
  • Buy a horse in a dream: If you are buying a horse in the dream this illustrates that you are going to have some success in business matters, especially selling products.
  • Giving away horses in dream means you need to be yourself.
  • Selling a horse in a dream: To sell a horse in the dream illustrates that you are going to be in conflict with somebody. This may last for a few weeks but the conflict is necessary in order to move forward in life.
  • Killing a horse in a dream: To kill or see a horse slaughtered in the dream can suggest that you are going to find your money is at risk.
  • Saddled horse in a dream: If you see a horse which is saddled, ready to be ridden represents our own state of being prepared for the unpreparable! It can suggest that difficult times are coming you and you need to be prepared to take on anything in life.
  • Riding a horse in a dream: As we already explained in this article previously, riding a horse is a positive omen. It can suggest not only material wealth but also spiritual happiness. It can also indicate a new job or career possibilities on the horizon.
  • Sex with a horse in a dream: If you dream of having sex with a horse this can be quite a disturbing dream. Having sex with a horse in the dream illustrates that you are going to encounter somebody who you have no control over. Watching or seeing others having sex with a horse in a dream suggests a new start spiritually.
  • A horse is flying in a dream: To see a horse flying in the sky illustrates other people are going to overtake you in life. It could suggest that you are trying to rise above others but it is difficult for you to compete.
  • Losing a horse in a dream: If you lose a horse or you cannot find a horse in the dream then this can imply difficulty in managing other people. If you are unable to find a horse in the dream state this can suggest somebody is being dishonest around you.
  • Stirrups in the dream: If you dream of stirrups then this emphasizes our need to assert ourselves in life.
  • Saddling up a horse in a dream: If you are saddling up a horse in the dream then you feel as if you are in touch with your own inner power but this can at times lead to feeling or betraying a sense of arrogance. A saddled horse can also signify that you should not rush into decisions. If the horse is ready for you to ride is a positive omen. There are many different interpretations and old dream dictionaries about a saddled up horse is generally positive. Most dream dictionaries denote that you are going to have content and happy times in your life if you see a horse ready to ride.
  • Falling off a horse in the dream: To fall off a horse in the dream illustrate unfamiliar territories. Falling off the horse also suggests that will be more objective as a person and you are moving away from circumstances that make you feel vulnerable or unhappy.
  • Unknown horse in a dream: If you see a horse that is not familiar to you, that you have never seen before or the horse is deformed in any way illustrates that you will soon be running away from a difficult situation. It’s time to free yourself and move forward in life.
  • Mounting a horse in a dream: If you are mounting a horse in a dream then this is linked to your readiness to communicate with the people, particular relationship. It implies that you need to merge your different perspectives on life in order to know your partner better.
  • Running horses in dreams: Horses which are the dream generally implies that you are going to have to face the truth. The “running” symbolism in the dreams means you can’t run away from the truth of a matter. It can suggest that there is an undercurrent in your life perhaps a related issue where you need to commit. Running horses generally are associated with running away from something in waking life.
  • Seeing the horse in a barn: If the horse is seen in the barn then this can indicate that you are embarking on a new phase of life. This can also suggest that you are escaping an old part of your life.
  • Horse and carriage in dreams: Do not deceive yourself that this is the right action that you must take life. Try to think this logic and clarity to get to the truth of the matter.
  • If the horse escapes in a dream: To see a horse escaping is quite a worrying dream. Think about the images in the dream. Was the horse running? The horse escaping is a blockage omen. It can indicate that you are being emotionally sensitive to others. If the horse escapes and you are able to find the horse in the dream then this suggests that you are going to be free from any past troubles and fears. If however the horse is not found in the dream this can imply that you are going to have some delays going forward.
  • Seeing a blacksmith in the dream or horseshoe: This is positive and you have deep feelings or intentions if a horseshoe featured in your dream will have the ability for leadership and good luck will be yours. The horseshoe also represents the need for being “patient” in life. Try to figure out what you want deep down. Your needs to be realized.
  • Jumping horses in dreams: to see horses jumping in the dream illustrate that you have the clarity in order to see things as they are. It can also suggest that you are feeling fenced in or trapped. To attend an event and see or participate in horse jumping illustrates you are good at covering up your own emotions. You should jump into a leadership position, feet first!
  • Horsebox in a dream: to see a horsebox or to travel with horses in a dream is connected to your ability to face facts. The box itself is a confined area and indicates that harmony could be yours but you need space in order to understand his life that you need to focus on. If the horse will not go into the box this can suggest you are being rather laid back in life
  • Tackle in a dream: seeing horse tackle or to be in a tackle room a dream is expressive of our own dreams of self-control. Perhaps you have been eating too much or indulging in too much alcohol or food?
  • Horses grazing in dreams: Horses grazing in dreams is associated with leading a sheltered life. Perhaps you are willing to find the middle ground with somebody. It can also signify that you are accepting of other people’s faults.
  • A walled pen used for schooling in a dream: To see a riding arena or horse pen in a dream indicates that you are going to move freely in life.
  • Paddocks in dreams: A horse paddock in a dream illustrates going back to nature. To ride in a paddock represents a new start.

What do horses attacking you in a dream mean?

If you see horses attacking you or if the horse is disciplined in any way and this can suggest that you are simply making things worse for yourself by hiding away the truth. The horse itself represents success and prosperity. The only way you are going to get there is to open your eyes to your own characteristics stop running away from the truth. Another takeaway from this dream, especially if the horse is running and charging at you can suggest that you should not fool yourself over your abilities to succeed in life.

What does seeing a horse in a dressage or competition mean in dreams?

To be part of a dressage, or riding performance or competition in a dream is associated with your own discipline. After all, if you are carrying out any equestrian sport in the dream it is a sign that you need to be more competitive and express yourself. It could also indicate that there is something missing in your life, you must go out and discover what it is. To see a horse and rider in a dressage in a dream can suggest that you have the discipline to move forward in life. To manage a riding competition in your dream that there may be some confusion as to who is winning in your life.

To attend, watch or participate in a dressage illustrates that you are a dependable person. You are warmhearted other people warm to you. Winning a horse competition in a dream is a sign of great wealth. A dressage injury in a dream indicates that you feel you need to be rescued from your own feelings in life.

If you see a horse running or chasing you in the dream this can indicate feeling courage in life. Horses are a real force for change, this symbol in dreams suggests that you have emotions that wish to be communicated. The horse is also connected to the inner powerful force to succeed in life. So that is a lot to take in! Yes, I know. The most important takeaway learnings of this dream are to understand that the horse is power, the power of life. The dream of horses can be associated with an actual communication of the unconscious noise that we encounter in daily life. So, if you are riding a horse, being chased by a horse or simply see a lone horse in a field it suggests you will reach a positive, leadership position in the future.

What does Carl Jung say about horse dreams?

Carl Jung described that a horse featured in a dream as connected to our “natural force” of life. While analyzing the human psyche, Carl Jung believed that the dreamer needs to focus not the symbols in the dream and a horse is representative of our own inner power. Carl Jung believed that horses were a positive sign, and suggested this reflects our own inner courage from within. Freud, however, believed that seeing a horse in a dream is connected to sex. It is true to say that most of the work on dreams by Freud was focused on sex! Freud believed that the horse symbolism in a dream is connected to the desire of sex with others.

We will go deeper into the colors shortly. Ok, so what does this mean to you? Scientific research has found that it is normally females the dream of horses and if you're a man and you dream of a horse then it suggests a powerful sexual urge. Now we have analyzed the perspective of the famous dream psychologist’s we need to focus on the condition of the mind and the dream from a spiritual and biblical perspective. So let's get back to basics…without further ado! It’s time to explore the deep meanings and myths of a dream of horses. This is really a gem in the rough and a great dream to have. I am sure you know that dream interpretations have been around for centuries so read on for this interpretation.

It is important to also say that the only way to create the best future for yourself is to take the best aspects of your dreams and apply them every day. A horse dream in ancient dream dictionaries is connected to happiness, contentment, son, hard work and inner strength. When the horse itself enters your dream this creature not only brings strength to your life but also the fact that you need to work hard in order to ensure that you can succeed. We all love horses, they have been with us for centuries and loyal The horse is a wake-up call that we need to take constant action.

Horses are connected to life cycles in dreams. It indicates that you need to learn about “you” and embrace change. Are you struggling in the waking world? Are there resentments by others? Have you encountered a problem with a lover or partner? We need to look at the horse as the fact we are on the right track, the right path in life. The dream itself and the feelings that you have during the dream are important. They relate to your own experiences in life. Horses in dreams represent change, happiness, spirit guides, leaders, being in control, love for life and freedom.

These dream meanings described below will expand on the specific areas of your dream. Horses have not only power but also stamina. They are featured when one is focused on becoming a leader in life. The horse represents not only freedom but also that you will feel safe and lead in life. In order to break down the dream further, it is important to segment the horse dream into certain scenarios. We can also turn to the term horsepower, this involves putting both time work together in order for success.

What is the biblical dream meaning of a horse?

Horse from the bile represents a specific area in time and hard work. The horse, in a biblical sense, is connected to an occasion that will likely happen in the future. The white horse if seen in dreams is in association with Christ and the holds spirit. The Blackhorse according to a.d 325, is connected to how we are internally powerful and have the right stamina to overcome any difficulties in life. The horse has long been an omen of work from a biblical point of view. There was a white horse that featured in John’s vision in Revelation 6:2, and this white horse was the Holy Spirit. Therefore, to dream of a white horse implies that the dreamer needs peace in life.

What does it mean to see a horse in a stable in the dream?

To see a horse in the stable represents our inner fear of being constrained to others. The horse in the stable is also indicating that you have hidden drives and agendas. The staple itself represents how we manage to communicate with others. The stable has many biblical meanings. The horse stable, however, indicates that you have power over other people in order to reach your goals. In dusty old dream dictionaries, a horse stable sometimes not only reflects our “inner self” but also our ambitions and powers over others. The horse stable according to Carl Jung is directly connected to how we feel in terms of our freedom. As stable is a small area it could mean that in life we are feeling rather repressed. To see horses in the stable illustrates that you must protect yourself against greed and also show others that you can achieve anything you want. A hose locked in a stable in the dream is associated with feeling blocked in life. The horse represents your power in life.

What does a brown horse in a dream mean?

The question is what does the brown horse means in your dream? I am actually fascinated by this brown horse dream - after have a number of re-occurring dreams - some were rather strange. My last dream involved seeing brown horses on a field, prior to this I dreamed of a rainbow horse running through fields! So what does it mean? To see a brown horse denotes a cycle of change that will occur, you may have felt that change has started in life and that you have been struggling. We all have many questions upon waking after seeing the brown horse, especially if our dream was somewhat vivid. The thing to remember is that horses are powerful omens in a dream they are associated with not only success but also the hidden power that you have within.

It is also too important to understand what Brown means spiritually. In color therapy, brown is connected to the earth. Brown is especially associated with grounding our own emotional connection with others. The color itself represents common sense. The horse is a representation of our freedom and the color brown indicates that in order to gain their freedom we must ground ourselves. The color of the brown horse can vary significantly, in addition, the actual breed of the horse. The horse may be chestnut, it could be any of these breeds: Breton, Boulonnais horse, Comtois or Breton, there are different equine breeds and colors. In the horse world a brown horse is known as a chestnut horse, interestingly even though the horse is brown it often has hairs which are actually red in color. A brown horse’s shade can vary.

It is very distinctive when you actually see a chestnut horse or specific markings on the horse in the dream. Each horse generally has a mix of colors even though the shades may vary. Spiritually, the brown horse is a symbol of control and strength over others. Due to the color of brown, we are looking at earthly and bold characteristics of people around us. If you are riding on the brown horse it can suggest that you are going to have important connections going forward. If the horse is a stallion then this is generally connected to sexual desires according to Freud. If you see a brown horse on a field in your dream it can indicate that you need to look after your house. If a brown racehorse is seen in the dream it can suggest a possible proposal in the future.

What does a dream about horses running towards you represent?

Seeing many horses running towards you can illustrate that positive circumstance will be yours. If you see more than one horse running towards you in the dream this indicates other people are going to reward you. If you see racehorses running in the dream this can illustrate that you need to work on your own material wealth. It could suggest that you have lost your way. To see a horse running in the distance illustrates that you will need honesty in the future. To see a horse run away, cantering, bolting or being out of control in the dream signifies that you are going to meet somebody who will be stubborn. It will be difficult for you to change their mind.

What does a white horse mean in a dream?

White is the color of purity. To see a white horse and the dream indicates that a peaceful life you seem to be yours. If you are riding a white horse and this suggests that you are afraid to deal with problems in life. You should deal with these problems because there will be a successful outcome. Remember we all live in a difficult world and there are many different negative problems that arise. The white horse is considered a good omen. If seen in dreams it suggests that you are going to get back into the flow of life, perhaps delays will disappear going forward. The color of the horse in a dream as we have already discussed is rather significant. The horse colors themselves represent our subconscious mind and how you view life. The white horse is connected to piece and also great fortune. The white horse is also according to Freud associated with how we connect with others. It indicates our sexual desires.

What does a black horse mean in a dream?

So you could see a black horse in the dream? A black horse indicates that there will be a great mystery in life. The black horse also represents the deeper shadows of our subconscious mind, you will either see something in black-and-white or admire something you are about to accomplish stop yet at times the truth sometimes is exaggerated. Perhaps you are telling a little white lie that turns out to be a major aspect of your life. The black horse is connected to the secrets and mysteries of the universe. It can also mean that you are either totally infatuated with somebody or tied down to a job or situation that you find difficult to overcome. The heart of the matter is really in your own inner self.

What does it mean to dream you are the horse?

Horses have souls, like us, they are a divine being but have a unique animal experience in life. Obviously, we have a human experience. We are essentially the same beings but have a different outer shell. Fundamentally, I feel that the dream of YOU being the horse indicates that you need to think about your inner instincts. Horses are known as prey animals with a strong powerful run, when they are scared they run away and do not stand up and fight. This is significant as it may mean you are turning away from something in life. Try to do a behavioral observation of the temperament of the horse in the dream which will give you some clues as to what this dream means. Horses have been domesticated since 4,000 BC and used for warfare. Turning to the Chinese astrological characteristics of this animal I can conclude that they are wise, perceptive, content, popular and have freedom. In American traditions horses represent freedom, a sign of spiritual connection and travel. Think about the spiritual gift of being the horse and the fact that the rider of a horse merges together to create the power. My lasting comment is that this dream could mean that you need to feel in charge but let someone into your heart. I also reviewed a number of ancient texts on what it is like to become a horse spiritually and brave were the key feeling. I could go on an on about different horse qualities but I am sure you get my drift. The Chinese were clear about the fact that the horse embodies freedom and I am sure your dream of being the horse was truly magical.

What does a red horse in a dream mean?

This dream of a red horse illustrates that you have been feeling nervous, it can also suggest that you are hot-blooded and you desire sexual attention. The red horse according to Freud, again represents our sexual connection or romantic conquest in dealing with another. This is also warning that you should not be too impulsive or insensitive to other people.

What does a dream of a horse in a house mean?

To see a horse in the house is often quite a strange combination seen in a dream. The horse’s characteristics color need to be taken into consideration. The house is connected to what we manifest in life. It is associated with obtaining not only our goals but also allowing others to comfort us. The horse is a representation of power, justice and above all honesty. Therefore to see a horse inside a house illustrates that you need to be confident in your own abilities in life.

A horse that is sick

A horse that has an illness in a dream, such as lameness, colic or mud fever represents that others are going to turn to you for advice. A dying horse can be a somewhat traumatic dream especially if the horse has an illness or disease. An infectious disease such as cracked heels on a horse represents delay and blockage.

Dead horses in dreams

Seeing dead horses can be somewhat distressing. A dying horse represents problems in life. The death of a horse in the dream is very symbolic to the character card of death it represents that despite everything you will be coming out other situation successfully. See more than one dead horse in a dream illustrate the transition from one phase of life to another. The death of a horse can also imply that there are many different changes are coming into your life.

You may secretly want to start a new career or move on in life in order to fulfill the potential that you have. Dead horses are also a warning that you are preventing change. The dead horse can also indicate that you may have lost direction in life and something is blocking your personal vision. Always try to think about why the dead horse appeared in your dream. To see a dead horse lying on a field in a dream indicates that you need to focus on your own motivation through hardship. As a whole symbol itself indicates success and prosperity it can suggest that the dead horse is associated with opening new doors to new possibilities.

What does shooting a horse in a dream mean?

To kill a horse through shooting in a dream is connected to a relationship challenge. Perhaps you are feeling restricted or victimized any wish to discover the direction that you need in order to overcome a difficult relationship.

What does seeing a horse in a room mean?

Seeing a horse in a room, such as a living room or simply a white room is connected to your own inner motivations. Do you need to really ask the question of what motivates me? There is an element of risk-taking and feeling trapped. The room itself indicates that you are feeling trapped in order to make money or material wealth. Perhaps right now you are at a turning point in life.

What does catching horses mean in dreams?

If you are catching a horse or trying to catch a runaway horse in a dream illustrates that you are confused about the next stage of your journey in life. The horse itself in this instance is connected to an opportunity that you are unable to grasp or catch. Horses are a positive omen illustrating success, prosperity, and attainment. Therefore this dream indicates that you need to face the challenge. If the horses are running away from you or a wild racehorse then and you are trying to catch the horse in the dream this is an omen of transformation towards the future.

What does talking horses mean in dreams?

This could be a rather puzzling dream! Perhaps you are talking to a horse alternatively horses talking to you. This dream relates directly to your self-development mission in life. If you are petting, stroking and giving affection to the horse in your dream then this illustrates that you need to give back in life. You need to be prepared to pay the price for your actions.

What does betting or gambling on horses in your dream?

If you are at the horse races or alternatively you are betting or gambling on a horse then this dream associated with your “risk” in life. You must be prepared to anticipate any obstacles in your way. If you win on the horses in your dream it is time to work on your plans in order to unleash success. Ancient dream dictionaries. Indicate that gambling on horses illustrates that prosperity will soon be yours.

What do horses fighting mean in a dream?

This is connected to your own inner knowledge and power. You need to understand the way forward in life. To see horses fighting in a dream the fighting action of horses is connected to the great adventure of life. If you see many horses fighting the dream it implies that your greatest gift is a vision. Maybe you have been thinking about changing the job or you would like to focus on a new start in life.

Old dream dictionary meanings regarding horses

If the horse is being pulled (a horse or cart), or you are riding the horse, you are trying to strengthen your position in life, and you have to accept certain situations and be happy. Happiness is something that is in your mind only. A black horse symbolizes death, but not in a negative way. The black horse represents new beginnings and fresh starts in your life.

Riding a horse shows a connection with sexual intercourse. If you are thrown off the horse, it means that you have a fear of losing something in your life. Being injured by a horse indicates a relationship that is not working out in your life. To dream of a racehorse suggests it is time to take a risk on something. You may need to think about a person that has helped you and will enable you to take this risk in order to progress your life and lifestyle. Remember that a horse signifies freedom in any situation you encounter during your dreaming state.

To dream that a horse kicks you represents repulsion from one you love. Your fortune will be embarrassed by ill health. Dreaming of catching a horse to bridle and saddle, or harness it, foretells that you will see a great improvement in business of all kinds, and people of all callings will prosper. If you fail to catch it, fortune will play you false. To see spotted horses predicts that various enterprises will bring you profit.

To dream of having a horse shod means your success is assured. For a woman, this dream predicts a good and faithful husband. To dream that you shoe a horse denotes that you will endeavor to and perhaps make doubtful property your own. To dream of racehorses indicate that you will be surfeited with fast living, but to the farmer this dream suggests prosperity. To dream that you ride a horse in a race means you will be prosperous and enjoy life. To dream of killing a horse symbolizes that you will injure your friends through selfishness. To mount a horse bareback indicates that you will gain wealth and ease by hard struggles. To ride bareback in the company of men means you will have honest people to aid you, and your success will be merited; if in company with women, your desires will be loose, and your prosperity will not be as abundant as it might be if certain women did not fill your heart.

To carry a horse foretells that your business interests will not be neglected for frivolous pleasures. To dream of trimming a horse's mane or tail denotes that you will be a good financier or farmer. Literary people will be painstaking in their work, and others will look after their interest with solicitude. To see horses pulling vehicles denotes wealth with some encumbrance, and love will find obstacles. If you are riding up a hill and the horse falls but you gain the top, you will win a fortune, though you will have to struggle against enemies and jealousy. If both the horse and you get to the top, your rise will be phenomenal and substantial.

For a young girl to dream that she rides a black horse indicates that she should be dealt with by wise authority. Some wishes will be gratified at an unexpected time. Black horses signify postponements in anticipations. To see a horse with a tender foot foretells some unexpected unpleasantness will come into your otherwise happy state. If you attempt to fit a broken shoe too small for the horse's foot, you will be charged with making fraudulent deals with unsuspecting parties. To ride a horse downhill means your affairs will undoubtedly disappoint you.

What does a strange colored horse in a dream mean?

To see a strange colored horse such as a rainbow color, or yellow, green, blue, orange or any other strange color indicates that you are feeling happiness and enlightenment. The colors signify the reflection that you are going to have to your own actions in the future. A rainbow colored horse In a dream illustrates that you should not hold back in life.

What does it mean to dream of an equestrian establishment?

In most books on symbology and dreams of horses seen in an equestrian facility relate to your own power. The horse in many ancient books have been connected to feminine knowledge and also given the link between the living world and the realms of the spirit world. To teach in an equestrian facility indicates a wisdom in it’s the darkest form. After all, if we look at the stallion of the Greeks, this horse emerged from womanly wisdom. What I am trying to say here is that seeing an equestrian establishment may indicate your own care and nurturing qualities, especially as you were teaching others. Jung discusses horses in detail in one of three of his books. He believed that this dream is connected to the anima - female areas of the soul. Consequently, the equestrian aspects in the dream can indicate the social etiquette that we need in order to rise up against any conformity.

How I can help you?

I have for a long time been a vivid dreamer of horses, and all shapes and sizes and it was not until I actually researched the individual elements of the dream that I could bring this all into one meaning. The dream of horses is common and can be triggered by our subconscious mind. We have decoded over 3,000 dreams of horses sent in by our users. Don't forget to contact me after you have read this meaning so I can help you with your dream. I will post my contact details at the bottom of this article. Anyway, let's get down to business. These meanings above have all been segmented down in this interpretation. This article is packed full of all the information you need to decode the dream of horses, it is the result of reading over fifty dream interpretation books from 1930’s (yes...50!) to the modern day, and a few weeks of writing!

In your dream you may have

Seen a running horse. Seen a white horse. Been riding a horse. Ridden a brown horse. Seen a mare. Encountered a winged horse. Ridden a black horse. Been injured by a horse. Seen or ridden a racehorse.

Color of the horse: dream interpretation

The horse is connected with your energy. The color of the horse is important, as it can provide you with an indication as to the dream interpretation. White - spiritual enlightenment. Brown - down to earth. Black - danger awaits. Winged horse - the soul's ability to heal. Coffee color - times are going to be happy over the next few weeks.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a horse

Free. Liberated. Oppressed. Astonished. Confident. Happy. Bewildered. Proud. Upset. Playful. Surprised.

Helping you further

Well I hope you liked this dream meaning and please leave a comment below detailing your horse dream. I look forward to hearing from you! Flo x

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012