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Dreaming of a race is a direct parallel for your waking life indicating that you are in a competition of sorts.

Race dreams can indicate pressures in your life in many different areas including relationship, work, and health.

In this dream you may have

  • Driven, ran, biked, or somehow participated in a race.
  • Were a helper or advocate in a race.
  • Watched a race from the side-lines.
  • Cheered for someone in a race.
  • Prepared for a race.
  • Supported a race.
  • Considered going into a race.
  • Saw a crash or accident at a race (or heard of one / were affected by one).
  • Won or lost a race.
  • Came in second place.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You won a race.
  • You supported a race.
  • You cheered on someone at a race.

Detailed dream meaning

Participating in a race is a suggestion of your work or daily life. Consider how you are doing in the race that you participate in within your dream and compare it to your own waking life. In what areas is your life mirroring your participation in the race? Often you will see a comparison that is accurate regarding money or chasing love. Biking or using machinery in a race is indicative of using tools in your daily job while running or walking in a race is usually considering a more practical approach to your life. Swimming races usually reflect love or your emotional life.

Winning and losing is usually important when it comes to races and their meanings in dreams. When you are trying hard in a race but never seeming to get anywhere, it is indicative of you being in a rat race in your own life and feeling like you are trying hard but never quite succeeding. Winning in a race shows that you have both the skills and are properly prepared to handle issues in your life right now whereas losing shows that you need to pay more attention to your efforts to make sure that you are choosing the best avenues for your skills to be utilized properly.

Racing in a car is largely interpreted as news coming your way, and winning or losing in this kind of race is said to be good news or bad news. Really, anything in a race which represents transportation such as a bike, motorcycle, cart, etc. is indicative of something coming to you in your own life.

The finish line in a dream has its own representation that does not always correlate to winning or losing. The finish line itself indicates that the end is near for something in your life – a part of your life is coming to an end. Consider areas of your own life that are changing or coming to a close and ask yourself if you are prepared for this. Have you made the right choices and applied yourself correctly so that you are ready to take on a new challenge once this one ends? There is never a permanent ending to anything in life, things are merely changing and moving forward to the next something.

Feeling of competitiveness, questions of capability, worthiness, success and failure, or fear of losing, or being inferior. It can also show your passage through life, your participation in the human race, and how you feel you have performed. What you do in the race, how you feel, may show what you put into your life and creativity.

Marathons are the psyche’s imagery of the human race and express your own participation of your own life. Whether you are in the marathon as a participant, cheering someone else on, offering drinks, or just hanging around as part of the festivities during a marathon, this is a good indication in your own life that you are an active participant in life. Some people are not and these people rely on others to fix their problems and usually find themselves going over the same problems in their life over and over again or having a ‘why me?’ mentality. IF you are hearing about a marathon, know of one, or the marathon in your dream is depicted but you are not a part of the race, and then consider ways where your own life is in a lull. What are you doing that counts in your life? What ways are you actively participating in your own life?

Olympic races are big moments in our lives – such as marriage, having children, graduating from college, getting a big promotion etc. Having any connotation of Olympic races in your dreams is a good omen marathon is wonderful in depicting this. In it is all manner of human expression. Some participate out of competition. They want to struggle to achieve, to break barriers. Others are there almost crawling on hands and knees. They stay the course despite their condition. Determination, anger, fury, show on their faces. Some are participating for the sheer fun of it, in funny costumes, seeing the comedy of life. Others are putting in this enormous human effort for others – to collect funds for charity. Still others just love being with the crowd, meeting, mating, communicating. Apart from the various ways of participating by running, the crowd of onlookers is also a vital part of it; as are the recorders, the police, the helpers by the wayside, the officials who organize behind the scenes. The race is all of these in its totality. This is life.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Being competitive.
  • Being active in your life and making helpful decisions.
  • Asserting dominance.
  • Organizing your life.
  • Big life changes.
  • Depression.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a race

Happy. Thrilled. Skilled. Prepared. Winning. Proud. Strong. Fast. Assertive. Dominant. Challenged. Sad. Lost. Depressed. Disappointed. Unsure. Tired. Active. Jovial. Social. Competitive.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012