Dragon in dreams

Dragon dream meaning

What does it mean when you dream about dragons?

Dragons in dreams are connected to creativity and to how we communicate with people. As amazing magical creatures, the symbolic meaning of the Dragon indicates our own independence. Also in dreams, the dragon is symbolic of our daily stresses. A dragon is a snake with wings and satan had his wings cut off, now we are spiritual matter and we have to climb up to jacobs ladder to get back our the energy. Our emotions are electric field.

Is the dream of a dragon good or bad?

There are some symbols that have meanings that can be found in folktales and myths. For example, a dragon might be greedy and sitting alone with his hoard of money, without any companionship. The dragon could also be a symbol of magical power. Depending on the dream themes, dragons can be either good or bad.

There is rich history that surrounds this amazing magical creature, especially because you could see this in your dream. In a very old 1920s dream dictionaries the dragon symbolism in a dream can suggest that you have some powers of imagination and creativity. There is always a veil of uncertainty whether Dragon/existed and in a dream sense whether you’re connected with the astral plane. Dragons are a symbol of protection. And dreams of Dragon represent your own fears. I’m really excited about writing this dream interpretation, and many of you have contacted me about dreaming of dragons. Symbolically the Dragon is female and dominates the masculine qualities in life.

So, I will do my best to give you the best dream interpretation. If I do not cover everything then drop me a Facebook message by scrolling to the end of my article. I will always reply. So, let’s start. In Christian times the Dragon symbolism is of the devil and alternatively denotes sin. In Chinese mythology, the dragon is black and a symbolism of intelligence and a keeper of the Tree of Knowledge. The Celts often use the word dragon to identify their dictator.

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of a dragon?

The history of dragons is filled with many different ancient stories. Dragons are often seen on our TV screens in various movies along with different types of stories that involve dragons like my favorite: The Game of Thrones. In Asia, dragons are represented as being friendly and peaceful. I will say, that it is very interesting that you have this symbolism in your dream and means certain things will happen to you depending on the details. The word Dragon is from the ancient Greek word “dragon o” which means in real terms “the dragon serpent.” It is not uncommon to dream of attacking or struggling with dragons. I like to include ancient folklore as this can significantly provide insight into the real meaning of your dream.

To fight the dragon in the dream indicates that you might be in conflict with your parents. The famous dream psychologist Sigmund Freud indicated that the Dragon itself was a symbolism of our own mother. I believe that in Freud's terms the dragon symbolizes our inner anima, and the Dragon is seen as a new source of renewed life. This could be further illustrated if you see the Dragon in a cave which carries dream psychology perspective especially Freudians: a representation of our own mother or person that cares for us. The cave retrospectively represents the womb which obviously is a place of birth and conception. I will talk about the Dragon cave in more detail later on just scroll down the page to find this interpretation if the “cave” appeared in your dream. Generally, the dragon in your dream is a positive omen but I urge you to think about the details of the dream.

What does it mean to dream of a dragon?

Here I will just provide a quick overview of what the dragon means in your dream. In most ancient texts the dragon is often seen as evil. This is because it combines the characteristics of the earth, fire, air, and finally water. The four elements of life. The dragon symbolizes both the dark and light sides of life. But as I’ve mentioned in the opening paragraph the dragon is feminine in nature. In Christianity (as I’ve mentioned before) the Dragon is seen as evil. Dragons are often shown in nightmares and include some strong symbolism in most cultures around the world. In my opinion, the dragon is a magical, intelligent, dangerously powerful, and above all beautiful creature. The dragon in dreams can be seen living in caves or protecting the treasure. Above all the dragon can appear in our dreams in various ways. The dragon can appear in many different colors and I have specifically covered most of these below so just scroll down.

What is the biblical meaning of dreaming of a dragon?

There are some symbols that have meanings that can be found in folktales and myths and also the bible. Dragons featured in the bible is quite interesting. Although I am not overly religious I like to look at the dragon meaning biblically. Sometimes, looking at scripture in connection with your dreams can provide a picture that can give you new insights. You may find that you add more bits to your interpretation as you go, but it doesn't matter because you are still communicating with your subconscious. The dragon is featured in the scripture Revelation 12:1-17. In fact, there is a vision of where John sees a new vision. There are narratives in verse 6 that describe a war in heaven between Satan and demons. In this verse, there is a red dragon in connection to Satan and murderous intent.

What does that mean for your dream? In Revelation 13:1 and 12:3 there is a further reference where the dragon is being worshipped and gives power to evil. There is no real clear overview of the dragon as a symbol but it is in connection to Satan. There is another mention in Revelation 12:7-8 where the red dragon is cast down. The beast is described as the dragon, and that there is connect that the dragon means avoiding problems. The beast can represent something in your life, such as the personality of another, a work situation. Therefore, I believe the biblical meaning of seeing a dragon in your dream is to be more aware of your surroundings. 

Sometimes, in your dreams, the dragon can be a biblical picture to give you new insights. You may find that you add more areas of your life to focus on - as you go, but it doesn't matter because you are still communicating with your subconscious. You may be left with the question: What if my dreams don't relate to my real life? This could be due to many reasons. The dream of a dragon might be related to issues that you are suppressing so make sure you have a look at all the images regarding the dragon. Biblically, my advice from this dream would be:

  • You might be surprised at how dreams can reveal deep-seated emotions. Do you want to change some of these emotions in your life?
  • Look out for symbols in your dreams and in the world around you. Take a note of any synchronicities.
  • Notice the themes in your dreams that are recurring. Is there a reason they keep happening? Are there any things you can do to address the problems they keep referring to?

What does it mean to dream of a black dragon?

The Black Dragon is mysterious. There are many different stories the outline the Black Dragon. Notably Chinese dragons are black and in Chinese mythology to dream of a Black dragon can indicate that you will gain strength, luck and good fortune. Many people around the world find they have Chinese dragons as animal totems. The Black Dragon in this sense means that it gives you the power of wisdom and insight into the astral plane. If you are riding on the back of a Black Dragon in a dream this can suggest that there is an end of a cycle of death possible rebirth. In my research, a Black Dragon could signify an enemy. This could be a real-life enemy and the Dragon shown in the dream could be your subconscious mind coming to terms with various situations. It could also involve perhaps “having it out” with this person.

I will say, that to dream of a Black Dragon flying indicates you need to be aware that your emotions come from your unconscious mind and this is from what Carl Jung calls the shadow, which is our inferior and undeveloped part of our brain. To be attacked by a Black Dragon in a dream indicates that you are protected from spirit. The color “black” itself has the absence of white, therefore, the Dragon is associated with the dark and evil. In Chinese mythology, the color black is representative of Yin. Which the opposite is Yang. Therefore, Black is a color of power and combat. In my view after reading the folklore around dragons in both Western Europe and China, the dream could signify that something is camouflaged. If the key symbol of transformation. They may be part of your unconscious self which undergoes a transformation in response to an enemy or somebody in your waking life. If the Black dragon appears friendly in your dream then this could suggest that the Dragon is expressing a sexually related anxiety. I do believe the Black Dragon is an advanced level of spiritual awareness. That connects your fears, enemies, combat and unconscious power. The Black Dragon in dream psychology symbolism relates to the psyche and how we can have power over others. Even though this power could be somewhat destructive.

What does it mean to dream of a Red Dragon?

The color red stands for passion. the Red Dragon has existed in ancient times and is often seen as a serpent which carries wings. In Chinese mythology, the color red is connected to luck, prosperity and magnetic force. The Red Dragon can represent our passions within. I would say that the Red Dragon seen in your dream can indicate your own psychic abilities are being opened. In Christianity, the Red Dragon is associated with fallen angels and Satan. This does not necessarily mean that the dream is negative.

It could just represent the brute forces of nature and the Red Dragon is presented as a threat. The threat should not be feared and the draconic form that has taken place in your dream will closely relate to the element of fire. The reason I say this is because red is sometimes seen in the flames of fire. The fire itself is associated with many different types of dragons and obviously, the Dragon has the ability to breathe fire. Which is connected to how we communicate with people. So, seeing a Red Dragon indicates you need to be careful in regard to what you say to others. In my view, I believe that dreaming of a Red Dragon foretells that your passion and needs to be recognized. Fire breath taps into our deepest thoughts of how we communicate and view the world. If you noticed the Red Dragon flapping its wings then this can suggest there will be unfamiliar parts of your mind that may represent difficulties, in that you are thinking too deeply about something.

What does it mean to dream of a gray or silver dragon?

In many cultures and legends, the grey or silver dragon sometimes occurs in our dreams. The game of thrones often shows the Dragon as being black or charcoal in color. To see a Gray colored Dragon is a representation of the journey of the underworld. It can represent the components of our life the fact that nothing is black and white. The Gray color probably means that you are beckoning to move towards your own centre and uncover your true self which is what Carl Jung called “the self.”

What does a water dragon mean a dream?

The water element seen in dragons indicates that our emotions may be disturbed. Water, after all, brings life and our bodies are mostly made up of water. Even though most Chinese dragons come across as being wise somewhat helpful there is a story about a water dragon of Beijing which involves magical creature that could change its shape into an old woman and man. In this legend part of the marsh was ruled by a group of dragons. I mention this because to dream of the water Dragon indicates that we have both male and female characteristics which affect our emotions. Watering dreams as related to communication and also emotions. The symbolism of the water Dragon illustrates that you will face any threat overcome emotional problems.

What is the biblical meaning of the Dragon?

In the Bible dragons are associated with evil and often regarded as Satan. The Dragons mentioned in the Bible include fiery breath and also a symbolism of erectile, crocodile serpent image. There are many different images which show the Dragons as being a sea monster. The biblical terms the Dragon is the evil parts of our mind.

What does a gold dragon mean?

A gold Dragon is a symbolism of riches. Seeing the golden dragon in the dream is a connection with our own hidden desires. Gold represents the metal element of life. In my viewpoint, this is the material side of life. Seeing soaring golden dragons in the sky is associated with increasing our intuition in life. A bronze Dragon in a dream is connected to wealth and masculine properties. Seeing either a gold or bronze Dragon imagery is a positive omen. Gold is connected to the Greek god Apollo and from a dream psychology point of view indicates you should not feel guilty or ashamed of what you have achieved in life. It may represent a desire to return to a problem-free way of life. The gold could be material prosperity but also spiritual in nature. A more realistic interpretation of this dream is that you will feel a sense of happiness and contentment. It represents your thoughts or ideas and the way of achieving through spiritual enlightenment.

What does a yellow Dragon mean?

In many ancient Chinese texts, a yellow Dragon is associated with our inner learnings. Is also connected to writing and communication. You could encounter a period of harmony and communicate with other people through writing. Perhaps you wish to write a book or become more creative. The yellow Dragon can also symbolize the older more basic parts of yourself and be a reflection of the mind and mental state you are currently going through.

What does a blue dragon mean?

Seeing a Blue Dragon in a dream is reflective of our own emotions. Blue, after all, is a color connected to the ocean. If the blue Dragon is of a light blue then this is associated with peaceful and calm times ahead. As the Blue Dragon is a representation of our mother (according to dream psychologist Sigmund Freud) this dream can suggest you are going to find comfort in other people.

Blue Dragons are associated with magical powers and in Chinese mythology, the color blue represents the immortal. This dream symbolizes our collective emotions. It could be that the blue dragon indicates the ego. I personally believe that seeing a blue Dragon represents sweetness, light, personal growth, and happiness within. We must also take note of our own conscious mind. I will also say that the blue Dragon can mean we are feeling depressed. Especially if the Dragon attacked us or was negative in any way. The blue Dragon itself is connected with the sky and in China are representative of the East.

What does a white dragon mean?

White is connected to innocence, holiness, and above all the symbolism of peace. If the Dragon created a sense of danger in your dream… Related to some conflict between your conscious and unconscious mind. This could ultimately need sorting out but in such a dream try not to run away from the Dragon face it.

Often people dream of white dragons on a regular basis and this could indicate some sort of psychic element that could be threatening to take you over stop I would say that you need to try to look at your behavior and how you are observed by others. The White Dragon is a positive symbolism but also normally shows when you desire to escape from life's pains and issues. Seeing a white dragon flying in the sky can represent a fresh start that will open up a great future.

What does it mean to dream of a komodo dragon?

Komodo dragons are generally very fierce, they rip their prey and grow into an extremely large lizards. The species are native to Indonesia and can weigh a massive 150 pounds. In ancient dream lore - the Komodo indicates that your subconscious mind is trying to set integrating contents of your psyche. Basically, this means that you may be feeling somewhat guilty and ashamed about how you have been perceived by others and you are putting the past behind you. The Komodo dragon has quite a fierce temperament and it can mean that you might have upset somebody unknowingly. The interesting thing about this dream is in essence, the komodo is a dragon with legs. Often the Komodo dragons appear in a dream when there is a fundamental change occurring. The change isn’t necessarily negative.

What is the spiritual symbol of a dragon?

The dragon symbol is connected to power, control and also stormy relationships.  dragons are often symbolized in many different ways in our culture. The first story that springs to mind is the tale of St George and the Dragon, whereby the Dragon is the devil. Dragons are very similar to snakes in regard to their symbolic meaning. They indicate overcoming any challenges or problems by defeating adversities. If we look at Greek mythology the God known as Draco and Zu possess these qualities. The Japanese worshipped the Dragon who appeared to be in control of the sea known as Rynjin.

Dragons have been part of our folklore, myths and legends for many years. This is due to the fact they represent power. So, to answer my question the symbolic meaning of seeing a dragon in your dream indicates that power is at risk and that you need to hold onto your own power. Fire-breathing dragons can also signify a hero or a lack of communication. Many dragons actually guard treasure in old stories. For example, in Greek myth the Dragon Hydra guards spring water – what are you guarding? There are various stories where the Dragon itself helps other people. Notably in South Asian Nagas. In this sense, the Dragon is seen as being a protector or a teacher. In Chinese mythology, there is a Dragon which protects and looks for humans known as Mesoamerica or Quentzalcoatl which means that as a symbol the dragon can protect you.

To see yourself riding or climbing on a dragon like something out of game of thrones can suggest that you are feeling focused on your own plans and you want to achieve in life. Seeing Dragon picture in a dream signifies that it's time for you to be patient and think about others. To run away from the Dragon indicates that you are feeling as if your freedom is being compromised.

What does it mean to dream of a bearded dragon?

To see a bearded dragon in a dream can indicate that there is somebody around you who is likely to be dishonest or untrustworthy. Sometimes hard for us to see other people's behavior, especially if they run this in any way. Trusting people is the main message of this dream.

What does it mean to dream of a small dragon?

A small dragon in a dream can often represent the span of your life and therefore your mortality. If the small Dragon threatened you in any way then internal things might threaten your own emotions. The small Dragon can represent your emotional instincts perhaps these have been repressed lately. In older dream books a small dragon is a lucky symbolism meaning that a new lifestyle will take shape in the near future. If the small dragon is friendly then this indicates that you will take on a new state of mind. To see multiple small dragons in a dream indicates that there is a part of you that needs to express how you are feeling right now.

What does it mean to dream of dancing with a dragon?

I always believe that dancing in dreams is a sexual symbolism. In many psychology books dreaming of dancing represents how we are perceived sexually. Joining a dance with the Dragon indicates that a group of people will be important in your life. I do believe that the Dragon represents dancing your life away. Meaning that it can represent some kind of new beginning or a change of perspective in life. On the positive front a dream of dancing with the Dragon can indicate harmony will be yours.

What does it mean when the dragon is evil?

In some dreams, the Dragon can be aggressive and attack or threaten you. There may be various twists and turns in your dream. The Dragon in this sense represents your balance in life. And in particular a pair of opposites that you need to balance. If the Dragon breathes fire on you then this can represent repressed emotions according to dream psychology.

What does it mean to kill a dragon in a dream?

Killing the Dragon in the dream indicates that you're having a hard time in order to balance your own emotions. As a dragon is an animal of a mystical nature - this dream could be trying to connect your conscious and unconscious mind. The dream is probably telling you that you need to think more rationally. There could be a period of worry, especially if the fact that the Dragon was aggressive towards you. This dream indicates any uncontrolled aggressive behavior within, if you find yourself angry with the Dragon in your dream then this can represent been angry in life. Killing is a symbol of being hostile and also resentment.

What does a baby dragon mean in a dream?

To dream of a Baby Dragon is connected to our own innocence. Baby dragons are representative of our own inner child. As I've already mentioned the baby dragon may represent yourself and your true nature. This could be your own desires or your inner strength. To give birth to a baby dragon in a dream indicates a new start – almost a rebirth in life.

What does it mean to dream of a dragon that frightens you?

It is no surprise that Dragon mythology contains a reference to snakes. Snakes generally frighten us. The snake in ancient lore is connected to the Dragon and in some ancient, texts the Dragon is often known as a flying snake. Because the Dragon has scaly skin and almost a snakebite demeanor this generally makes us fear them. Like dragon’s snakes also lay eggs which provides a further connection between the snake and the Dragon. As the snakes can also kill people with their venom's dragons can too. To dream the snake frightened you illustrate that must overcome your fear of the unconscious mind and learn to trust others more.

What does it mean to dream of flying on a dragon?

A flying dragon soaring through the sky is a powerful image to see in a dream. The flying Dragon can represent that you are moving into the right direction in life. If the dragon was flying high in the clouds this can represent that after a period of depression you feel that you can overcome most obstacles in life. The sky is also symbolism for spiritual empowerment. If you are flying on a Dragon then it may represent some type of power or opportunity in the future. if you could see the glimpse of the Dragon in its entirety in the dream then this indicates that even though you might be prone to laziness (we all are!) you will achieve what you set out to do.

What is the meaning of a dragon totem?

The Dragon seen as your animal totem is a very powerful spiritual guide. It could represent our senseless power in life and alternatively represents our needs. It encompasses the masculine and feminine sides of our psyche. The Dragon as an animal totem serves as a powerful spiritual guide. It could be that the Dragon is wise and provides wisdom which is contained in our unconscious mind. The Dragon, in my view, is focused on the needs of secrecy, maybe due to your own destiny to uncover the causes or difficulties surrounding communication.

This is because the Dragon contains all elements of life such as the fire, water, earth, and air. This taps right into our psychic abilities. The Dragon may look fierce but with the Dragon also comes treasure. The treasure is yourself, your hidden goals and aspirations. The Dragon is an extremely powerful totem animal and provides you with many different qualities. Dragons are often seen in various stories which represent wisdom and also enlightenment. If you keep getting repetitive dreams of dragons I would say that perhaps this is because the Dragon may be your animal totem. It is worth meditating to understand and uncover why the dragon appears to you.

What does it mean to dream of a dragonfly?

A dragonfly is a wonderful dream to have. The dragonfly often but is above rivers, lakes and bodies of water. To dream DC a dragonfly it's a positive omen and denotes your emotions are going to run high. The dragonfly belongs to the family known as “anisoptera” in translation from Greek this means uneven. This is quite interesting definition - in that it denotes there’s going to be some uneven times ahead. Dragonflies are great flyers but have rather weak central wings. In regard to symbolism, dragons represent the desire for sex or being at “ease” with yourself and not feeling like you need to apologize to others.

What does it mean to fight a Dragon in a dream?

Fighting a dragon in your dream indicates you feel imprisoned in life. Rescuing a princess or as I like to say, “a damsel in distress” or a child captured by Dragon has a clear meaning. You need to utilize your own feminine side of your personality. To attack a dragon with a sword can indicate that you are feeling like the hero in life. If you are rescuing a man from a Dragon in the dream and this expresses your pent-up feelings inside.

What does it mean to dream of being on a dragon back?

Seeing yourself on a Dragons back quite a popular dream. This can side your inner power. In essence, you are controlling the Dragon because you are mounted on the back. In ancient dream lore - seeing yourself on the back of the Dragon indicates that you are going to conquer a difficult life. You have to think whether you are controlling somebody or something. The Dragon can represent some aspect of yourself perhaps your own power. Psychologically speaking, the dream symbolizes bringing your own contents of the unconscious mind. If you are flying on a Dragons back in a dream then this represents your “persona”. This is a Greek word meaning for behind a mask. Thus, it can signify you are trying to hide your own power in a real-life situation.

What does it mean to dream of multiple dragons?

Multiple dragons dream is quite an interesting symbolism. It probably represents part of your own, unconscious mind and that you are feeling something is threatening your piece. You should approach tasks more lovingly and above all giving attention to other people. It probably means that you have some pent-up feelings inside. Seeing one Dragon in a dream according to old dream dictionaries represents luck, two dragons indicate a desire for more spiritual lifestyle. And, three dragons illustrate a beautiful positive the field time ahead.

What does it mean to dream of seeing yourself transform into a dragon?

If you transform into a dragon in your dream it signifies that you are behaving in a masterful way. Are you taking charge of things and giving orders? You are the power. It indicates you are ready to cooperate with others you want to hold control. If you are flying in the sky on the back of this creature then this signifies an invitation to enter the different parts of spiritual power. This is because the sky symbolizes the spirit. You are a person that used to maintain order and in shamanism, the sky may symbolize a sense of energy for spiritual development.

What does it mean to dream of a dragon’s cave?

I touched on this earlier but wanted to expand a little. The cave in a dream represents your womb. It is as if something is going to start again. The cave is a place of rebirth. So, it is quite interesting symbolism that represents both the mother and father aspects of your emotions. It could be in this situation it's coming into your life! If you are frightened of the Dragon is inside the cave then it indicates a time of facing situations in life. If perhaps the Dragon was protecting treasure this indicates that you are trying to unlock the treasure inside yourself. If the dream is terrifying in any way and this can represent that you are trying to hide away all true thoughts. Looking at some of the older stories around dragons, the spiritual message is “advance” it is important to face the consequences just like St George faced the Dragon. (Scroll down to uncover the story of St George.)

What does it mean to see fire coming from a dragon’s mouth?

To see fire coming from the dragon’s breath in a dream can suggest that we need to control our own passions and sources from within. This is vital in order to progress forward. The Dragon is seen as a spiritual protector and the key message of your dream is that you need to allow yourself to be convinced before rushing into decisions. Perhaps the fire is reminding you of the fact that you need to give a different type of perspective? In regard to your communication, you have some wonderful qualities. There might be the need to balance energies like in Chinese mythology. The dragon is connected to our own powers of female and male. As with all creatures seen in our dream, the Dragon itself might not breathe fire. The dream can represent our own criticism or self-criticism in so many words.

What does a dragon attack you in a dream mean?

Being attacked in the dream is associated with your own hidden anxieties. If you're fighting a Dragon and consequently the creature is attacking you then this dream represents your own conscious mind. Perhaps you are struggling with power or control over a situation? Many different stories of dragons have attacked and these are seen as the “dangerous villain.” Who is the villain in your life? If the Dragon is attacking you or other people in a dream then assuming that you're feeling attacked about your own control. Often these types of dreams occur when you're changing jobs or you are having to face life's decisions.

What does it mean to see a dragon spreading its wings?

Seeing a Dragon spread its wings in a dream can be quite an interesting symbolism. It can represent that through anger and aggression you are likely to see the light and understand difficult situations in life. As a dragon represents your own mother, and perhaps your own caring instincts this dream can illustrate that you are at ease with nature in your own conflicts. If the Dragon was spreading its wings in order to take off and fly through the sky it can suggest that there is anticipation in the future. In life, we never know what is around the corner but whatever happens life will normally work out quite well after having such a dream.

What is the tale of the dragon and St George?

I am going to include this in the dream interpretation as I believe it forms quite an insightful overview of what this dragon means in your dream if you are a Christian. Around 300 and the legend is that George was a soldier of the Imperial Guard. George left the service and went back to his homeland of Turkey. When he did so, he took various journeys over the Mediterranean Sea. He came to Libya and heard of the story of the dragon. There was a lake in a town called Silene - which had a deadly dragon living close by. This dragon eat sheep and killed a Shepard. George mounted on a golden horse with his armor saved a princess who was taken by the dragon. With the sign of the cross George captured the dragon and took it back to the city of Silene. George married the princess and he was declared as a saint.

What do Chinese dragons mean in a dream?

There are many different stories about dragons in China dating back almost 7000 years. Many people believe they are a descendant of dragons through a God known as Nu Kua, who was half dragon and are half human. They could increase their size alternatively fly as high as the heavens and the sky. In China Dragons are seen in various symbol isms. Seeing a Chinese dragon indicates great luck. There may be pleasure in life. Alternatively, it can represent a need.

By Florance Saul
Mar 18, 2018