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The Moon

The Moon is a very emotional and intuitive card.

Often it has to do with one’s mental state indicating sleep disturbances due to nightmares, waking terrors, or emotional negativity. It calls to light your deepest and darkest desires. When the Moon is present it is a time to be aware of how your physical health is being affected by your mental health. It can also represent being very aware to almost a hyper vigilant state, being over sensitive, and madness. Remember that fits of madness also often lend themselves to time of genius inspiration and if you are feeling exceptionally out of sorts that all of your pent up energy can be used for the greater good of your life. When you see the Moon know that right now things are not entirely okay in your life, but that is alright. Everything cannot always be perfect. The key to our own perfection lies in accepting our imperfections.

Remember that right now you are not alone. You may be in a seemingly hopeless situation and struck by panic, anxiety, or fear about an outcome. The goddess Isis rules over the Moon card and she is a mother and a guide. Having loss of hope does not mean that all is lost. Allow the mother energies of the moon to guide you and seek her guidance before making decisions. This can be done by prayer, seeking counsel professionally, or asking for support when needed.

All of the symbology of the card speaks a lot about the contemplation and meditative states in your life right now. A full moon looks down over a river with two dogs. The face of the Moon has been widely interpreted to be that she is frowning, judging, or in some way unhappy. The river and all water for that matter when it comes to tarot, is a spiritual indicator. The water is moving at an increased speed, just as your thoughts likely are right now. Usually it will represent some sort of quandary in your life where you are continuously running thoughts through your head and there is no silence. You need to allow your mind to wander at this time to get to the root of your problem.

Ponder whether you are making healthy choices for yourself at this time and pay close attention to mental exhaustion. You are likely to find that you have been driving those around you a little crazy with erratic behavior or being flaky. It is likely that you are going through something deep right now but be sure not to alienate those around you that truly love and care for you. Try to avoid asking questions of others intentions right now and work on accepting things for face value. While it is possible that someone around you is being deceptive, the Moon says that the truth will come out and your own suspicion will do nothing more than make the problem worse.

The Moon in Love

When you see the Moon in your love reading it is often a time of emotional turmoil. In dating and romance it is a time of bickering and deception. The Moon often tells you to ask questions in your relationship or to look for areas in which you are being duped. If you find that you are being swept off of your feet right now, it may be a good time to hold back and try to slow things down. During this time developing new relationships or furthering a current relationship too quickly will often burn out.

You want to watch what you say in relationships of all kind at this time. It is a time where miscommunications can run rampant and you may find that you regret opening up too much or saying something that you shouldn’t have. Be mindful of feelings and try not to offend. In the case of a new relationship it’s the Moon is a good reminder that you only get one chance to make a first impression. The energy behind the Moon is strong and wild. Like the tides you may feel that emotionally you are being pulled in many directions and unable to settle down. Realize that all things come in due time and that right now you are on a natural cycle. Wait for things to calm down in your love life before making a decision.

The Moon in Health

Often the Moon can indicate issues with mental health. For people that are diagnosed with mental issues such as depression, bipolar, or the like, the Moon is a reminder to keep taking your medication. Often lunar energies will interfere with one’s own mental state. Now is a time to take stock of the areas that are causing you undue emotional or spiritual pressure. Take a step back from these areas and allow things to calm down. Any disorder that is exacerbated by stress can flare up at this time. It’s especially important to be diligent about taking care of your own needs before extending yourself to others at this time. If you find that there are people around you that are more trouble than they are worth, creating needless drama, or generally having an unhealthy effect on you need to be cut away at this time. You have to take care of yourself before you can care for anyone else.

The Moon in Work and Wealth

Be frugal and keep your wallet close to your right now. Often the Moon will represent someone trying to swindle you or holding back on facts just so that you will make an uninformed decision. With the Moon present you have to be on your guard because you never know who or what is lurking in the night. This period of time is not going to last forever, but right now it is better safe than sorry.

In some rare exceptions the Moon will indicate a crazy idea that is too good to pass up. Often the card will reflect being over cautious or fearful in a situation. Because it is rare but can happen you may want to try to meet halfway. Do not be overzealous in your spending or investing in this time but be mindful that there is also a stroke of genius around you at this time. Pay close attention to what your instincts tell you rather than those around you. Even friends or family that mean well in their advice at this time can be misled. Be a leader, not a follower. Make your own decisions free of the guidance of others.

If you are one who is looking for work at this time, it may not be the best time for new ventures. You will have to be exceptionally mindful of the jobs that you apply for or interview with to make sure that you are entering into a good business contract. Do not be misguided in your search for work and be sure that you are seeking employment in areas that are going to make you truly happy. You don’t need another dead-end job at this time; you need to be seeking a career.

Reversed Moon

Reversed Moon in a reading

The Moon card in the reversed position will indicate secrets coming to light, stability in mental health being restored, and show an enlightenment happening on your path. It can also indicate that you are in a need for rest. The Moon has chaotic energy that can be harnessed but in the reversed position with all of the symbolism of the card has no place. The need for introspection, meditation, and quiet is still there but there is no outlet for it. You may find that you are being run ragged and that while you need a break there is not the time or a way to break free and get much needed time to yourself. Chaos is ruling your life and eventually, if you keep at this same pace in your life you will crash and burn. Take charge of what avenues that you can and strengthen your resolve to finish with commitments at this time. Do not take on more until you are able to find time for yourself.

Ace of Cups

Each Ace of the Rider Waite deck emphasizes new beginnings on various levels.

If you have received the Ace of Cups in your reading, then you either being blessed or will be blessed with a very promising time in your life. The Ace of Cups is like a giant gift from the Heaven. The card itself depicts an image of a hand that is stretching outward from the havens, offering you a refreshing drink from a cup that is filled from the five streams of living water. This Water flows from the Cup into the Lake below the hand, symbolizing the unconscious mind, eternal life and creating a reciprocal relationship between you and Spirit Energy. When the mind is filled with spirit, the spirit fills up your cup to overflowing.

When this card presents itself to you, you will experience the beginning of great love, joy, productivity, fertility and contentment. The Ace of Cups is the bearer of pleasure and happiness. In this it is extremely fortuitous and lucky that this card is transiting you right now. You must have done something right. Congratulations! The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of experiences such as love that transcends the Earth.

This easy-going transition will bring you: Emotional stability, the love of self, which enables you to experience a huge level of fulfillment, romantic love, and love of love. Love, love & more love. Some say that as humans we are made up of 75% water, making us fluid creatures that are affected by the ebb and flow of the tides of this world. The Cups suit rules the emotions and so tell us about the ebb and flow of the emotional tides in our lives. Because of this relationship with water we are highly intuitive creatures and as a result at points our emotions can take over. However in this situation, you are represented by this card which is one of wholeness and solidarity. You are compassionate, mentally and emotionally stable and happy.

If you are coming from a challenging experience, this card is telling you that you will feel much better very soon. Things are going to turn right for you right away. Now is the time for you to open up your spiritual channels, to learn to be accepting of all of the hopes and doubts that happen to come your way in life when you pursue any goal. Not allowing the hardships to interrupt your process. This card represents healing in all ways, so use it to your benefit. Love imbues meaning to our lives especially when we are trusting and willing to approach life with a heart that is full of spiritual awareness and vulnerability. If you have the courage to allow yourself to feel your full range of emotions, you will grasp ahold of a personal fulfillment that many strive their whole lives to achieve.

Participate in gratitude’s; identify what you are grateful for, what makes you happy. Do not deny your feelings. Communicate freely. Express all of the love and joy that you feel to anyone that you need to. Love attracts love. Remember this as the Ace of Cups, and the grace of Higher Source Energy blesses your life.

Ace of Cups in Love

When the Ace of Cups presents itself in a reading about love, you are lucky! Because love is blessing your life right now in multiple ways you want to be open to all of the possibilities. If you are single and looking for love, this card is telling you that you will meet someone lovely with whom you can share your goals with, someone who can spiritually connect with you on your level.

There is a tremendous amount of possible fulfillment here for you. If you are in a relationship, then many blessed events are coming your way. This could come in the form of having children, or in other fertile ventures in your relationship. Perhaps you are coming out of a cycle that was particularly difficult. The Ace of Cups is telling you that life is going to take on a sweet feel for quite some time.

One day a lady I know asked me why a date ghosted her and she pulled out the Ace of Cups. I often see this as a “love” card and it is all about filling that love with emotions. There is however a shadow side to the Ace of Cups. That the emotions can be overfilled and too intense. So if you are asking about a negative love situation consider the shadow side of the card, this can mean that you need to address your romantic intentions. 

Ace of Cups in Health

The Ace of Cups appears in a health reading to let you know that you will heal from what ails you. This could come in matters of a broken heart or you might be afflicted with physical heart issues, or issues revolving the fluid of the body such as dehydration or blood flow and that because this card is in your life right now you are going to be taking on a turn for the better. This is the same for anyone that you are asking the cards to give you information about as well as any future endeavors about health that is giving you concern. This is the ultimate card of opportunity, joy and forward motion. Expect some happy thrills you have nothing to fear.

Ace of Cups in Work and Wealth

When the Ace of Cups presents itself strongly in a reading about work or wealth you can guarantee that you have much abundance in your future. But the primary purpose of the Ace of Cups in a business reading is to point out that the way that you will feel about your business life is going to be better and more secure. Many of us in this economy have a big fear of losing our jobs or not being able to financially support ourselves and our loved ones, but here the Ace of Cups is telling you that you can rest at ease because it is in your life protecting you. Now is an excellent time to save up any extra money that you are making because you will be able to afford a little nest egg for yourself. The more of a nest egg or savings that you have set up the safer and better you will feel in the long term regarding money and being free of the stress of money problems will help you in all aspects of your life.

Ace of Cups Advice

A golden chalice is filled with light, these rays of illumination represent your emotional wisdom, strength, and intuition, your emotions are steady. Above the goblet, your spiritual guide soars and paves the way for your destiny which unravels with purpose and light. Everyone is on a spiritual journey, and the path you are on is strong and positive like the precious metal of gold itself. 

This card is affirming, it is about life blossoming before you. Soon, you will find you are able to conquer everything in the world outside; from the small, everyday moments to the major life-changing decisions, you can do it all with the poise and the swiftness of a bird in flight.

The Ace of Cups is full of knowledge and wisdom, through the night it sings a song with soft lyrics of truth, telling you to trust your inner soul, to know that your potential is boundless. Hear these singing words full of honesty, once this card is in play, your life is like the changing of the winds - all bets are off, and your life may become as rich and fertile as soil, so make sure you remember to sew your best seeds, for these are the opportunities you will reap.

Ace of Cups Yes Or No

Your question is simple - the answer calls for just a yes or no. Through the presence of the Ace of Cups, your answer is here: yes, yes, yes! This card is a positive signal that resounds clear and bright, it shows the way like a lighthouse in the night so you may avoid the rocks and reach your destination with safety and confidence. This card normally appears when we are in the process of a new phase of life: your mind is full of creativity, prosperity, self-love - your ideas twist up and grow out, flowering with beauty and potential. Yes - is your answer - yes - use it to propel you forward and uncover the power of your potential unlocked.

Ace of Cups Past

To draw the Ace of Cups in a past position can indicate that you are experiencing a moment of great emotional significance – the cup of love sticks out in your history, a red mark of passion, fire, and joy. It’s memory is forever imprinted inside you; sometimes we must recall such moments in the present, we can express gratitude, even for things which have since faded into history. Like the beautiful water lilies decorating the surface of a pond, there is more to your story below the surface. 

When a dearth of inspiration turns your world grey and dull, extract power from the emotional resonance of past chapters and use it to take you into a new period of discovery and self-love. 

Feelings, both happy and sad, are necessary for our continued spiritual growth - the waters of your life have a current pushing forward. When the sun beats down the journey is warm and easy, but when the winds blow it is wild and tormenting, each stage must pass by, nothing is permanent. Find a balance in making peace with your history without allowing it to sweep you away from your life at the moment.

Ace of Cups Present 

Something new comes your way, can you feel it? It smells like experience, as fresh and pleasing as a newly opened blossom. It may come in many shapes, a new person, a new opportunity - stay alert and be ready to run with it, when this moment unfolds you will know what it is, be ready to enjoy it to its last drop.

A period of happiness is settling upon your life like freshly fallen snow, it is light and beautiful; it glistens in the sun and glimmers with the success born from your own hard work. Take steps out and leave your mark, you have so many reasons to be confident, your spirit buzzes with self-assured magic, now mark out your path and let your loved ones follow.

Moments of the celebration can be fleeting and impermanent, but you can make them stay a little longer with concentrated meditation - feel the power of the present moment whip about you like a warm summer breeze. There is much to enjoy, your light burns brightly, all there’s left to do is make the most of it. 

Ace of Cups Future and Outcome

In rocky terrain and under extreme weather conditions, it is a determined and persistent nature that ensures a safe return to the haven of the home. In your life right now there are storms to be endured but your continued efforts will soon be rewarded with clear sunny skies and a double rainbow of opportunity. 

The Ace of Cups smiles warmly in the future position, it foretells of big wins and sweet successes, these rewards will be as delicious as a freshly plucked peach on a warm summer’s day. 

It is the struggle and the climb which make the views of victory all the more rewarding, keep this idea in your heart when it seems the future you’ve been promised is a distant mirage, soon you will see such elating panoramic views it will seem like your beautiful future stretches out endlessly.

 Your most trying test will be the one you face within yourself: when things become difficult and confusing, will you keep pressing on? It may take time, but if you do, you can be confident the rewards will far outweigh the struggle, the rainbow is most vivid after the darkest clouds have cleared. 

Ace of Cups Love Reconciliation

Your love life is about to enter spring, a period of renewal and freshness; where the sun’s rays open the flowers; where the dead rises again to become full of life once more. Flames that have become embers will reignite and spark so that they burn brightly in orange, yellow and red flames - the colors of passion will paint your love life with new, exciting colours. 

But wait, the Ace of Cups also carries a warning, for flames are good in a fireplace, but you must not let them catch fire in the rest of your house. In love, there are times for heady joy and thoughtless bliss, and times for cool-headed consideration. If your lover is true, you will soon find that managing these two areas will come as naturally as air to your lungs. Keep faith, and know that your cup is full of love and satisfaction, illuminating your life with happiness worth cherishing.

For those currently taking the path of life without a romantic partner, you will soon be joined by an intriguing and beautiful stranger, together, you will make the next steps of your life enhanced with feelings of love and admiration. How long your path will be shared remains unclear in this reading, but there is no doubt, regardless of the outcome, that you will both grow into better people through it. 

Ace of Cups As Feelings

Your thoughts dwell on the feelings of another, their actions may seem unclear on the surface but the Ace of Cups brings their true emotions to the surface with stunning clarity. There is attraction and intrigue, but like a child admiring a bees nest, there is also apprehension - your beauty is rich and golden, this is undeniable, the question which remains is - will your love sting? Now, the power flows to you - you must display with clear and simple actions your honesty of intent and nobleness of mind. Do not let your thoughts become caught up with playing games or mastering illusions, it is through your truest form that your beauty shines most bright - just like multi-coloured pebbles at the bottom of a crystal clear lake. 

Ace of Cups As Friendship

Friends are the scaffolding in our lives, they support us through hard times and give us structure and beauty in our best moments. At this time, you are wondering how things may develop with the friends already in your life, the Ace of Cups brings good news, there will be new friendships forged in your existing circles. 

Reconnection will spark bonds of companionship and you will find there are new supporters cheering you on through this chapter of your life, it will mark the start of a new page and you will find that your soul is filled with satisfaction. At the deepest level, friendships start with self-love, when you are comfortable in yourself you can be an even better friend to others - your own self-appreciation is a solid foundation on which your connection can be built high into the sky, standing as tall as a castle. 

Ace of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

The reversed Ace of Cups floats into your love reading when romance has become unsteady, you and your partner are rocking like a boat caught in a storm. The waters are choppy, feelings remain unexpressed and love is no longer reciprocated in equal harmony. In the distance, a past love lingers, distracting you from your course and making the storm all the more enduring and impossible to navigate. Your initial imaginings of romance were sweet and loving, like the loveliest dream, this contrast with reality leaves you feeling like your expectations are not being met.

Remember, people cannot completely change who they are but they may be able to change bad habits; that goes for both you, and your partner, you are fluid and ever-growing. If you are not in a relationship or have recently gone through a break-up, this card recommends time spent healing from the past, when your old wounds are sealed you will be strong enough to find a truly fulfilling relationship that won’t leave you with scars.

Ace of Cups reversed - Family and Home

Here, you see the Ace of Cups reversed in relation to your family and home because you are going through a personal moment of turmoil. Never feel afraid to ask your family for support, they are your life-support through difficult times, and the ones who can give you space when you need time to recuperate alone. Take time away from domestic and family duties, rediscover nature.

This will bring the pressure you’re experiencing down to a simmer, by focusing your attention on the beauty of the present moment, where all life flourishes and vibrates with deep spiritual wisdom. 

Practice familial honesty, let your loved ones know that you need there love and acceptance right now - and in the future, you are sure to return the gesture for them, too - but right now is a moment of personal survival, your strength will be magnified by the haven of your home and unconditional love of your family members.

ace of cups reversed

Reversed Ace Of Cups Meaning

If you have received the Ace of Cups in the reversed position then you are being warned that your energy is being sucked out of you because of non-activity. You are bored and you need a change because you have allowed yourself to become too stagnant and are dealing with the emotional repercussions of that. You are depressed and unmotivated and there is a block in many key energy centers in the body.

Consider pursuing a good cleansing that will fine-tune and strengthen your chakras, particularly in the heart area as the Ace of Cups represents matters of the heart. You are also being weighed down in the genital and solar plexus area. When you are not recognizing what life has to offer, because you have forgotten to practice gratitude, then you create a cycle in which you perpetuate unhappiness. Get yourself outside, get yourself active, clear up your chakras, practice gratitude and you will find happiness.

Ace of Cups Reversed - Work and Finances

When the Ace of Cups presents itself reversed in this position it calls out feelings of dissatisfaction clouding your professional life, like grey clouds gathering over a once sunny sky. 

Your spark and drive may be missing, like an old car, you are finding you don’t the fuel to make the same journeys you once did. Money may be weighing heavily on your mind, sometimes in the form of debt and sometimes due to instability which leaves you feeling like a bird in a nest that might be blown away at any moment. 

You are enduring a period of stagnation and insecurity, moving forwards seems impossible and you cannot envision the road ahead. But the strategy will be your friend, now, turn to the power of your mind and unleash the potential of visualization - if you can see a way out, you can find a way out. Difficult times make way for better times to come; after a storm comes the most beautiful sunshine. 

Ace of Cups Reversed - Health and Wellness

Your energy is sapped, every day you awake with a feeling of flatness so that it feels like a heavyweight is pushing you back down. You may have lost the spring in your step, and, in some cases, could be dealing with about of the chronic exhaustion that’s making your world seem greyer than before.

 This reversed card tells you to build yourself back up with health practices. You must drink, once more, from the cup of prosperity - eat well and stay hydrated. 

If you are in a relationship, this card sometimes highlights problems with fertility and difficulties in conceiving which may also be impacting your peace of mind. Do not give up hope, instead, seek alternatives - speak to medical professionals and explore new paths. Sometimes out destination just takes a bit of re-routing before we can set a course.

Ace of Cups Reversed - Personal Spirituality

Your spiritual journey has become stunted, you took a wrong turn and now it seems impossible to find the way back. Your sense of self has altered so that restoring balance seems an impossibility - your intuition has fled like a child, and though you hope to recapture it, you cannot summon the strength. 

Spiritual depression most commonly comes from distrust in the universe, but you must persevere and have faith; in a hurricane, standing still can be considered progress. Everyone suffers periods of difficulty and heartbreak, what will really make a mark on your life is whether you let these hard times define you or propel you forward.

There is strength in all emotions, even sadness, try and use that endurance to lift yourself out of this difficult time, and do not be scared to ask for support or space from others as and when it is necessary. Invest in your own spirituality and you will find you have much to achieve, discover, and enjoy in life yet - it’s all just around the corner. 

Upright Ace Of Cups Meanings in Keywords

  • Direct action in love
  • Fresh roots of love
  • A new cycle of life
  • Exciting love feelings
  • Unblocking passion
  • Emotional connections
  • Manifesting love

Upright Ace Of Cups Meanings in Keywords

  • Pushing for a feeling
  • Emotional waters of love
  • Blocked insight
  • Paradigm

The Nine of Cups

The balancing act of the tarot and the story that it tells is no more apparent than with the Nine of Cups.

Coming from a place of pain and moving on to new yet unsecured horizons seen in the Eight of Cups makes way for a hopeful and positive time in the Nine of Cups. It truly is one of the most positive cards in the deck and a welcome addition to any reading. When you see this card in your reading you can be glad that good things are coming your way.

The yellow background in the background of the Nine of Cups indicates happiness and emotional security. In the center of the card a man sits, arms crossed with satisfaction and before him nine filled cups. This truly is a wish-fulfillment card and it tells you that whatever you put your mind to that you are bound to get. It’s a very positive card in many rights and can influence many aspects of your life. The card is highly emotional and intellectual, showing satisfaction in both of these areas but it is also one of the few cards that are well rounded and reflects physical pleasure as well. Now is the time to act on what you want and keep a positive attitude, knowing that you can find success. You truly have to be able to believe to achieve!

The Nine of Cups in Love

Moving on from a dormant time in love, the Nine of Cups appears and offers you hope for new reunions and rekindling in relationships. Usually appearing during a recent change in a relationship when you are hoping for the best and it’s an excellent card speaking of building on what is already present. With this card showing up for someone who is currently in a relationship it states that now is a good time to show your desires and start to make plans for the future. It may not be time to talk about them yet, but that time will come soon.

For those of you looking for love, this is still a great card. With the possibilities open for you in this card, you should really be on the lookout for a new interest coming your way. The card also has strong indications that now it is a time to put yourself out there and show the world what you have to offer. You are in a good place emotionally but more importantly, a healthy place to be looking for love. You are aware of your own shortcomings as well as knowing your own worth. Luck is a good helper when it comes to finding love, but knowing how to market yourself is also key.

The Nine of Cups in Health

The Nine of Cups in health has a positive note, as in all other areas but specific to wellness there is also a warning. Because the card is so positive often there is reasons to celebrate and the card can indicate overindulging can be a health concern at this time. Be sure that while your life may be having turns for the better that you do not take your health for granted.

The Nine of Cups in Work and Wealth

The man on the Nine of Wands is a confident character and you should be too! With this card showing up in your reading there is a hint of smugness, like he knows the secret to success. Wishing and hoping for success is good but it isn’t going to get you all you want. Hard work, diligence, and knowing when to act are all part of good business practices. When the Nine of Cups card comes up it is likely that you are in a place where you can make things happen or yourself financially speaking whether it is finding a job that suits you, advancement, or knowing what to do with your money. Pay attention to remarkable opportunities and pounce! Don’t let a good thing slip through your fingers by being unsure. Go off of your instincts and make your dreams happen!

Nine of Cups Advice

When you draw the Nine of Cups in an advice reading you should take time to reflect on what you have and all that you should be grateful for. This card is often linked to materialism, and it may be suggesting you’ve become overly concerned with the things in your life, rather than the people around you. It can also refer to a state of prosperity and happiness, you likely have a lot to be pleased about right now. This message of advice can be read more as a reminder, sometimes we allow ourselves to enter a state of continual unfulfillment. Make sure you appreciate what you have and don’t wish it away too fast. Practise affirmations of gratitude and revel in your own contentment, you’ll likely find you have everything you need to be happy right at your fingertips, the only thing needed is an adjustment in your perspective.

Nine of Cups Yes Or No

When seeking a yes or no answer in a tarot reading, the Nine of Cups is a big and certain yes! This card is linked with feelings of joy, contentment and general happiness. It often highlights a bright future in which your ambitions are achieved. In this sense, the Nine of Cups is one of the most positive cards in the entire deck, and there is no obscurity here; the answer to your question is a definitive yes. Considering the positive prospects that so commonly go along with this card, the outcome of your current situation is likely to be a good one. 

Nine of Cups Past

In the past position, the Nine of Cups usually refers to a previous period of happiness, or more likely a big achievement in your life, one which may still define you to this day. It could be a project which you received great acclaim for, marrying the love of your life or even just a golden chapter of life in which everything seemed to be going right. While we can certainly draw strength and inspiration from past happiness, it is right to be mindful of not becoming stuck in the past. Use your past successes to propel you forward in the present; they should remind you of your strength and capability. Avoid falling into the trap of endless dwelling, remembering the good times is a lovely thing, but letting them overtake your present day entirely only spells disatsafication in your future. 

Nine of Cups Present 

The Nine of Cups is a great card to draw in your present position because it indicates success and happiness coming your way. If you’re currently hard at work on something, or going through a dark period, you can rest easy knowing your endurance will be rewarded. This coming happiness may take many forms, it could be a new lover or friendship, but more likely it will be something you have made happen through hard work and perseverance. The end result will be blissful and worth the wait. If that happiness feels far away right now, don’t give up, you may not be able to see it but this new bright period is just around the corner. If you’re already feeling content and happy, make the most of it! You’ve worked hard to get where you are, now is the time to kick back and enjoy it. 

Nine of Cups Future and Outcome

When the Nine of Cups appears in a reading relating to the future you should feel inspired and relieved; this is a card of hope. No matter how hard, challenging or unsatisfying your life seems right now, good times are on their way. Remember, the only thing that can stop the coming of this happy period is your own self-sabotage. You must preserve in your current situation, and you will reap the rewards in the future. Whether this means remaining kind and helpful, rather than bitter and resentful, in an period of emotional difficulty - or, keeping on with a task or project you are currently failing at, the outcome will be the same: ultimate success. You have lots to look forward to, and many lessons to learn along the way - so keep doing what you’re doing, and enjoy the journey, too.

Nine of Cups Love Reconciliation

In a love and reconciliation reading, the Nine of Cups points to a blossoming relationship that’s going from strength-to-strength. An already stable love will become even more committed and intense. Those in a couple will find their happiness is more blissful and dream-like, as well as passionate and fresh, than ever before. This card sometimes appears after you’ve reconciled with an old flame, you are likely experiencing all the throes of passion you have missed in the time you spent apart. If you’re single, this card doesn’t necessarily mean your soulmate is soon to come round the corner. Instead, it suggests you have reached a place of happiness and self-contentment. You have bettered yourself and so, you will be better prepared to deal with a happy, healthy relationship should one come your way. Your primary focus should be maintaining this best version of yourself, do that and everything else - romantic or otherwise - will fall into place naturally. 

Nine of Cups As Feelings

If you are trying to understand how another person feels about you then the Nine of Cups is generally associated with presence and affection. That means, in this context, the person’s feelings you are trying to understand are very much positive. This person is certainly aware of you and you are likely important to them. In fact, you may make them feel positively about themselves and they enjoy your company. While this card doesn’t explicitly suggest a romantic side to their feelings towards you, it forcefully implies positive emotions and the potential for a prosperous relationship (platonic or otherwise) between you and this other person. 

Nine of Cups As Friendship

In a friendship reading, the Nine of Cups is a very positive omen. You are surrounded by loving, supportive and genuine friends - this card suggests relationships are reciprocal and fulfilling. You should certainly feel grateful for those around you, and know that they are grateful for you, too. Now may also be a good time for you to meet new people and connect with others. Overall, this card is a sign of happiness, the kind that celebrates the beauty of human friendships.

Nine of Cups Reversed - Love and Romance

When the Nine of Cups appears reversed in a love and romance reading it can indicate trouble in paradise. Often this comes after a particular event or rocky patch, you or your partner have been left feeling disappointed. Sometimes this happens after a relationship’s initial flame goes out; it’s easy to feel caught up in the passion at the start, but if nothing remains once that period has fizzled out, it might be time to call it quits. While the upright version of this card indicates prosperity and happiness, reversed it suggests things have gone stale, you might not be outrightly sad, but you’re certainly not happy, either. If you are single or dating, this card reversed indicates an imbalance in your romantic life. Perhaps you have been meeting the wrong kind of people or dating too much. It’s important to remember that fulfilment first and foremost comes from within. You must focus on loving yourself before you try and build a meaningful relationship with anyone else.  


9 Of Cups Tarot Card Reversed

Reversed Nine of Cups in a Reading

With the Nine of Cups in the reversed position, there is even more positive energy around than in the normal position… almost too much. This card in this position can be cautious of being too overconfident or conceited in your endeavors. Be careful about putting yourself on display or taking on too much. You will wind up not being able to complete tasks, falling behind, and ruining your reputation. Consider ways in which you are reaching too far and falling short.

Nine of Cups reversed - Family and Home

In reading about family and home, the reversed Nine of Cups suggests you have become overly concerned with the material world. You are letting money and objects take priority over your family. Oftentimes, people feel they are doing this for the good of their family - for example, working extra hours for a nice holiday or new car. But ultimately, happiness in the home comes from the strength of personal relationships. Now is the time to take stock and figure out what really matters most to you. 

It’s okay to strive for success so long as this reflects your own wishes and those of your loved ones; don’t let yourself fall into the trap of prioritizing things that project the best image to others.

Upright Nine of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Happy romance
  • Prosperity and bliss
  • Well deserved holiday
  • Getting what you want
  • Wishes coming true
  • Satisfaction

Reversed Nine of Cups meanings in keywords

  • Superficiality
  • Not getting what you want
  • Cannot handle problems 
  • Stinginess
  • Too Materialistic