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The Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands has appeared in your reading to tell you that you have taken on far more then you can handle.

The image of the young man carrying ten wands seems like so much, yet he continues to walk, heavily burdened to the city. In this the pressure that you have been under is clear. Your plate is too full, and you are over burdened by the expectations that you have placed on yourself. Now you feel utterly blocked both emotionally and physically, and your spirit is downtrodden. At this point, the idea of making a change might seem impossible for you, because the load that you are carrying is so heavy. However this is the time in your journey where you must complete a major spiritual initiation. Initiation periods in life are extremely uncomfortable, but if we didn’t have to experience them, we would never make any progress. These are the times that feel the most constricted, the most painful, and the most difficult to work through.

The initiation phase for the Suit of Wands is placed in this part of the tarot because you have traveled through the suit, making different choices and have ended up here. Now you have put so much on your shoulders that you have set yourself up for failure. You simply cannot continue on trying to carry all of these sticks across the entire desert nor should you try. You are making life too difficult on yourself. Consider this lesson that the Ten of Wands is preparing for you: Do you enjoy living this way or are you afraid to change?

As of now you have no time for yourself, you are helping too many people at once and you are stuck in a cycle of perpetual self sabotage. Just because you are busy, does not mean that you are functioning in a healthy, productive manner.

The initiation period of the Ten of Wands tells you that it is time for you to begin the process of reconnecting to your inner self through meditation and direct communication or prayer to a higher source energy. The reason for this is the situation you have gotten yourself into, carrying the burdens of everyone else; you require time in the presence of the sacred energy of reverence and prayer to help you through.

The merging of God inside of you and the God that is all around you is necessary so that you might recognize the importance of slowing down, and letting go of that which does not truly belong to you. You deserve to have a fruitful life. The cycle that you are in right now will not help you do that. You must put the wands down, stretch out your body and drink a glass of cool water from the Fountain of Wisdom.

The Ten of Wands is asking you now to consider the quality of life that you have. Has your willingness to help others proved to make it impossible for you to do much for yourself? Do you feel at this time that you have the freedom that you would like to travel or venture out and pursue new things? When you are in a relationship, do you take on the entire burden alone? If so, why do you do this? Do you feel that you are living a full life for yourself?

Take some time to yourself to start breaking out of the limits of these boundaries that you have placed on yourself. Work through the fear that you have of acquiring success in your life and release yourself. Allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing the unfamiliar so that you can move to the next phase. If you do not give yourself this time to learn from this lesson, you will continue to repeat the cycle over and over again. Better to let yourself move on. Practice makes perfect!

Ten of Wands in Love

In love the Ten of Wands is telling you that you have taken on too much in your relationship and that you are not appropriately communicating your needs or expressing yourself and you are creating a passive aggressive spiral that would be avoidable if you would only allow yourself to open up and be honest. You need help, everyone does. In the pursuit of love, vulnerability is of key importance. You cannot continue to be the only one taking on the responsibility. You are robbing yourself and you are robbing your loved one of the opportunity to be there for you. If you are single, this card is telling you that you are too busy and therefore setting yourself up for failure. You want what you are not willing to create for yourself. The first step is to start to make room in your life for a valuable person. Seek counseling if the concept of letting go or being vulnerable with someone in a real healthy relationship is too hard for you. Having a third person, an outsider’s perspective can help tremendously in letting go, one step at a time.

Ten of Wands in Health

In health the Ten of Wands is depicting you as someone who is a tense ball of nerves, whose immune system could be breaking down leaving you open for all manner of sicknesses and diseases. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you must remove all that causes you tension in the center of your being, usually felt the most in the solar plexus. If you feel tense more then half of the day, then you are not pursuing a healthy life and this is going to catch up with you fast. Learn to let go via meditation, gain freedom from what burdens you and you will live a long and health life.

Ten of Wands in Work and Wealth

As we have mentioned, the Ten of Wands represents a time in your life that is overburdened. In work, the symbolism is the same; you are doing too much and are not getting enough reward. Let go of some your work load, a little bit at a time. Keep in mind you are not being asked to negatively affect your financial stability but could evaluate your life style and may want to see if you can live with less. Even if you will have some adverse repercussions, you need to have more free time so you can relax and get to you know yourself. Anything that makes you work more than the required amount of time and is not paying you appropriately is something that should be let go. If you are the type to work overtime without getting paid: stop it right now. Try going home and sitting in silence for a half-hour and see what happens. Can you do it? Was it uncomfortable? Question your work-a-holic ways. If you are looking for work, question what thoughts/chores you are doing that stop you from attracting work because you are too emotionally overburdened.

Ten of Wands As An Action

In love, as action, the ten of wands means you need to keep the love afloat rather than do nothing. It means your the one who has to do all the running in order to change it into the relationship that you want and need. The success of love does carry a price and you need to ask yourself if you are ready to do all the chasing. If it is worth it, go for it. If not, move onto someone else. In other parts of life the ten of wands represents that you need to do all the work to chase the goal, it may be worth it or it may not.

Reversed ten of wands

Reversed Ten Of Wands In A Reading

When you have received the Ten of Wands in the reversed position, this means that you are ending a phase in which you were overburdened, thankfully and are finding your way out. You learning what freedom is and you are beginning to delve into a life of self reflection and joy. The card is still showing up in your reading, because there are still elements from this phase that you are purging. This card is telling you to check in with yourself to make sure that goals you have set for yourself are being accomplished. If so, great, if not, fine-tune the process so that you do not add more then you can handle and will get in the way.

The Ten of Wands Card Keywords Upright

  • Irresponsibility
  • Two-way success
  • Fake ambitions
  • Uselessness
  • Being overwhelmed
  • Repression
  • Suppressed fear
  • Insecurity
  • Obstacles
  • Backstabbing
  • Breakup
  • Emotional

The Ten of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Self-love
  • Improvement
  • Making progress
  • Promotion
  • Taking it slow
  • Honor
  • Having faith

The Page of Swords

You are starting over again after the desolation of the Ten of Swords caused you to hit rock bottom.

All movement in the direction of improvement is positive for you, but you are finding that you are feeling almost paranoid about the moves forward that you are making because you are afraid of creating the same situation again. It is understandable to have this kind of fear, but rest assured the Page of Swords will help guide you through this new existence. You are making positive changes in your life at this time, and that can only ever bring great reward.

You are a mentally assertive person, alert, impressionable as well as curious and investigative. You are ruled at this point in your life by the drive for transformation. You are being blessed by an insightful and highly proactive state of being that is mentally playful which is what you need to experience after spending so much time being so sad and so serious. You have moved passed all of that frustration and are beginning the next phase having learned valuable lessons.

The image of the page of swords is depicted in the rider wait deck as a younger person or maiden wielding a sword with both hands while trudging quickly over what appears to be rough terrain. The flight of the flock of birds behind the young page along with the wild clouds symbolizes the feeling that trouble is brewing, or the fear that it is. This card can also be chosen for a girl or a younger person with brown hair and brown eyes.

There are activities happening in your life that are causing you to be worried. Try to make sure that you are clear with what you are committing to and that you put your words into action. Try to bring in only new information into your world because if you try to stay attached to what you knew when you were participating in unhealthy habits you may find that you are blocking new understanding. You learn from everything at this time, and so you should enjoy the amount of time that you spend investigating the possibilities. Trusting your mind, find a way to focus on all of the fantastical and beautiful goals and dreams that you previously felt were impossible to achieve.

It is also of key importance that you be receptive to other people’s moods, so that you will know when you are being overly defensive. You may not appreciate when plans are delayed, and at this time you might even receive news that is disappointing, news that does not actively feel like it is moving you in the direction you want to go, but at this time you must rise above it and learn to be patient with yourself and your progress.

The Page of Swords in Love

The Page of Swords when it comes to love is a bearer of news. This is the time in your life where regardless of how old you are, you are reconnecting to the youthful childlike energies that you experienced when you were younger, but now you are able to see it all from an adult viewpoint. This is the spring energy, which makes you feel as if you are floating when you are initially falling for someone. Right now the possibilities around you are endless. Romance is absolutely not out of the question and you will find yourself to be capable of finding a youthful confidence when pursuing a new love. If you are currently in a relationship, even if you have been in that relationship for a long time, you are going to find that you are reconnecting to it in a whole new way. There is innocence to your love, one that is powerful and intuitive. Use this time to bring your joyful, youthful and romantic self to new levels. It is good for you to spend time laughing and feeling shy or vulnerable again. The Page of Swords is blessing you in this transit.

The Page of Swords in Health

In Health, the Page of Swords makes it possible for you to heal from past injuries both mentally and emotionally and bring forward the possibilities to strengthen your muscles and become more active then you have ever been before. After going through a very difficult time in your life, you became almost bent over in sickness because your emotions were so out of whack. Now you have the opportunity to start again from scratch. The Page of Swords is telling you that you need to start a new exercise program to bring back the physical strength in your body.

The Page of Swords in Work and Wealth

Now that the devastation of the past has gone by, you are going to be blessed with all sorts of new work and new money making possibilities. The great thing about a clean slate is that you can start over wherever and whenever you would like. Now is the time for you to do that very thing. Pay attention to the work opportunities that are going to start popping up all around you.

reversed page of swords

Reversed Meaning - Page Of Swords

When the Page of Swords appears in the reading in a reversed position there is a level of fear of deceitfulness around you at this time. You fear that those that you are trusting are going to betray you because that is what you have known to be the truth in your past. While you mustn’t allow yourself to stay overly paranoid, it is important for you to only trust others that have proven themselves worthy to be trusted. When this card comes up reversed in your reading, there is a certain amount of untrustworthy energy cycling around you at this time. You must be prepared to expect the unexpected, but do not lose yourself in your worry. Just meet any situation that arises head on and then handle it.

Upright Page of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Dark eyes
  • Young person male or female
  • Hair brown to black
  • Questing
  • Snarky
  • Intelligence
  • Questioning opinions

Reversed Page of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Wrongs in life
  • Equality for all
  • Ethical behavior
  • Fairness for everyone
  • Following your heart
  • Acknowledge effort
  • Fight evilness

The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles rushes to your side, bringing forth gifts of financial blessings, professional movement, stability and nobility.

He is a man of positive nature who takes responsibilities for his actions and is telling you that you should be responsible for yours as well. You are a dependable person, with good instincts who is watchful as well as a good physical leader. The Knight of Pentacles offers protective assistance, a sense of duty as well as loyalty. He is practical and athletic. If this Knight represents you as the queryent, then you are a super protective kind of person whose sense of duty and loyalty really motivates your life experience. You are able to see the expansive side of things in life, the potential that all of the world possesses should we only take a hold and allow it to move us. You are going through a happy transit of the pursuit of success and abundance.

The image of the Knight of Pentacles as depicted in the Rider Waite deck is a Knight who rides on his heavy work horse, symbolizing the hard work necessarily when tilling your soil for growth. He gallops through a field that is newly plowed. He wears green in his helmet and there is a sprig of green in the bridle of his horse as well. He is the strength of the plowed field; he wields the abundance of the earth in his hands. The Knight can be a bit of a materialist, the more that he has, the more abundant he feels, as depicted by his direct focus on the shining gold pentacle in front of him.

You can also choose this card in your reading to represent a black haired, or black eyed person. He is the type who is willing to work hard to get what he wants out of life, he does not believe in getting something for nothing, unless he can feel the spiritual connection involved. He is a trustworthy person and he symbolizes the coming or going of an important matter connected with money.

During the time that the Knight of Pentacles is transiting your life, you must take advantage of the active energy that surrounds you. You must set goals that you are capable of achieving so that you may track your progress and gain confidence in endeavoring in future attempts for success. Make a list so you can check things off. This Knight asks you to seriously consider the importance of empowering yourself to take actions that go beyond the practical pay attention to the desire for adventure that flows through your veins. If you become purely practical, then you cut yourself off from what matters and more importantly, the deeper meanings of life.

Sometimes it is challenging to make a decision when things feel secure. But you need to trust that there are more horizons to pursue then you know at this time, so don’t block out the higher messages that you receive from the Universe that will motivate you to do better things. You are the type of person who will be able to make something new from structures that already exist, both metaphorically and physically. You are a thorough person, who is willing to always do a great job and is trustworthy. You love activity and have a youthful energy around you and you desire to help those that are less fortunate. If you allow yourself to come to know the true meaning of your life, then you will know how to face whatever comes, especially the unknown. Consider teaching what you have learned with others to complete the cycle of knowledge. At this time you must decide who in your life is stable, who can you trust to be committed to the work that you do?

The Knight of Pentacles in Love

The Knight of Pentacles represents the Knight on his mighty steed, someone to come in and rescue you. But unlike the Knight of Swords, whose ability to commit hasn’t quite evolved yet, the Knight of Pentacles is that person who wants to stabilize, to have a commitment with longtime support. You have entered into this period of your life now and must, therefore, attract someone like yourself in order to gain the long-term happiness in romance that you seek. The Knight of Pentacles represents romantic stability and a nurturing energy. You will receive good tidings with love; therefore make sure that your life is ready for it. Are you really ready for a partnership that matters? Are you ready to be fully involved and committed to someone else? If this question gives you pause, then consider what it would take for you to be ready. What preparations must you make?

The knight of pentacles in love readings can indicate a male who can be somewhat “boring” in love but nevertheless trustworthy, dependable and also patient. He is holding a pentacle in his hand and in love matters, it shows an individual that can be skillful. He knows what he wants and is prepared to work for it. In love readings, if you pull a knight of pentacles in an action position this can represent a relationship that has staying power and long-term prospects but needs patience. The question though is if you are going to be “in love” for years to come? This relationship has staying power but there is a question if it has the chemistry. The knight of pentacles is somewhat vulnerable, he definitely has a lack of ego that we might the Knight of Swords. He really cares people and also provides a stable environment. The male force in the relationship is sensitive, and he does not seem as emotional like the knight of cups. I often like to think that the night of Pentacles is connected with somebody who has a dark complexion. In love and relationship spreads, this tarot card clearly shows that youcan depend on this person for love. The knight of pentacles in love is connected to someone who has OCD tendencies and also possible shyness but also “staying power” characteristics.

The Knight himself is trustworthy and can be quite thick skinned. In regard to astrology, he is connected to Virgo, and holds strong emotions. As an outcome in love readings, the knight of pentacles illustrates the importance of values and the need to nurture a relationship if you wanted to succeed. Elementally speaking, the knights in love readings are fiery, they connect fire in their own suit. Therefore, the Knight of Pentacles represents a physical existence and understands the physical needs in life. As he is an earth sign this makes him conservative. The knight of pentacles is a knight in shining armor that is steady and grounded in love. He can represent a relationship taking root and growing. Put simply, you may not rush into commitment and this shows you desire the stability in relationships and the material world to form a long-lasting emotional bond.

The Knight of Pentacles in Health

The Knight of Pentacles is the Knight of stability as well as freedom, a controlled creativity that is being mastered and expressed in healthy ways. If you have been struck down by some kind of disease or injury, the Knight of Pentacles tells you that you will push past this time of your life and gain a sense of your vibrant, enlivened self again. There is a sense of being ‘rescued’ energetically when this card is present. Have hope and you will prevail.

The Knight of Pentacles in Work and Wealth

The Knight of Pentacles in work and wealth is the bearer of good news if you have been an active participant in your work life then you can expect to gain much in the way of a promotion or a bonus of some kind. Others will cheer your work ethic and you will be rewarded. If you haven’t been working as hard as you think that you could be, the Knight of Pentacles is trying to remind you that a good work ethic will move you far, and now you have all of the potential to really get something out of the time you are putting in. Keep this in mind when you arrive to work tomorrow. Will you be on time? Will you give it everything that you’ve got? Or will you slack and just get by? The choice is yours.

reversed Knight of Pentacles

Reversed Knight of Pentacles in a reading

In a matter of finances and abundance, much currently feels as if it is stuck at a standstill. Understandably you need some encouragement. You have become bored. Right now you must recognize that fear is a powerful force that is causing you to hold onto what you know, regardless of whether or not it actually makes you happy. Now is the time for you to let go of the people in your life that do not make you feel good. If they are distracting you from your goals by bringing drama or frustration in your life then they do not belong. There are those who would try to bring you down the minute you start having successes in your life because they are not happy with theirs, you must not allow them to get under your skin. Begin to slough off the old so that you can make room for the new.

Upright Knight of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Man under the age of 40
  • Dark hair and eyes
  • Wealthy
  • Rich person
  • Real estate
  • Strong will
  • Being helpful
  • Agitation
  • Tiredness
  • Real estate
  • Strong will
  • Being helpful
  • Capability
  • Intuitive
  • Overprotective
  • Successful job

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Vigilante work
  • Hard personality
  • Rough character
  • Always late
  • Slow motion
  • Fakeness
  • Jealousy
  • Confusion
  • Evilness
  • Manipulation
  • False emotions
  • Broken heart