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The Hermit


The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit card is often very much underestimated. She is the underdog of the tarot that when viewed invokes a reaction from readers and querents alike. Often she is not welcome and that’s just sad.

The Hermit doesn’t hide from people; she merely likes to live life on his own terms. She has chosen to retreat into solitude above all of the madness of society. She beckons you to turn your view inward and allow yourself the time and space to think, feel, and meditate on what it is that you truly want in and from your life. By doing this you will be able to unlock your true desires and find complete happiness.

The Hermit looks to be standing on his own surrounded by nothing and holding only a lamp. Look more closely at the card and you will note that she is standing ready to move to the mountain. These are the very same mountains that symbolize monetary issues or stability in the Rider-Waite deck. His lantern is not to guide his own way, for he’s already where he wants to be. It is there to guide you to him or to his location. Now is a time to advance past trivialities in your life and focus on what really matters. It is not a damning card indicating seclusion, but rather a hopeful card showing you that there is a way to find solutions to your answers if you know the right questions to ask.

The Hermit card in your reading sometimes shows that there is a need for healing and understanding in your life. It is a very personal and spiritual card that shows you that you are not alone right now even if you feel that way. If you are going through a time of loss, feeling insecure or incomplete now is the time to embrace those feelings not as negative aspects but as empowering life-affirming experiences. It is easy to feel abandoned at certain times in one’s life as people can be let down by expectations placed on others, society, or the world. Consider who has let you down or disappointed you and left you feeling as you are.

Do not wallow in this feeling and do not allow it to eat at you. The Hermit has chosen to walk away from it all not for her disdain for mankind, but rather she was seeking answers and understanding through solitude and taking herself away from materialistic possessions. Now is a good time to pick up the book Walden by Ralph Waldo Emerson, grab a cup of tea, cozy up in your favorite chair and embrace the times that you have when you are on your own. Focus on the own inner quiet of your existence and check in on your true self.

The Hermit in Love

The Hermit may be alone standing on top of the mountain looking down at you, but this does not mean that you must do the same. In fact, the Hermit card is a sign for you to take stock in what you have going on in your life’s relationships that are good and revel in them. Rather than focusing on what you WANT now is a time to focus on what you need from love. Knowledge is power and you have the power to get what you want out of life through your relationships.

Since the Hermit card represents focusing on the positive aspects of your life, it may show up in your love reading as a suggestion to stop trying too hard. In a relationship that is rocky for example, the Hermit often advises to take a step back and allow arguments or disputes between two people to die down and to focus on what you brought you together in the first place. Allow yourself to go back to the basics of love and feel them again in retrospect. It is likely that you will find that the arguments in your relationship are not the root of the problem. Often there are outside issues that destroy our relationships such as work stress and finances. Put those issues aside for the time being and focus on the true connection between the two of you.

If you are looking for love and this card comes up it can have one of two meanings. The first is a representation of your lonely feeling by not being in a relationship. The other is a representation of needing to take a break from your search and focus on yourself for a while and allow for love to find its way to you. Maybe consider taking a break from dating and taking up a hobby. Find things in life that truly satisfy you and through those avenues, you will likely find what you are looking for.

The Hermit As Feelings

As feelings, The Hermit radiates emotions of warmth and companionship - but not passion. It can also suggest deeply buried feelings or emotional stuntedness. If you are asking in relation to romantic possibilities, now is probably not the best time to pursue this person in passion. They may think well of you, and maybe they are even attracted to you, but they are too lost in their own minds and perceptions to dedicate any real estate to that right now. Save yourself the heartache by keeping a safe emotional distance and time will handle the rest. 

The Hermit tarot card is one of the most iconic images in all of tarot readings. This symbolic figure harkens back to an old tradition: Every year at mid-winter, people dreamt of a Hermit, or “wise person” who could help guide them as they navigated their journey through the darkness.

In modern tarot readings, The Hermit card has come to represent the mystery of life and nature. It can suggest delving into our innermost depths and accepting our true selves on a spiritual level. When this card appears in the feelings position it is indicative that we should embark on a journey within ourselves - to look inside and find our own personal truth and wisdom.

By shining the light of insight on their feelings and life's direction, the hermit understands where their feelings lie. Rather than determining if they like you or love you, you need to figure out where the relationship is headed. For those embarking on new romances or single hearts looking for love, it can signal they feel they must grow first before taking that next step - a journey inward through contemplation and self-discovery. As his feelings for you, the Hermit card conveys he is feeling a sense of aloneness, of being alone to figure out what he wants. If you pulled this card for her feelings towards you then she clearly has her lantern in hand, seeking out knowledge to understand the future of love --- in order to reveal its possibilities. She is holding a lantern on my tarot cards, which makes sense since she is looking towards the light. She is simply shining that light to find out how she feels. 

The Hermit As Love Recognition

The Hermit tarot card for love recognition is a great card to pull, it is a symbol of being alone to figure out what you want from love. The Hermit, naturally, places emphasis on empowering and formative solitude that allows the individual to heal old wounds and develop new aspects of personality and skill. While a figure of seclusion may seem unfavourable in a love position, for those in strong romantic relationships it does not guarantee or even suggest the end of a partnership (though it can). Instead, it recommends space apart so that you can ultimately grow closer together. 

Codependency is all too common, sometimes we lose ourselves and our identity in a relationship like water disappearing down a plughole. This is counterintuitive as your partner loves you for the unique person you are, not for the way you reflect them. Focus on spending time rediscovering yourself, and if your relationship is on the rocks, now might be the time to move on.  If you’re single, this card suggests that now is not the best time to seek a new partner. You will benefit much more from a period of independence, in fact, it may be crucial to the success of your future relationships – to know another, you must first know yourself. Identify yourself thoroughly before trying to get to know someone else and it will be worth it in the long run. 

It calls to the heart, reminding us of the one person that has been there for you; though it may not always have been passionate kind of love, there was still an important connection. If you get bored with the  same old routine, re-downloading and rinsing and repeating the same mistakes in this relationship. 

The cherry on the cake (so to speak) of this relationship will have always been the unique ability to defy expectations. There'd be times when you both need space and feel entirely alone in your own sadness. Even if you have experienced ghosting, something metaphysical has told you to keep a distance until your lover finds their way back to you. The Hermit, to me, is a card of weeping in darkness and feeling frustrated by the difficult times in this connection, but still, here I am telling you (standing in a haze of three or four Jaffa cakes around me) that the Hermit is a sign that “space” is needed in this relationship.

The hermit tarot card represents being alone and understanding within oneself and allows us to move past any pain or conflict if it appears in a love reading. There are times when all we need to do is take a step back and look within for answers while we are away from them.  Love Reconciliation can be found in the Hermit tarot card, if only one can look closely enough. 

The Hermit in Health

For some true happiness is found simply by following the initial advice of the Hermit card. So many of us are busy day in and day out that worry and stress literally eat us from the inside out. It can be hard to find joy in the simple things as you drive your child to soccer practice after a long day in the office only to get home and cook dinner and finally plop down exhausted wondering where the day has gone. The card in your reading can be a sign that you are doing too much to the extent that you are at risk of health issues and concerns. Exceedingly high levels of stress and pressure can also cause health problems.

Consider taking time for yourself to find your own center and balance. You may want to invest in a low-level fitness program to rejuvenate your mind and body. Daily walks, time to meditate, and time to reflect is important to your mental health at this time. Do not take your own health for granted. You are not expendable.

The Hermit in Work, Money, Business, Career, and Wealth

You may find that you are at a point in your life where you question what everything means. Consider that perhaps you really ARE running in circles and getting nowhere and it is time to take a new direction in your life. The hermit is also searching for something and is connected to how we reflect "work"in life. This could be inner search for self-confidence or in taking a new step career-wise. In essence, this card often appears when we need to be alone to think. The hermit could in some cases represent unemployment or self-employment for a period of time - in order to reflect what you REALLY wish to do in life.

Money can certainly be the root of all evil if you let it. Consider if you are putting too much focus on money or work at this time. Often this card will come up when a person is feeling desperate to find a job. It’s easy to say that money is not important when you have it. When you are out of work and feeling the hurt employers will also see this in your when you go to interview. Focus on thinking about what kind of work you want and a reasonable income that will satisfy your lifestyle without being in excess. Take time daily to close your eyes and see what it is that you need in order to sustain your needs and to be comfortable. Create this image and hold on to it when thinking about money and finances in order to manifest this. As the hermit relates to Virgo which is the 5th house, this represents employment, it might be time to start a new business? But, you have to find your own way with the light.

The Hermit is so often misunderstood. To be introverted is to be comfortable in your own company and to be quiet is to be reflective – wisdom and decision-making – these are the two qualities that give this card its strength, like scaffolding behind an old building. The night may be dark and long, but like the woman on this card, you have the lantern to guide you through it. Trust in your own inner power, now is not a moment for consulting mentors or others for guidance, instead turn your energy inwards towards your own power and intelligence. 

The best way to learn to trust your own wisdom is to take a leap of faith and go for it. Depending on your situation, this may mean pushing forward - but it more often refers to taking time out. Remember the sturdiest homes are built on solid foundations. Lay the groundwork before acting, the results will be more fruitful and longer-lasting. A lantern is a very particular kind of light, it can lead groups, not just individuals. This is the card for the educator seeking enlightenment, and guiding others on their path. 

The Hermit As Action/Advice

The Hermit for questiojns on advice or action is about disconnecting from the noise of life and instead turning inward, to one's true path. You may not find answers in others or their words; but use the light of the lantern and look only within yourself can you seek out an understanding that will lead your journey towards spiritual growth. Let go of all negative energy inside--and whatever is outside too - so the good energy won't be wasted away. For advice the Hermit is about discovering faith and abiding by what’s right here and within your heart in order to get what you need in life. Actions towards you then the Hermit says the person is likely to remain quite for some time.

The Hermit Yes Or No

The Hermit does not deal in absolutes, it can be frustrating to draw a card like this here because it does not point with any certainty to one way or the other. However, just because this card is non-definitive, it doesn’t mean it lacks guidance. In fact, this card is a big signifier of intelligence and intuition – some intellect is innate, and this is the kind of skill this card illuminates. Reassess your question, perhaps you already have the true answer within you, trust your mind to be like a compass and guide you through it.

The Hermit As A Person

Hermits are complex and hidden people, often feeling conflicted and helpless when faced with inner problems. As a person they protect themselves from the unknown, preferring instead to revert inwardly, away from the troubles around them. Their internal reflections can become quite soporific at times, conjuring up an image of babbling brooks mumbling and musing. It is difficult for many people to gain clarity about anything when confronted with a Hermit, since these individuals tend to be lost in their own spiritual selves; only by offering patience to yourself and others can one ultimately escape any situation.

The Hermit In Past Position

A time from your past; a quiet point, away from the day-to-day bustle of life and instead meditative, reflective, full of contemplation and inner discovery. You learned many things about yourself in this period, perhaps you spent time studying for a new skill or qualification. It may simply have been a break in your career or your relationship that served as a buffer and breathing room between the usual madness of life. Either way, it was your solitude which helped to instil you with the strength and endurance you have today. Be thankful for this time, and remember that you know how to be on your own when the situation calls for it – just like a lone wolf, sometimes, everyone must spend time away from the pack. 

The Hermit In Present Position

The path is rugged, the road ahead unclear – but there’s a goal at the end of it, and you’re on a quest to get it. You’re seeking something, it may be to do with your own growth or your general position in life. Like the woman on this card, you look up to the moon and imagine your future. You will see that her dress is ethereal and cloudy, like the night sky, it symbolizes all the possibilities of your future and where it will take you. Remember, this card is all about the power of isolation and independence. Don’t let your self-doubt stop you from taking this journey of self-discovery on your own, and don’t be swayed by the naysayers out in the chaotic world. By the end of this voyage, you will know more about yourself and your own world view than you ever have before.

The Hermit In Future and Outcome Position

An epiphany lingers in your future, a moment of realisation is just around the corner. If you are experiencing difficulty in your present, you will find that in your future, you will finally muster the personal strength to change your situation, just like a superhero discovering their powers for the first time. Perhaps you have already been mulling over this situation, this card can sometimes refer to letting go of something that was once dear to you, but now is only causing you pain. Whatever the case, do not stress or resist this moment of enlightenment - when the time comes, you will be ready and you will accept it. Like day and night, change is inherent to life and brings good things in the long run.

The Hermit As Friendship Or Family

Here, The Hermit sees power and depth in relationships that can last a long time without being supplemented by continual attention. Like birds of a feather, sometimes we fly in groups and sometimes we fly alone; we all go through periods of extroversion and periods of introversion, right now you should trust that distance doesn’t mark the end of your companionship with others. Of course, do not neglect your duty as a friend, but don’t push for unnecessary or over-the-top interaction, either. Friendship is based on a foundation of genuine connection, not doing things for show. This card is a sign that either you, or one of your friends, is in need of some personal space - this person will want to know their friends are available without feeling obligated to reach out regularly. 

The Hermit Tarot Card Reversed

Reversed Hermit in a Reading

The reversed Hermit indicates a dire situation in the extreme; usually representing of someone so far gone off their path that they may be best just wiping their hands clean of a situation and starting over completely. The light of wisdom is snuffed out, the path obscured, and hope gone the Hermit is alone and doesn’t know where to turn. When this card shows in the reversed position it is very important to look to the other surrounding cards for cues as to which way to go to get out of the current situation. The reversed position can also indicate seeking outside counsel or turning your introspection to those around you.

The Hermit Reversed - Love and Romance

An old flame begins to flicker once more, could this be the time for rekindling? When reversed, The Hermit can actually suggest that you’re on the path to reconciling with an ex or old lover. Perhaps you are coming out of a period of personal solitude, you may have reconnected with your own wants and desires and now feel ready to have another go at a relationship you weren’t mature enough for before. Equally, it may be your previous partner who has undergone this transformation – like a sleepwalker coming to their senses. If the moment feels right, you could try extending an olive branch and see where the new connection takes you.

When the Hermit card appears in a love reading reversed, it typically means that we are seeking an answer to a messy situation --- but don’t know which way to choose. The Hermit can represent someone who is alone and feeling spiritually isolated from others. On my card, you will see she is holding a lantern, this means that the hermit is the “wise guide” or teacher, leading you towards answers while keeping some distance, I also want to add this card could be interpreted in our relationships when we feel that something isn’t quite right yet don’t want to let go of it completely.

It could also point to the need to avoid difficult conversations or potential truths. In most cases, I believe the reversed Hermit can mean we have a need for guidance through that old path (or road) that we have not walked on before. To draw this card in a love reading (reversed) it really invites reflection upon your more “lonelier thoughts” and asks if your emotions are stable; ask yourself if they have been fully expressed as well as listened to by both people involved. Maybe there are still unresolved issues and you just need “breathing space” both mentally and emotionally -- or a period of hiding away to make sense of all the craziness in relationships.

The Hermit reversed - Family and Home

There is beauty in solitude, but when taken too far it turns into isolation and can generate selfish emotions. Seeing The Hermit reversed regarding family and the home usually suggests you have taken your solitude too far. We all need time alone, but, especially within the family, there must be community and shared experience, as well. You have an important role to play in your family, you need to support your loved ones and show them your affection (just like they do for you). 

It is in these moments family really shines with the golden goodness of sunlight, not when you’re shut away from each other. Don’t retreat into yourself entirely, otherwise, when you do reemerge you may find that some of your most important relationships have suffered irreparable damage. This isn’t said to scare you, just to gently warn you that personal time must be dispersed with shared family time, too. Don’t take your family for granted, they have a lot to offer you – and just like sharing gifts, reciprocation is essential to that process. 

The Hermit Reversed - Work and Finances

Does it feel that your potential is being wasted? Like a plant growing without rain, you’re missing a vital ingredient to success: collaboration. If you’re struggling financially, look for guidance on budgeting to help you create structure and order. And if you feel stunted at work, talk to your superiors about a more constructive process for climbing the career ladder. While upright The Hermit is all about independence, reversed, it is about not being afraid to ask for help when you need it. There are few realms where guidance and mentorship are more beneficial than in work and finances, it is here that leaders can truly lead you to new exciting lands. Ask for help and you’ll reap the rewards, just like an autumn harvest after a warm summer.

When we reverse the Hermit tarot card, it almost always indicates more of a negative outcome, either that something will not happen or that further guidance needs to be found. It could represent the need for caution while taking risks related to your money or career. The reversed Hermit can also indicate inner blockages with regard to progress --- whether they be emotional, mental, or spiritual --- so reflection and introspection could prove necessary before undertaking any course of action.

The Hermit Reversed - Health and Wellness

Something has staled, turned bitter like sour grapes, what was once good is now unworkable. Have you fallen into bad habits, perhaps you’re not nourishing yourself like you once were. This card is rarely a sign of anything serious to worry about, instead, you should take it as an indication that you need to freshen things up. Try and find a balance between things that you enjoy and things that are good for you (don’t ever forget it’s possible to achieve both, balance lies at the heart of all life). You could try cooking with your partner or exercising with a friend - these things are bound to give both your health and wellness a welcome boost and the collaboration can improve the overall experience. Take the time to listen to your body, feel it fully and it will tell you what it needs to thrive. 

The Hermit Reversed - Personal Spirituality

Overindulgence is wreaking havoc with your quest of spirituality, its impact is resounding like a siren and causing other issues to boot. Yes, a personal spiritual journey often requires inner reflection, but this is not an excuse for being blinkered to the world around you. It’s good to expose yourself to the wisdom and experiences of others as this can be spiritually enriching too. Remember that our learning on this earth is never done, so keep your mind and heart open. Be confident, but not arrogant. When you learn to balance reflection and action, solitude, and collaboration, you will find yourself spiritually enlightened. 

The Hermit Upright Meanings in Keywords

  • The need for alone time
  • Turned away from the world
  • Thinking deeply
  • Deciding what to do
  • Coming out of you shell
  • Mysterious person
  • Walking alone

The Hermit Reversed Meanings in Keywords

  • Reflecting on inner conflict
  • Feelings as oppose to actions
  • Withdrawn
  • Egotistical
  • Self defining

The Two of Pentacles


Two Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Pentacles can present a bit of a struggle in your life during the past, present, or future depending on the placement of the card. See the lady in the card trying to balance the peacock feather. It could fall at any time. This is a metaphor that you are trying to balance two situations.

Either way, it is usually an indication that you need to give specific focus to the more materialistic aspects of your life or that you are juggling too much and on the brink of failure. In the future position it’s possible to avoid the unbalanced fate of this card and it’s a bit more manageable. However, if you are currently dealing with this balancing act or just come out of a rough patch the card states that you need to apply more attention to the stabilizing factors in your life.

Like the man on the card, you are in an endless struggle to keep the two pentacles in motion. Earthy energies of the pentacles card often lead to sluggishness and when you are juggling, that’s not a good thing. You may notice that there is too much pull at work, causing you to lose focus on things at home or vice versa. Be prepared to lie down and sacrifice one aspect or the other based on where your true need lies.

If you feel, for example, that things are falling apart in a relationship or with your family and your attention is needed but you also have to work and perform well at your job then the best course of action may be that you need to cut back where you can. Cutting back in one specific area is going to be more beneficial to you than having it all crumble on top of you. It may seem like an impossible task or that you are faced between choices that you simply cannot act on. Be creative and allow for help if need be.

Take a step back in your life right now and reflect on what is truly important to you. Imagine your goal in a box. You can’t choose more than one for right now. Simply pick the most important aspect of your life. Consider all aspects of your life and create goals that feed into that ultimate goal. If you are finding that you are involving yourself in tasks that do not ultimately meet your main goal at this time, then those are things that need to be dropped. Now may not be a good time for extra socializing or taking on new tasks that you are going to be unable to handle. Allow your focus to be centralized and realize that this cutting back is not a permanent thing. Sometimes you need to knuckle down and get through a difficult situation in order for your horizon to broaden. Give yourself time to resolve the drama or struggle in your life before you take on more. Do not allow for distractions or nay sayers around you to take your eye off of the prize.

The Two of Pentacles in Love

Right now you may be feeling overwhelmed in the love department and either facing too many demands in your relationship or simply feeling that your needs are not being met. Usually the Two of Pentacles comes up when there is a choice to be made and in love the choice is often one of whether you WANT to be in the relationship you are in currently… or even in a relationship at all. With this card specifically it tells you to be brutally honest with yourself if you are willing to be flexible enough for a relationship at this time. Consider if you are truly getting your needs met and if your relationship is the right one for you.

Because the Two of Pentacles comes up it doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed or that you are doomed to be alone. If you walk away from your pondering saying, “Why yes! I am sure of my relationship!” or you truly know that you are emotionally ready to be seeking out new love then you have a decision to make. Not to point a finger, but if this is the case then the issue in love is usually you. Your desire is that you want to be loved and love is obviously a priority for you. Now you must consider if you have been showing this to your partner, prospective partners, and most of all yourself. Take steps to make love a priority. Do not set it aside or expect it to wait for you during long work hours, not communicating your feelings, or other excuses. There is no such thing as ‘not enough time’. Even if you are exceptionally busy, love and relationships require investments and assurances of your will and desire to be there. This is a time that you must prove what you want, vocalize your desires, and most of all balance out your wants with reality. It’s okay for example to tell your partner, “I know things have been busy and I have been distracted lately.” You may find that simply communicating or taking a quick break to rekindle your relationship that the love will bloom rather than die out.

The Two of Pentacles in Health

Slow down cowboy! The Two of Pentacles in your love reading indicates that you are doing too much. Excess worry, doing too much, and over extending yourself is taking a toll on your body and you are in definite need of a recharge! Even if your focus is health, you are doing too much too fast and you are going to notice negative effects. Take a break, breathe, and treat yourself. This is an excellent time to treat yourself and remember to allow some focus in your life for you.

The Two of Pentacles in Work and Wealth

Oddly enough, while the Two of Pentacles is often a warning card in other aspects of life… in wealth and work it is a positive card for opportunity and risk taking. The balancing act of the two coins on the Two of Pentacles card shows a balance when it comes to money. When you view the two coins being juggled, either way it’s a win-win situation. If you keep the coins in motion you create a positive cycle of possibilities and chances for money. If you drop the two coins… well, you still have two coins to pick up and put in your pocket. They aren’t going anywhere! It’s not a guarantee that you are going to strike it rich, but the presence of the card is a good sign that there is a chance worth taking in both work and wealth.

The Two of Pentacles Advice

The two of Pentacles is a card of juggling. The man is juggling material possessions in life and this can also signify a change in a relationship. It is an advisory card saying that it is a time to think things over. Think about the pros and cons. The card often comes up as "evolution" and "transition" from one stage of life to the other. It could represent that if you are making decisions of finances then you are juggling money from one phase to another. Balance is the order of the day. Look and see how the lady on the card balances the feather on her hand. It is likely going to fall at any time and drop into the water of emotions. This is the advice right now, try to balance situations.

Two of Pentacles As Yes Or No

The answer is maybe. It is not a clear cut answer, the card suggests that you need to remain emotionally open to new possibilities. Often, the card indicates a “No” but maybe in future terms. In terms of lovers, it can mean that a relationship may come into fruition in the future. 

Two of Pentacles As Feelings

In love, the Two of Pentacles suggests that you may be juggling two relationships or two-timing someone. It can also appear when you are undecided about what to do. There is a focus on organizing yourself better in a relationship and being open to people's feelings. This can be a time of feeling emotional but unable to see the right way ahead. Asking of this person's feelings they may be up and down. It can mean that they are not making any decisions about you. 

Two of Pentacles As Past

Drawing this card in the past position can indicate that things have been up and down, you have been rushing about and not thinking about your own balance. When this card falls in the past it can mean many demands have been placed on you. Time must be managed better and that you need to focus in order to ensure that this busy period remains in your past. This can also crop up when you have not had many things to keep you on an even path. Many demands of your time have occurred and there is a focus on trying to rest. 

Two of Pentacles As Present

Traditionally, the Two of Pentacles is connected to a harmonious change. The balancing act looks easy but it might not be in reality. This card can also appear when your spiritual, intellectual, and emotional resources are being used all at once. It can mean that no matter how hard things appear at the moment you feel rushed into decisions. The balancing act could come from career choices, family members or a health problem. In the real world, if the balancing act remains constant then things will work out well. 

Two of Pentacles As Future / Outcome

When the Two of Pentacles appears in an outcome position and this can suggest that you are balancing or engaging in different acts in the future. It can mean that you are feeling rushed or unable to make clear decisions about the future. The infinity sign about this card is that there is decisions that will eventually need to be made. Striking the right emotional balance is important so you can change and adapt with different situations. Also, notice the water in the pond it is stagnate. It is a symbol that there will be emotions that are delayed or not expressed. This is not a negative card but really the fact that you will be shifting balance and trying to continue with changing situations.  

Two of Pentacles As Love Reconciliation

Patience is the message of the Two of Pentacles in love reconciliation. There will be some time to figure out where you want things going. Determination is important as the Two of Pentacles can signify that you might not get back together that quickly. The lady is seen calm sitting on the indoor pond. This is a time of energy, love and resources but also of ups and downs. 

Two of Pentacles As Friendship

The water in the card represents that you can handle multiple issues in life. The water shows the emotional inadequacy of your friendship. This card can mean that you are ready to encounter a new friendship. The lady balances the peacock feather on her hand and only a shift in her response will change the situation. That is what this is trying to tell you. Try to look for imbalance in your friendship then address this so you are more balanced, it will make your relationships stronger.


Reversed Two of Pentacles in a reading

The Two of Pentacles in the reversed position often has a positive effect on reading. While it can indicate a difficulty in making a decision or need to seek counsel in your life… it generally means that you are WILLING to do these things. In the upright position, there is a sense of carelessness that is not present in the reversed card. Gone are the juggling and the coins of the card lie where they may. What is done is done. Now is a time to look around and seek out opportunities and allow for stable changes to enter your life. There is a chance still related to this card but it is less risky. There may even be a decision before you, but it is not such a difficult one. There are areas of your life that need attention and you should know what they are. Be open in your communication with loved ones and even ask what you can do to improve situations. The power is in your hands to create positive relationships at this time if you are willing to humble yourself and seek direction.

2 Pentacles Tarot Reversed

Upright Two of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Financial issues
  • Ruined romance
  • Gaining balance
  • Feeling alone
  • Hardships
  • Emotional
  • No energy
  • Crying
  • Writing
  • Calculation
  • Closure

Reversed Two of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Conflict
  • Independence
  • Feeling joyful
  • Full plate
  • Transitioning
  • Stupid risks
  • Valuable lessons
  • Entertainment
  • Exploring life
  • Experiencing

The Ace of Swords


The Ace Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

When you have received the Ace of Swords in your reading, there is a certain level of enhancement of your intellect as well as increasing perspective of mental clarity present with you at this time.

You are capable of having a balanced mind, and you are a very receptive person. You have moved away from feeling confused and being full of doubt to a more expanded knowledge that is blessed by the heavens. The Ace of Swords is a gift yet to come. It recognizes that you are highly analytical, as well as rational and you have developed many beneficial skills such as communication, administration as well as the ability to teach and to absorb lessons. Right now you are going to be blessed with a level of intellectual fulfillment. Now is the time to take into consideration your own ability to shine brighter than those around you.

The image of the Ace of Swords from the Rider Waite Deck is depicted as a giant hand that emerges from the heavens holding a double edged sword. The crown of victory encircles the hand, where the olive brand of mercy and the palm branch of severity hang from it. This card is known to be symbolic of justice, energies that maintain order as well as the equilibrium between forgiveness and rigidity. There is an encouragement of the adventure found in conquest, of a triumph over adversity with a time of great activity. This card will be influencing you in the way that there will be strong levels of love or hate, depending on the circumstances surrounding your life at the point of your reading. The Ace of Swords is the bearer of championing for oneself as well as the possibility of new fruit to be born. For example, this could be a symbol of a child being born who has a heroic temperament.

Balance the pros and cons of the different up and coming events in your life. The Ace of Swords allows you to be cutting in your decision making; you should only allow yourself to make room for that which is pushing you forward. Therefore you must embrace the strength that is being gifted to you at this time by cutting through excess baggage that will allow you to focus on your goals and desires like a flashlight. What will bring you the most success at this time is to stop worrying about what might be and instead take charge over what can be controlled now, what IS. Now you must put all of your energy into creating new plans and ideas. If you are experiencing a time of frustration or misery, you must work to strengthen your thoughts on the happiness that you wish to create, because if you truly want it to happen, then you will.

The pursuit of wisdom allows you to see beyond illusions to the spiritual knowledge housed within life. The mind, without intuition, leads only to more fantasy or illusion. At this time, as in all of life, love is integral if you wish to find truth in the wisdom of the world.  Your emotions are what guide you to bigger and better things in life. The Ace of Swords asks for you to consider what problems you are confronting at this time as well as what is happening in your mind on a regular basis.

The Ace of Swords in Love

The Ace of Swords presents itself in a Love reading to make sure that you are paying attention. The hand is reaching out to you from the heavens to clear the way of that which does not bring you closer to your desires in love. If you have been feeling as if you are never going to find someone because life is too complicated or you can never find a person that really matches you on an integral level, now is the time to relax because the hand that is reaching from the heavens is clearing the way for you. Things will become extremely less complicated and you will be able to find someone that will be an appropriate match at this time. But you must make sure that you are connecting to your intuition so that you can be guided to the right person.

The Ace of Swords in Health

The Ace of Swords presents itself in your reading regarding health to advise you to lessen the amount of excess busy-ness that you have in your life right now. Often this card will show up when the question of surgery has arrived in a person’s life. This is the answer that you have been looking for, if there is a removal of some kind of growth necessary, the Ace of Swords provides a protective force throughout the procedure, which means now is a good time to begin to sign the paperwork and gets the procedure going. Other examples of the Ace of Swords in Health revolve around removing excess. For example, you may want to work on excess foods and excess unhealthy indulgences so that you do not get stuck with excess physically that you cannot handle.

The Ace of Swords in Work and Wealth

In work, the Ace of Swords is offering to you the opportunity of a lifetime, to get rid of the work environment or communication with coworkers that take up your time needlessly. Now a promotion is in your future, one that will allow you to use your creative skills and intuition and get paid for it. Keep your eyes open. When this card is drawn in a working spread it means that there will be a period of action that is needed. This could be also having clear clarity and full understanding of a situation, having honest open dialogues. An ace is also connected to new beginnings and the sword can show that you might need to arm yourself for defense. It’s like you are armed for a fight and the other person knows your also armed. This is giving you the chance to say sharp words -  think of the sharpness of the sword. Communications must be reached with of course clarity in a situation.

The Ace Of Swords Reversed


Reversed Meaning - Ace Of Swords

When you have received the Ace of Swords in the reversed position, you will find that you are having a hard time formulating an idea or setting up plans to complete your goals. This is likely because you have so much going on that it is hard to focus on more than one thing at a time. Therefore the Ace of Swords is telling you that you must let go of what is needless or you will get stuck in a negative cycle.  Try not to be too hasty in your decisions. Think them through.

Upright Ace Of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  •  Seeking justice/truth
  •  Finding love
  •  Mental strength
  •  Thinking objectively
  •  Overcoming challenges
  •  Finding motivation

Reversed Ace Of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  •  Telling Lies
  •  Self-destruction
  •  Depression/Anxiety
  •  Bitterness
  •  Rejection
  •  Fight