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The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles can present a bit of a struggle in your life during the past, present, or future depending on the placement of the card. See the lady in the card trying to balance the peacock feather. It could fall at any time. This is a metaphor that you are trying to balance two situations.

Either way, it is usually an indication that you need to give specific focus to the more materialistic aspects of your life or that you are juggling too much and on the brink of failure. In the future position it’s possible to avoid the unbalanced fate of this card and it’s a bit more manageable. However, if you are currently dealing with this balancing act or just come out of a rough patch the card states that you need to apply more attention to the stabilizing factors in your life.

Like the man on the card, you are in an endless struggle to keep the two pentacles in motion. Earthy energies of the pentacles card often lead to sluggishness and when you are juggling, that’s not a good thing. You may notice that there is too much pull at work, causing you to lose focus on things at home or vice versa. Be prepared to lie down and sacrifice one aspect or the other based on where your true need lies.

If you feel, for example, that things are falling apart in a relationship or with your family and your attention is needed but you also have to work and perform well at your job then the best course of action may be that you need to cut back where you can. Cutting back in one specific area is going to be more beneficial to you than having it all crumble on top of you. It may seem like an impossible task or that you are faced between choices that you simply cannot act on. Be creative and allow for help if need be.

Take a step back in your life right now and reflect on what is truly important to you. Imagine your goal in a box. You can’t choose more than one for right now. Simply pick the most important aspect of your life. Consider all aspects of your life and create goals that feed into that ultimate goal. If you are finding that you are involving yourself in tasks that do not ultimately meet your main goal at this time, then those are things that need to be dropped. Now may not be a good time for extra socializing or taking on new tasks that you are going to be unable to handle. Allow your focus to be centralized and realize that this cutting back is not a permanent thing. Sometimes you need to knuckle down and get through a difficult situation in order for your horizon to broaden. Give yourself time to resolve the drama or struggle in your life before you take on more. Do not allow for distractions or nay sayers around you to take your eye off of the prize.

The Two of Pentacles in Love

Right now you may be feeling overwhelmed in the love department and either facing too many demands in your relationship or simply feeling that your needs are not being met. Usually the Two of Pentacles comes up when there is a choice to be made and in love the choice is often one of whether you WANT to be in the relationship you are in currently… or even in a relationship at all. With this card specifically it tells you to be brutally honest with yourself if you are willing to be flexible enough for a relationship at this time. Consider if you are truly getting your needs met and if your relationship is the right one for you.

Because the Two of Pentacles comes up it doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed or that you are doomed to be alone. If you walk away from your pondering saying, “Why yes! I am sure of my relationship!” or you truly know that you are emotionally ready to be seeking out new love then you have a decision to make. Not to point a finger, but if this is the case then the issue in love is usually you. Your desire is that you want to be loved and love is obviously a priority for you. Now you must consider if you have been showing this to your partner, prospective partners, and most of all yourself. Take steps to make love a priority. Do not set it aside or expect it to wait for you during long work hours, not communicating your feelings, or other excuses. There is no such thing as ‘not enough time’. Even if you are exceptionally busy, love and relationships require investments and assurances of your will and desire to be there. This is a time that you must prove what you want, vocalize your desires, and most of all balance out your wants with reality. It’s okay for example to tell your partner, “I know things have been busy and I have been distracted lately.” You may find that simply communicating or taking a quick break to rekindle your relationship that the love will bloom rather than die out.

The Two of Pentacles in Health

Slow down cowboy! The Two of Pentacles in your love reading indicates that you are doing too much. Excess worry, doing too much, and over extending yourself is taking a toll on your body and you are in definite need of a recharge! Even if your focus is health, you are doing too much too fast and you are going to notice negative effects. Take a break, breathe, and treat yourself. This is an excellent time to treat yourself and remember to allow some focus in your life for you.

The Two of Pentacles in Work and Wealth

Oddly enough, while the Two of Pentacles is often a warning card in other aspects of life… in wealth and work it is a positive card for opportunity and risk taking. The balancing act of the two coins on the Two of Pentacles card shows a balance when it comes to money. When you view the two coins being juggled, either way it’s a win-win situation. If you keep the coins in motion you create a positive cycle of possibilities and chances for money. If you drop the two coins… well, you still have two coins to pick up and put in your pocket. They aren’t going anywhere! It’s not a guarantee that you are going to strike it rich, but the presence of the card is a good sign that there is a chance worth taking in both work and wealth.

The Two of Pentacles Advice

The two of Pentacles is a card of juggling. The man is juggling material possessions in life and this can also signify a change in a relationship. It is an advisory card saying that it is a time to think things over. Think about the pros and cons. The card often comes up as "evolution" and "transition" from one stage of life to the other. It could represent that if you are making decisions of finances then you are juggling money from one phase to another. Balance is the order of the day. Look and see how the lady on the card balances the feather on her hand. It is likely going to fall at any time and drop into the water of emotions. This is the advice right now, try to balance situations.

Two of Pentacles As Yes Or No

The answer is maybe. It is not a clear cut answer, the card suggests that you need to remain emotionally open to new possibilities. Often, the card indicates a “No” but maybe in future terms. In terms of lovers, it can mean that a relationship may come into fruition in the future. 

Two of Pentacles As Feelings

In love, the Two of Pentacles suggests that you may be juggling two relationships or two-timing someone. It can also appear when you are undecided about what to do. There is a focus on organizing yourself better in a relationship and being open to people's feelings. This can be a time of feeling emotional but unable to see the right way ahead. Asking of this person's feelings they may be up and down. It can mean that they are not making any decisions about you. 

Two of Pentacles As Past

Drawing this card in the past position can indicate that things have been up and down, you have been rushing about and not thinking about your own balance. When this card falls in the past it can mean many demands have been placed on you. Time must be managed better and that you need to focus in order to ensure that this busy period remains in your past. This can also crop up when you have not had many things to keep you on an even path. Many demands of your time have occurred and there is a focus on trying to rest. 

Two of Pentacles As Present

Traditionally, the Two of Pentacles is connected to a harmonious change. The balancing act looks easy but it might not be in reality. This card can also appear when your spiritual, intellectual, and emotional resources are being used all at once. It can mean that no matter how hard things appear at the moment you feel rushed into decisions. The balancing act could come from career choices, family members or a health problem. In the real world, if the balancing act remains constant then things will work out well. 

Two of Pentacles As Future / Outcome

When the Two of Pentacles appears in an outcome position and this can suggest that you are balancing or engaging in different acts in the future. It can mean that you are feeling rushed or unable to make clear decisions about the future. The infinity sign about this card is that there is decisions that will eventually need to be made. Striking the right emotional balance is important so you can change and adapt with different situations. Also, notice the water in the pond it is stagnate. It is a symbol that there will be emotions that are delayed or not expressed. This is not a negative card but really the fact that you will be shifting balance and trying to continue with changing situations.  

Two of Pentacles As Love Reconciliation

Patience is the message of the Two of Pentacles in love reconciliation. There will be some time to figure out where you want things going. Determination is important as the Two of Pentacles can signify that you might not get back together that quickly. The lady is seen calm sitting on the indoor pond. This is a time of energy, love and resources but also of ups and downs. 

Two of Pentacles As Friendship

The water in the card represents that you can handle multiple issues in life. The water shows the emotional inadequacy of your friendship. This card can mean that you are ready to encounter a new friendship. The lady balances the peacock feather on her hand and only a shift in her response will change the situation. That is what this is trying to tell you. Try to look for imbalance in your friendship then address this so you are more balanced, it will make your relationships stronger.


Reversed Two of Pentacles in a reading

The Two of Pentacles in the reversed position often has a positive effect on reading. While it can indicate a difficulty in making a decision or need to seek counsel in your life… it generally means that you are WILLING to do these things. In the upright position, there is a sense of carelessness that is not present in the reversed card. Gone are the juggling and the coins of the card lie where they may. What is done is done. Now is a time to look around and seek out opportunities and allow for stable changes to enter your life. There is a chance still related to this card but it is less risky. There may even be a decision before you, but it is not such a difficult one. There are areas of your life that need attention and you should know what they are. Be open in your communication with loved ones and even ask what you can do to improve situations. The power is in your hands to create positive relationships at this time if you are willing to humble yourself and seek direction.

2 Pentacles Tarot Reversed

Upright Two of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Financial issues
  • Ruined romance
  • Gaining balance
  • Feeling alone
  • Hardships
  • Emotional
  • No energy
  • Crying
  • Writing
  • Calculation
  • Closure

Reversed Two of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Conflict
  • Independence
  • Feeling joyful
  • Full plate
  • Transitioning
  • Stupid risks
  • Valuable lessons
  • Entertainment
  • Exploring life
  • Experiencing

The Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles gives you a taste of success but reminds you that you can’t have what you want overnight.

There is a goal in sight for you right now and you are on the right path – learning new tricks, creating healthy environments around you, and otherwise doing what you can to succeed. The Eight of Pentacles is a reminder not to give up and to continue on the path that you are on now.

When this card comes up in a reading it usually will accompany a daunting time in one’s life where life seems mechanical or monotonous. Consider daily tasks in which you are bored from doing the same repetitive motions. You may feel like you are caught in a rat race or that you are trying with your all but you are not getting anywhere. Often before we can advance onto higher lessons in life we have to continue taking baby steps. You may feel that you are ready for more or that you should be doing more in your life… however if you feel this way then you are probably discounting the actions you take and their importance. Right now is an important time in your life and you are on the cusp of something greater. It is important to not quit just yet and allow your actions to complete their cycle.

The man on the Eight of Pentacles card is working diligently at creating new coins out of wood and then placing them onto a tree. The background sky is white and is indicative of purity and spirituality. Often it is assumed that he is an apprentice of some sort of trade and that the coins and the wood are symbolisms of his future prosperity. Like the apprentice, you are learning skills for your life so that you can ultimately get what you want. You need to learn to take pride in your small accomplishments. Avoid downplaying your own efforts.

The card can also be a sign that you need to lighten up on someone around you. Rather than focusing on you as the apprentice, the Eight of Pentacles be showing you as the master in a relationship in your life, where you have the skills to succeed but someone around you is not quite up to par with you. In work and love both this card can indicate problems that can be easily resolved with patience and communication. The overall message of the Eight of Pentacles is that hard work and determination will allow you to succeed. Whatever your role is regarding this card, communication, building a foundation, and consistency is key to the questions that you have of life right now.

The Eight of Pentacles in Love

When dealing with other people in relationships petty arguments and bickering is bound to happen. The Eight of Pentacles comes up when there are small complaints in the relationship or insecurities about a partner. If either of these situations are you then the Eight of Pentacles is reminding you that we are not all perfect. We must all start somewhere in order to grow on your path and it is likely that you are with your partner at this time for a reason. You more than likely have some information or experiences that will prove beneficial to your partner.

Right now is a good time to think of ways in which you can offer yourself as an example, rather than a standard. Think of the ways in which you express to your partner and how the two of you work together. You may find that you are being looked to for guidance and that you are being too harsh in your own judgments. When looking for love, the Eight of Pentacles has a different meaning entirely. In this case traditionally the card turns around and places you back as the apprentice and advises to take small steps forward right now. Focus first on ways that you are ready for love and cultivate those. Be aware that you likely still have old emotions or hang ups from a previous relationship that need to be resolved so that you do not repeat past mistakes.

The Eight of Pentacles in Health

The Eight of Pentacles is a card that represents a work in progress. The card can be somewhat concerning in health because it usually will symbolize that you have been working hard for your health goal and yet you are not seeing the desired responses. Whatever your health concern is, right now you need to take a step back and look at the process you are taking. Consider what ways you are doing counter-productive actions and which efforts are simply not enough. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the larger picture at hand. Take one step at a time and do not lose sight of your goal.

It can be a good time to ask someone else for assistance that has dealt with similar health issues before or seek the motivation of others. Because of the earthy energy of the card and the suit of pentacles in general, you may find that you are getting overwhelmed from your efforts. Try not to beat yourself up. Realizing that you are doing what you can and that questioning the reasons of your actions or making excuses are not going to get you anywhere.

The Eight of Pentacles in Work and Wealth

The Eight of Pentacles usually indicates a beginning in one way or another regarding both work and finance. Even if you are the boss of a company and know your industry like the back of your hand, there are still things that you need to learn. Allow yourself the opportunity to increase your knowledge base at this time and work on exercises that are going to grow you expertise. Now is not a good time to be making HUGE changes in your life of finance or career, rather you want to focus on the smaller changes that you can make as well as to jump on opportunities to network, learn, and grow.

The Eight of Pentacles is also a thinking card. Your focus is important right now. You may notice that you have bitten off more than you can chew in a work project or are feeling discouraged about a lack of progress in finances. Remember that even mistakes are opportunities to grow. Take what you can out of even the worst of situations and apply it to future opportunities. The loss will work out in the end and may even prove to be for the best. 

In work the eight of Pentacles implies that you are working but are not paid what you should be. Reversed this card indicates that the work is efficient. As he has already completed five of the pentacles which are above him it can indicate that work is not finished. Like the seven of pentacles which is all about patience, the eight can suggest that on the 8th pentacle you can publicly show your strength. This card can indicate you are producing some results but it will take time. Additionally, that you are completely dedicated and also learning at the same time. In some tarot books, this card is seen in work as being responsible but above all, it implies that you can accomplish things well but you need to understand that things are needed in detail. If you are looking for work, been to a job interview then this is a positive card, it can imply that you are committed to new tasks and generally you have so much on your plate. The key is to focus on yourself right now. In business, the eight of Pentacles implies that there is mastery but it will take work to become the master. This card also indicates cash and career developments. The 8 is a great card for business and it shows that you will a “master” and you will make enough money in life. 

8 of Pentacles Tarot Card Reversed

Reversed Eight of Pentacles in a reading

The Eight of Pentacles reversed shows a lack of motivation, determination, and vision. It can be a detrimental card in a reading because when you are not focused on the task at hand then careless mistakes can be made. Make sure you are doing all you can to make informed decisions and to not jump to conclusions. When reversed the Eight of Pentacles tells you to stop, look, and listen before making another leap physically or spiritually.

Upright Eight of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Working hard in life
  • Producing good results
  • Extra careful at work
  • Working diligently
  • Appreciation
  • Development
  • Employment
  • Appreciation
  • Development
  • Employment
  • Authority
  • Patience
  • Bad results
  • Small success

Reversed Eight of Pentacles Meanings in Keywords

  • Late success
  • Acknowledgment
  • Breakthrough
  • Recovery
  • Material stability
  • Resignation
  • Organization
  • New beginning

The Ace of Wands

The Ace is the core or primal representation of that energy.

If you are seeing the Ace of Wands in your reading then there is a good chance that you are experiencing a lot of momentum, passion, and power around one or all aspects of your life at this time. The Ace card brings positive energies with it including exuberance, energy, and motivation to get started on a project. Basically, it represents the seed of the fiery, passionate, energies in your life. These energies are typically favorable ones but unharnessed can be a bit much to handle.

The Wand is full of power and directs the energy where to go. Being that you are likely dealing with fiery energy in your life right now, it is a good time to start making plans for the future that require action or motivation on your part. With the surge of fire behind you take action and charge forth, completing aspects of your life that you have left unattended until now. Focus your energies on growth and renewal or being influential. Do not waste this energy as it does not come around all that often. It’s like a surge of energy being blasted into your life and can leave you feeling glorious or almost as if you can take on the world.

The Ace of Wands can also represent renewed creativity or innovation. Think outside the box for solutions or ideas that are not the norm. This is a great time to push yourself forward or challenge physical limits. Mentally speaking, your psyche is overcharged with optimism and eagerness. Think about ways in which you are stunted by routine and switch them up. Create opportunities for renewal and success by exercising your mind and body.

If you are finding that right now you are lacking motivation, you need to activate this power. Sometimes the Ace cards will show up to remind you what is needed in your life right now. With the wands card, it can indicate a need for passion, rejuvenation, motivation, and confidence. Consider areas of your life that you have felt that there is a lack and spend more time cultivating change. With the energy of the Ace of Wands card at your disposal right now, you can literally do anything!

The Ace of Wands in Love

The Ace of Wands in a love reading gives a sexy or sensual feel to your love life. It can represent a focus on primal urges, sexuality, and dominance. Even though all of these aspects can have negative sides to them, usually the ace represents that you have the energy to burn right now. It shows a true spark either in your current relationship or one that is going to be coming to you soon.

When asking the cards about someone specific in love the wands card will often represent a person with auburn, red, or medium colored hair. This person will be dynamic, active, and radiate confidence. The card also represents the beginnings of a romance that is very physical but sometimes lacking on more substantial levels. It is likely that the attraction in a new relationship will be based on appearances rather than things in common. When you find a relationship while the Ace of Wands is favoring you, be prepared that this may not be your true love but still a fun relationship while it lasts.

It can indicate a whirlwind relationship or one that is sexually charged. Try not to get too caught up in the details but rather allow yourself to be swept away with passion and abandon. This is a time to be experimental and try new things. Consider taking charge in a relationship right now or letting that special someone know that you are interested in them. Expect fireworks.

The Ace of Wands in Work and Wealth

The Ace of Wands in wealth is like planting a wildfire in the summer. Now is the time to take action and invest, look for a job, or make a large purchase. Anything done financially or regarding work right now is likely to have a lot of energy behind it motivating that aspect to growing exponentially. Creativity is also in abundance and if you focus your attention on finding new ways to, for example, market a product (or yourself for that matter) at work, you will find that your ideas are not only received well but that they will pan out for you. This is a great time to be networking and making connections in the workplace. Confidence is key for you to get noticed but be sure that you are not coming off as pompous. People are drawn to your power and potential at this time. Do not let it go to waste.

The Ace of Wands Yes Or No

The Ace of Wands upright is a Yes! Without a doubt. All Aces in tarot readings are generally positive. I always find that this tarot card can show up when things are just out of control. Think of it like feelings coming to the surface and it seems the answer will be a no - but it's not! Upright this is a passionate card and shows things will become , but reversed can indicate a no. If you asked the question yes/no and pulled an ace - then it would definitely be a yes.

The Ace of Wands Past

Drawing the Ace of Wands in a past position can indicate the need to move on in life. You may have encountered positive change. It can signify that you previously created something completely new. The Ace of Wands in the past is about control, passion, and happiness. An ace in the past can indicate that a new passionate adventure or love affair has started or the window of opportunity has opened. Think of this ace as a seed of possibility that has occurred in the past.

The Ace of Wands Present 

Drawing the Ace of Wands in the present position can indicate there is currently enthusiasm that has just been planted in life. It could be a love affair, passion, or even just a surge of optimism. This card indicates an opportunity for you to take now and make sure you do not miss it!

The Ace of Wands Future and Outcome

The Ace of Wands in the future position can indicate an anachronistic event. The ace is a positive card and full of passion and energy. It means that you need to take the stand and look forward to new possibilities that will excite you. This can mean you will have potential and that you can be creative alongside this. The card is drawing you to have personal power and go out there and succeed.

The Ace of Wands Feelings

The Ace of Wands is all about love and happiness and is a positive card to draw for “how someone feels about you.” This card shows real enthusiasm for others and passion too. The ace is like a seed in a relationship. This card can mean that you have caught someone’s eye and you are both attracted to another.

The Ace of Wands in Health

With the Ace of Wands in your health reading, you are blessed indeed. This card is one of vitality, strength, and healing. The energy of the Ace of Wands burns away illness and disease and gives you added energy. It is a great time to focus on fitness and anything to do with being more motivated for healthy changes. Try implementing a health plan, new diet, or quitting bad habits like smoking. Any positive or healthy plan that you put forth at this time is going to have great rewards and benefit for you.

The Ace of Wands Advice

When you get the ace of wands in an advice reading it can mean a serious “call to action.” The call to action requires that you first make a decision then it is time to commit yourself. The Ace here urges one to go ahead with new possibilities and opportunities. There is also a focus on personal growth. Drawing the Ace of Wands in the advice position can mean you need to command attention and respect. It is important to listen to people around you and realize there is a “call” to action in going forward. all the shots going forward. The advice here is to have authority, make sure you sway others to your way of thinking. Maybe you need to think about taking a different approach to something new. Being a pioneer for example.

The Ace of Wands Love Reconciliation

This is a great card to draw for love reconciliation. The card can represent being flexible about opening up to a new type of relationship with the man or woman. As this is a “yes” and “love” card it can mean that you will face a new chapter with this person and are likely to get back together, as long as you are both flexible.

The Ace of Wands Love Friendship

The Ace of Wands gives one a super enthusiastic “yes!” and this means that you may have tried to initiate a friendship. There is something about the approaches and attention of others and this is a positive sign for being close to someone. Try to resist the temptation to tell all your friends about your life, instead ask friendly type questions. If you have been thinking of starting a friendship with someone this is a great card to draw.


Reversed ace of wands

The Ace Of Wands Reversed

Because the Ace of Wands is a card about excess power, indulgence, and has a sexual tone, when it is in the reversed position it can often indicate these aspects in your life are present but out of balance. Whereas when the Ace of Wands is upright the power is directed and has focus, in the reversed position the power pours out and can affect multiple areas of your life. Often it will indicate being out of control or a lack of balance in a relationship. You may feel that you are caught in a power struggle and feel a lot of resistance around you. Creativity is present but again, not focused. In times where the Ace of Wands reversed it is time to reign yourself in and center yourself. Allow your focus in work or finances to settle and avoid stretching yourself too thin.

The Ace of Wands Reversed - Love and Romance

The Ace of Wands reversed for questions on love and romance can indicate that you are having too much of a good thing. For feelings, the Ace of Wands reversed can mean that an opportunity is fizzling out.  Generally, it means that someone (in the relationship) has already decided on the course of action they wish to follow. As the upright signifies love, romance, and happiness in the reversed position the ace of wands can suggest something is being blocked, such as impotence or flat libido. It can simply mean that the “passion” in a relationship has diminished in time.

This can also signify that you need to turn your sexual energy inside yourself and work on yourself and internal constraints. If you have drawn this card based on somebody’s feelings for you, it can indicate that they are losing interest or perhaps suffering from some type of acute depression. The most important element of this card is if we reverse the Ace of Wands, we can still see the roots of the tree so there is still hope that in love someone may not let you down. At times I’ve drawn this card when self-growth is needed in a relationship. Very occasionally the ace of wands reversed can represent starting something new. And in this case a new relationship,  but there are going to be struggles , and the opportunity may not manifest itself. Alternatively, this card can appear when you are frustrated about a love affair. Perhaps you simply lack the energy to get the love that you need or feel deflation.

The Ace of Wands Reversed - Family and Home

In the family and home spread the Ace of Wands reversed can indicate feeling powerless. It can mean someone has let you down and is best to review and consider your plans or goals for the future. The good news is that in the reverse position the route appears in the sky, therefore there may be some new expectations. In the reverse position, it can also represent an unproductive relationship or trouble with somebody who is rather cruel.

The Ace of Wands Reversed - Work and Finances

In terms of career, the Ace of Wands reversed emphasizes the need for inner strength and power. This is to overcome rejection or mixed up goals. If you’ve applied for a new position at work it can mean that you are going to be “turned down” this may be for a reason. It can also mean that if you achieve success in gaining a new position (either through work or finances) then it is not the right time. In regards to money, the ace of wands reversed shows that you need to “plant your ideas” in the spiritual world. How can you ever achieve something if you don’t know where you’re going in terms of yes or no this is a “no” card. But it emphasizes the need for strength and power to turn it into a positive result.

The Ace of Wands Reversed - Health and Wellness

In health and wellness spreads the Ace of Wands reversed indicates that you need to look more into the magical perspective of others. Obviously, the ace represents a new start. Pulling this card indicates that you need your inner strength and power in order to remain healthy. Generally speaking, the Ace of Wands can represent a new change on the horizon,  This is somehow being blocked and is not manifesting.  It can mean that you are feeling frustrated and misplaced.

The Ace of Wands Reversed - Personal Spirituality

You might resist change and be reluctant to take on certain elements of life when the Ace of Wands reversed appears. It can indicate that your creative energies are blocked. Alternatively, somebody may be letting you down.  I do feel this is a time for “setting goals” but on an energetic field - you are feeling weary of reluctant to take on spiritual self-growth. The placement of any Ace reversed in your spread points to emphasize like a command you need to look at your spiritual goals.

The Ace of Wands Card Keywords Upright

  • Positivity
  • Braveness
  • New start
  • Self-development
  • Intuition
  • Romance
  • Inspiration
  • Vitality
  • Good health
  • Wave of creativity

The Ace of Wands Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Lack of motivation
  • Disturbing event
  • Feeling sick
  • Self-doubt
  • Stagnation
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Slow progress