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The World

The World is your oyster when you see this card in your reading.

Like with the Wheel of Fortune card, it is indicative that there is luck on your side and that the universe is looking at you favorably. However, when the World is present it says that things are definitely looking up and that what you want is at your fingertips, you simply have to reach out and take what you want. When you see this card in a reading it is a reminder that all things are possible and that there are endless forces at work that you can’t see.

This card is a very personal card. It is often compared to the Wheel of Fortune card because it carries similar weight and meaning. The main difference between the cards is that the World reflects the present and now. Even in a past or future position in a reading the card carries positive energies that affect your present standing. The luck from the Wheel of fortune card pays off and becomes true reward. The reward from the World card is similar to the feeling of winning or being triumphant. Thy symbolism on the card in the Rider-Waite deck is largely based on completion or reaching the end. The World is the last card in the major arcana of the tarot and at the point in which the story would normally start over. It can symbolize a prosperous end to an aspect in your life and new beginnings coming forth soon.

Now is a time to allow yourself to shine, relish in what you have accomplished, and perhaps even brag a little bit. There are aspects in your life that one would consider worthy accomplishments and it’s okay to take a little bit of time to celebrate them. Also, understand that with the ending of one journey that it is simply the beginning of another. Strive for greatness in a task that you are working to complete right now and be assured that the hard work you are putting in will pay off.

The World in Love

When a person in love finds the World card in their relationship reading they can know for certain that they are on the right track. Usually, you will see this card come up when one stage of the relationship has ended and things are ready to take a more serious turn. In a future position in a reading, it is very promising and shows the potential for growth and a deeper level in their relationship. Consider taking a step forward on your own in the relationship at this time. Whether it is moving in with your partner, making a purchase together, or if you have been thinking about having children now is an excellent time. The World also is a good sign of fertility in general. For women looking to get pregnant, it shows that the timing is also right.

This card talks about bounty, completion, and satisfaction. For those seeking love or feeling on the lonely side, it is a favorable sign that you are internally and emotionally ready to move ahead into something new. Consider how you have been coping with the past regarding love and you will likely find that a weight has recently been lifted or that you are feeling more ready to proceed to find something new

The World in Health

Regarding health, the World is a card of healing or defeating illness. Have you been feeling sick lately or worried about someone around you? The World bodes well for recovery and is often seen once the illness has passed. In some cases, it will also be a good indicator of mental or spiritual health as well. It shows that you have found completeness or a sense of happiness or peace that you have been much needing.

Specifically, concerning surgery or a trip to the hospital, this is a favorable card. Especially common, the World will present during times of intense worry in order to reassure you that you will be alright. At this point, everything has already been set in motion and you have done everything you can. Allow for help and assistance to increase health and let the professionals do their job.

The World in Work and Wealth

The World card brings news of wealth in the financial department and is sometimes accompanied by winning or finding a decent amount of money. It is not a good time to take risks… rather you should allow time right now for hard work to pay off. The work you have already put into place will find a reward for you. If you have been looking for a job you have likely already applied or interviewed to the job that you are going to get.

Reversed World

Reversed World in a reading

Like many reversed major arcana cards in the tarot, the World card carries an opposite meaning when in the reversed position. This card placed upside down indicates stagnation, lack of success, and disappointment. Consider what you have been putting a lot of energy into and seeing no rewards from. Focus your energies on healthy outlets and make sure that you are doing all you can to ensure positive outcomes. Avoid high-risk behavior or making drastic changes. You will likely know what area this card is referring to as the efforts you are putting out are stronger in one area of your life than all the others. Rather than indicating that everything is wrong in your life, the reversed World card is calling you attention to one aspect. The World is one of those cards that tend to be positive, no matter whether upright or reversed.

While upright it shows everything that you need or want at your fingertips and is positive for the future, the reversed World still states that you have opportunities around you, you’re moving forward and that positive situations are coming. However, changes may be slower than expected or not as great as initially anticipated. You may need to work harder to get the results you want. There may one more unexpected hurdle ahead of you. Don’t give up. You may feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders, but the end is near. Keep moving forward, trusting in the original plan but being mindful of any changes that you can make to improve your chances of an outcome.

Associated Keywords: The World in reverse position: Reminder for self-reliance, Perseverance, Determination, Lackluster rewards, Feeling frustrated, Extreme stress, Fleeting success, Life lessons, Anticlimactic results, Narrow mindedness

World Reversed Love and Romance

For love, the World in any form indicates growth and symbolizes positive changes in the department of love. Romance is in the air but you want to be sure that you are making time for it. If you’re looking for love, chances are that you are about to find a potential partner without looking. There is someone for you out in the world and the reversed position of this card is a good sign that that person is close. You likely know your next potential lover but are not close friends. Keep an eye out for a special someone flirting with you and remember that love sometimes comes from where it is least expected. For those with an established relationship, the World card reversed shows slow but positive changes. It is a reminder that you may need to make more time for your partner or that you should let the little things go.

World Reversed Family and Home

When we see the World reversed, it often reflects on a person who is not seeing the whole picture. If a vacation or travel is in the works, be wary about your plans. There is a warning for you in this card saying that your travels may not go as planned. It’s not a horrible omen indicating danger, however, it can show travel delays and minor difficulties that may leave you feeling frustrated, especially if your travel plans are strict. Be flexible and you should come out okay. This is the same lesson for family interactions. Troubles at home are likely being caused by some narrow-minded beliefs, pickiness or critical thinking. Remember that your home and family are the foundations for your world. Encourage growth, seek opportunities for interpersonal connection and allow for others in your family to do their own thing. Consider ways that you may be judgmental or unfair regarding people who live in your home or that you consider family.

World Reversed Work and Finances

A good sign for new work and promotions, you’re going to get what you have worked for but unless you really polish your efforts at this time, you may not be as pleased with the results. Lack of flexibility or inability to go with the flow can restrict success. Consider your views about your work environment, people that you work with that may rub you up the wrong way and these feelings can be hindering your efforts to advance your position or finances. Take time to network and to think outside the box. Additionally, be mindful of your own attitude. Narrow-mindedness is a common association with the World reversed and chances are that you are not being fair in your assessment of others. On a larger business scale, the World reversed indicates business and government setbacks, symbolizing a hostile world or business environment wrought with friction, sometimes caused by a point of corruption within the ranks.

World Reversed Health and Wellness

In a reading regarding earthy topics of health, wealth or wellness, the World reversed shows a rigid or traditional world view that is stubborn in sticking to traditions. With the World reversed, you may want to check your health. Physically or mentally, you are likely feeling fatigued. Stressors in your life may have recently turned your life upside down, but realize that there is a lot of positive going on around you right now. The World reversed reminds you to take stock in small positive changes and to not to be too hard on yourself.

World Reversed Personal Spirituality

Consider the repeating patterns in your spirituality. These can be seen clearly when you focus on emotions that you feel on the regular. Your emotions are a good indicator of your overall spiritual wellness. With the World reversed in your reading, chances are you are feeling angst or lacking inspiration. Think about broadening your world sense, take from religions or cultures around the world or travel to see the world in a new way. If you have been actively working to manifest through spellwork, prayer or other means, the World reversed reminds you to be vigilant in your faith and to be mindful of negative thought patterns that may be thwarting your efforts. Incorporate awareness and mindfulness techniques into your practices, such as affirmations or positive mantras, to reinforce any desires that you may have been aiming for on a spiritual or magical basis.

The World Tarot Card Keywords Upright

  • A new order
  • Victory and success
  • Obsession
  • Someone thinks the world of you
  • Good health and strength
  • The world is your oyster

The World Tarot Card Reversed Card Keywords

  • Depression
  • Excessive demands from others
  • Opportunity to start again

The Knight of Swords

If you have received the Knight of Swords in your reading, then there are many assertive energies that are encircling you at this time.

You are a protective person, philosophical by nature, studious, alert as well as direct and some think of you as an extremely knowledgeable type of leader. The Knight is an agent for change of ideologies. He is ruled by the drive to expand, and he is the one who will help you learn how to do just that. Expand your thoughts to be more creative. The Knights of any suit are action-oriented, but none so much as the Knight of Swords. This card tends to be symboli9c of the ‘Knight in Shining Armor,’ rushing in to save the ‘Damsel in Distress.’ This is because there is no one better to come in and rescue you after a time of trouble, then a Knight. He will defend you to the ends of the Earth if necessary.

In the Rider Waite deck the Knight of Swords is depicted by a Knight who is galloping on his mighty steed across open country, perhaps on a mission of romantic chivalry. There are clouds in the sky, symbolic of trouble ahead, but he pays them no mind. The Venusian Cypress Trees are blowing in the Wind, motivating him to pursue his heart’s desire at any cost. The butterflies depicted in the card are symbols of the brave soul which drives him to ride on. When one is choosing this card to represent the querants, it should be representative of a dark haired brown eyed young man or woman. Not young our youthful like the Page, but youthful in the sense that they are capable of experiencing the great newness and challenges of life head on without the scrutinizing energies of someone who has been on this Earth for a bit longer. At points this kind of youth may be domineering, but that is because he has a clean heart who just knows that what he is doing is right. The courage that moves him is pure.

When the Knight of Swords blesses your reading, you must take some time to brainstorm for yourself some new thoughts that will better your life experience, and you must do so without scalding yourself in the process. This should be a free flowing experience. You have an eagerness to be everything all at once, but part of the lesson of the Knight is that that is not possible. You must take it all one step at a time. The Knight is helping you to move faster, but this should not be confused with instant gratification. You must focus all of your attention on making your point, speaking out and expressing your emotions to others clearly and honestly.

The Knight of Swords in Love

In love, if the querent is not represented by the Knight then it is likely that someone who has all of the attributes of the Knight of Swords is going to be showing up in your life. This could be an excellent time for a romantic partnership, as being with this person will take you to new heights emotionally and romantically. There is someone who romantically favors you at this time. Be open to new possibilities. There is a level of romance and chivalry around you now, and this experience is one that everyone should take some time to be comfortable with. You are going to have fun.

Swords are the suit of messages, communications and the mind. Often, I find this card represents mind-games. If this is a love outcome then his talk is a clever one, attractive, witty but also intense. This is saying your “minds” have engaged before anything physical. Since this is an “outcome” card in the spread it can mean that something like a tornado hit the situation. The knight does suggest that even though this is a card of movement there is a focus on lust rather than love. It can also mean you are both or one of you is jumping to a conclusion without thinking about the evidence. There is lot’s of energy in the card and someone trying to rescue the situation. 

The knight of swords is not one to stick about. They will rush into love, cause havoc, turn everything upside down then rush out. They may want to date but not for the long-haul.

The Knight of Swords As Feelings

In terms of feelings, this card represents a whirlwind romance and as someone else feelings - possibly you or someone else is feeling rather angry about the situation. It can mean someone wants to move the relationship on but there is so many blocks. The transgressed chivalry of having an adulterous “hook up” is sometimes seen in this knight. In terms of being a knight, they are normally untamed and just not showing any emotion. This is also a card of regret. What is it that someone regrets about this relationship? 

The knight of swords is not interested in that your feelings are hurt. He is a sword, immature, does not care too much about feelings. You see, having emotions keep you being the “man” and "tough". He does not care or pay attention to who he cuts off in life. This person does not care about your feelings or if you are crying (sorry to say!). They only care about what they want from life. This also demonstrates feelings of being “hot” and “cold” regarding the relationship. 

Also, this card is all about considering the ramifications of acting before thinking. What have they done wrong? They also feel they need to act like the knight of swords to get a reaction out of you, almost like being cruel and ridicule you. They can change their mind in a heartbeat too. 

The Knight of Swords Love Reconciliation

The knight of swords are great fighters, this is because they are fantastic communicators. If this card comes up as love reconciliation it means moving with haste but it is also a sign someone has treated you poorly.

They have not thought about their actions until after things had happened. If this is a question about maintaining a relationship then this is not positive. It can mean there is conflict and it is not time to focus on feelings of the heart. In the words of Kipling “he travels fastest who travels alone.”

Reversed, this card tells you to remain detached and wait to get back together. Being the “winner” is really important and this is creating the problems with getting back together.

Knight of Swords As Action

In an action position, the Knight of Swords advocates swift involvement. They do not wait for the hope that something happens. They cut through indecision and this card encourages one to seek the truth. If you want to confront someone this is exactly what the knight suggests to do. Swords are connected to trouble but also communication. When the Page of Swords and Knight of Swords appears it can suggest psychological abuse and also adolescence. The Knight of Swords is sometimes full of ideas. 

The Knight of Swords in Health

When the Knight of Swords blesses your reading, it is time to consider making that final decision regarding a health issue that has been concerning for you. Results will come swiftly and so you must be prepared for the news. This is not a time to sit and be worried or even to not take action. To the contrary, you must push yourself to get the answers that you seek. Not knowing is worse than knowing. When you understand what is going on in your body, you can then pursue a solution. If you allow your thoughts to run rampant because you are afraid, you are likely to make matters much worse for yourself.

The Knight of Swords in Work and Wealth

The Knight of Swords brings good tidings regarding money, wealth, and other monetary gains. Usually this card will accompany a gain employment or a windfall or some kind financially. It's a very welcome card indeed! The Knight of Swords brings changes swiftly and concretely. Therefore if you are already in a work situation that you are wishing to get out of, all you must do is wait for the changing energies of the Knight to come into your frontal perspective, and then get on the horse and ride away. Be watchful for the new opportunity that is coming your way.

reversed knight of swords

Reversed Meaning - Knight Of Swords

When the Knight of Swords appears in your reading in the reversed position you are suffering from a level of extremes that is causing you to feel aggression needlessly or you are being overly passive to a fault. You have even been accused of being overly illogical or rational, protective or jealous. Continue to get through the thoughts and beliefs that block you from creatively expressing yourself and taking advantage of the swift energy that the Knight of Swords has to offer you. Release your limitations and face the ones who oppose you head on. When the card is coming up reversed it is not a good time to start a new project or change a big part of your life. Now is the time to maintain what you have and to be patient. With this patience, you will be able to restructure your relationships, which will be better for you and will allow you to feel less chained down in the future.

Upright Knight of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Dark eyes
  • Hair brown to black
  • Either male or female
  • Under age of 30 
  • Coming up with tactics
  • Straight to the point
  • Brutal Honesty

Reversed Knight of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Compassion
  • Telling the best advice
  • Solving issues
  • Expressing creativity
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Arrogant but logical

The Four of Swords

When the Four of Swords appears in your reading your ability to negotiate circumstances that are not to your liking is magnified tenfold.

You are a flexible person; you wish to have a commitment in you life that stays in balance, which is not fluid. Now is the time for you to balance your emotional self, your spiritual self and your physical desires so that they do not control you. When life is swinging out of control it makes you feel as though it is impossible to settle, you become like a feather in the wind, flying from one experience to the next, never truly gaining satisfaction. Hence the Four of Swords is advising you now to pull all of the extroverted tendencies inward.

The image of the Four of Swords in the deck shows the quietness of a church with a stained glass window being the only opportunity to see the light from outside. In this you know that the world exists, but in your own unique experience the Church allows peace of mind and creativity that can only be found from reflection. A knight lies in effigy upon his tomb. His hands are folded together in a prayer. This is symbolic of a time of peace after war, the necessity to contemplate one’s future moves. The Hermit, a card of complete and utter introspection and wisdom gathering is influenced by this card. This is the pose that the Hermit takes before he makes the decision to go up to the mountain. Everyone needs to get away sometimes. This is your time. There is no hurry, you must renew your mental energies and right your thoughts.

You must be willing as well as able to face the problems that have presented themselves to you. You cannot ignore them, for that is extremely unhealthy. You know that you are capable of establishing your own sense of harmony so you just need to recuperate. While taking this time in the Metaphorical church, remember that this is only a temporary phase in your life. You must not allow this repose to be your forever constant position, for that would be counterproductive. Use this time to the best of your ability and let it be something that guides you and brings you inevitable fulfillment in a real way. Compose yourself and meditate, regrow your sense of balance. This card is a symbol for you of centering your thoughts on a solid mental foundation. You will get through this and when you do you will have a stronger sense of identity than ever before. You will be able to use your planning, rational mind to your benefit and achieve a great many things.

The Four of Swords in Love

If you are currently experiencing a level of single hood, the Four of Swords in Love is telling you that you must be introspective about what it is that you truly hope to get out of the pursuit of love. In this you have been so extroverted that you are not connecting to anyone of lasting value, therefore you are going through a phase of feeling empty and frustrated to the extreme. All that you must do to remedy this situation is to spend some time with yourself for a while so that you can determine what the best next step is going to be for you. You need to establish what about you need to change to attract someone that will be with you for the long term.

Within a relationship, the Four of Swords also encourages the same level of introspection except in this sense; you and your partner have lost a sense of who you are separate of your relationship. Now you must take the time to both ponder who you are outside of the relationship so that you can healthily bring something positive to the table. This is the best way to work through relationship troubles. If the relationship is not strong enough to handle the time that you both need to be alone then that speaks volumes of the condition of your relationship. Seek counseling if it is hard to speak to one another about your problems.

The Four of Swords in Health

There will be a time of introspection and dormancy in your life when the Four of Swords appears in your reading about health. Meaning that your physical body has been through a lot and you need to actually lay flat without moving for a while to allow for it to heal and re-energize.

The Four of Swords in Work and Wealth

The Four of Swords in your Work and Wealth life shows that there is a detachment from what it is that you want in your work life, your finances have been in an upheaval for so long you do not even feel like it is possible to ever feel better about it. However this card is one of repose, so you must allow yourself some downtime to process your emotions so that you can make informed decisions about where your investments should go. Trust your inner voice. In work the four of swords indicates you are burned out. It is time to rest. This rest will help in the long-term.

Four of Swords in business

In business, this is quite an interesting card, it can indicate that we need refresh ourselves. The four of swords may imply that in your job you will earn money without the stress, so you can take time out and relax. This indicates that you do need to take a break. At times, this card can indicate taking on too much work and you need to take some time out and prioritize your work. Maybe hire someone who can help as you are simply taking on too much. 

reversed four of swords

Reversed Meaning Of The Four Of Swords

At this point in your life, if you have received the Four of Swords in the reversed position then you have allowed your lifetime responsibilities to become too much for you to bear. Now is the time for you pursue advice from your higher self, or connect to your highest vision of a universal god form so that you can get back to your peaceful solitude. You will be able to get back to yourself again, and there are a good many opportunities ahead of you. Though you may experience opposing energies or find that it is too hard to get moving, you just need to recognize where you are at and allow yourself to pursue peace.

Upright Four of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Wanting a break
  • Tiredness
  • Yearning for peace
  • Vacation
  • Relaxation
  • Taking a step back
  • Taking it slow

Reverse Four of Swords Meanings in Keywords

  • Big change
  • New beginning
  • Insecurities
  • New opportunities
  • Self-evaluation
  • Intuition
  • Reviewing your past