Green Snake

Green Snake

Green Snake In Dream Meaning

The presence of a snake in your dream indicates that it is important to harness your energies. A green snake has even more special significance, due to the color green and its spiritual meaning. Green is the symbol of spring, hope, and good sensations; pointing to the fact that good luck, joy, and prosperity are coming your way.

Seeing a green snake is connected to new life. Dreaming of a green snake means respect, but also an easy and light life. Green snakes have a positive meaning in a dream, but it can also refer to fresh and unripe feelings. 

Green snakes can often be around 750-900mm in length, and did you know that green snakes are often found in Eastern Cape through to Mozambique? Interestingly, any green snake that is smaller than a finger in width is relatively harmless. I have covered all sorts of green snake dreams here so scroll down to find your meaning.

Normally, in real life the green snakes are thin and they are active only during the day. The green snake is a wonderful climber and generally, these snakes (in real life of course) are completely harmless. This is important when interpreting your dream. Before I move on to the details of the dream, we need to understand that these types of snakes generally feed on insects.

You are probably not aware of the types of green snakes that occur around the world. In fact, you probably did not know what green snake entered your dream! You could have seen a snake with other marketings such as the spotted bush snake which has black spots or crossbars. The only snake that is poisonous is known as the Green Mamba and it is thicker than a finger. Ok, so now we have focused on the different types of green snakes let’s understand what this dream means from a spiritual perspective!

What is the Jungian dream meaning of a green snake?

Carl Jung was a famous dream psychologist in the 1930s he believed the snakes are a “phallic symbol”  of sex (the green snake is connected to a penis) Yes, I know that this is rather shocking! Carl Jung believed that green snakes could be associated with our own internal nervous system and the part of our own reptilian brain. Basically, in most of Jung’s work, the green snake was connected to one's own instinctual energy within. He analyzed many snake dreams where the snake was surrounding sidewalks in large numbers. Jung also believed that snakes themselves were connected with wisdom, as the symbol of the snake was associated with the staff of Asclepius, the emblem of medicine. This is more of a “general” snake interpretation, so lets, for now, look at the significance of green snakes. 

What is the specific interpretation of a green snake in a dream?

There is no point in giving you a “basic” meaning of the snake dream, which I am sure you have already read on other dream-meaning websites or even my own interpretation of snakes in dreams by clicking here. I am now going to focus solely on the green snake. In order to understand how the green snake is important in your dream, we need to turn to the spiritual meaning of a green snake. The details around your dream are important when understanding the meaning. If you have encountered any threat from a green snake in your dream; this is an indication that you are finding it difficult to cope with your subconscious mind. You may find in life everything is content and happy but underneath there are some things that are concerning you.

What is the main dream interpretation of a green snake?

There are various factors that you need to consider when seeking an interpretation of the green snake. Generally, the image of a green snake represents your power within. It is important to understand that this dream equals some kind of emotional storm in your life, normally as mentioned in the opening sentences above, around relationships and energy. Snakes can often reflect a situation that is currently in your life. Perhaps it is time that you face up to reality.

If you find a green snake has been cut in half in your dream, this is an indication that you need to adapt better to social situations. The key message is that you can never be too nice. Consideration and respect for others is recommended. The color of the snake provides additional interpretation to your dream. Green means good hopes ahead. If you see a baby green snake in your dream; then this is a direct indication of your child light. It is a symbol to show that it is time for you to act better with money.

What is the meaning of a green snake in a dream if it is attacking you?

If the green snake is frightening you in any way then this dream relates to trying to overcome a difficult problem or a troublesome person. Often this dream occurs when you are suffering some kind of grief or separation in your life. The symbolism of the green snake means it is time to close the door on a period of your life and move on. If you see a green snake in the grass or in the sand; then this dream is connected to a particular person or situation that is likely to harm you in the waking life. Often the other factors of this bizarre dream are important to interpret.

What does it mean to dream of a green boa constrictor?

To dream of a green boa constrictor, it generally indicates that stormy times are likely to be in your life in the near future. If you kill this type of snake then it is a positive dream indicating that you can overcome any difficulties you face and you have a strong character.

What does Freud state on green snake dreams?

Freud believed that the dream of the green snake is directly related to some aspects of emotional passion. He believed that the dreamer needed to come to terms with his or her own personality that has been oppressed due to his or her urge to sexuality. On a more basic level; this dream also has a direct relationship with the penis. If we look at ancient history the snake or serpent signifies the evil as illustrated in the Garden of Eden. Yet Freud thought this dream was a direct interpretation of an uncontrolled passion. The snake or serpent also suggests some type of temptation and search for spiritual power.

As a snake is a wild animal it is directly associated with dangerous situations. It is important to recognize there may be some negative forces arising from your subconscious mind. These forces may then threaten your inner peace and this dream is a direct indication of trying to cope with your anxieties. If the snake spoke words in your dream, then it is important to recognize that this is instinctive wisdom. The greater spiritual power is trying to tell you to stop and think before you rush into situations.

Most cold-blooded animals such as snakes generally represent destructive situations in the waking life. The message of this dream is that you need to recognize negative energies have existed and it is time to clear the air and move on in your life. In your dream you may have:

  • Seen a green snake = hope of a bright tomorrow.
  • A green snake around your body = leadership skills in life.
  • A poisonous green snake = beware of unripe feelings in life.
  • A green snake in the grass = think about what you are hiding in life.
  • Lots of green snakes = beware of other people in life.
  • A dead green snake biting you = people are going to connect with you soon!

What is the significance of the green color in this dream? 

A dream of a snake can make you feel unpleasant when you wake up. In most cases, such a dream is normally what I would say is scary, and for me leaves goose pimples all over your body. It is due to the fact that we are convinced that a snake is sinister. It is important to note that, there are many positive aspects of dreams concerning snakes. When you have a dream where you see snakes, you should take advantage of its miraculous efficacious power which has been worshipped by many. The good news is that green snake indicates that and good luck is bestowed on you. When you dream of a snake, it means that good luck is on your side and there is power overflowing from you, and thus, those around you should be proud of your achievements. Make maximum use of the good fortune right now. To improve your fortune, it is best to know what each dream where a green snake appears denotes so that you know when your fortune is knocking at your door and when to seek divine intervention. Make sure that you get every detail of the dream including the color, size, and shape of the snake for the meaning of your dream. 

What does the color green mean from a spiritual context?

For time immemorial, snakes have been believed to be highly spiritual creatures worldwide with some people considering them to be an errand of god. In Japan, snakes were considered to be an incarnation of God. In most dream interpretations, snakes are highly spiritual. In the spiritual context, the color green represents renewal nature, life, and energy. It is also associated with growth, freshness, harmony, fertility, safety, and environment. In the traditional context, green symbolizes ambition, money, banking, finances, greed, ambition, jealousy, In the biblical context, the color green represents immortality. Remember, to create the color green; you have to mix blue, which represents the word of God, and yellow, which represents trials. At times it is used to refer to the priesthood or royalty.

The color green has healing powers, and it is believed to have the effect of relaxing and resting from a human eye view.  It is a color which is believed to enhance stability, endurance, and vision.  In the visible spectrum, green takes a larger part of the space to the human eye because it is a dominant color in the natural spectrum. When assessing the color green in interior design, it is a natural choice for backdrop or background because it is seen everywhere.

In some spiritual contexts, green color at times stands for a lack of experience and a desire for growth. It also stands for rebirth and new growth, which is a common aspect during the spring season, a time when plants come to life, and everywhere you can see the attractive green colors - after the cold winter months. The color green in most cases affects you mentally and physically in various ways. Green is youthful, relaxing and soothing. It is a color which helps us to get rid of depression, anxiety, and nervousness.  It is also a color that brings out a sense of health, hope, renewal, and adventure and also, compassion, self-control, and harmony. It is in most cases used to denote safety in advertising medical products and drugs. It is associated with energy and nature, and that is why you will see it used to promote green products.

Culturally, green represents different meanings. Ireland as a country has taken green to be their national color to represent leprechauns, good luck, Saint Patrick’s day, and clovers. Islam as a religion also considers green as a very important color which represents paradise. Now let’s get back to snakes now we have reviewed the green color. In the Asian culture, a snake is a perfect symbol which shows a positive change in life and a sign that you are going to get answers to whatever problems you are currently facing in life. 

In some ancient cultures, a snake represents deceit and guile thus; you might have a dream about a snake before suffering betrayal. Remember in real life, a snake bites people and causes them to die every day, so a dream where a snake appears is a sign that, the subconscious is trying to communicate something to you about your waking life.  When there is too much green in the environment, it tends to make people lazy, placid, slow, depressed, moody, and lethargic. And when green is less in the environment, it makes people have feelings of apathy and fear of rejection 

Green gemstones if placed somewhere create the effect of balance, promote growth or change, increase optimism and hopefulness and make you break the emotional demand that others have on you. Green snakes may come in different shades, hues, and tints with different meanings pegged on them. Yellow-green stands for jealousy, sickness, and cowardice; dark greens denote ambition, greed, and wealth; olive green traditionally represents peace.  When you combine green with red, it becomes a Christmas color. The combination forms a vibrant color and thus in most cases used as a complementary color.

What does it mean to dream of a green cobra?

Seeing a green cobra in your dream could denote that, you are having a distrust of some people who are close to you. It could be that there is some tale-tell signs which they are depicting which implies that someone may be hiding something or having an affair behind your back. But if the cobra keeps on changing colors, it means that you are in a transition of something better than you are having at the moment. 

What does it mean to kill a green snake?

I read an interesting dream dictionary which stated that to dream of killing a green snake means that you are likely to get involved in an event where there will be a lot of alcohol on offer - yes this book was from the 1930s!  Alternatively, in other texts to kill a  green snake can represent good luck regarding creativity and love and that you are going to be lucky in whatever you do. If you are feeling unwell, you are going to recover very soon.  Some ancient dream texts also said the green snake can indicate a chronic disease, and the green snake is a suggestion that this is going to heal, and you will enjoy a healthy life once again. Yes, the mind boggles! Green snakes in your dream is a sign that, your environment will change for the better. You will lead forward and good luck, creativity, and intuition will be yours. 

What does it mean to dream of snakes in the bathroom?

To see a snake in a bathroom indicates your intuition will sharpen, or your spiritual ability will increase and thus, you will be able to have unprecedented creativity which will be to your advantage.  Your thoughts will be completely different from the past, and you will encounter new beginnings in life.

What does it mean for a woman to give a man a green snake in the dream?

This was a question one user asked who was male. Here is my answer: The woman you saw in the dream could be planning for a celebration or a party according to old dream books. So if by any chance you recognize her, you must be mindful of a female who invites you to an event as a woman may be involved in inappropriate behavior. 

What does a light green snake mean in a dream?

Seeing a light green snake in your dream means that, you should expect positive change in your life. You are going to have several opportunities coming your way! You should grab and use them. After such a dream, you will strive towards growth because whatever you touch in life will become successful.

What does a lime green snake mean in a dream?

If you dream that you are turning into a lime green snake in your dream, it means that you are trying to beat a depressive state of mind, according to ancient dream books. Now, if you turn into a half lime snake and a half human, it suggests that you are trying to neutralize negative energies around you and your enemies will soon disappear. At any point in your dream, if the lime snake turns into gold, it means that you are going to discover some treasure in your life or a skill that you need not know you had! To see a lime green snake swallowing someone in your dream can be rather worrying. You should not be scared because all it denotes is that you are in a powerful position in waking life. The lime green snake attacking you in a dream indicates you will earn the respect of people in authority. 

What does it mean when a green snake is chasing me?

If you dream that a green snake is chasing you, it means that there is something which you are afraid or unwilling to face in your waking life. Being chased normally means you are trying to escape from something in waking life.

What does it mean when a green snake is attacking me in a dream?

A dream where you see a snake attacking you symbolizes healing power, reproductive power, strong vitality, superior wisdom, and an amazing amount of good luck. So, if the snake attacks you in your dream, it is a suggestion that you are in power. Your reproductive and healing power will improve. Your health is going to be superb, and you need to trust your potential power which is going to enable you to rise to higher powers. If you were feeling unwell, you are going to heal and feel better after having such a dream. If your relationship with others is not working well, rest assured that, after this dream in many dream books it spiritually means that relationships will improve and you will successfully continue working towards improving your life!

What does it mean when a green snake bites me in a dream?

Being bitten by a green snake is a common dream which will leave you unsettled when you wake up. Right, a green snake biting you in older dream books is a warning that you need to be cautious in what you do in real life. It is also about forming better relationships with people who are around you. Don’t trust anyone, and make sure that, whatever you do, you use wisdom. Alternatively, a dream of being bitten by a green snake symbolizes hidden worries and fears which are threatening to unsettle you. It is an alert dream! Something may happen in your life that may cause worry, it will all work out in the end though so don’t fret too much.

What does it mean to see a huge green snake in a dream?

A dream where you see yourself encountering a huge green snake spiritually is symbolic of destroying your enemies. The huge green snake represents a wealthy person who could be your enemy; its poison is the money that the enemy possesses.  If a huge green snake is being killed in the streets, it denotes of an impending war. 

What does a dream of a green snake wrap around your body mean?

The symbolic meaning of green snakes in your dream is a sign of difficulties and temptations.  Some people view snakes as a symbol of debt-laden, seductive woman or a sign of jealous or envious. A dream of a green snake wrapping around your body doesn’t have any significant meaning - until you combine all the other details associated with it. If the green snake that wraps around you is a huge python, it is a sign that you are experiencing economic difficulties. You might be forced to incur debts to get your needs met in times to come, or there are unexpected needs which are going to occur, and you will be forced to use money in an unplanned manner. If the green snake is wrapped around your neck, then it denotes that you are going to be worried about a problem at work. If the green snake is a cobra or deadly, then this could be a warning dream. If the snake wraps around your feet, then it means that you are going to experience problems with others. All that you wish for will not come to pass. It is a warning that you will need to avoid problems in life.

To see a snake wrapped around your right hand implies you are going to spend money. If it wrapped around your left hand, then it denotes that, you are going to receive a load of money unexpectedly. Seeing several snakes wrapped all over your body is a sign that you will go through temptation, especially if you are married, it will suggest that there will be infidelity. If you are single, it is a sign that, you are going to find your true love whom you will eventually settle down with.  

What does it mean when a green snake chases you in a dream?

Seeing a green snake in your dream is normally a call to take care of life’s opportunities which are soon to happen. This dream is all about taking a chance. Try to focus on what you can grow in life. Otherwise, you miss an opportunity altogether. So if you see yourself being chased by a green snake, it is a sign that, there are opportunities in your waking life which you find challenging and if you don’t gather enough courage to tackle your problems - then their might be an opportunity that you will miss out on.

Quick Green Snake dream meaning: You talked to a green snake in your dream 

It indicates a compromise. You will finally get along with a certain enemy and be surprised by their real character and touching life story.

You passed away after a green snake has bitten you

It denotes a great transformation. You will enter a new phase in life, and you will rebuild your life from scratch. New place, new people, new YOU.

You kept a green snake as a pet in your home

It implies to your wish to live dangerously. You’ve been living a difficult life for a while, and you want to live at the edge. Trust your instinct and take a chance in life.

What does it mean if your mother opens a door and sees snakes?

A knock on the door foretells of upcoming news. If you are unable to intercept the news, then it may be negative. The image of the green snakes on your mother’s neck is a sign that, whatever the news is, it will affect your mother in a negative way. If you run and seek help during the dream, it is a reflection of helplessness. It will be best if you try, when you wake up, to try and advise your mother to try and avoid strange people; let her be cautious with her actions and words as it might cause conflict which could bring harm to her. If by any chance your mother lives alone, it might be advisable that you look for someone to stay with her or make sure you periodically check on her. The green snake can in some spiritual books indicates alcohol consumption.

What does a green snake on a fake tree attacking your dream mean?

If you dreamed that was inside a house that doesn’t belong to you is indicative of your actions as a stumbling block to those around you.  The person could be a friend, a co-worker or a member of your community. The presentation of a fake tree in your dream is a sign of you taking the wrong path in your life. This means that your actions mean something - and they suggest something will disrupt the smooth running of your life.  The snake in your dream foretells that something is interfering in the affairs of other people because a comment to someone it might just come back to bite you. 

Over twenty years I have analyzed dreams spiritually and psychologically. I just love dreams and the green snake that entered your dream is really special.

Positive changes are afoot if

You return to the real world and are content and happy. You recognize someone in your entourage is disloyal. You recognize your responsibility problems. The dream of the green snake had a positive outcome.  

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a green snake

Terrified. Surprised. Anxious. Worried. Strange. Insecure. Confused. Overwhelmed. Offended. Scared.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013