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A zookeeper is a person that is responsible for the animals at the zoo and can occasionally feature in one’s dream.

A zookeeper manages the zoo, and keeps the animals captive. So what does this mean in dream terms? The zookeeper provides care of the animals but also en capture. In spiritual terms this person in one's dream is connected to how one is feeling about control. Are you in control in life? The meaning not only originates from control but also that there maybe some health problems in the future.

To search deeper into this meaning we need to look at the actual tasks of the zookeeper. For the zookeeper to be focused on marine or invertebrate ecology suggests that others will enable you to complete. If you are studying to be a zoologist then this is connected to your behavior in life. You need to be more direct with people.

Detailed Dream Meaning

A zookeeper is focused on “control” in life. The zookeeper has control over the animals. You may have seen in your dream a broad range of animals.

The animals the zookeeper is “looking after” is equally important. For the zookeeper to look after mammals means that relationships will be harmonious. To see the zookeeper on a safari park suggests that relationships may be tested. If the zookeeper is caring for birds then this is about trying to move away in life. You will try to go into your own world because of your protective nature.

To see the zookeeper look after reptiles in one’s dream indicates that one needs to take time to think things through. If one’s dream is focused on marine zoology then this is a reflection of one’s calm approach to life. If the zookeeper is looking after animals such as primates, large cats, or small mammals then this suggests that someone may be a threat to you.

To see animals such as lemurs, marmosets, birds, lizards, and turtles means you will enjoy solitude and well-being in life. To see a special enclosure for an animal in the zoo suggests your wonderful ability to adapt things in life for your own benefit. To seer birds in the zoo is connected to a situation where you need to move away from life and

In your dream you may

  • Have seen a zookeeper.
  • Seen a zoologist.
  • Trained as a zookeeper.
  • Captured by a zookeeper.

This dream is associated with the following

  • Being free and feeling trapped in life.
  • Unable to succeed because of blocked paths.

Feelings encountered in this dream

Care. Worry about the animals, trying to escape.

By Florance Saul
Jun 19, 2015