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Dream dictionary meaning Braces


The message of this dream is to, keep your mouth shut! Avoid escalating tensions around sensitive and personal issues.

Arguments of "I’m right and you're wrong" will only create discomfort and embarrassment. Diplomacy, however annoying will win the day. To wear a full set of braces is frequently associated with the desire to solve a problem in waking life.



To loose your braces in your dream signifies anxiety regarding rejection. This dream could be a message that you are not entirely happy about advancing your career. To have braces fitted may also signal a disease - visit the physician or dental professional and get yourself examined!


You may have experienced...

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  • Lost your braces.
  • Seen braces being spat out.
  • Visited the dentist office.
  • Imagined you will find several quantity of braces in your teeth.
  • Experienced the feeling the braces are dissolving or vanishing or simply diminishing.
  • Your braces are rotten.
  • Your braces came out because of anger or violence.
  • Your braces are covered in tartar or food.
  • Grinding braces in your dream.
  • Brushing your braces with a toothbrush.
  • The sensation of braces harming your teeth.



Detailed dream meaning...



Spitting out braces indicates that a decision you have made recently has not been the right one. If you braces are rotten then times need to change for the better. If your braces dissolved then this is a sign that people around you are gossiping. If in your dream your braces are being removed this dream means you have a problem that is entirely inside your subconscious mind. If when the brace is removed you're feeling a sense of relief then this means that recommendations on how to approach others should be listened to. If your braces are covered in food in your dream, make sure that you simply remove yourself in situations that are demanding. Loosing the brace indicates a failing friendship.


Brushing braces indicates you would like to clean part of your life. If your brace was knocked out due to anger then you need to get rid of a problem to feel relief! In the event you imagine your braces diminishing means this is connected to your childhood days. If the braces were grinding your mouth then this is a negative omen and you may need to visit the dentist in the future.


Positive changes are afoot if…


  • The braces were needed in your dream.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of attic...

Worry about the braces. Admiring. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Happy.


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