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Braces in dreams can be a rather common occurrence.

In real life wearing braces are common orthodontic treatments, in particular, we associate braces with our adolescence. This is because braces are normally worn by children. In dreams, braces are associated with being resistant to gossip and communication. This dream is about feeling free-spirited it normally appears when you are not able to communicate with others. Braces have been around for about 50 years and as modern technology has progressed invisible braces for adults have become popular. To dream of wearing a brace as an adult usually means that you need to move forward with your own abilities in life. I am Flo, I am here to help you understand this dream better, I have compiled below many dreams that feature braces but if I have not covered yours then please leave me a facebook comment which you can access by scrolling to the bottom. I have included interpretations from mainly Western sources but for interest, I have also looked at the Chinese meanings of this dream. Just scroll down to find your dream meaning.

What does it mean to dream about braces and teeth?

The pliability of the braces indicates that others may “bend to your will” In historical dream dictionaries of the 1700’s they state the following “The message of this dream is to, keep your mouth shut! Avoid escalating tensions around sensitive and personal issues.” This can sound kinda harsh but the message in the ancient literature that I have researched - is that you need to keep things to yourself. Turning to dream psychology, if we look at the famous dream psychologists such as Carl Jung or Sigmund Freud they believed that the “mouth” in dreams was a symbol of gossip. Yes, gossip is everywhere. We just need to check Facebook, Twitter or put on the television. So if you hear someone say “have you heard about…” are you suddenly interested? Surprisingly, the dream represents that gossip is currently bait for yourself or others. In regards to teeth - if you see your own teeth in a dream it has been connected to your own sexuality and this dream has also been associated to how we transition from one event in our life to another. In many dream books teeth also represent our own anxiety in life. So I will now move onto specific dream meanings about braces.

What is the general mean regarding braces?

There are many meanings regarding braces, such as keeping your mouth shut, not gossiping and bracing yourself for a big event. The circumstances around the dream are equally important. If you yourself are wearing braces or you have crooked teeth, psychologically this dream indicates you are searching for an answer in a situation which you feel powerless. There is definitely a social stigma attached to braces. If your brace is uniformly covered your teeth then this indicates the need to weigh up how you communicate with people to act appropriately in life. If your brace is contained metal bands in brackets then this is connected to the fact that you need to think about how you communicate with others. If the braces are for cosmetic purposes in a dream and the objective is to straighten your teeth the brace is what is called an archetype. Carl Jung believed that there are symbols in our dreams which can fall into four specific categories. I won’t go into detail about these categories, however, the braces will fall into what is known as the “self.” The dream, in essence, is associated with how you can improve your perception of others.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing braces in a dream?

A tooth has many parts and some are more sensitive than others. Enamel is the hardest part of our teeth and for these to be hidden by metal braces can suggest that you are putting yourself at risk in regards to gossip. The bible says that the words of a gossip are like choice morsels (Prov.18:8 26,22) basically choice morsels are addictive like that packet of chocolate in your cupboard. Technology and Facebook have enabled us to mass communicate and what this dream is saying spiritually is to be discrete for a while as you may be addicted to finding out about others. Have you been reading your Facebook feed too much or listening to others gossip?

What does it mean to dream of having a brace fitted?

Seeing yourself having a brace fitted by a dentist in a dream signifies that someone needs to make it easier for yourself going forward. From a slightly more esoteric point of view, this dream can also suggest there are significant changes which are going to be emotionally charged. It indicates you are going to be aware of others and become very practical in nature. For the brace to appear to be too tight in a dream can indicate that you are going to experience and pressure in a new relationship or job. This will ultimately be quite taxing, to begin with, but you must retain your own feelings.

What does it mean to dream of someone wearing braces?

To see someone wearing braces in a dream can be featured in many ways. Maybe the person wearing the braces was someone you know or even your son or daughter. This dream can suggest that you are tired of “carrying an extra load” but you need to do these things - in order to get to your goals. I will now try to explain and rationalize what I am saying. Seeing braces on someone else can indicate meeting goals at different times. This is because the jaw can grow at different rates, an uneven jaw or overhanging jaw parts - are both supposed to work in unison. Therefore, to actually see someone else wearing braces indicates that YOUR own goals will be reached at different times.

What does it mean to dream of brushing your teeth wearing braces?

Brushing braces indicate you would like to clean part of your life. In the event, you dream of your braces diminishing means this is connected to your childhood and you may be looking back at past memories. If the braces were grinding your mouth then it could just be that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep.

What does it mean to dream of your braces breaking?

To dream that your braces are breaking can suggest perfection but it will take a while to get there. Gossip is sometimes hard to resist, you might be what is called an “information junkie” and news on others may be important for you. You could be motivated by many things in life and sometimes it can be hard to resist gossip. This is basically a warning dream in older dream books. Sometimes having a chat with someone is not a great deal but it can, in turn, create trouble in life. This was clear in many dream dictionaries that seeing anything breaking indicates that one must resist gossip.

What does it mean to spit out braces?

In ancient dream dictionaries spitting out braces is very similar to spitting out teeth. From a psychological point of view spitting anything out of the mouth including braces indicates you are going through a process of transformation. This could be for example from childhood to being more mature. Often, dream dictionaries spitting out metal braces suggests that there is some anxiety in waking life. The tongue is associated with our own understanding of life and if this is featured in a dream it indicates he must remain silent in matters connected to your career. If your brace was knocked out due to anger or violence in a dream then you need to get rid of a problem to feel relief!

What does it mean when braces are rotten, removed or have dissolved?

To see rotten teeth in a dream alternatively if the brace is rusty or in bad condition can suggest that a decision you have made could be challenged going forward. If your braces are rotten then times need to change for the better. If your braces dissolved during a dream then this is a sign that people around you are gossiping so just be wary. If in your dream your braces are being removed this dream implies that you have challenges to your own authority and this is not entirely in your subconscious mind.

What does it mean to dream of having braces removed?

If the brace is removed you're feeling a sense of relief then this means that you will encounter some positive times going forward. If your braces are covered in food in your dream, make sure that you simply remove yourself in situations that are demanding your time and attention. It means that you need to weigh up matters and decide what’s important to you in life.

What does it mean if you lose a brace in a dream?

As we’ve already concluded the brace is connected to communication and losing a brace can indicate that you need to remain silent you have a fear of losing the conflict or battle. It can often represent forming a group something which you do well. We may at times be afraid of losing self-control if your braces suddenly fall out during a dream. If you are wearing the retainer in the dream and you are able to remove the retainer then in Eastern dream dictionaries this dream indicates a failing friendship but in the end, everything will work out well.

What does it mean to dream of wearing a retainer?

We normally get given a retainer when we have a problem with our normal occlusion. The dream meaning of a brace comes under the same meaning. For the retainer to pop out or get lost in a dream is connected to our inner fears of loss. As I already mentioned before the retainer is removable, thus, is an important “symbol” because in dreams can indicate that with time we will encounter sustenance, abundance, and nourishment from our fears in life and we wish to remove all the negative things. If you are wearing braces with headgear this can be connected to transforming your life in positive ways. To see a splint in a dream indicates you need to open up to the potential you have.

What does it mean to dream of a brace when you wear one in real life?

Wearing a brace in real life to straighten your teeth can sometimes lead to dreaming of the brace, in both the positive and negative light. I can remember myself when I was a child I was given a detachable retainer because I sucked my thumb. I would often have dreams about crushing my retainer. I am here to tell you these dreams are common. Sigmund Freud believed that we all dream of items or symbols that we see in daily life and if you wear a brace in real life this dream has no real spiritual meaning. I hope these dream meanings have helped you.

In summary, If we turn to the biblical saying “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matt 12:24) the heart is your own control in life and the person that you really are. Try to guard against gossip and protect yourself going forward. Think about why you say certain matters and also the reasons for listening or reading gossip. Stories and news are how we learn about life and the world - what I am trying to say here is that if you dreamed of a brace it is important to not “close” people off but think about what others are saying. Please take my views lightly and as entertainment only but I do wish you well. Blessings Flo

In closing, the following dream meanings are from older dream books: Lost your braces indicates losing something in life. Seen braces being spat out a problem. Visited the dentist office indicates that you will overcome a verbal problem. Experienced the feeling the braces are dissolving or vanishing or simply diminishing can indicate accepting responsibility. Your braces are rotten can imply that you need to release your potential. Your braces came out because of anger or violence indicates a change. Your braces are covered in tartar or food indicates that you will content. Grinding braces in your dream can be due to grinding yourself. Brushing your braces with a toothbrush is good luck. The sensation of braces harming your teeth symbolizes abundance.

Positive changes are afoot if:

The braces were needed in your dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream:

Worry about the braces. Admiring. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Happy.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012