Wood Town (Eco Town / Eco Village)

Wood Town (Eco Town / Eco Village)

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Ecovillages, wood towns, and eco-towns are all the rage these days.

They call to a time when things were easier, simpler, and organic. People have lofty dreams about these kinds of living situations being somehow better or earthier than the living structures that most people live in today in industrial and post-industrial nations. The truth is though; these kinds of living situations can also mean hard work and lack some of the conveniences of modern life. The context of this dream rests heavily on whether or not you are dreaming about the simple nature of wood towns or simply wishing that things were easier and more functional in your life.

Detailed dream meaning

To dream of an eco-village, wood town, or eco-town is a dream about creating a space that fits a certain lifestyle. These dreams are common especially when your own life is crazy or when you are needing a break. Often people will assume that living in a community such as a wood town as an easier way to live but do not think about the lack of modern conveniences such as running water from a city source or on-grid electricity. These items can make simple tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning laundry, washing your car, and going to the bathroom much more efficient and simpler. It may be a nice dream, thinking of living with other people, planting a garden and eating from the earth, creating a holistic environment out of the nature around you, or coming together with others as a new way to live. However, you need to consider if your dream is also realistic.

If you dream of things being easier and when you awake this is common. Do you realize that you need a real plan in life? If so, consider taking a solid look at your own life and how you are living? Are there areas of your life that are causing needless stress? Do you feel that you are being run down or taken advantage of? Do you wish for friends or colleagues that you can trust, rather than ones that are being snarky or dishonest? Chances are when you have lofty dreams of recreating your life in this manner that your psyche is simply looking for a change and cluing you into the need for some cutbacks and drastic transformation.

Consider ways in which you can give your body what it needs as well. Sometimes these dreams are ones that are about getting back to nature. In a plastic world full of money hungry people, selfish motivations, chemicals, and greed the mind and the body can get worn down. Dreams like these can be a sign that you do need to make some changes, even if those changes are not moving and leaving everything behind. Consider physical rejuvenation as well – especially if your dreams are focusing on eating better, being out in nature, breathing fresh air, exercising, and the like.

If you dream about the world ending and starting a new life from scratch, this is a much deeper metaphor for your life seeking change and pressure reduction in your life. Consider changing your diet and doing things in your own life more organically from the ground up. This can be a sign that trouble is brewing in your health or finances and you are going to need to be creative after a loss as well. Take this as an opportunity for needed change and rather than wallowing in the loss, create something fresh and new.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Needing to reduce stress.
  • Being mindful of healthy choices.
  • Seeking change.
  • Going through a loss or physical illness.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a wood town

Curious. Excited. Inspired. Good. Happy. Pure. Simple. Lonely. Healthy. Helpful. Smart. Creative. Wise. Careful. Planning. Enlightened. Free. Earthy. Tired. Challenged. Ready.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012