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An Avenue is a broad road which is normally found in big towns and cities. 

In most cases, you will find a road decorated with trees at intervals along its sides. It can mean that you need to perceive life as a journey. There may have been some challenging times in life and the way we approach these problems or “challenges” will help one understand life better. The way the avenue takes you in the dream will automatically symbolize if your life. The big question is, is your life going in the right direction or not? If you have challenges in your waking life, these issues will be portrayed on the avenue in your dream.


In the dream…


  • You are the one walking on an avenue.
  • A familiar person is walking along an avenue.
  • A strange person is walking along the avenue.
  • You drive down an avenue.


Detailed dream interpretation...

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If you happen to have a dream of walking along an avenue which is smooth and a long road it foretells that your life is heading in the right direction and you are content with everything that is happening in your life. If the avenue is crooked and hard to walk through (or drive through) it suggests that your life is full of ups and down. Problems will be apparent from all corners of life and you are finding it hard to go through life. 


If the avenue has obstacles and you cannot get to the other end it denotes feeling lost. You feel beaten and you are wondering what should be the next step to take. You are not alone, in life. Talk to your associates who seem to be having a smooth ride in life maybe ask them for advice. If they are true friends, they will definitely bail you out and make sure that you are enjoying life without having to face tough situations. If you are having financial difficulties, they will help you and make sure that they teach you on how to manage your finances correctly so that, you don’t get yourself messed up again.

A dream whereby you see a familiar person walking along an avenue which is crooked foretells that a friend or family is facing problems in their lives and you will be able to sort them out. When they approach you. Don’t let them down; help them wholeheartedly and you will be blessed and live a life full of plenty. Be a person who is always ready to help those who need your help without requiring anything in return.


When you see a strange person on a crooked avenue, it implies that you and those whom you know are free from life's tribulations; you are living a contented life. Take time out. This will enable you to work on your goals without the interference of problems that others are encountering in their lives. You need to be readily available for a "new start."

To drive through an avenue indicates that those who surround will become empowered without the common problems that affect “normal” people in life. 

Feelings associated with your dream...

Famous, blessed, prosperous, happy and blessed.


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