Dreams About Sickness

Dreams About Sickness

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Sickness in dreams represents a problem in waking life. Many people have contacted me over the years about having a dream of someone who is sick, with the question of: Will this happen in real life? I will try to answer this question in this article.

Because of changing health concerns in our world, and changes in sickness and health over the last 20 years it is not unusual to dream of sickness. The dream generally encompasses various physicians to midwives through to seeing hospitals. Dreaming of someone who is sick is common and when we look at the broad picture of this dream the “sickness” I like to think this normally represents a problem in life. If there were grave threats to life such as pneumonia, cancer, influenza, smallpox, diphtheria then this could create panic in your mind on waking. Often, people who have had dreams of sickness don’t really know the cause. The actual sickness does not matter too much as the dream itself remains the same interpretation for illness in dreams.

Will this come true?

This is the first question that I normally get asked. The dream does not always come true but there have been reports that sickness can sometimes equal an insight into the future. On very rare occasions.

Why does this dream occur?

Dreaming of sickness in general normally occurs when you are feeling somewhat sick or not connected to the world, or you have encountered a problem in life. Sickness can come in all shapes and forms, for example, dreams about vomiting could be as a result of a need to get rid of something that is poisonous to you. This could indicate removing a problem in your life such as a relationship which is toxic.

What does it mean to dream of a sick baby?

If you are currently a parent dreams of your son or daughter are common. Being a parent can be a roller coaster ride of emotions. Your baby's welfare is the most important thing. There are some worrying times, especially if you have recently given birth. It is not uncommon to dream that your baby is poorly especially as you are in the process of accepting a new type of lifestyle. It can be a little scary dealing with dreams of a sick baby. According to the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung all dream images are contextual and can have a relationship with what we consume in real life. I will say, that as a new parent there is a huge range of literature around possible illnesses such as meningitis, whooping cough and diphtheria. Obviously, babies undertake their first immunizations at only eight weeks old. All this information during your waking life will be feeding into your subconscious mind. The dream can be upsetting but basically, the dream is dealing with your own fears and anxieties. This is a common anxiety induced dream and it doesn't necessarily mean your baby will be sick in real life.

What does a dream about someone being sick mean?

If you knew the sick person in the dream then it could be interpreted as a metaphor of a problem that you are encountering. Seeing your mother sick in a dream can indicate feeling uneasy about a relationship. A son or daughter who is sick in the dream can be your fears for them. I always believe that when dreaming of our children Dreaming about someone you don’t know being sick could indicate that, you are dissatisfied. You could be encountering exaggeration in your real life whereby you have been overindulging in some areas in your life. Worrying and events that are embarrassing can be portrayed in your dream by seeing someone sick. There could be a need for you to let go something in your life like letting go of control over something or a release of memories which have been blocking you from succeeding in life.

Dreams of vomit: This is never a nice dream to have. It is no surprise that you are looking up the meaning. The color of the vomit can create the dream of vomiting to have different meanings. If the vomit is orange or black, it indicates feeling vulnerable. Lack of control will be symbolized by green vomit. Violence is signified by seeing a reddish vomit. If you are involved in someone else’s life problems, you could see yellow vomit. Innocence or guilt feelings will be depicted by blue vomits.

If you are rejecting certain beliefs, feelings, and ideas in your real life, then you will dream about sickness. Change of view about a negative situation in your life can make it possible to dream about sickness as I have said before; situations such as toxic relationships. To dream of people you know being sick undergoing changes of negative patterns of thinking. There is a focus on change in your life after seeing a sick baby in your dream. enough of unsatisfying relationships or a situation in your life and you need an out of it could see you dreaming that you are vomiting. You could be feeling uneasy in some situations and you need a change of lifestyle or behavior in a certain way.

What does it mean to dream of yourself being sick?

Seeing yourself sick in your dream could mean that, there is a need for you to change something in your life. You might be in a difficult relationship or you are worried about the future. It could be a career where you are not satisfied and thus a need to quit and look for a satisfying one. I do feel this dream can mean one is experiencing negative energy in life due to a particular situation. To dream of having an illness that is not curable indicates emitting negativity into your life. You will need to remove these people from your life because they could cause you pain and negative feelings. Alternatively, it could be time to move forward and forget about the past and move onto better things.

What does it indicate to dream of an ex-partner who is sick?

If you are married and you dream of your sick partner you may be feeling anxious or threatened in life. Relationships are very difficult and you after the ending of such a relationship there can be lots of different feelings. It is often not mutual. The reason for this dream is you are reliving the time when you were feeling poorly. Dreams of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who is sick can be common due to the processing of information regarding a relationship. Such a dream could indicate hidden friends or colleagues. After the dream, you will need to ensure that you are careful as far as your actions and words are concerned when around people because they might just use it to bring you down.

What does it denote to dream of a sick relative?

A dream where you see a sick relative is a representation of a changing relationship with them in the near future. It will be a surprise to you as several great things will happen in your life suddenly. Because it is something you were not expecting, you will be mesmerized at the positive changes that it will bring into your life.

What does it indicate to dream of being sick in a hospital?

The caduceus is the symbolism of two snakes and this represents a hospital. The medical symbol of Rod of Asclepius represents health. A hospital as a dream symbolism is connected to care and well-being. The dream might denote that, you have a passion which is failing. I do agree that this is associated with losing passion and possible motivation. This could be connected to something in life that you are loosing.

What does it imply to dream of seeing someone with a fever?

Seeing someone with a fever in your dream could be a sign of difficult relationships and trying to release areas or problems in life. You might be having a sexual desire for someone who seems to be out of reach for you and what you are left with is to ogre after them. Alternatively, the dream could be a sign that, a certain aspect of you is making you disgusted with yourself.

What does it denote to dream about someone important vomiting?

Someone you consider important in your life vomiting in the dream could mean that you are going to encounter unpleasant news or disappointments in the coming days. You might be told something bad about someone who is close to you. The vomiting in your dream is an indicator of how you will react to the news as you will be disgusted and want them out of you because you don’t want it to bring negativity into your life.

What could it mean to dream of taking medication?

Taking medication in the dream could be indicative of you will be successful after ensuring that all the problems and difficulties have been cleared in your life. What the dream is trying to encourage you is to be patient and continue working on your goals.

What does it indicate to dream that you are about to vomit?

Feeling that you are about to vomit in your dream could indicate that, someone is going to accuse you of something that you have not done. You will be surprised and shocked and it will make you want to vomit them out of your life. There is no need to keep such a person in your life and thus the need to get rid of them and move on with your life.

What does it imply to dream about someone you don’t know about vomiting?

Someone you don’t know to vomit in your dream could imply that you are being forewarned of an unpleasant meeting with someone you don’t like in your life. The person is going to do something which will annoy you such as humiliating you in front of other people. Alternatively, the dream could be a sign that you have a desire to get rid of some big problems you are having in life.

What does it denote to dream about a child vomiting?

A child vomiting in your dream could mean that you desire to come out of a very difficult situation you are currently going through. It could be a relationship which is not working for you or a job that is causing you to feel stressed all the time. You can look for a new job which will make you be happy and which will bring a lot of positive energy into your life and make you remain healthy. For the relationship, if it cannot work, quit and remain alone until someone worthy comes knocking on your door.

What does it indicate to dream about white sick?

A dream where you see white sick could be indicative of having peace and joy in your life in the days to come. After the dream, even if you are currently finding life to be problematic, you will need to face these problems head on to ensure happiness and joy in your life. The good news is that your environment at work will be favorable and the same as your home.

What does it mean to dream about being heart problems?

A dream where you feel sick due to heart problems could be a sign that, in the days to come, you are going to go through worrying times in your life. it could be that you will be overwhelmed by responsibilities which you will need someone to help you in order to finish. My advice is that you may need to look at delegating responsibilities you have so that you don’t feel stressed.

What does it imply to dream about seeing sick everywhere?

A dream where you see sick everywhere could be a sign that, you are rejecting other people’s ideas, feelings, and beliefs. Everyone has a right to what they believe, feel or think even if you don't agree with it.

What does it denote to dream of someone else being sick?

Dreaming about someone else being sick could be a sign that, the person has made a mistake in their life. The person might not be who you feel thinking they are. After having this dream, you will need to be careful when around this particular person due to the negativity surrounding them. Alternatively, the dream could indicate that something or offend you in the coming days. You might be surrounded by several false friends and thus the need to be careful. You will need to avoid trusting everyone.

What does it indicate to dream that you are trying to prevent someone from being sick?

Dreaming about trying to prevent someone being sick could mean that, you are afraid to reject beliefs and ideas. Are you avoiding feeling embarrassed in public? These dreams occur when one is feeling their views and opinions are distorted. After the dream, you will need to keep a low profile for a while.

Being sick or sickness presented in the dream is unpleasant. I am not going to deny that this will impact you the next day upon awakening. I hope this dream meaning has given you some guidance.

By Florance Saul
Sep 9, 2018