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Dream meanings of airplane, aircraft and aeroplane

Hello. I am excited about the fact you had a dream of the airplane and honored you have found my website. An airplane in a dream can be used to symbolize exploration of your inner side or spiritual ideas. Spirits can be represented as being able to fly. An airplane can also be used to symbolize related ideas or make connections that create symbolism. 

Spiritually airplanes symbolize a portion of your life's journey. Yes, this dream is spiritually interesting. My name is Flo, I am a psychic from England. If you have not visited my site before then a big welcome, I have had many dreams of flying and over the last two decades, and decoded over 500 aircraft dreams for our users. From plane crashes to jumping on top of a plane naked! Yes, I know some very odd dreams. So I think my interpretations below will help you. Right, let’s get to it!

Dreams of aircrafts and airplanes can provide us with a deep psychological meaning. The aircraft is all about spiritually and how you rise in life. You are probably wondering what this means from not only a dream perspective but also how you can use this dream in your life? I must say that firstly airplanes and aircrafts seen in dreams indicate the high ambition that you have set yourself. If we turn to the psychologist Freud in his dream interpretation of an aircraft he believed this was a phallic symbolism. What is a phallic symbolism? Well let’s first apply this to your dream right. Otherwise it will get too confusing! A phallic symbol is an object that is associated with the penis! Yes, rather shocking right! So in regards to dreams of airplane Freud believed that flying in the sky in a plane represented our own hidden sexual desire in life. So from Freud’s perspective the dream of aircraft can indicate sex, I hope I got my point across.

Let’s quickly look at the plane from a literal sense! We all know that we use aircraft to travel to places that are far away, the airplane is also symbolic of an event, individuals, or emotions that are either in the past or are physically apart from you. I believe that airplanes in dreams are deeply rooted in our emotions that are deep inside our subconscious mind.  Researching this dream from not only a psychological point of view but more importantly from a spiritual point of view certainly will give you more food for thought! I have dissected, analyzed and fully researched the dream of airplanes. As you could probably imagine my dreams have been vivid over the years. It’s interesting because my family don’t seem to remember many dreams at all. Noticing the symbolism of an an airplane in the dream is rather special and significant. The first thing I’m going to say from a spiritual context is that this is an important dream. Hopefully this may lead to some resolution or changes to how you approach real-life problems. 

There is a saying which I found quite interesting when I was researching a old dusty superstition books they believed at the time to dream of travel in an aircraft signified that “you have a long way to travel before you get to your conscious thoughts.”  I found this quote rather intriguing. The other thing I’m going to quickly mention before we move into the dream interpretation is that in life we do access the huge amount of content that reaches our brain every second of the day. Therefore you might have had an aeroplane dream because you perhaps you could see one soaring in the sky all there was an aeroplane crash in the news. Whatever the reason there is still a spiritual connection that we need to interpret correctly. So let’s begin! 

What is the spiritual significance of dreaming of an aircraft?

An aircraft featured in your dream is believed to represent a spiritual journey. In life, we have been shaken over the awful events of 9/11 and it is only natural that at times we have a "fear" type dream. In fact, this attack has made many people worried about flying in general - this is only natural! To dream of the aircraft being hijacked can indicate that you need to resolve an outstanding problem. Now, what does it mean to take off and land in a plane during your dream? To dream of taking off in a plane in your dream denotes the importance of having independence and freedom. It may suggest that you need to move towards gaining this independence in your waking life. The landing is also rather interesting, it is all about winning hearts and minds in life. 

Positive changes are afoot if:

A change of status is indicated if you dream of flying high in the sky. Overall the dream is positive.  There are many positive things we can take away from the dream. I believe that the dream aircraft is a positive dream and relates to what you do in life. Time and time again  I’m contacted when people dream of aeroplane crashes. Symbolically I feel that this dream is about something that must be overcome in the dream’s mind. As  The famous psychologists associated an aeroplane with our sexual desires.  It could just be a dream of frustration but I do think that the overarching meaning of an aircraft sealing the dream is positive in nature. I hope that that gives you some reassurance.

Detailed dream interpretation:

Most airplane's allow us to visit different destinations across the world so spiritually this can indicate “freedom!” In a dream state the airplane means that you may need to take off a new project, it can also be a symbol of fear. If your dream was adverse it may mean you will face problems in the future. 

What does a plane crash mean in a dream?

A plane crash signifies that you feel your life is seriously out of control. If you dream of actually crashing then this dream suggests a failed mission in your life. If you dream of seeing oxygen masks on the plane indicates you may get a surprise in the future. Disturbing dreams, in which you are being bombed, or witnessing a bloody aircraft crash scene is associated with issues and feelings that have been buried in the unconscious mind, but are still powerful and disturbing. The more powerful, vivid and disturbing this dream is, the greater the necessity to interpret and obtain therapy in order to put the past behind you.

What does it mean to dream of air turbulence?

If you specifically dream of aggressive air turbulence then this is a time for new beginnings. To see yourself being thrown about the aeroplane in the dream this indicates that you may require some effort in a difficult situation. As flying dreams are somewhat classic in nature, it is often associated with how we’re feeling inside. The turbulence in this instance indicates that you are feeling life is turbulent in general.

What it means to be given an airline ticket in a dream?

If you are given or collect a commercial airline ticket then this dream represents the value that you have put on your services or talents. To lose your airline ticket means that you will have difficulty accepting a proposal in the forthcoming future. To see a commercial airline on the surface of water indicates your own self image. The message is that you should not be concerned about how other people view you. Often if something spiritual needs to be communicated it is important to do this face-to-face. 

What does it mean to fly an aircraft in your dream?

To fly a powerful airplane in your dream may indicate that you need to get a better viewpoint on your current problems. A parachute featured in your dream indicates that you need to slow down to prevent a loss.Flying the aircraft yourself in a dream is associated the missions we need to encounter in life. 

What does it mean to be trapped in an aircraft in a dream?

If you find yourself trapped inside an airplane this indicates the need to escape from a situation in waking life. Being trapped in a aircraft in a dream can be somewhat worrying. This can enhance your fear in life of being trapped in problems in life. I think that this dream is a reflection of how you feel about life in general.

What do fighter or warplanes mean in a dream?

Fighter planes featured in your dream indicate that you will encounter arguments in the near future. Consequently, to dream of warplanes means that there is going to be unrest in your family over the next few weeks. Jet engines suggest you need to be able to listen to others. If your dream featured an aircraft with propellers then a relationship will naturally come to an end. 

What does it mean to dream of an airport?

To dream of an airport signifies that changes are afoot and that you will have many decisions to make. If the airport is busy this dream indicates you have many friends who can help you. A commercial airplane represents successful paths through life. I can remember recently having a dream of a buzzing airport. After my research, this is all about our set of core values which are created by one's short term actions. 

What does it mean to dream of jumping from an aircraft?

Now, this dream is popular, I get many emails about people experiencing this dream. And here are some great reasons why. When part of your life changes it is common to dream of jumping out of an aircraft, this is a symbolic sign that in times occur when you need to move forward for the better. So, to dream of jumping from an aircraft or you survived the devastation of jumping then there is a change coming. A good one no doubt! So good for you.

What does it mean when you are chased by a aircraft in a dream?

If you are chased by a plane then this dream reflects that endings and new beginnings are on the horizon. To dream of military aircraft indicates the need for discipline in a situation related to your family or close friends. Now, I could not believe what was written about this in one dream dictionary. To be chased by an aircraft indicates that sometimes you are trusting others too much.

What does it mean to dream of falling from the sky?

Yep, this is a scary dream. To fall out of the sky in an aircraft means that a situation of the heart must come to an end.  If in your dream you are flying above 50,000 ft (14,000 m) then this demonstrates that your expectations are too high. Set your goals lower for a while, I know that you want to achieve but you need to think of your health! 

What does it mean to travel upside down in an aircraft?

Goodness, what a dream, no wonder you looked up the meaning. But I do know this, you cannot ignore this dream and the actual sensation of being upside down in a dream. To dream that you are traveling in an aircraft that goes upside down suggests that things in your waking life have become mundane and you need to set yourself specific goals. Make sure these are taken care of over the next few months. If your dream featured a sporting aircraft, such as the red arrows or a pilot jet then this signifies a spiritual sense of freedom is necessary in a situation. It can also mean that a friend has placed demands on your time. 

What does taking off and landing in an airplane mean in a dream?

If your dream featured an aircraft taking off above you this demonstrates that is important to not make wrong assumptions. If the aircraft took off in your dream then you will have peace and love in your life over the next few months. Good news right! So your best bet is to suck it up and understand that you deserve the peace you need. This is the spiritual meaning of the dream.

In most of my research, the airplane means taking off is a positive omen. There are many elements of the dream that are important. Is it an easy takeoff or bumpy? Think about the dream are you in the air or can see yourself on the ground. Did you feel the motion? If you are preparing for the plane to take off in anticipation then this can suggest that you want to change things in life.

Taking off in a plane in a dream could be like the laws of nature or shift things. Also, who is with you on the plane? Is it just you or your children. Is the plane modern or fast? It means your ideas will get to lift off and you are not ready if you are not in your seat on the airplane. It could be a situation where a plan goes right through to success. Think about the plane meaning your plan in life and you will be taking off.

The overall purpose of the dream of taking off is all about your own success. It is the acquisition to gain something important in life. The aircraft needs both precisions in the ground and in the air. In many dream books, the act of taking off signifies your own successes.

Dreaming of a plane landing is quite interesting. If the landing of the dream was disturbing and you felt anxiety about the landing or there was a crash landing and shows that you are going through a transition in life. This dream is not difficult to decode. The dream of the plane is a metaphor for life and the changes that we face going forward, therefore you are landing after having troubles in life.

The nature of the dream is important, the path of the plane determines the course of your life path. In the dream, if the landing was without a problem then this can indicate that you plan to return to something that completes a part of your life. To dream that the plane flipped or fell before landing, and perhaps crashed landed then this functions as a metaphor for change in life. The dream can be an illusion and means that you will be levelheaded but face some anxieties.

To understand your dream, you need to think back to events in life and why you may be anxious. If you dream that the plane landed with a crash can suggest our internal doubts about our ability to reach a destination in life and informs us that we can cope with big issues. 

What does it mean to eat airline food in a dream?

There are many flights I have been on that no longer serve airline food in the traditional way. I know I am old now, still remember the times when people could actually smoke on airplanes! Anyway, what does it mean to dream of airline food. To dream of airline food or drink (eating or observing) in old dream dictionaries indicates that you have entered into a positive relationship with another person and things are going to be positive in the forthcoming future.

What does dreaming of an air hostess mean?

Do you remember this was the best job to have many years ago! To dream of an air hostess indicates spiritually that obvious changes are going to occur over the next two months. If you are an air hostess this indicates that you will think about your value in life. To have sex with an air hostess in a dream indicates passion is reaching your goals. This is a bit off the wall but to dream of watching a movie on a flight denotes that a new opportunity will provide you with a better lifestyle. If you are an international long-haul commercial flight attendant then you should emerge yourself in the community -  you will get great satisfaction in helping others. 

Now, after you have flown in a dream what happens?

To dream of arriving in a new country at an airport - after being on a flight means you could also be involved in worthwhile community events. 

What do people on aircrafts mean in dreams?

If you encounter any other person or stranger connected to an aircraft then this dream shows that sometimes you are living your life without sometimes considering other people's feelings. If you are talking to a beautiful stranger (or joining the mile high club) then this indicates that you may find comfort in a relationship in the future. 

What does seeing the airplane cockpit mean in a dream?

A dream which features a airplane cockpit should be interpreted as a representation of your own sense of control in relation to work situations. Are you going into something unknown? Approaching something that you have perhaps not done or seen before? The dream is focused on taking a risk in life. It is important to understand that if your plane reaches it's destination then a situation is likely to lead you into a new path. You are likely to learn new things about yourself in the near future.

What does it mean to dream of the wings of the airplane?

I'll go on the record and say I have had a dream about a wing breaking from a airplane I was travelling on. As the wings provide the strength of the aircraft this dream is about loosing your own strength in money or business. You will get it back - but you must fight. Yes, things could go horribly wrong for a while but it will focus you. There is also a massive danger of letting others know about what you are doing. To see the flaps of the wing appear in a dream indicates you should focus on moving forward in life, it’s all about that balance!

What does it mean to dream of a Boeing 707 or a jet?

Ok, you do know that this plane is popular, it is not uncommon to dream of the amazing Boeing 707 and the power of this aircraft. Maybe you dreamed of an Airbus. Now, I will surprise you! All airplanes have the same meaning as a jet. There are only a few companies that produce our planes and this is applicable for this dream meaning. The dream indicates power in life as a single source. So the spiritual message is to not follow the herd! I know you may make a few mistakes but you have the power and ideas to grow in life!

What does it mean to dream of radar or air traffic controller?

If you dream of being an air traffic controller or you see the tower in the dream it can suggest there is no hiding place. What does it mean to dream of an air traffic controller who crashes a plane? Well, you will never guess what this dream means! It is associated with control. When we start in life we all go to school and taught to act in a certain way. This dream indicates that you need to “control” your life better. All too often we can lose our way, and not produce our best work. At least if you work hard you can turn around and be proud in life!  Our dreams are connected to our missions and our memories.

People on airplanes in dreams and what it means?  If you dream of speaking to a stranger on the flight then this dream may signify that you are looking for a stranger to provide wisdom or guidance. People are represented differently on the aircraft. If you dreamed that there was no people it can indicate a message, the quality of your work is all about how you grow in life. Spiritually, I believe this dream is worth our attention. To dream of take a flight with your family or friends I believe is again, all about control and that these relationships will work out for the best. 

What does it mean to dream of a propeller engine airplane?

We all love the old propeller plane, maybe you are driving this in your dream naked, or even see this plan falling from the sky. Now, propeller engines are somewhat smaller and I believe that this dream is all about how you “thrust” in life. The propeller must go at a slow speed to prevent too much noise! Remember this! So in dreams this airplane means you need to try to focus on not being beaten in life!

What does it mean to dream of a radio controlled aircraft or a drone?

You may be feeling extreme happiness or relief at the dream occurred of a radio controlled aircraft. These types of dreams normally impend that you need a degree of pseudo-professionalism at work. So think about how you are controlled. If the drone had a bomb then this can indicate something will “hit” you hard and force you into action. I have one word of advice, try to move forward with confidence!

Other areas of the dream you need to take notice of:

To dream of strange weather conditions on a airplane indicates that your spiritual values and religious beliefs are connected to how smooth the flight was - the smoother the flight more in tune you are spiritually! Oh, yes, a paper airplane or toy airplane mean to stop being childish! Sorry, that is the ancient meaning! Now, the ending of your dream is important. If it ended on a negative note then you're trying to please too many people instead of being firm about what you want to do in waking life. It is important that you do not hide your true beauty and talent from the outside world. We have covered this above, but an old dream dictionary, from 1930s stated that if you dream of an airplane going upside down this can mean that you will need to be defensive. If you dream of a plane's engines this signifies that you hold both masculine and feminine potential in regards to a situation at work. For the airplane to have a bomb on board indicates that you need to take a peek at your own objectives in life and no longer hide from responsibility!

What is the difference between aeroplane v airplane?

The other interesting thing that I came across writing this article is to the extended confusion with the word airplane or aeroplane! I wanted to choose the right form of the word. There are variations of the word Airplane. So here are the differences! Aeroplane or Airplane? I was like which one? So I looked it up. Now, airplane is used for standard American English and also British. To check as I was so confused I had to go to New York Times to uncover the American version. Yeah… slightly embarrassing! 

I am going to briefly detail some interesting dreams been sent in by users over the years.

Essentially could have had any of these possible dreams but I wanted to mention them because I feel that these are the most popular dreams which have involved aeroplanes. Here goes!  Been followed by an aircraft. Witnessed a plane crash. Traveled on an aircraft. Turned upside down. Seen a high-altitude aircraft (such as a commercial airline) in the sky. Been in the sky flying. Taken off or landed an aircraft. Seen an air hostess Witnessed a hijacking of the aircraft. Jumped out of an aircraft. Seen an aircraft bombed. Had a dream involving military aircraft. Felt uncomfortable or that your safety is at risk. Fell out of the sky in an aircraft. Chased by an aircraft. Watched warplanes. Felt frightened. When you woke up it was a relief!

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life:

Moving up in the world in regards to your status. Freedom of expression.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an aircraft…

Relaxed. Scared. Angry. Insecure. Confused. Alone. Abandoned. Controlled. Enlightened. Scared. Self-conscious. 

The END. Well that is it folks, we have covered so many dreams above - and I thank you for staying with me to the end! At the end of the day, remember it is just a dreams. Don’t forget to get a tarot free reading before I go, just scroll down! Blessings, Flo x

By Florance Saul
Oct 3, 2012