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Anti gun

Anti gun.

Seeing anti-gun protests in one's dream is a positive sign. It is associated with a possible feeling of being opposed in waking life.

To dream of a demonstration against the use of a gun's primarily means that you are living a carefree life. The gun could be a hidden aggression towards a particular person or an aspect of your­self that person represents that you recog­nize in yourself. To dream of giving up your gun means this is stating your point (in your subconscious mind) of something new. It also denotes that there is no use for a dangerous weapon in your life.


In real life, it may signify that you are rather contented with your life and wouldn’t want anything to ruin that. To see a plastic gun means you are happy with your career and your life. Everything seems to be going smoothly, things are turning out the way you planned them. It can also mean that you are aware of suppressing your strong emotions can only result in unfortunate events.

To be on TV associated with anti gun's protests means you are vocal and clear about what you want to say and you make sure that the information that you want to send is clear and understandable.

Dreams of anti-gun may include...

  • A clear demonstration against the use of a gun.
  • Fighting against someone who has a gun.
  • A conversation against the use of guns.

Quick explanation:

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  • If you come across a dream where you are vocally saying your opinion against the use of guns, it means that you will encounter a normal and peaceful life. It can also denote that you are in control of your emotions and will not result to any violence.
  • Fighting against someone who possesses a gun means that you are thinking about taking the anger away from someone.
  • If you dream of having a conversation with someone regarding the use of guns, it means that you want to enlighten someone on how to control his emotions.

Detailed explanation of an anti gun d​ream...

Dreaming of fighting someone who has a gun, especially if you know the person in your dream, may simply mean that you are willing to take your anger out on someone close to you. To shoot someone means that you have the capacity to help someone who is in distress. Do not rush into things in waking life. It could also suggest anxiety about the welfare of the person in your dream.

Talking to someone about the use of a gun, means that someone close to you needs your help. There is someone who wants to learn how to control their emotions. This person wants to learn from your experience and may envy you. My advice would be to lend a help, if your aid is needed. Try to not be selfish, help in any way you can.

Should you find yourself caught, eaten or beaten because you are protesting to anti gun laws, you have to think about the future. What exactly are you missing or staying away from in waking life? Things will not improve before you address them? Desires of wanting a gun in the dream means a possible job that's leading to stress.


To dream of being hunted by the FBI or CIA because of anti gun laws is associated with how you feel in waking life about authority. Maybe, it is time to think about your career?

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of being anti gun...

Fear about the guns in the USA, Gun crime problems (worrying about them), anxiety, doubt, unpreparedness, happiness, confidence, reborn and trust are the feelings you might feel during the dream and these are also the same feelings that you may realize in a real life situation.

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