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To see sleeping beauty in your dream signifies eternal attractiveness.

This means that you will either loose weight or become beautiful. The actual dream can also suggest that you are being rather ignorant in a situation.


To see yourself sleeping means there's something in life that you're ignoring. To be kissed by a prince means that new beginnings are predicted this year.

This year it is important that you do not ignore opportunities. Success is likely to present itself. This may come through your own initiative. Equally, if you see sleeping beauty and she does not wake up then minor health issues could effect your sex drive.

In your dream you may have…

  • Been sleeping beauty.
  • Been the prince that kissed sleeping beauty.
  • Seen yourself in the fairy-tale.
  • Been worried about not waking up.


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Positive aspects of dreaming of sleeping beauty...

  • That the prince kissed you in the dream Sleeping beauty woke up.
  • You were sleeping beauty.

Detailed dream interpretation...

To have a dream of sleeping beauty means that you are thinking about your external appearance. This dream suggests that a choice will come your way. A choice to improve your appearance. This can be through diet or even a makeover. To see a fairy godmother in your dream is associated with having to think about your wishes. If you are scared in your dream then new changes will be coming your way. To never wake up is a sign that people around you tend to be gossiping. In the event that your sleeping beauty is male in the dream shows you have a problem that is totally with your subconscious mind – this can be related to other people and what they think of you in life. If you are a prince in your dream, kissing sleeping beauty then make certain that you take on challenging tasks.


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