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Being surrounded by bamboo

Being surrounded by bamboo.

To dream that you are  walking through a field of bamboo plants indicates that you will have some fresh energy. The bamboo is connected to good fortune.


To see a field or walk-through bamboo suggests transformation of happiness. It can also  suggest hidden vastness within us. The bamboo in this sense is a symbol of growth and contentment.



In the dream, you may…


  • Eaten bamboo shoots.
  • Cooked with bamboo shoots.
  • Spring seasoned vegetables with bamboo.
  • Fresh bamboo.
  • Cream colour bamboo.


Detailed Dream Interpretation…

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To dream that the bamboo plant surrounds you in a dream generally show some difficulties or loss on the horizon. It is a warning that you must take care in matters with the heart. It can also indicate that there is a sense of rules of fair play with other people.  if the bamboo is over your head within the dream then this can suggest a difficult situation on the horizon.


Freud’s  interpretation of bamboo is that it brings happiness to the dreamer.  being surrounded by bamboo indicates a general boost to your self-esteem. To also be with a number of people indicates it is impossible to hang onto force and uses beneficially.  the bamboo in this sense is associated with undirected energy.



to be in a field full of bamboo indicates you must trust your inner strength.  if the bamboo plant is growing healthily either indoors or outdoors is a reminder that we ultimately have to be more optimistic in the future there is great energy that surrounds us and we must have experience in helping others.  if we look at the bamboo in its literal sense it is rather flexible.  to be surrounded by bamboo in a field is associated with possible graceful times. No other symbol should signify such an important starting life. What do I mean by this? To dream that bamboo plants around you indicates that you are spiritually protected.


Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream...


Open. Ready. Alive. Victorious. Gifts. Peaceful. Joyous and Energetic.

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