Being on a train dream meaning

Being on a train dream meaning

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What does it mean to dream of being on a train?

The moving action of a train indicates that in life you are moving forward towards your goals.

The dream itself indicates that you need to take more control in life. People who have such dreams wish that they are focused on their own goals in life. If the train was moving then this dream suggests that you need to focus on gaining better control of life. This dream is related to your own knowledge and expanding your education in life. Carl Jung believed that the train is focused on our sexual desires in life. If you are female, this dream is generally considered to be sexual in nature. It suggests you need to improve your relationships. It can also denote being wiser in life and things need to be put in perspective.

Your dream

  • You were on a train in your dream.
  • You were sat in a train carriage in the dream.
  • You were riding on a train in your dream.
  • You were on a modern train in the dream.
  • The train was going backward in the dream.
  • You were not sure where you were heading on a train in the dream.
  • Out of control train in a dream.
  • A crowded train in a dream.

Detailed dream meaning of being or sat on the train

Moving or traveling on a train suggests that you are moving forward in life - the direction you are taken has been planned. From a psychological perspective, you may wish to conform to life’s habits and live to the “status quo.” The destination in your dream is of equal importance, plus the details of the train itself. These details will allow us to interpret this dream meaning further. A crowded train signifies that you may wish to keep your distance from others in life.

To see train lines or rail track in the dream denotes that you are in the direction to prosper in life. Here we have some specific areas of this dream.

  • Sitting on a train carriage in the dream: the train carriage indicates the people that surround you in life. To dream of an old-fashioned train, carriage suggests that you need to accept you may need to set goals in life. If the train carriage is modern in the dream this can suggest that someone will want to understand you better in life.
  • Sat on a train in your dream: sitting on a train waiting for your stop suggests that you will encounter a high-profile event in the future that will enable you to set goals in life. As we’ve already established the dream of trains is associated with going in the right direction in life.

In the dream state you were riding on a train

riding a train suggests that to think about how you can progress further in life positively, agreeing with the train carries a good omen. There is a need for awareness of the train ride is bumpy in your dream.

  • Broken down train: for a train to break down in a dream this denotes a new start in life.
  • Passengers on the train: to see or sit by different passengers on the train indicates that you need to observe the way you accomplish goals in the future. To be on a steam locomotive and to see other passengers signifies you are going to avoid changes in future.
  • Freight train in the dream: to be on a freight train in the dream suggests successful business progress.
  • Getting off a train in a dream: conflict may occur if you get off the train in the dream. You are too focused on winning. There could be feelings of remorse for getting off the train and hurt yourself in the dream.

What is the general dream interpretation of traveling on a train journey?

I have already concluded that a train journey in a dream indicates that you are moving to’s severity setting the right direction for growth. Generally, in dreams, we see train journeys is either positive or negative depending on the details of the dream. The journey is a metaphor and is focused on self-awareness because you are being driven by something that you are not in control of. To drive a train in a dream is wonderful and suggests that you need to focus on controlling your own goals. To travel up a hill or steep bank in a dream suggests that someone will have an attachment to you going forward. Typically, if the train struggled to gain speed in a dream this refers to the feeling of being slowed down in waking life. To see a locomotive indicates that you are being pulled in different directions.

There are various trains that can feature in our dream: modern train, steam train, children's train, model trains, locomotive and normal trains. All trains in dreams carry the same meaning - you're moving towards your goals. To see the interior of a train carriage in a dream suggests that you may be limiting your own ambitions. If you notice a buffet cart on the train in your dream this means that you need to watch your diet. If there is an obstruction on the track in a dream then someone will influence you in the future. For the train to break down in a dream suggests you need to fix a relationship. To eat on a train (or have a meal) indicates you will be traveling some distance for a social event.

To see others eating on the train in the dream means you will meet someone and have a social meal soon. For the train to miss your stop (or you are unable to get off the train in the dream) this carries a warning; you need to look after your own needs before anyone else. To pass a bridge on the train is an omen of strength in waking life. The train was fast or unable to stop this is related to your energy in life. Are you feeling tired and unable to recuperate in life?

Feelings in the dream of being on a train

Worried the train will not stop. Out of control. Worried about how others see you.

By Florance Saul
Aug 22, 2017