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Swimming pool

Swimming pool.

A swimming pool symbolizes your inner feelings and thoughts.

These feelings are stronger than when you dream of a river or sea. There are many factors within the dream of swimming to consider. For example, if you are swimming in a swimming pool and enjoying the experience, then you feel your life is secure and you feel loved. If the water in the swimming pool is crystal blue, then you are beginning to evaluate your life, and work towards a better resolution to sort out your existing problems.


In your dream you may haveā€¦

  • You see a swimming pool.
  • You swim in a swimming pool.
  • A clear, blue water swimming pool.
  • A dirty swimming pool.
  • A swimming pool with clear water.
  • A swimming pool with dirty water.
  • Naked people in a swimming pool.
  • An empty swimming pool.
  • A swimming pool filled with water.
  • Warm water swimming pool.
  • Cold water swimming pool.
  • An outdoors swimming pool.
  • An indoors swimming pool
  • You are naked in a swimming pool.

Advice from your dream...

  • The dream was a pleasant experience.
  • Swimming was enjoyable.
  • You are able to treat the condition successfully.
  • The dream resulted in peace and happy times.
  • The swimming pool was clean.
  • The water in the swimming pool was clear.

Detailed dream interpretation...

An outdoors swimming pool in a dream suggests that you will be lucky in love. A swimming pool filled with water portends good business ahead. If the water in the swimming pool is clear, this means good health, but if the water is dirty, this omens worries.

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If you see naked people in a dream, and if the people are men, this means you will be ashamed of something. If the naked people are women, this portends a scandal. If you see yourself naked in a swimming pool, this is the sign of dissatisfaction.

If you are swimming in a swimming pool in a dream, it means this is the time to finish whatever you have started and never brought to an end. If the swimming pool in your dream is filled with water, this suggests that you are going to have good perspectives in the future, and that you should use these in order to reach your goals.

The action of swimming in a swimming pool shows that you are trying to overcome any problems in an effective way. Additionally, this dream signifies the potential of a successful life. If you are on the top of the water just drifting, then it shows you need to be in a fluid situation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of swimming pool.


Having fun. Enjoying. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Happy. Jolly.

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