Swimming pool

Swimming pool

What does it mean to dream of a swimming pool?

A swimming pool symbolizes your inner feelings and thoughts. Beautiful, dazzling, fun, lounging, splashing, diving, and floating the swimming pool in dreams signify all sorts of strong and powerful spiritual messages. Colorful bikinis, simmering hope, and crystal clear waters on a hot day.

It is hard to see that this dream is a negative omen. Spiritually, swimming pools are the promise of sunshine in your life. What if the dream is negative? I will address this along with the true meaning of your dream of the swimming pool, and the biblical meaning.

What does it mean to dream of swimming in a swimming pool?

Swimming in your dream spiritually can indicate that you need to go with the flow in life. The details around the actual act of swimming need to be considered. You could have possibly been swimming one of the four main strokes: breaststroke, backstroke, or butterfly. Swimming is one of the oldest spiritual traditions. Water is normally considered as being cleansing and it allows us to move and cleanse our soul. Swimming in the waking world brings energy and optimism. Let’s now consider your dream. Swimming in a pool outdoors in dreams reminds us to connect to nature and our place within life. To see yourself swimming in an indoor pool is about your journey and the focus on your own dreams, the act of swimming in this pool can indicate that you should reflect on your own inner voice. This dream could indicate that you may feel nervous, anxious or even fearful in regards to an emotional situation.  

Psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud have linked what happens in our waking life with our unconscious dream world, and it totally makes sense. If you are dreaming about a swimming pool you might need to control your emotions. In Carl Jung (another dream psychologist) transcripts, a dream of water can imply that you are worried about losing your status. Yeah, it can be worrying if you dreamed of drowning or something horrible happened in the swimming pool, but having a nightmare around the swimming pool is common. I do feel, that the swimming pool represents your emotions. If you are encountering some serious feelings or you are worried about a certain life stage then this is a common dream. Nightmares involving a swimming pool often mean "change" is ahead.

Is this dream of a swimming pool good or bad?

It is an emotional dream. I want to expand on the symbol of the swimming pool a bit further. Swimming pools in real life are often connected with status symbols, in dreams, a swimming pool is connected to your own emotions, if still and clear then this dream is considered good, if murky then challenges may lie ahead. Even if you don’t touch the water of the pool the dream has specific meanings around your own emotions. You see, water is also connected to how we interact with others.

There are many social transformations around municipal swimming pools, and over the years pools have also served as stages of conflict. These feelings are stronger than when you dream of a river or sea. There are many factors within the dream of swimming to consider. For example, if you are swimming in a swimming pool and enjoying the experience, then you feel your life is secure and you feel loved.

What is the water consistency in the swimming pool dream?

If the water in the swimming pool is clear, this means good health, but if the water is dirty, this is an omen for worries (sorry!). If the water in the swimming pool is crystal blue, then it means you are beginning to evaluate your life and work towards a better resolution to sort out your existing problems.

What does dreaming of your own swimming pool mean?

If you own a swimming pool in real life, it is not uncommon to dream of your own pool. I’m here to help you understand what this means in the dream code. This type of dream is about the fact someone is lacking preparation in life and they need to be more prepared. Swimming pools in your backyard are positive omens, and this dream could mean things will work out - but be time-consuming. Owning a pool in the backyard provides fun for the family and this is also an element of this dream - have fun!

What you are doing during the dream with regard to your own pool in the dream is equally important. If you are swimming in your own pool then this dream can indicate happy, fun times ahead. If the pool is dirty there is focus on someone worried about your emotions. If don’t clean your pool in the dream it can indicate a relaxing life. To find a problem with your own swimming pool in the dream (such as a leak, problem with the water, etc) can indicate leaking emotions. If you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool in a dream it can imply that you will soon have love and happiness. Many people sadly die in backyard swimming pools every year, you may dream of drowning in your own pool and this is a natural fear. If you are installing safety barriers or installing a residential pool then this can suggest a fresh start in life. In summary, your own swimming pool indicates that you are in charge of your own emotions.

Dreaming about an indoor pool

Pools can be built on the ground inside or in a freestanding construction. Dreaming of an inside pool, such as in a health club or fitness center can indicate your own emotions - that they are trapped inside. While you're awake, your guard is up. However, when you are asleep your guard and emotions are down. You might find that dreaming of an indoor pool is focused on your own emotions to relieve tension. When dreaming of an indoor pool, it's also a good idea to look at what's happening inside your life, how you are navigating other people's emotions. It is also good to pay attention to something in your heart.

Seeing an indoor swimming pool full of blue water in a dream indicates that your emotions are stable at the moment. The swimming pool (per se) is connected to your emotional feelings, as I have already mentioned. A large concrete pool denotes that emotions will be running high in the family but you will be fortunate. Dreaming of an inflatable pool can mean you will find a friend who will do so much for you going forward.

If you dream of a clean swimming pool, it reveals your passion and symbolizes love. However, seeing an indoor pool in your dream state reveals that you’re feeling trapped or pressured by people or a situation. It’s like someone’s trying to change your nature. If you feel your soul is going through a transformation or closing up then this dream can occur. It’s like you don’t want to feel hurt anymore, so you want to keep your emotions unspoken and escape disappointment. This dream can mean that you will not be influenced by outdoor activities or people. However, your dream might suggest that you’re doing the wrong thing by closing up and keeping everything to yourself.

If you find yourself swimming in a hotel pool, it is possible that grief, or something similar, is bubbling up underneath. You must address any issues that are not being addressed, such as stress or pressure. Or, you could be venting, healing, or worried about others. If you did notice the heat (or unheated) of the indoor pool is equally important. Most swimming pools inside are around 25 meters, it is not common to actually know the size of the pool in the dream but to see yourself in a public swimming pool can indicate that you need to protect yourself.

Swimming inside an indoor pool can symbolize your thoughts or thinking. It can represent your spiritual, intellectual, and mental life. The symbolism of water is derived from the physical orientation that represents areas of the body. The head or mind is called the cover of the indoor pool. I myself have dreamed of drowning in an indoor pool and if this is featured in your dream it can indicate that you want to be "outside of sight, outside of the mind," or simply alone. The symbolism of drowning in an indoor pool could be that you don't want to accept certain things in your mind. Seeing someone else drowning in an indie pool can suggest that you are resisting something or disagreeing strongly. It also suggests being forced to do something against your will.

Dreams about an outside pool

A swimming pool outdoors in a dream suggests that you will be lucky in love, according to old folklore. An outdoor swimming pool filled with water portends good business ahead. If you see naked people in a dream, and if the people are men, this means you will be ashamed of something. If the naked people are women, this portends a scandal. If you see yourself naked in a swimming pool, this is a sign of dissatisfaction. Many people flocking to a swimming pool in a dream indicates that you are reshaping areas of your life.

What is the biblical meaning of a swimming pool in a dream?

In regards to the swimming pool in the dream from a biblical perspective, it is about how we need certain elements in life, water being the most important. Water is mentioned in total 722 in the bible, and this is often around faith, prayer, cleansing the soul, hope, and worship. Swimming pools are man-made structures and are not mentioned within the bible, there is a one-dimensional reference to most of our life in the bible and many references to water being an obstacle in our way, and in the bible, water is used for purification. So what do swimming pools in dreams mean biblically? In a nutshell, swimming pools are also avenues to explore our own emotions in life. What are you feeling now?

What does falling in a swimming pool in a dream mean?

Falling inside a swimming pool is quite a significant dream. When we dream of falling we are often either going through a difficult phase in our life from a spiritual perspective or we are looking for answers in life. There are many different occasions where you could see yourself falling into a dream. It could simply be you are falling because somebody had pushed you all during a dream in the swimming pool - or you are falling because you lost your step. 

Falling and water in dreams indicate other people are going to approach you in the near future and try to gain your understanding and advice about an important topic. This will probably be quite emotional as the water itself represents emotions. If you see somebody else falling into the pool, and perhaps you go trying to save them, it can imply that other people's emotions are around you at this time. Also don't forget to look at the water consistency, if the water is still in the crystal can indicate peaceful times are ahead stop the swimming pool size is also a consideration, if you are falling at a great height into a swimming pool this can indicate conflict and also challenges ahead.

If you are falling from the side of the swimming pool into the main body of water then this dream indicates a new start. Some people have contacted me because they had a dream about falling into a swimming pool in a vehicle, such as a bus, train, or airplane. If you see yourself falling into water in a mode of transport is a positive dream which means you are falling emotionally for somebody close to you. This is particularly in relation to romantic relationships. Other key considerations within the dream are was there a “splash” when you fell? If so this is the splash of emotion that will enter your life shortly.

Dreams about a private pool

To see a private swimming pool indicates a retreat from life. Normally, this indicates that you will be socializing in the future. To see a pool fenced off in a dream can indicate that you are fighting with others. Dreaming of a private swimming pool that is your own signifies luck in love. If the pool is near your house or a part of your house, and you’re not in possession of a pool in waking life, it means you’re craving for something you think you can’t have. But actually, you do because it’s all up to you in life. Whether you have something or don’t, it’s up to you and use your own determination to get it! Of course, if it’s about possessions and materialistic things. We all know you can’t force a person to be with you.

Dreams about swimming in a pool

If you are swimming in a swimming pool in a dream, it means this is the time to finish whatever you have started and never brought to an end. If the swimming pool in your dream is filled with water, this suggests that you are going to have good perspectives in the future and that you should use these in order to reach your goals. The action of swimming in a swimming pool shows that you are trying to overcome any problems in an effective way.

Additionally, this dream signifies the potential for a successful life. If you are on the top of the water just drifting, then it shows you need to be in a fluid situation.

What does drowning in a swimming pool mean?

There are many dreams that can feature drowning in a swimming pool. It is unbelievable that people actually drown in their own swimming pools and it is simply devastating. There are many reasons why drowning in swimming pools could feature in a dream. Research shows in real life that it could be due to seizures, alcohol, lack of supervision, or even barriers. To dream of drowning in a swimming pool is not literal. It is connected to your own emotions in life, do you feel drowning?

What does it mean to dream of a swimming pool without water?

I have said this many times before: the water in dreams represents your inner feelings and deepest thoughts. And I have talked about the connection between water and feelings in some of my previous dream articles about water in dreams. So, taking all this into consideration, dreaming of a swimming pool without water means you are feeling a bit lost. It is of course limited because you’re dreaming of a smaller body of artificial water. However, if the swimming pool in your dream is empty and has no water at all, it represents (in 1930s dream books) someone’s bitterness. It might also reveal your wisdom and maturity. And if the pool was half-empty or had little water in it, it symbolizes a dark phase of life. Normally this happens when someone is going through some hard times and you feel empty on the inside, like something or someone has drained your feelings and left you numb. Perhaps you’ve lost something that matters to you recently, and can’t get over it.

What does it signify to dream of a dirty swimming pool?

To see a dirty swimming pool in your dream means that problems may occur. There will be a difficult experience and it certainly doesn’t awaken positive emotions. It’s a negative sign to dream of a dirty swimming pool. You’re probably worried about something that matters to you, like for example, the course of your future. This dream means that you are probably stressed and anxious about uncertainty. Also, it might also represent the setbacks and problems you’re facing right now thanks to your lack of effort or preparation. To see a pool with odd color water can indicate you are feeling overwhelmed - like something’s dragging you down and you can’t save yourself. Alternatively, something’s bothering you on the inside, and you’re not sure what is it or how to deal with it because of your mixed-up thoughts.

What does swimming in a pool with someone inside symbolize?

To see yourself swimming in a pool with another person reveals your deep feelings for a person close to you. It’s most likely that you care about a certain person in waking life or you’re concerned about their life and their future. However, if you felt unpleasant swimming with this person in your dream, it reveals your negative approach or opinion of other people's actions. Perhaps you’re feeling threatened or endangered in some way by something in real life? If you were swimming with an unknown person, it can indicate that you will meet someone who’s going to win your heart at first glance, and you will fall in love.

What do concrete swimming pools mean in a dream?

Swimming pools can often be connected with how you can overcome life challenges, especially if you see the material as concrete. Let's just first consider concrete itself. Concrete in construction is an aggregate, it means spiritually that things are going to be set in stone. Specifically, emotions are set in stone. To dream of a large concrete swimming pool can indicate that you are bonding together in life - just like cement and water bond together. Concrete comes from the Babylonians and the bonding of clay. Concrete is normally associated with cementing our own emotions. 

What does it indicate to dream of an empty pool in a dream?

I have touched on this in the previous paragraph about empty water. But, to expand further, an empty pool represents emptiness in waking life, just like the dream of a pool without water. So, if you’re having a dream of an empty pool, you might feel empty on the inside. Perhaps you’ve ended a relationship recently. Or lost someone or something important to you. And, you could be trying to cope with emotions that you’re feeling and the sorrow that won’t leave your side, however, you feel empty and drained at the same time.

It’s probably a confusing moment for you and you just don’t know how to deal with what has happened. Alternatively, seeing an empty pool symbolizes overcoming issues and recovery. Maybe you’re ready to fall in love again. Or that you need to socialize with new people. Or love yourself again.

What is the spiritual meaning of a swimming pool in a dream?

The spiritual meaning of the dream of a swimming pool is often associated with physical attraction, which could or could not lead to something deeper. It could be that your stage in a relationship that has not yet fully developed in the swimming pool represented a crush of some description, and, on top of this if the swimming pool that is crystal clear can indicate that someone feels quite fondly of you. This could represent romantic thinking around people at the moment and if the water is clear it could mean gestures of an expression of love. Perhaps there is someone that is thinking about you in a romantic sense? If you are swimming in a rectangle Olympic size swimming pool the dream spiritually can mean that you have been enlightened again. If something adverse happened during the dream (drowning, flooding, etc) then the dream is about navigating your current relationships. If there are difficulties currently at home or in your family dreaming of a large swimming pool is common.

What does it foretell to dream of a swimming pool party?

To dream that you’re attending, hosting, or enjoying a swimming pool party means that you’re trying to cope with some positive emotions. I remember not long ago having a dream of a pool party. It can mean you are enthusiastic, especially when it comes to meeting new people, socializing, or establishing a romantic relationship with someone. In essence, this means that your dream is an expression of your lively nature and cheerful, fun attitude toward life. Alternatively, your dream might reflect your desire to live life to the full and make the most out of the time you have left. It symbolizes your desire to hang out with everyone, to make friendships, and enjoy the simplicity of life.

What does it mean to dream of diving into a swimming pool?

If you’re diving into a pool in your dream, it foretells a major change that will occur in your life soon. It’s possible that you’re going through a transformation and you want to reconnect with others. Also, it can imply that you have a lot on your mind lately, and you need to take a break to figure things out. We all need a break sometimes! It’s best to dive into your emotions and clear things out before you experience a type of emotional breakdown. Alternatively, your dream means you should stop obsessing over insignificant matters - and just control elements of your life better!

What does a swimming pool slide mean in a dream?

We are in some way spiritually powerless to some degree, a slide that sits in a swimming pool during a dream shows the fun in some ways with our emotions. We all take our own patterns of attachments, often overcompensating for our own hidden addictions and ways of thinking. The poolside slide in the dream could represent that it's time to have fun but always understand that your emotions are at the heart of what you do and more importantly say. Just be wary that you need to be aware of your own pattern and remember your thinking is normative, logical, and surely true even when people are feeling differently. 

What does it mean to see a swimming pool in a dream on a hot day?

Nothing beats the fresh air, blue skies, and crystal-cold water on a sweltering sunny day. If you took the plunge into the swimming pool this dream spiritually means peace, grand new beginnings, and relaxation in a frantic world. If you see yourself jumping into a pool in order to cool down in a dream this can indicate that there are going to be some helpful people assisting you along your way. The dream itself is encouraging you to be proactive in researching whatever information you need in order to better your life, please don't take a lack of experience or self-confidence to hold you back. This is a joyful dream that means that you are meant to have the joy that you seek.

What does it mean to dream of swimming in a pool when it is hot? 

​​It may be useful to think about the universal meaning of water. You might want to take note of water symbols you see in dreams. They may be quite frequent, which means they can be important to you in some way. Symbols don't have to be tangible objects. In some ways, the color, consistency of water and seasons in your dream could all be symbolic. Perhaps you have a dream about swimming in a pool in the summer. This should all be taken into consideration. The heat or hot weather in dreams is about how other people navigate relationships. 

What does cleaning a swimming pool in a dream mean?

Cleaning a swimming pool in dreams is about analyzing your own resources in life. Water in society is connected to our own symbolic values. Cleaning the water is about cleaning out your emotions in life, it is about growing insignificance. As with many cultures, water is used as a symbol and used in the production and commercial products. The act of cleaning a swimming pool in a dream is sure to mean that you see a dirty swimming pool in the dream state. Therefore, you are "cleaning out" your old emotions which is never a bad thing. Water that is polluted in a dream can indicate that you may find that other people have hurt you and that this dream is about the inner void. The dream of cleaning a swimming pool is about avoiding addictive, oppressive relationships. Using a net in a dream to clear leaves can suggest that other people will invite you to social events. To use chemicals in clean water, during your dream suggests that you need to clean something in life.

What does being naked in a swimming pool mean?

We were born without clothes, in water. - the womb of our mother This dream is spiritual in nature. To see yourself naked in a dream indicates that you are exposed or feel exposed in a dream. Being nude within the swirling emotions of the swimming pool can also mean that you can handle anything. If the dream was erotic in any way this is connected to your relationships in waking life. The presence of the water along our naked bodies can also suggest a time of confusion. The message here is not to let bad energy plug into your energy and violate you through subtle reasons. As you read this, you may feel that you are worried about being exposed, maybe you have been saying something to someone and don’t wish for this to be repeated. Do you have a burning desire to understand the future? Maybe you really need to sit down and think about things in your life. There is no way that one can plan the future, or dwell in the past at the same time. Remember the present is called this for a reason, it is a present. 

What do large swimming pools in dreams mean?

A large, big swimming pool is about deep emotions. The larger the pool the more emotional life may be in the future. The large pool is about clinging to people and taking not giving. Love is in itself giving and biblical scriptures on the water are about trying to lift yourself up. The larger the pool the more you need to understand that there are some situations in which you may find yourself in that require willpower. Sometimes, though in life we are unable to change for various reasons. This implies that sometimes we esteem others more important than ourselves. Think about your triumphs in life. 

Swimming pools that are more than 1,500m2 are considered a large pool, or an Olympic size pool. Swimming pools that are large are also used in competitions. Maybe you have had a dream about larger pools or a dive pool that is very deep. The shape is also important. Infinity swimming pools in dreams are about the fact that there is no edge to your emotions in dreams. Many things in life can engender worry and disappointment, and also depression. Many things in life are here to challenge us and cause us low self-esteem. Think about how you are feeling if you dream of an infinity pool and do not see the edges.

What do blue swimming pools in a dream mean?

The first area of consideration is the spiritual color of the watercolor being blue. Crystal clear blue water is a positive sign that represents calm emotions at the moment. There is also the question of why large swimming pools or the sea are blue in color. Of course, water is colorless when we pour the water from the tap it is clear. The blue effect normally occurs due to the molecules that are observed by the light. The alkalinity in the water sets the color and not so long back the Olympic pools turned green. This could have been due to algae. 

The gist here, for blue water, is to forgive. If the water is dark blue in your dream then this is a positive omen about the unity to our own emotions. Yet swimming in a clear blue swimming pool is about our own uniqueness and expression in life, and denotes happy times in life. 

What does driving a car in a swimming pool mean?

In life, we are often influenced and evaluated by our early experiences and then naturally people make assumptions based on our texture of speech and how we act with others. People do this every day, and sometimes we cannot help it. The full message spiritually of this dream is about our control, after all, the dream symbol of a car is about control. The pool water represents emotions. Dreaming about driving or drowning in a swimming pool in a car can indicate that you are being evaluated.

 My point here is this dream featuring a car and swimming pool is to try to look at your own control in life. We all as human beings are wondering more these days about looking for ways to get some control back. If you are hung up on the old-fashioned idea of managing your life and dream of cars often. It is a sign you need to master the ability to control and live the life you want to live. The dream of a car in a swimming pool is about managing our internal attention and shifting focus. It is important to think about the control that you can exhibit.

What does a deep swimming pool mean?

Deepwater in dreams is about feeling deeply about something in life. Maybe you are hiding under something important in life? Are you feeling invincible? Maybe people are not listening to you right now. What is the true nature of your spiritual being? If your actions and moods are not a reaction to other people’s words then this dream is about looking at the heart, home, and even in your relationships for deep emotions. Remember if we receive in life then be careful about what we do receive. The attitudes and moods change with time. Deepwater is about our darkest emotions. It is connected to your mood at the moment but it is not just about our emotions as a whole but how things will run smoothly in life. Deepwater is associated with peace in life, if the swimming pool is clear then this is a positive dream. 

Through my spiritual work, I have seen an overwhelming amount of advice in regards to water. Let's face it in life, we are distracted by technology, all of us. Our phone, laptop, or tablet consumes our daily life. I bet you may even use these all at once some days. Like the water that stores water, uncertain of when it will rain next. The water stores up in our own hearts. Therefore what do we see in deep water? Firstly, the deep swimming pool has no end. It is unusual to see the bottom of the swimming pool. 

What does a dirty swimming pool mean in a dream?

Swimming pools can have all sorts of pollutants. There are so many infectious things that can live in dirty swimming pool water. Contamination can spread diseases and seeing dirty water in the swimming pool is about the feeling of not being safe. Also, you may have swum in a clean-looking pool but in the dream, it was not safe. It is reasonable to say, that this dream is about muddy emotions. Murky water in the swimming pool means that you should not be fooled into thinking that you can fully be prepared for anything. 

What does it mean to dream of an inflatable pool mean?

An inflatable pool is connected to "blowing things up" the circumstances of your life right now. Maybe you feel like blowing up your life itself and moving forward. Think about an inflatable pool and how delicate it is. That it is susceptible to being popped at any time. This dream means picking yourself up and moving forward. There is a focus on asking yourself some important questions and not relying on impulsive decisions. 

What does it mean to dream of seeing a girl swimming in a pool?

According to Jungian philosophy, the symbols in your dreams represent how you are feeling, and I like to use this analysis when I am interpreting a dream. Seeing females swimming in the pool indicates an idea, new direction, project, and creative spark. The girl or women swimming in the pool is a reflection of female energy around you. So, ask yourself - who is around you? Is there female energy that is guiding you? On another note, if you are a female, and dream of a swimming pool, it could be a sign to connect with your spiritual side. Remember that each dream we have is an important symbol in our lives. We must also remember that dreams reflect our inner anxieties. A common dream of a girl swimming can indicate that you are feeling somewhat judged, insecure or unprepared in a relationship with a female. 

What does it mean to dream of seeing a boy swimming in a pool?

A boy in a dream who is swimming can imply that other people will turn to you for advice. Dreams can last as long as an hour but most of these dreams are forgotten when we awake. If you dream about a masculine presence in a swimming pool it can indicate that in this fast-paced world you really need to relax. If you can't remember the details there can be many reasons why this dream has reached you. Many dreams are hard for people to recall, especially if in this there was something adverse that happened. The first understanding of your dream is to think about the male in the swimming pool in order to understand why he appeared. If he is a stranger then you might be baffled as to the meaning. An unknown male who is swimming in a pool during a dream can often be attributed to a connection with your subconscious mind and your spirit. Interestingly, a swimming pool with a male present can sometimes be part of dream sequences, whereby your subconscious mind gives a very different event over a period of time. The fact is we rarely remember all dreams. Dreaming of a boy in a swimming pool contains an important message, the dream may be encouraging you to understand males around you better. There were no physical laws to obey - whilst dreaming, therefore you could see the male floating in the water, walking on the water or even flying through the water in your dream this could be about your emotions around a male in your life. If the dream was bizarre in relation to a boy who is swimming in a pool, this could be a reflection of how you are perceiving masculine influence in your life. Often, these kinds of dreams occur when we are feeling blocked and it's difficult to get in touch with our own associations in life.

What does it mean to dream of your children in a swimming pool?

Children love swimming, you could have had a dream that you see children swimming or playing in a swimming pool. The dream itself is related to your emotions about your inner child. There are many different ways to interpret any dream, and each of us will bring our own experiences and references to our interpretations. The children could simply be featured in the dream to show that you need to have more fun in life. If you are lacking fun, enjoyment and happiness then this dream is a reminder of how you were as a child. With the child symbol comes innocence within, it is your subconscious way of providing inner wisdom in order so you could advance into the future with confidence. It's true to say that most dreams make more sense when the symbolism is read with others in order to form a theme. Dreaming of children reflects our own inner care and nurturing, grouped with the fact that water is involved, from a man-made perspective the dream children water communicates that you might be finding a more nurturing and caring role going forward.

In your dream, you may have

  • You see a swimming pool = emotional times ahead.
  • You swim in a swimming pool = be prepared for communication of emotions.
  • A clear, blue water swimming pool = positive.
  • A dirty swimming pool = negative.
  • A swimming pool with clear water = positive.
  • A swimming pool with dirty water = negative.
  • Naked people in a swimming pool = think about how you communicate with others close to you.
  • An empty swimming pool = loss of emotions.
  • A swimming pool filled with water = new start if water is clear.
  • Warm water swimming pool = good luck.
  • Encountered a coldwater swimming pool = bad luck.
  • An outdoors swimming pool = life will be easier in future.
  • An indoor swimming pool = emotional times ahead in family/home.
  • You are naked in a swimming pool = cutting away ties.

Advice from your dream

  • The dream was a pleasant experience.
  • Swimming was enjoyable.
  • You are able to treat the condition successfully.
  • The dream resulted in peace and happy times.
  • The swimming pool was clean.
  • The water in the swimming pool was clear.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of swimming pool

Having fun. Enjoying. Surprised. Content. Amazed. Happy. Jolly.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012