The Biblical Meaning of Boils in Dreams

The Biblical Meaning of Boils in Dreams

The Biblical Meaning of Boils in Dreams

Have you ever woken up from a dream about boils and wondered, "What on earth does that mean?" Dreams can be quite crazy -- At times I feel they leave us a bit unnerved, particularly when they feature something as peculiar and generally wierd as boils. Throughout the Bible, boils have been symbolic of affliction, purification, and sometimes divine judgment. It's a bit like life, isn't it? We all get our share of 'boils' in one form or another. These trials often prompt the big questions and send us searching for answers beyond the surface.

Boils on the Face: When Dreams Reflect Self-Perception

Imagine you see a boil on your face in a dream. Your face is your identity, the most visible part of you, shown to the world. It’s understandable such a dream might alarm you. However, in the context of the Bible, such imagery might speak to a need for self-reflection and healing. In my reading this reminded me of Hezekiah and his boil in 2 Kings 20:7, which needed a fig poultice, a remedy, to heal.

Space for reflection:

  • Am I facing any areas of my personal life or character that need healing or attention?
  • Could this dream be encouraging me to seek restoration in some aspect of my life?

Boils on the Legs: Standing Firm or Needing Support?

Legs represent our ability to stand, to move forward, and to bear burdens. If you see boils on your legs in a dream, you might ponder on passages such as Psalm 38:7, "For my sides are filled with burning, and there is no soundness in my flesh." This could suggest a period where you feel your stability is being tested, or your journey is marked by challenges.

Space for reflection:

  • What might be weighing heavily on me that is affecting my journey forward?
  • Is this a call to seek God's guidance or support from my community as I navigate through these trials?

Boils Multiplying: A Signal of Overwhelming Circumstances?

When those nasty boils start to multiply in your dream, it can feel like an embodiment of stress or worry, I feel these symbols of sores multiplying and pains increasing. Job, a man acquainted with relentless suffering, had boils too (Job 2:7). Yet his story is more about faith amid suffering rather than suffering itself.

Space for reflection:

  • What in my life feels like it's intensifying beyond my control?
  • How can I foster resilience in my spirit, just as Job did, to find peace even in the multiplication of trials?

Popping Boils: The Release and Revelation

I feel that this dream implies release - think about when the boill pops -- it is an outpouring of pent-up afflictions. When Moses described the boils plaguing Egypt in Exodus 9:10, it was a manifestation of God's power, a revelation to the Egyptians. This is why if you pop boils it could be about revealing truths or a necessary release from something toxic in waking life.

Space for reflection:

  • Is there a situation or emotion I need to confront and 'pop' to allow healing to begin?
  • Could this releasing process in my dream signify an impending revelation or understanding in my waking life?

Seeking Spiritual Answers: The Comfort of Scripture

As David wrote in Psalm 34:19, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all." The message here:  spiritual answers we seek may not always be direct, but they are anchored in the faith that comfort and deliverance are promised.

Space for reflection:

  • Where can I find solace in scripture during times of confusion or distress?
  • How can these dreams spark a deeper communion with God and an enriching of my faith?

In this human journey, dreams serve as more than night-time dreams; they are conversations with the self and, potentially, with the divine. Interpreting them through a biblical perspective -  is like understanding that we need to go deeper. 

Conclusion of biblical meaning of boils in dreams

When we consider boils, we often think of them as painful, unsightly little things. They represent something beneath the surface, an irritation or infection that has come to a head. In the dream world, these representations can move into potent symbols. In the bible, I feel that all the scripture points to the fact that dream boils could mean the purge of toxic emotions trapped inside. You're going through life's motions, and suddenly, your nightly visions are hinting at an emotional cleanse. We've all felt the heat of stress, but when it's so tense that your dreams are popping with boils, well, that's your mind telling you to pause. See, these dream themes are like those emergency valves on pressure cookers, warning you before things get too hot. Take a breather, kick those feet up, and let the steam dissipate.

By Florance Saul
Feb 18, 2024