Bat Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about bats?

If you have seen bats in your dream then this is about your spiritual journey, it is often engaging and interesting when bats appear. I believe that bats are symbolic of our beautiful spiritual journey in life. To see a black bat in a dream is what I call, tapping into our spiritual navigation system that pulls us towards different avenues of life. I find that some people ignore spiritual connections. Bats are a dream symbol that have appeared to remind you that you need to strive to find a deeper spiritual meaning. My "bat" dream involved looking through a lens and seeing the most wonderful flying bats. It is my belief that the dream occurs because there is a "spiritual" message for you!

The popular belief is that bats are generally “frightening” and associated with “vampires” can indicate that you should not be scared about changes. In the dreamworld thoughts within your unconscious mind often reveal themselves and come bubbling to the surface. 

What does it mean when you dream about bats?

Spiritually speaking, as I have mentioned above are about facing your own fears. In general terms, bats tend to be associated with getting out of that darkness. To dream about a bat might be a representation of the blockages that you might be facing in your life. We all have difficulties at some time or another - and this requires shadow work. Depending on the other aspects of the dream that you experience, the overarching message of this dream is to not be frightened to face difficulties you are encountering in waking life. A flying black bat in a dream can foretell your internal shadow spiritually (which I outlined above) and that you need to find the light. Turning to ancient western folklore, dreaming of a flying bat could be the result of sadness and depression and it’s time for a change. 

Bats normally rely a lot on their intuitions and senses, which is another reason why the dreams about bats are mostly connected to the intuitions of human beings. Bats, in most cases, hang upside down, it is believed that someone could be viewing things from a different perspective than another. There is a variety of symbolism that is associated with the bat. Think of batman, for instance, the superhero trying to save the world. Bats symbolically can indicate shedding off the past and embracing the changes that are unexpected and new things going to happen in life. It is also a symbol that there are hidden inner deep feelings as well as intuitions. 

In this article I will cover in detail the following dreams:

  • Seen a flying bat - find the light and progress in your life
  • Been attacked by bats - negative energy surrounds you there is a need to do shadow work
  • Seen lots of bats in the dark - is a healthy sign that you may get rid of an enemy or annoyance or spiritually move towards the light
  • Seen a bat in your house - this is connected to your own internal energy paths
  • A superhero bat - shedding past problems
  • Different colored bats - the colors represent your chakras and ego
  • Seen a bat hanging upside down - your perspective is the opposite of what it is supposed to be
  • Recurring dreams about bats - take heed of the message of your dream
  • Dreams about bat colony or infestation - dreams about bat colony or infestation are connected to your inner social circles
  • Biblical meaning of bats in dreams
  • Dreams about friendly and calm bats
  • Dreams about dead bats, bats hovering over you, bats chasing you, and much more! Scroll down.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The bat (animal) was friendly and not intrusive.
  • The bat (animal) did not try to harm or attack you.
  • The bat (animal) appeared asleep in the daytime.
  • The bat (sports equipment) was used for a friendly ball game.

Dreaming of bats indicate the spiritual need to remove the blindfold in your life

Bats are nocturnal, this is an interesting characteristic when it comes to dreaming interpretation. They are the only mammal that can control their own wings with their acrobatic movements. As I have mentioned earlier, bats are not blind, instead, they have small eyes and can see in pitch black. The term “blind as a bat” is often used to represent not seeing what is in front of you. Interestingly, this can also be used for the spiritual interpretation of this dream. Bats are the secret warriors hiding behind a veil in the spiritual realm. Many of us find out that we can sometimes be wrong, and the bat is a symbolism that sometimes we can't see how we express ourselves.

Dreams about black bats

Bats are normally either black or brown and some have an orange tint of fur. Seeing a black bat is connected to something secluded in life because we all have secrets. There is a veil that is connected to the subconscious realm when you see a black bat flying in a dream it is a signal that something will become uncovered. The back bat and reams symbolize the connection that you have with your own dark intuition. As bats are a symbol of transition it could indicate that change is coming.

Black bats are also quite sociable so it indicates a strong link to your family. The color black is also connected to psychic power and astral travel. When a black bat is seen upside down in the dream it can indicate that you can overcome darkness and focus on transformation through changing your perspective. Often, black bats are connected to the afterlife and the black bat can suggest that you are likely to overcome feeling drained.

Dream about bats attacking

It is a message intended for you to face bravely challenging times. When a bat attacks you in the dream, it is indicative of using your strength and moving forward to combat and fight others. Conflict is not healthy but when we are being attacked we naturally want to protect ourselves. Also, it might imply that there is someone who is about to break your trust.

Bats which are attacking you in the dream are symbolic of annoyance, problems, and sorrow in situations in life. Thus, it is normally regarded as a bad omen to see bats flying and attacking you in dreams. It could be taken as a warning that there is some depression or sadness which might appear in your life. In other words, it could also symbolize hidden personality traits which are negative. Because the bats do express negativity (in terms of energy), it denotes that either you or someone close to you needs to overcome negative situations.  But the sadness or problem would not be serious in most cases.  So you would be able to handle it with the confidence and spiritual power that you hold.

Dreaming of being attacked by a bat is a sign to be mindful of those people who surround us when one dreams of such an attack. A counterpart to the ever-popular dream of attacking bats there can be some positive aspects. The bat is a wake-up call that you should not wander around in the dark. If you are scared of the bat in your dream it could be that you are frightened of them in real life, in fact, there is a phobia known as "Chiroptophobia" In the Mayan civilization which was around 2,000 BC they believed the bat was known as a death of bat god. This was seen in much artwork, the thought at this time was that bats were associated with death and distraction. Bats live in the dark shadows and this is a reflection of how your mind is seeing life. 

If you've recently had a period of stress, or you feel unfocused, full of distractions then the bat attacking you could be a sign you need to carry out some grounding work to manifest what you want from life. Dreaming of a bat attacking you is a spiritual sign that you are unfocused, if you felt anxiety, depression, or loss of direction in life then this dream is normally connected to how you process such information through your dreams, I will detail how to get yourself on the spiritual track through shadow work below.

Dreaming about bats flying

Bats are the only flying mammal, there are so many species. Bats can be as tiny as a wasp and as big as a small cat. Flying foxes for example have a wingspan of 2 meters. A single bat flying is suggestive of something difficult, the wings represent the wind of emotion. To see bats flying uncontrollably is connected to your spiritual control and how you can make things happen going forward. You have to be ready to encounter various minor obstacles. Think as well about the size of the bat, if the bat was massive and flying this denotes that spiritually you need to connect with your emotions on a greater level. 

Seeing bats flying in your dream is not all about darkness or negative aspects. In most cases, it is a dream about identifying problems, moving bravely ahead, and growing towards the positive side of life. Suffice to say bats are about helping you make changes for a positive life. Bats flying are maligned creatures that can appear in dreams when we are looking for protection, focus, and peace. Bats that fly in dreams are connected to shadow work. There are many ancient folklore stories that surround flying bats and they are a spiritual symbol of helping us inspire change. The flying bat has been known in spiritual terms as the fact you need to fly away from a problem, after all, bats are guardians of the shadow of the night. Spiritually speaking, to see a bat in a dream can represent the need for spiritual protection and shadow work. 

If you dream you are attacked by a bat, this dream demonstrates your need to move forward in difficult times. The Chinese believe that the bat symbol predicts five opportunities in waking life: peace, wealth, virtue, endurance, and death without suffering. It is also believed by the Chinese that a bat protects other animals from diseases. You must remember that a bat clings upside down, and therefore it has a reverse image and perception of the world. 

Biblical meaning of bats in dreams

The bible is a great resource to understand our dreams. The Hebrew word Leviticus 11:19 indicates "flying in the dark." As the bat flies in caves or desolate areas (See Isaiah 2:20) the bat is connected to feeling ruined or uneasy in some way. The bible refers to the bat as unclean. In most instances, bats are associated with darkness, death, negativity, impurity, unclean, and isolation. Because of that, dreaming about bats is considered biblically to be a dream which has a negative connotation.

Recurring dreams about bats

Having the dream about bats over and over again is often connected to our emotions in waking life. We need to work through our own spiritual lessons in life. Recurring bat dreams is a sign that you need to do shadow work. Also, note that it is important for you to deal with any negativity that another person could be sending your way. The dream itself is about how you manifest positivity in the face of adversity. It is also important to note that through all the dreams of bats it is a clear sign that you have pent-up emotions that are taking their time to get to your subconscious mind while you sleep. Often reoccurring dreams of bats can be the result of feeling stressed in life. Stress is never a good thing to manage it could result in a lack of sleep illnesses and also problems concentrating. If you have these types of feelings lately then it is not surprising to have recurring dreams of bats the most important lesson to learn from history is that you need to focus on expelling any negative energy going forward.

Dreams about the bats being in the house

The house represents our own self in dreams, therefore to see bats that are flying around your property (inside or outside) or hanging around in your apartment or even in the garden, then it is suggestive that there is dark energy from someone who is around you. It is important to note if the bat was inside or outside. Outside, this is a great clue to suggest that the dream is connected to negative forces outside your control. On another note, it could be associated with a problem that will affect a family member who is in your household. If you dream of bats inside your home then it can indicate that you will be in control going forward. This is a positive omen.

Dreams of a large bat

The megabit can have wingspans of up to 5 foot 6. The largest bat is known as the giant golden-crowned flying fox. Fruit bats or flying foxes are large and live in South Asia. Some people do not even believe that megabits are real. A large bat in your dream could be a sign that there is a challenge that you are ignoring. If the large bat in your dream is flying around in your house, it can signal sadness with a family member. With such a dream, it is foretelling of an environment that is hostile which is at your home, a tension that could be among the members of the family and which might be hard to dissipate. 

Dreams about bat colony or infestation

A colony refers to where bats reside when they give birth. The colonies are normally found in a cave but in dreams, multiple bats could appear anywhere. The largest colony is known as “Bracken Cave” in Texas, which has an estimated 15 million bats - imagine that! Often bats roost in huge colonies because they must maintain a certain body temperature. The reason why they roost in such large colonies is to keep warm. Let's now look at the symbolic meaning of seeing a huge amount of bats. Obviously, as I have said many times so far bats signal moving away from dark thoughts and difficulties in life. 

If you see a swarm of bats and this can indicate there are many different problems coming from different avenues and it is important to recognize how you can spiritually develop going forward. A sudden, uncontrollable colony of bats is associated with emotion, toxic relationships, a profession that has gone wrong and worrying times. 

Generally, the dream indicates feelings of having to hold yourself back. Thus, if you were to have such a dream, try to look for new opportunities as growth awaits you. You could also try to prevent yourself from negative thinking. Perhaps the dream is signaling that there is a need of searching for new growth and opportunities which are unseen - due to the darkness that surrounds you. This dream warns you that you have to think better about yourself above all else.

When something goes wrong and we experience pain it is important to try to reclaim ourselves. Often bats appear when we recognize that we are in the wrong. When you share convictions or worries with another the dream about a bat sometimes appears. Remember, bats have tunnel vision and symbolically in dreams they can indicate that we are unwilling to accept certain situations in life if they are attacking us in the dream state. This could be willful blindness. The fact the bat cannot see as well as humans could be a status of your subconscious mind. You could be moving through life blind and unaware of the higher spiritual power within. In more positive aspects of the dream, the bat could also symbolize impossibility and lack of bias. The bat symbol denotes the need to try to be honest with yourself about where you are in life. Ask yourself: are you happy with your life at the moment?

The dream of a bat can be either positive or negative depending on the details. In Chinese mythology, for example, bats are connected to longevity and as they also eat bats (remember the first covid-19 origination theory?) they are associated with breathing and letting go from a spiritual perspective.

Is the bat dream good or bad?

Bats are considered to be a good sign for spiritual development, they are considered to be positive spiritual symbolism. All you need is to ensure after experiencing this dream is that you are diving deeper into your own development in life. Bats are associated mostly with gloomy castles, dark places, and mansions that are abandoned, with dark tales, secrets, and mysteries as well as despair. Yes, it’s true. Bats are known to be boogiemen in almost all the folklore stories, they are associated with darkness, villains, and being scared. Bats tend to be portrayed differently in different cultural systems all over the world. For some people, the bats are good and god-like (Chinese culture) while for others, they are referred to as carriers of disease. For westerners, bats are connected to demons. The novels of Victorian Goth plus tales like the Dracula of Bram Stoker further suggest that in most cultures bats are deemed negative omens. Bats are known to be far from being mythological as you might think. Dreaming about bats could be quite inspiring as well as intriguing.

Dreams about bats do suggest the significant changes which are expected in life in general. It is like having clues in connecting dots in your mental, physical, social, emotional, or spiritual life. The interpretation of your bat dreams can have several meanings and I will move into the actual details of the dream next. It’s a bit of a mixed bag for this dream. Dreams on bats generally hold two meanings. On one hand, the bat is symbolic of life’s negative aspects. It is a sign of warnings or hints for you to analyze areas of life that you are ignoring. Such as inner emotions. Alternatively, it could be a sign of positive changes, happiness, rebirth, good luck, spiritual journey, growth, solitude.

Bat symbolism

Metaphorically, the bats are known to be symbolic of various things in different cultures and situations. In most cases, the bats are believed to be symbolic of mysterious, spiritual thins, hidden desires and symptoms, wisdom, feminine energy, rebirth, and much more. At the same time, dreams about bats normally symbolize different metaphorical aspects of the inner self and outer life.

Bats are normally creatures that are social and intelligent. And thus, having a dream regarding a bat can easily be linked to your social life as well. The bat mammal is known to have great skills in communication and senses which show the same aspects in your dream as well. Bats reside in caves and thus, are symbolically associated with hidden emotions or feelings. Dreams are known to hold various meanings which are subjective. In most instances, the interpretation of a dream is based on the ongoing experiences that you might be facing in life: imagination, memories, cognitive behavior, and direction.

Dreams about friendly and calm bats

It is unusual to see a calm bat in a dream, however, if you meet friendly bats this is a sign of a positive environment at home. This symbol normally means that you will remain unaffected by the surrounding toxicity, problems. In life, the bat if happy or peaceful can mean we are provided with many opportunities. It is a positive sign denoting that your emotional and mental state is positive.

Bats dreams for a woman who is pregnant

In pregnancy, we appear to have vivid dreams. When we are having a baby we process many conscious and unconscious situations. We also have a fear that our baby is healthy and this is the start of parental worry - believe me it does not get better. If you dream of a bat while pregnant it can shed light on your own fears and feelings about the actual pregnancy itself. We all know that when you are going to become a mother you have your baby in your mind 24/7. This is only natural. 

Bats appearing in the dream world when you're already expecting a baby can represent the fact that you have a new lifestyle. It is not an unnecessarily negative dream, it could just be a signal that you are preparing to give birth and have new beginnings and a new start ahead. Having a bat dream completely out of the blue can also signal possible future situations where you are going to project yourself forward and remove some of the darker thoughts that you are having around the pregnancy. Bat dreams can also be associated with issues regarding health and your anxieties around the baby.  Make sure as a Mother you take good care of ourself health-wise.

At the same time, it could be in connection with certain people having to cause negativity in the life of the woman. Thus, ensuring that you protect yourself and the unborn child from these types of people might be what the dream is all about. It is important to ensure that you identify the symptoms and take care of yourself.

Dreams of a dead bat

The dead bat is connected to the transformation of our darker thoughts. Most bats themselves are around the size of the mouse. To see a dead bat in the dream can be a sign that some people would like conflict in life and it's up to you to walk away. Do not play the conflict game anymore. A dead bat can often be connected to something inside you that is dying. This could be a relationship or explicitly a change in life. People that see a dead bat in the dream are associated with our day-to-day lives and that change is coming. To see a dead flying fox can indicate that there will be transformation and potential for better things in life. Dreams of multiple dead bats are good signs at times. The dream is suggestive that there are outside forces that have prevented certain events to happen which are unforeseen. It could be someone who has protected you from certain dangers without your knowledge.

Bat flying down from the sky

Seeing bats flying down from the sky in your dream is a positive sign. It is connected to our inner well-being and is a clear divine blessing. Even though as I have mentioned bats are associated with darkness swooping down from the sky can indicate that times are due to change. The dream is indicating that you will soon get outcomes that are positive, this is in response to the hard work that you will show at a task. We should all work hard in life but sometimes things get in the way. The bats swooping down is a spiritual message that you need to focus on your goals at work to make things happen and have success. The ancient dream meaning of seeing bats flying in the sky indicates: success, good health, and positive relationships are all waiting for you in the coming days.

Dreams about bats inside you or flying at you

Seeing bats inside your body can be a trauma-based dream. It is a dream that is quite unusual and in most cases, it holds an important message. If during your sleep you see a bat that is going inside of your body in your dream, it could be symbolic of a negative feeling that people are making you feel. If the bats are flying at you, it is a sign that you need to pay attention to others, their words, and thoughts.

Dream of bats in the home

When you see bats flying inside your home in your dream, it is a sign that you are going to face an awkward dilemma with your family. It is symbolic of your confusion in regards to the family. As I have said already in this dream meaning, dreaming of a bat in your house indicates that your own “self” will be challenged. 

Holding a bat in your dream

It is a dream whereby you hold a bat is connected to your own ambitions. This dream appears when we need to achieve or complete goals successfully. Holding a bat in your arms can indicate embracing the goodness and success that is waiting on your spiritual road.

Dreaming about bats eating 

Bats live on insects and mosquitoes in particular, this is great to reduce the population of mosquitoes. In dreams to see a bat eating spiritually means a positive experience will happen to you. There could come someone who will ask for help in a situation that is currently ongoing. There is a need for you to think about how you express yourself going forward. It could be a situation, a person, an opportunity, or just yourself.

The meaning of blind as a bat

If you realize that you are unable to see what is happening around you, then take it as a warning. The term “blind as a bat” can often be connected to not seeing things in life that we must see. It shows that you are required to stay alert in case of problems in life. Sometimes we are blindfolded in life, this dream can be associated with trying to find the facts that are naturally hidden from our own eyes.

Dream about bats and rats

Buddha summoned all animals to him and only twelve appeared, the first one was a rat. Therefore he gave the rat the first year. The attributes of the characteristics of the rat need to be taken into account if the rat and bat appeared in your dream. Do you need to be more adaptable? Rats are also highly sociable and can represent that you have done something that you are not proud of in life.

Dreaming about bats and rats relates to internal self-discovery. It is a great time to make certain changes in your life, having more self-confidence and believing in your inner emotions. We are often plagued with feeling unhappy in life naturally, a dream is an omen for you to understand that you need more joy in your life. Like anything else, this dream sometimes does not come easy and it is a dream that will help you focus on the positive aspects of life. Choose a positive mantra for today and try to look at the more positive side of life. 

To see bats and rats fighting in the dream might be your way of exhibiting and showing expression. Maybe you feel you wish to escape and follow a spiritual path that is simpler. Do you try to bring joy as well as positivity to those people around you? Your dream can express certain obstacles which are hindering inner goals and progress. If you are going through a period of healing in life then this dream often occurs.

When dreaming about both the bat and the rat, it tends to draw attention to your mind which is thinking of the problems that are already ahead. If you have a feeling that others are against you this is a common dream as it connects to our internal values and beliefs. The dream is hinting at falsehood, deception, and deceitfulness. To see both the bat and the rat running in a dream might signal a creative project which will happen in the future.  The dream of both rats and bats is stating the ability to enjoy the smaller things that life has for you. You could be caught off-guard or caught by surprise.

Dreams about one bat

If in your dream you only see one bat, it could be the right time of looking into yourself. Having a bat in your dream shows that there is a need to get rid of your inner habits which are bad. It could also be a call of your potential which you have not realized. Apart from that, having to see a bat in your dream is a sign of a life that is troubled. But the trouble is going to within your reach and thus, you will handle it on your own.

Dream about killing bats

To kill bats in your dream is a sign that you are going to hurt someone close to you. It could be that you are going to be rude to someone and later on feel guilty about it. Alternatively, it could also mean that you are going to have victory over your ill-wishers and enemies.
It could also mean that you are trying to remove particular negative thoughts from your mind. But, it could be helpful if you rid yourself of the negative persons and influences in your waking life. You have to remember that, negative thoughts are not particularly evil or bad. They do exist among the line of inactive and negative thoughts.

Dream about bat wings

When you dream about bat wings, it shows that there is a need to make a strong decision shortly. In other words, the bat wings show that it could be time to have a brave move. So it might be best to make your decisions to be quick and be based on your inner intuitions. To see or wear bats' wings in the dream could be reflective of a need to be fast and nimble in decision making. It foretells that you could need to act on your instincts so that you deal with your upcoming obstacles. The dream is a sign that you don’t have all the required information but do rely on your basic intuition and senses.

Dream about bats hanging upside down

Bats which hang upside down are symbolic of a need to have a perspective in life that is different. An example is that, if you are going through a problematic situation, then you need to try and look from a different angle to be able to understand other aspects of the same situation.

Bats in Native American culture

According to the Native American culture bats are a guide in a spiritual path that is unknown. It is indicative of one’s social life, inner intuitions, wisdom, family body, and how we connect with others in life. in general, the Native Americans believed the bats bought bad weather, they also thought the bat flying was a sign of intuitions, abilities, positivity, and revival. 

Bats in Greek mythology

As per Greek mythology bats are symbolic guardians of the underworld. In the Mayan culture, the bat is believed to be a god of death.  The bats are regarded as divine creatures. In most cases, the mythical stories about the bats give the message of good deeds, avoiding the dark, loneliness, nocturnal life which the bats tend to hold. On the same token, the bat is symbolic of eternal change, the life cycle, the spiritual powers, and a new beginning.

Bats in western mythology

In western mythology (as well as folklore) the bats have been connected to vampires. We are all aware of the Dracula story from the fables of Aesop. According to the early observers of the bats, it was noted similarities between the humans and bats, especially their tendency to be able to suckle their young ones on their nipples the way humans do, bats Afterall are nurturing. As bats are nocturnal, they came to be associated with the supernatural just like owls. According to Greek mythology, bats were sacred to Pluto’s wife who was the God of the underworld.

In the modern western world, there are old superstitions. In some parts of the USA and England, when a bat cycles the house of someone three times, it is normally considered to be impending death. But, a bat that is playfully flying denotes a good omen that brings fair weather. In some superstitions in the 1800s, it was considered that the bone of a bat is kept inside a pocket to make sure that no harm is brought to the holder. In the past in Europe, for example, people did carry the right eye of the bat in their pockets to ensure that they became invisible.

Dream about being frightened of bats

To be afraid of the bats is considered to be a fear-based omen. It is a sign of you facing a challenging time and you are worried about moving forward. Such a dream can be regarded as a warning to avoid being careless. Alternatively, it could be a warning to halter indulging in impulsive and unnecessary risks. This dream demonstrates that things will work out in the end if you move through life boldly. 

Dream about bats crossing your path

When you dream that bats are flying and bumping into your path, then it is a sign of a close call with danger. You are going to see the danger of being unseen and hugely unexpected. There is a need to watch the hidden dangers which might lurk just around the corner. When bats cross your path in the dream, you will need to take it as a sign of your mind subconsciously figuring out some of the dangers which are hidden. It could be a situation, a person, a place, or a decision that you are making, and thus, a need to be thoughtful regarding it.

Dream of bats in the dark

Such a dream shows that there are a lot of things that are happening around you. The darkness featured in your dream is your mind. It could be the expression of your tired or overwhelmed subconscious mind. If the bat tends to be noisy, disturbing, or produce an annoying squeak, it denotes this dream can indicate a feeling of restlessness in waking life. 

Dream of bats in the daylight

If you had a dream of bats that are flying in broad daylight, it could be a sign that you require to take steps in the hard times which are currently ongoing. In most cases, bats are considered to be active during the night.

So when the bats fly in your dream during daylight, it is suggestive of taking a step in a situation that is unfavorable. It shows that you could require moving out of your comfort zone in the coming days. With that, move, it might take you to the place that you would find to finally be comfortable.

Bats flying during the day in broad daylight suggest that you have to move forward in tough times. There is a situation that is going to force you to move under tough circumstances. But, you have to keep moving so that you get into your comfort zone.

Dreaming about sleeping bats

When bats are sleeping in your dream, it is quite common. In most cases, it is considered to be a negative sign. It means that there is something wrong that is likely to happen in your life in case you continue to be ignorant about it. It can be an indication that you are currently turning your eyes blind to things that require urgent attention from you. Thus, it could be time to rethink your situation and make a move.

Dream about vampire bats

Vampires are normally regarded to suck blood from people. Blood is a sign of positive energy and life. So if you dream about a vampire bat could be indicative that there is someone who is around you that is making your life to be stressful. It can as well be a sign of someone who is taking the wrong advantage.

For that, you will require to try and be careful regarding whom you need to believe in. You have to take the hint and closely evaluate the relationship that you have with others. It could be in terms of your professional life, personal life, or the life of someone close to you.

Dreaming about a bat looking into your window

It might feel to be a bit uncomfortable or intriguing to have a dream like that. It is a dream that shows that there is someone who is keeping an eye on you. Or it could be someone who is from a life experience that is different or another world, who is present in your current life. Whichever way, you will have to look around you to be able to have a better picture of your situation.

Dreams about baby bats

To dream about baby bats is mostly a positive dream. Baby bats are known as pups and normally born in a colony. Bats only normally have one or two pups each year and bats care deeply about their young. They are born hairless, blind, and are fully dependent on their mother. The bat colony could be a maternity colony. The baby bat holds onto its mother until it can fly. Bats carry diseases remember.  To see a baby bat in your dream is suggestive that you have to work on your personal growth as well as your self-improvement. 

Baby bats are symbolic of your talents which are hidden and your spiritual or psychic abilities. You tend to have the abilities which are required for success and growth. All you require is to take the needed baby steps to be able to grow the abilities further.  You could currently be feeling that you have reached your end of the path as far as self-improvement is concerned, which is not true. There happen to still be flaws in you that are required to be fixed. It is the right time to start your self-evaluation process. Make a great effort for self-improvement. Work on your hidden psychic and spiritual capabilities.

Dreams about pet bats or friendly bats

Bats have a lifespan of 25 years. If you are held captive you have no voice, you cannot speak the language and you cannot escape. You have nothing to do and this is what it must feel like in captivity, as the bat has lost control of being in its natural habitat. Bats cannot be domesticated in any way. Therefore if you dream of having a pet bat it could indicate that you feel you want to accept the shadow within you and work with this. A dream of a friendly bat in old folklore denotes that you require taking a bold step, owning things, roles, or people, also, embrace the unknown and the unfamiliar. You can be able to overcome your fears of the unseen at the moment. All you require is determination, hard work, and self-belief.

Dreaming about catching a bat

To catch a bat in your dream is a positive sign. It shows that you will be able to focus on the positive rather than dwell on the negativity that is in your life. On another level, the dream, in my experience can also indicate growth or evolving change. In addition, there is an archetypal aspect around the experience of trying to catch the bat.  It can be in reflection with a  solution of a problem, an enemy, finding the cause of any annoyance, and working on a solution.

Dreams about having bat wings

Bat wings are made of two layers of skin the bat wings go all the way around the body and down the side of the legs. The structure of the bat wings could differ in your dream, as bats use their wings for feeling a dream of having bats wings can suggest you will "rise" up in the feelings you have in life. A dream that you see yourself with bat wings could suggest that you need to force through a change in your life. It could show that you need to make some hard decisions to rise above everything in life. It also demonstrates that you might have to focus on your own intuition especially if you are having emotional, personal, or external conflicts.

To turn into a bat in your dream

Transformation is the key message of this dream. It is something that sounds quite terrible. But, if you happen to have a dream of being a bat or marrying a bat, then you need not worry as it is a sign that you are going to meet someone who is quite amazing in your waking life. There is a new lover that is coming your way.

Dreams about eating a bat

We all know that the Chinese have a habit of eating wildlife, including rats. It is believed that covid-19 came from bat soup with no conclusive evidence. Did you actually taste the bat? Eating in dreams is symbolic of a metaphor of the bat dream. It could be the words you have said recently or the projection you are giving. Perhaps the dream relates to you evolving or changing in some way. How the bat tasted is also a clue. If you cannot remember how the bat tasted then this dream on some level is a symbol of the fact that you need to change your spiritual perspective.
When you dream about eating bats in folklore it is a premonition for naivete and vulnerability. 
The dream is symbolic of self-discipline. And your judgment at the moment happens to be clouded.

To eat bats in the dream is symbolic of your acceptance of the consequences that come with your actions. It can point to you being possessive. 

To see others eat bats in dreams means your emotions could be keeping you from being able to act on your impulse and there is no need to fret. It is possible to start learning how to love your downtime - chill out and relax. 

Dreams about a bat poop

To encounter or deal with bat poop in your dream is related to losing money or profits or gains in olden folklore. The dream signifies that you are having the power of using illegal gains for your good. It is a sign you should consider reinvesting the gains back to the people that matter. It could as well be associated with negative emotions and feelings.  It could be an indication of help for you to come out of a moral dilemma, often bird poo in superstitions times was a positive dream, to dream of being covered in bat poop can indicate great luck.

Dreams of bats in your bedroom

A bat appearing in the bedroom in your dream could show that you are rapidly leaving a situation. Is there a problem in walking life disturbing you? To dream of bats near your bed can indicate the instability and restlessness that you have in your life. The bedroom is where we all feel calm, therefore it is a message for you to acknowledge your emotions instead of having to ignore them. It might help you to point out the cause of your current anxieties and find a solution.

Dreaming about a red bat

Bats that are red in dreams indicate tempers going out of control. Such a dream is a sign that you might end up in conflict. That said, you are soon likely to encounter conflict with another if you see the red bat in your dream flying. And thus, it could require that you try to have self-control in situations that are extreme in handling these better.

Dreams of bats on your head or in hair

Having bats in your hair or head is a sign of overthinking and someone is attacking you - which could be burdening you. It shows your mental and emotional burdens as well as a sign of distress in your life. It can mean that you must stop being so hard on yourself. There is a need to free yourself from your self-made cage.

A dream where the bat entangled in your hair

Did your dream involve you seeing a bat rushing towards you and getting entangled in your hair? I've had this dream and it can be frightening. Spiritual speaking, it could be an indicator that there are problems in your mind. The enemy always tries to attack our minds and this can cause hidden unrest or fear which can make you feel like you are stuck in a particular situation. You will overcome the attack if you stay focused.

Dreams of bats sitting on you

A dream where the bats are sitting on your shoulders or on you in general - means that someone could be causing gossip in your life. It could be both unknowingly and knowingly. So you require rethinking before making your actions and decisions. You don’t need to take any decision impulsively is the message of this dream. To see a bat sitting on you or near you can indicate other people talking.

Dreams of talking bat

A talking bat in your dream has an interpretation that will depend on what the bat was able to tell you. Generally, it denotes that there is going to be a great change that will happen in your life. You have to prepare yourself for a great change or something very important to you.

Bats sleeping or hanging on trees in your dream

Trees are normally linked to stability and positivity, also spiritually grounding. The bat can be the expression of the inner desires that you have. Therefore, such a dream could be suggestive of your need for grounding. And you could be craving stability, warmth, and care. It could be time to stop pretending and embrace what you want in life.

Large bats in your house in your dream

Flying foxes are the largest bat along with a megabit, to dream of massive bats in your home can indicate you could be living in a negative environment which could effect members of your family, such a dream can also mean you are going through a hard phase or conflict. It might also represent that negativity is currently filling in your mind.

Such a dream is a chance for you to start working upon that and to embrace positivity. In the case that the bat appears suddenly in the house in your dream, then it denotes that there is an unlikeable guest that is going to turn up.

Dreams of bats chasing you

When you are chased by bats in your dream, it could be quite disturbing. It is an indication of a mixed signal of attraction and fear for letting yourself go in a situation. It shows that you are in possible confusion or dilemma regarding a lover or a decision that needs to be made.  Try to give it some time and you will find peace. But if you feel that in the dream your life is in danger, then it could be foretelling that you have pushed yourself too far in a situation. Try to consider others around you and stop running from fear. Try to face fear itself.

A black bat attacking someone

To see a bat attacking another person (maybe someone you know or don’t know) is a warning sign that others may attack you in life. It could indicate that the person being attacked in your dream is going to undergo some problems shortly. If it was a loved one that the bat was attacking can indicate there will be calm after the storm. A dream where you see a bat that attacks someone else while you watch denotes that someone close to you will be needing help in the coming days, often the bat (as I have said before) is connected to our dark thoughts. This dream could mean someone going through an emotionally challenging time. 

Dreaming about a crying bat

It refers to an expression of the disappointment which you have and that people around you are in an emotional storm. It is a dream that denotes that you could be going through a phase in life that is difficult. To hear the bat cry or in pain during a dream can indicate that you are embarking on a new journey in life - to something more fulfilling.

A bat hanging from the wall in your dream

Hanging bats is all about changing your perspective. It is a dream that shows that there is someone in your surrounding who will face problems in your waking life. It can as well show the inner concerns that you might be having or awareness about your surroundings. To see the bat hanging in mid-air is normally a message that you have to listen to your intuitions. Bats do hang themselves upside down when they are resting or sleeping, the dream of a bat that is hanging on a wall could alternatively have a positive interpretation. It is indicative of you going to spend the coming months in your life peacefully, without having any trouble or difficulty but only if you change your perspective.

Bat nests in your dream

Dreaming of a bat's nest is a natural indication that a spiritual awakening will happen shortly. This is an exciting time. The feelings you hold in the dream are important. If you feel fear then the bat could be portraying your anger or frustrations towards something new. As we know bats are generally found in dark caves. Thus, seeing a bat that is living in a nest during your sleep is considered unusual. It is indicative of feeling that you are being stuck in a difficult situation. It is clearly a dream that hints at the negative situations or people that could be surrounding you. A nest is home, therefore, it could point to difficulties with family members or problems in life. We can all overcome such problems from a spiritual perspective.

Dreaming of seeing multiple bats

To see several bats together in your dream is normally a representation of a change that is coming. A gentle reminder, that in life we don’t intend to change anything, but we discover and recover the lost parts of ourselves.  Such a dream denotes that several changes or a change might occur but more importantly, you are ready for the change. Going back to the fact that the dream spiritually is associated with shadow work, it may mean you need to release all your worries to move forward. The takeaway of this dream is the need for you to be prepared in embracing the new. Also, it could be a warning that you will soon be facing problems in flying and soaring high in life. Alternatively, if the bats within the dream appear to be calm, then it could foretell that you will escape any upcoming or ongoing troubles.

Nightmares about bats

If you experienced a nightmare about bats attacking you then this creates the need to focus on protection work. Bats in the waking world can often spark the thought of worry, fear, darkness, silence, mystery, and night in the human's waking life. I also feel this is known as a karmic dream. There is a belief in Buddhism that dreams of karmic nature could reveal the hidden elements that are in your unconscious mind. Although extremely rare, and almost never seen in the daylight, flying bats are generally associated with the negative aspects of the karmic dream in Buddhism.

When somebody has profound insight then certain dreams (such as bats flying) are likely to happen. At first glance, the dream could be seen as a warning but if we turn to Buddhism the dream is focused on three elements: they believe we have three kinds of dreams known as Karmic. 1) ordinary samsaric nightmares 2) dreams of clarity and 3) clear thinking dreams. In clear thinking dreams, there is somewhat a clear light or awareness. How can these types of dreams translate to your experience of dreaming of a bat and what does it mean in your life?

Samsaric dreams and nightmares: These are our normal everyday dreams and often occur if you are closed off spiritually they arise from our own spiritual connections or spiritual needs in life. The main Samsaric dream meaning of bats is around projecting our own thoughts around how we connect with our own soul. If you are going through difficulties in your existing life and are unable to see the right path or are at a crossroads in life - then the dream of bats is normally a samsaric dream.   It could signal that you may need to connect to your spirit guides in order to understand what is hiding in the darkness, if you followed the shadow work above it could signal that if you are on a difficult path in waking life you need to unveil what is in your own shadow.

Dreams of clarity and bats: Bats can provide us with clarity. Remember, they cannot see well, they have small eyes, therefore the images and information that arises in your dream world is important. This dream is teaching you that there is something in our daily lives that needs to be understood. This could be a person or situation that is hiding from you. You know when it is a dream of clarity regarding bats if people are featured in the dream.

Clear thinking dreams and bats: This is the final type of dream and it normally comes after years of meditation or spiritual development. It could also arise if you are spiritually connected. The actual meaning of the bat will be about spiritual awareness and learning in previous lives. There are karmic traces of the past which is the key reason for the dream. This dream is about traveling to different worlds in the dream state - similar to how the shamans connected to the spiritual planes. The bat is therefore a spiritual animal sending you a message: To see the unknown. Understanding these three types of karmic dreams is important to understand where you are (depending on your spiritual development) and can aid your growth as a human being.

Dreams about the bats hovering above you

It is a symbolic dream of your interpersonal relationship with others. It could mean that you have a life that is isolated. Or you could be having a bond with others which is quite unhealthy and this needs to break. There is a need to work upon it for a positive change.

Dream about bats biting you

Bats only bite if they are normally provoked. Bats are delicate animals and they control the spread of insects and mosquitoes. Vampire bats feed on blood, the diet is known as hematophagy. All they eat is blood, and this is where the whole notion of vampires has come from. Vampire bats are the only mammal that has evolved to eat blood. What does it mean to dream of bat biting or vampire bats? In shamanic symbolism, the vampire bat was known to be connected to destruction and the dark side of life. Seeing a vampire bat biting you in a dream could be a metaphor for feeling pain or hurting you in some way. Vampires for instance have been associated with bats in folklore. You may have dreamed of a vampire, or something simply sucking your blood. If the bat feeds off your blood, it signifies lacking energy in life, normally spiritual energy. If bitten by a bat this is a sign that your positive energy is getting drained. If the bat bites your neck then this indicates communication problems. For the bat to bite your arm indicates the need to overcome troubled water. To see a bat trying to bite you indicates there might be issues or problems in your professional life.

Being bitten on the neck by the bat in the dream is symbolic of your relationships, and someone is trying to attack you. If the bite is on the head, it is a sign of problems in your immediate family or among your close friends. A bat bite in a dream experienced on the legs or feet denotes that you need to be aware of toxic people. Dreaming of a bat bite on the arms or hands can indicate that you could have issues at work as the hands relate to how we work in life spiritually.

Dream about fruit bats

Fruit bats appearing in the dream is focused on hidden disease. You need to be aware of others that appear to be innocent, although they do not mean any harm directly to you. When you socialize with toxic people, they can end up bringing you difficult circumstances and effect your emotional well-being.

Dream about a white or albino bat

To dream of a white bat is a sign that there is someone who is going to challenge you. White spiritually is a sign of peace and contentment. This is a dream with a message that you need to ensure that you remain alert and responsible so that you avoid anything that you might regret. Additionally, a white bat can signal a new start is on the horizon.

Dreams about grey bats

Dreaming of grey bats is connected to being unsure about the future. Often, grey in spiritual terms is connected to our inner turmoil and emotions. It is a dream which is associated with your past that could be disturbing your current experiences and traumas. Your emotions that are bottled up might end up haunting you in a hidden way. Thus, having to figure these out and the vent is important for you.

Dream about a green bat

Green bats are normally symbolic of self-expression, controlling your emotions and grounding. Green spiritually is connected to the earth and how we focus on building our lives.  Ask yourself expressive you are in communicating with others? It might be a spirit message that you require expressing yourself in a more calming way. Or it could be that you require giving yourself some time to understand others. Seeing bright green bats are connected to improving your skills of communication.

To see a dark green bat in your dream denotes that you have exceptional communication skills. There is a need for you to follow your intuition in figuring out the hidden things which other people might not be saying directly. With such information being in mind, you will be able to understand exactly what is currently happen and what you need to do. Dreaming of green bats is indicative that, there is a need for you to convince people to do what you need them to do.

Dreams about red bats

Dreams, where you see red bats, are normally a symbol of an out-of-control temper. Consequently, it reminds you of the emotions or feelings which are hidden deep in your heart. Such a dream can signal regret for part of your life that could be disturbing you. Red is also the color of passion. It can mean a new love is coming your way. Red bats in dreams are associated with the negative and dark part of your personality or someone who is close to you. it is mostly related to negative emotions that are quite fiery like jealousy and hatred which are derived from passion.

Dream about bat caves

The cave is supposed to represent our own heart, image, and self-ego as a spiritual symbol. The word cave biblically means fortress and there are many references in the old testament scriptures that caves are hiding places. Bat caves were supposed to be responsible for many SARS viruses in remote Yunnan province. Spiritually, the bat cave is about containing your inner darkness. Containing your own challenging thoughts. Elijah in the bible takes shelter in a cave after traveling 40 days and 40 nights for safety. Also, bats live in caves for warmth and to avoid danger. In spiritual terms, this indicates that you could feel unsafe in some aspect in your life. Do you feel safe and happy in your daily life? Bat caves in dreams can indicate you feel trapped. 

Bats can hang inside down for months in the bat cave where they are most comfortable. There is something quite magical about bat caves, the darkness, the wetness of the walls. There was a seven-minute documentary released by the Chinese media where Chinese scientists explored the bat cave which is rather a famous video as Covid-19 was supposed to originate from bat viruses. A virus in a dream spiritually means that challenges are expected so beware.

To see bats in the bat cave denotes that whatever trouble that you could be facing in life, you can overcome this. You have to remain strong. Alternatively, to dream of a bat cave could be a reflection of dark influences and thoughts which might be coming from deep into you conscious mind. If you dream of Batman the superhero or a cave that is full of gadgets and treasures, it is a reflection that you are trying to hide certain hobbies or projects from the view of the public.

Dreams where you are trying to catch a bat

Did you try catching a bat in your dream? If that is the case, then spiritually the dream is connected to a desire to stand out from the entire crowd. It is a sign that you need to work upon your ideas to be able to achieve what you need. Dreaming of being unable to catch the bat signals that there will be areas of life where you are unable to keep up with the status quo. 

Dream about batman

A superhero in a dream such as batman is a reflection of dissatisfaction in waking life. It could represent that you are working in a job or living somewhere you do not feel comfortable. To dream about batman indicates that you will reveal the hidden truth, balancing emotions with a righteous psyche. Consider finding ways of juggling the needs between the half-lies and the truth. With that, you could be able to bring more changes that are positive to your inner peace and thoughts.

Dreams about superman vs batman

To dream of superhero characters such as superman or batman is an uncommon dream, these famous comic characters need to be associated with how we relate to situations in waking life. Superman and Batman can refer to the superegos for either yourself or people around you. Symbolically, this dream could be a sign that you have a friendly competition. It is important to embrace the competition and to continue to challenge yourself and others. Try propelling yourself to a newer level while at the same time obtaining frenemies for life.

Bat flying down from the sky

Seeing bats flying down from the sky in your dream is a positive sign. It is auspicious just like divine blessings. It is showing that you will soon get outcomes that are positive, this is in response to the hard work that you will input. We should all work hard in life but sometimes things get in the way. The bats swooping down is a spiritual message that you need to focus on your goals at work to make things happen and have success. The ancient dream meaning of seeing bats flying in the sky indicates: success, good health, and positive relationships are all waiting for you in the coming days.

Dreams about bats inside you

It is a dream that is quite unusual and in most cases, it holds a negative message. If during your sleep you see a bat that is going inside of your body in your dream, it could be symbolic of a negative feeling inside. If the bats are flying at you, it is a sign that you need to pay attention to others.

Advice from the dream about bats

Shadow work is about healing and our own conscious thought processes that require us to process after feeling rejected. The goal of shadow work is to try to bring out the darkness that we feel inside - so we can focus our mind on the light, the consciousness becomes clear and all of our underlying emotions and feelings are free. 

Shadow work is about connecting two aspects of ourselves that we can't see. The dream of bats is a signal that you should consider shadow work. As a spiritual teacher, I often encourage shadow work in order to try to improve our own self-image and lives. It's important for us to also look at other people's shadows which means the darker side of our own personality. Because the bat normally appears black in dreams the shadow is what is known as the dark side of our own personality, this could be envy, anger, desires, and also strife and ambition. 

There are positive and negative shadows. When we are born we all have a shadow but the child is born with love and kindness, it's only when we get older we start to shape our own opinions and needs. Turning to Greek mythology there was a belief in gods for example. They believed that the moon and the darkness of night were connected to our own unconscious darker thoughts. If you remember the film Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that is a good example of shadow work. As human beings, we generally try to control our darker side. When a dream of the bat appears it could be a signal that the darker side of your personality or the people around you are affecting your shadow. Inner healing needs to come to the fore.

The shadow is also a Jungian view, you need to center yourself in shadow work and understand within yourself of your own self-center. Often, we can meditate in order to create a calm peaceful space. The subconscious mind while we sleep is often called the shadow and  I recommend using projection as a tool to improve your shadow. 

How can you do shadow work?

The dream of bats is a sign that shadow work will benefit you. If you meditate, think about expanding your space with your shadow and feel all the negative thoughts, feelings, hang-ups expelled from your body like a shadow. Pay attention to your breathing and replace the dark shadow energy with white pure light. Past traumas are often a result of our spiritual shadow being dark and twisted. Also, our shadow Is connected to our inner child. Think about your own childhood, were you happy? Were there emotions and behaviors that you were not happy with? Being aware of your inner child's shadow will also help you release any difficulties or anger. Shadow work is a fantastic way for inner healing and peace. All it takes is the self-awareness to understand the negative vibrations that surround your spiritual being. I'm really glad that you visited my page because if you've dreamt of bats it could mean that you are needing healing, transformation in inner awareness. The bat dream also connects to different spiritual aspects depending on the details found in the dream. Bats in dreams are about repressed ideas, feelings, memories, which all need to come into our subconscious mind. Many ancient cultures such as Native American and Indian mythology view bats as a form of warning. In ancient culture, the symbol was used as a doorway to meditate and shamans visited different underworlds. Now you can see how amazing this dream is.

Bats dream meaning as far as Celtic traditions are concerned

When it comes to the Celtic traditions, bats signal that you should improve your own health and diet in daily life. According to Celtic beliefs, bats often represent unhealthy or unusual sleeping habits. They are an indicator that you need to change your diet.

The Chinese meaning of bats in the dreams

In East Asian cultures such as China, bats are celebrated because they are believed to be fortune bringers and a symbol of good luck. In the Japanese culture, bats are normally believed to be symbolic of five life opportunities which are; peace, virtues, and longevity in life, wealth, and suffering a less calm death. Some Chinese people have a belief that bats do protect other animals from different dangers and diseases. In China, bats are known as Fu, which denotes blessings. For that reason, dreams about bats are quite commonly regarded positively in this culture. The bats are symbolic of initiations of good things, positive transitions, inner rebirth, and much more.

Positives of dreams about bats

  • They are seen to be friendly or calm in the dream
  • They appear to be harmless in dreams.
  • It did not try to hurt you like attacking, biting.
  • It is like it is daytime and the bat is unresponsive or asleep
  • The bat is to fly during day time
  • Being married to a bat
  • Bats hanging or sleeping on trees
  • Baby bats appearing in the dream
  • Pets bats in the dream
  • Green bats, brown bats
  • Being able to catch white bats
  • A single bat in the dream
  • Being able to hold a bat in your dream
  • Seeing bats that fly into the house
  • Bats that are flying in the cave
  • Bats which are flying down from the sky
  • Bats that are eating mosquitos
  • Bats that are chasing you
  • Bats hanging upside down
  • Bats that are playing with you
  • Being able to kill a bat

Negatives of dreams about bats

  • To be afraid of the bats while dreaming
  • The bat biting or attacking you
  • The bat crossing your path
  • Several bats in the darkness
  • Bats that are sleeping in the dream
  • Bats that are looking outside a window
  • Bats that are flying
  • Bats nets
  • The vampire bats, grey bats,  red bats, black bats, scarlet bats, white bats, albino bats
  • Seeing the poop of bats in the dream
  • Giant bat appearing in the dream
  • Bats that are flying inside your body
  • Bats in your bedroom
  • Large bats being in your house
  • Bats that sit on your shoulders, head
  • Bats hovering over you
  • Bats that are chasing you
  • Bats that are crying
  • Bats hanging from the wall
  • Dead bat
  • Killing a bat

Dreams about sports bats

If a cricket bat appears in your dream, you may need to learn how to better control your anger. If you are struggling to hit the ball with the bat, perhaps this suggests a lack of confidence. The theme of a dream involving any type of competitive sports represents the need to share with others. If you are enjoying the game, though, it is a positive sign.

If you dream of a baseball bat, then this suggests happy times ahead, depending upon how this particular bat is used in your dream. If you hit a ball with a baseball bat, you are likely to win in situations involving others. If the baseball bat is being used as a weapon, then this dream demonstrates you have aggression within your waking life that you must deal with right away.

This dream suggests that you will experience some frustration that could eat away at you. If you are awarded a prize in this dream, it indicates that your subconscious mind is giving you sufficient credit for the things that you have achieved in your life. Sometimes living in a negative world leads to a lack of congratulating yourselves on the positive tasks that you have completed, and an award in your dream is a reminder of a job well done.

Conclusion of a dream of bats

Below are two "bat" interpretations: Flying bats and bats in various sports. Although extremely rare, and almost never seen in the daylight, flying bats are generally associated with negative situations. It is important, however, to consider the nature of this dream. If it was a positive experience for you, then the interpretation is meaningless. However, if the dream is negative, the bats symbolize one of your negative personality traits.

Bats are associated with darkness, and therefore this dream shows a negative part of your personality or the personality of someone close to you. If you dream you are attacked by a bat, this demonstrates your need to move forward in difficult times.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a bat

Scared. Terrified. Disgusted. Unhappy. Accomplished. Happy. Powerful. Confident. In control. Proud.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012