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Dreaming of a vagrant or having dreams of homeless people indicates a fear of losing monetary or being homeless yourself.

These dreams reflect a shame or fear in your life and revolve around your own issues of not being able to take care of your own business.

Dreaming of vagrants can have many different meanings. For a rich person to dream of being a vagrant, they are likely experiencing their own fear of losing money but this could also be a sign to be more careful with their wealth. If a person has no money or already dreams about being a vagrant, they could simply be having a dream of their day to day life.

In this dream you may have

  • Gave money to a homeless person
  • Witnessed angry vagrants causing damage
  • Were chased by a vagrant
  • Were assaulted by a vagrant
  • Shooed a vagrant away or told them to leave your property
  • Called the police on vagrants
  • Saw people pushing shopping carts
  • Saw people living in boxes
  • Were scared of homeless people
  • Shot or killed a vagrant
  • Yelled at a vagrant
  • Compared someone to a vagrant
  • Were intimidated by a vagrant
  • Were accused of being a vagrant
  • Were kicked out of your home and had no place to go
  • Been worried about becoming a vagrant

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Helped a vagrant.
  • Worked together with vagrants to find someone.
  • Gave money to a vagrant.

Detailed dream meaning

Normally though, dreams of vagrants are going to have a touch of truth to them and usually there is an association of fear involved. When you are having dreams such as these you want to consider if you are being responsible with your own money and monetary items. When you have dreams that you are a vagrant these too usually have a bit of concern over your own financial state – whether you are rich or poor.

When one dreams of vagrants on their property, this can be a distressing sign for the dreamer. These dreams usually have something to do with a threat to your own money and property and again are a symbol of a loss financially that is coming your way. If your property is damaged by a vagrant or a person threatens to take away your own home, this will usually be a foreshadowing of wealth being lost.

Vagrants are often people that simply are down on their luck or who have poor circumstances that brought them to where they are. They are certainly not omitting to be fearful of, but many people are naturally afraid of vagrants and homeless people. These kinds of fears can manifest in dreams and if this is the case, that you have a fear or uneasiness naturally around vagrants – then do not look too deeply into them being in your dream. If you have never had any dealings with these kinds of people or if you don’t have any fear normally and then you have a dream where you are being attacked or provoked by a vagrant and you react with fear, then you want to have concern in your waking world about your own ability to fend off danger. These dreams can also be a foreboding regarding someone forcibly coming to take your property such as money problem leading to a car being repossessed or not being able to make your mortgage payments.

Sometimes vagrants just need a little bit of help and when you give money to a vagrant then this can be considered an act of charity. In these dreams you will be happy to know that they are good omens for rewards for your own good deeds coming back to you. Usually this is reflecting a monetary windfall or reward coming your way.

Helping a vagrant in a dream is a good omen, as helping people usually is. When you are helping someone that truly needs help, especially if it is a hardship for you then this is a sign of monetary reward coming your way. If you feel upset that you have to help this person in your dream this indicates a smaller windfall, but so long as you are helpful it is a good sign for the future.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Gaining money.
  • Running away from your problems.
  • Losing money or risking finances.
  • Being irresponsible with money.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of vagrants

Worried. Scared. Unsure. Fright. Determined. Helpful. Nice. Kind. Charitable. Favored

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012