Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Seeing a cookie monster in your dreams is associated with a person who is having bouts of overeating or over indulging in activities which a normal person would not do.

The Cookie Monster has a habit of gobbling up anything and everything in sight. He has no inhibitions about the stuff he eats which may be donuts, lettuce leaves, apples, bananas and sometimes things that normally cannot be eaten.

In the dream you may see….

  • The Cookie monster is beckoning you to have more food.
  • The Cookie monster is devouring all the food available.
  • The Cookie Monster is devouring everything in sight.

Positive changes are afoot….

  • You do not want to eat the cookies anymore.
  • If you can stop the Cookie Monster from eating the food.

Detailed dream interpretation…

The Cookie Monster is especially fond of cookies of all kinds with the cookies having chocolate chips being the most favorite. The Cookie Monster is said to be allergic when it comes to peanut butter cookies.

The Cookie monster normally has blue fur with a huge mouth and eyes like a gargoyle. It has a gruff voice in which it sings its typical song. It is clumsy in its actions and spits out particles of the food it has gobbled up. But in other ways you can find the Cookie Monster to be quite harmless.

The Cookie Monster was initially created to be shown in the advertisements for snack foods. It used to eat a large quantity of cookies in food commercials which were to be used to increase the sale of snack foods to the public. At the beginning there were three different Cookie Monsters which were used in the commercials for different foods. These Cookie Monsters and their commercials did not get telecast ultimately both were responsible for the creation of a totally different Cookie Monster which we know of presently.

This Cookie Monster was made famous by a cerel for children which was associated with healthy eating habits and exercising to reduce weight. If you see the Cookie Monster in your dream then you can be sure that you are indulging in eating too much junk food in real life which will result in obesity and illness. The symbol of the Cookie Monster in your dreams tells you to go slow on your eating habits and take more healthy things like fruits.

The image of a Cookie monster in your dream and its voracious appetite to eat everything in sight also signifies that you are engaged in an activity in real life which is actually a waste of energy and money and you are only hurting yourself in the process. It is actually a message to say: stop overdoing things at work or your home.

This dream actually points out that you should be ashamed of the way you are gorging yourself. Stop being the Cookie Monster! It is a message to try to make you resist activities which may cause you embarrassment in the future. The symbolism warns you to enforce more restraint on yourself and try not to overdo things which you may be doing now in your real life.

Feelings that you may have encountered in the Cookie Monster dream….

Hungry, voracious, spendthrift, embarrassed, uncontrolled.

By Florance Saul
Sep 15, 2013