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Dreaming of Violence usually indicates that there is a level of chaos in the life of the dreamer which is out of control and there is a fear of being lost or confused permanently and never finding peace.

Violence is a part of the world that is never ending, and consistent. Throughout history, violence has encompassed all of the bad things in the world. Whenever someone wants something that someone else has, they are subjected to violence in order to get it. Throughout history violence is inflicted as a way of conquering others, as a way of establishing dominance and the like. In modern days, violence is different; it takes on more of a random speed. We experience violence in all areas of our lives, so it is not unnatural to dream about violence in all aspects of life.

Violence can affect all points of life; this could be in natural disasters, personal violence, seeing violence, feeling as if violence is going to be inflicted on you, violence on your children, violence to your mother, and violence in the home.

In this dream you may have

  • Seen violence in the home.
  • Violence as a result of natural disasters.
  • Seeing violence.
  • Feeling as if violence is going to be inflicted on you.
  • Violence with your children.
  • Violence toward your mother or some other nurturing authority figure.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You ended the violence in the home.
  • Tempered your anger.
  • Chose not to inflict violence.
  • Narrowly avoided the violence of a natural disaster.

Detailed dream meaning

If you have dreams or nightmares of experiencing violence as a result of a natural disaster, this is a bad omen. Anything that is out of control can reflect a negative world view in the waking world and that you aren’t taking responsibility for your own actions or current life situation.

Usually these dreams are ones that are akin to feeling fear or being scared. When experiencing personal violence such as a violent mugging, robbery, or rape, this shows not only being out of control but usually is a representative of being victimized by another. Sometimes these are reliving of past traumas in life but other times they are representative of repressed fear which stems from stress, worry, or hesitation to act in a specific area of life.

If you are being the person inflicting the consider ways in which you can express your own feelings in healthy manners. You are likely to the breaking point over something in your waking life and eventually your own feelings are going to exert themselves outward. Dreams like these should be taken as warnings for how you are going to behave in your waking world and tell you that you need to get your own emotions in check.

These dreams are not always as scary as your anticipate them in your mind though. For example, these dreams can represent a drive or action needed when the violence is directed towards your children (or related children that you know). This represents the anger the dreamer feels in connection with a new project or with their actual children and they need to seek help so that they don’t become uncontrollable. When one dreams of seeing violence inflicted on their children and they are unable to do anything about it, this means the dreamer feels repressed in anger and has no end. Dreaming of violence to animals is a way of working out your own helpless feelings. Consider ways in which you feel trapped in your own life and start to create opportunities for success rather than dragging yourself down.

Violence on other family members often represents a repressed connection or worry about home life. Especially where dreams of violence are directed towards a mother or the lady of the house, these dreams can be a warning of loss that is coming in a relationship or general happiness at home.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Repressed anger.
  • Uncertainty in love.
  • Fear of loss.
  • Lack of control.
  • Happiness in love and in romantic endeavors.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of violence

Anger. Repression. Certainty. Clarity. Functionality. Anger. Bravery. Solidity. Understanding. Knowledge. Wisdom. Security.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012