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Are you trying to avoid somebody in your dream? 

If you are trying to escape hide or run away from somebody in the dream state this can be a symbolic meaning of trying to hide away from situation or difficulty in waking life. If you dream of avoiding somebody in your dream then this indicates that there are some personal qualities that you’re not aware of. To avoid a specific person indicates that you need to go into your inner self. If you are avoiding danger in your dream this is connected to emotions. It suggests you are going to overcome some difficult tasks.


When you avoid someone or something in your dream, it literally denotes that you don't want to be part of a situation in waking life - due to the fact that someone is making you feel uncomfortable. 

In the dream…


  • You can be the one avoiding someone or something in your dream.
  • A familiar person is avoiding something or someone.
  • A strange person is avoiding something or someone.
  • You avoid danger in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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In a dream whereby you happen to avoid something or someone implies that you need to take hold of your life because whatever or whoever you are avoiding is symbolic.

The key advice in this dream is to try and make sure that in waking life, you don't go to places where you think you are going to meet people which are displeasing to you. Make sure that you avoid them at all cost, because, if you don't, then they will make your life miserable by creating bridges which might be hard for you to cross and achieve your goals in life. It might be hard to avoid them, but, do the best you can in order to make it work for you.

To avoid a monster in your dream indicates negative energy which is surrounding you, and which will drag you down. It means you can not achieve the great things which you had initially planned for your life. 

Avoiding a murderer in the dream suggest that you don’t need to give an explanation to others as to why you are doing whatever you are doing because you are only answerable to yourself.  


A dream where you see a familiar person avoiding something can imply that you will help your friends and relatives come out of a difficult situation. There is fear of a particular situation in their lives which is retarding their growth. They will be able to approach you in your waking life and ask for your assistance, which you should provide without having to think twice. If they don’t approach you, try and approach them and you are a friend who has come to help them sort out the circumstances they are trying to run away from in their lives. Offer solutions on how they should handle the situation and make sure that they adhere to it. Once they are no longer in fear of things in their lives, let them be and you will be amazed at how they progress due to the renewed confidence they have in themselves and in whatever they do. If others are avoiding you in your dream state or ignoring you this represents possible Good news. Your strength lies in your sustainability life. To be avoided by many people symbolizes the desire for knowledge.

A situation where a strange person is trying to avoid something in your dream suggests that you are leading a comfortable life with nothing to fear. Things seem to work for you and those around you. If you avoid a job in your dream it indicates that you are running from circumstances in your life.

Feelings associated with your dream...

Prosperity, fearful, strange, blessed and worried.


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