Frog Dream Meaning

A frog appears frequently in women’s dreams. Men dream more of toads than frogs.

Despite it being unattractive, a frog can be associated with positive times. Considering the evolution of a tadpole to frog means changes are ahead. As the frog lives both in water and on land it is associated with new life. Its evolution symbolizes the transformation of the human mind. The frog can be considered a pure soul, surrounded by an ugly appearance.

We all know that a frog is a cold-blooded animal. This basically means it temperature changes as the surroundings change. This is important from a dream spiritual perspective. If the frog get’s too warm it normally jumps into cold water to make sure that it’s temperature is lowered. We can use this “analogy” in interpreting your dream. Maybe you have felt that things are getting too “hot” in a situation and you want to take some time away from things in order to evaluate your position? Frogs are part of the family known as amphibians. In my Oxford dictionary (tucked between my computer right now!) the meaning of “amphibian” indicates a double life. I feel that this is quite important in your dream because it can imply that things might not be as they seem?

Frogs have been around for almost 195 million years and they are found in swamps and also rain forests but can appear in dreams in many ways, colors, shapes and sizes. Almost every frog resides in ponds, lakes or rivers and of course, they also live on land. They need water to regulate their temperature (as I have already mentioned) and in spirit terms water represents emotions. I will now move onto specifics that could be found in your dream.

What does it mean to dream of a green frog?

Frogs come in a range of different shades, color and also sizes. Many people find they dream the frog is a strange color. The colors of frogs are normally associated with “warning away predators.” From a spiritual perspective if the frog is green in color in your dream then this represents harmony and emotional correctness. Seeing a green frog hopping in a dream can effectively represent you handled difficult times better than most. If the frog is black in color (or extremely dark green) then this represents losses and adjustments in life. It can also represent that in your youth you have healed and recovered and you now enjoy helping other people pick up the pieces of life. Being able to move on after difficult times is our own choice and successfully dealing with old memories may come in the form of the frog during the dream state. So, green stands for a fresh beginning. And frogs stand for luck and success in dreams. Meaning, you will experience something that will improve you as a person and improve your life, in general.

What does it mean to dream of a gold frog?

A few users have contacted me after seeing gold frogs during the dream. This can indicate sensational results in the future. The frog is representative of material attainment. There is a fine line finding a better future especially after pain. You can find a future beyond whatever pain of any kind that you have experienced. A golden frog in a dream can simply transform your outlook in life. How you respond to others is a choice, there are many different of choices that you need to make but the gold frog that you will encounter some happiness going forward.

Frog dream meaning colors:

  • Seeing a red frog during your dream connected to passion also the fact you may experience a major change in your life.
  • A yellow frog can signify transformation and also possible emotional trauma, but through this you will grow into a better person.
  • The blue frog featured in the dream illustrates possible healing the end of difficult times. You’re going to be okay and even if you have to dodge conflict things will turn out well in the end.
  • To see a pink frog in a dream represents a future development of your instincts and intuition. You’re not an intuitive person but thanks to a certain event, you will become one. What will happen to you will change your perspective and how you approach things.
  • White frogs in dreams indicate being pure and good luck.
  • A black frog means your hiding your feelings. As I said, you may wish to ignore your feelings in order to avoid being hurt. And this can affect your emotional state in a negative way.

What does dreaming of a frog mean?

Okay, I have covered quite a bit so far! In general, dreams about frogs have a positive interpretation. Spiritually wise frogs represent love, prosperity, blessings, emotional transformation and increased spirituality. However, to see yourself eating a frog (if your not French) in the dream reveals your accomplishments and peacefulness. However, what does it mean to dream of a frog being inside your house or apartment? Apparently, according to my old dream books, it means the same exact thing. This specific dream symbolizes your luck, achievements and inner peace. The funniest thing I have read indicates that, you will have guests coming to your home soon. It will be an unexpected and spontaneous visit!!

If jumping cheerfully in your dream, the frog foretells a happy and joyful heart. You will have good luck in everything you attempt. A frog is a sign of the unpredictable, changeable, and spontaneous events in life. If you see a frog at your door, this means a visit is coming soon. Encountering a frog in your dream means you have good friends that make you happy. If in your dream you see one or more jumping frogs, this is a sign that you have been ignored and you have wasted money or time on useless hobbies. It could also refer to an inheritance from a distant that you have not obtained.

Dreaming of eating frogs is a sign that you will have a peaceful and accomplished life. You will gain from a social and personal gatherings. To see a frog on a stone suggests new and pleasant business opportunities and capital gains if you invest effort and time.

Killing a frog signifies that enemies or unpleasant people will soon vanish. A frog lying on the ground as if dead means repulsion. You are facing a problem you cannot act on, without upsetting others. If you are stepping on a frog or a toad, in reality this suggests that you want to exercise power over weaker individuals. Eating frogs legs signifies other people need to know that you are the boss. This could be in either a domestic setting or work situation.

Hearing a frog sing represents new friendships, great harvest and a future good husband or wife if you are not yet married. Great harvest can refer to financial gains, but also spiritual. A frog in a pond or water is a sign of an unexpected visit. It also symbolizes a developed instinct for self-defense and transient worries. Seeing a frog in water refers to your desire for adventure, or it could foretell an important trip or endeavor in the future. To see many frogs in a lake symbolizes flattery, chatter, sorrow, and unhappiness. They can represent a group of friends or a few family members were they are trying to get your attention. Playing with a frog means that people will require your help. To step on a frog suggests you require help in regard to your finances.

A dream displaying a frog or many frogs predicts that your children will make you proud. A frog in the grass is a reference to your capability to act and to make changes in your romantic life. It could foretell emotional blockages or an incapability to express feelings for other people. Seeing a frog in the grass suggests a feeling of self-protection. You are hiding from something, possibly from important feelings. You do not want to see or to be seen. If the frog turns into a prince this means you will need to lend someone money. There may be worry about the family's finances. To see a frog jumping means the family budget may be intense and this will be effecting your position.

  • If a woman: A toad suggests that you are trying to hide the truth about yourself. You should allow your inner beauty to shine and speak to you.
  • If a man: A toad in your dream means that you will be criticized for your decisions, and you will have a hard time accepting these opinions.

What does seeing a frog in your house mean?

To see a frog inside your home means that you will manage to get everything you’ve wished and planned for. Your true intentions and wishes will finally be fulfilled and result in success. For example, if you have been working towards a promotion for a long time, you will finally get promoted. And if you wish to get out of a toxic relationship and search for a partner more suitable, you will finally gather the courage to do it. If you want to buy your own place to live, seeing a frog inside your home in your dream reveals the future realization of your goal. I hope you get my drift, the frog signifies your determination, strong character, hard-working nature, and positive attitude.

But if you want to remove the frog out of your house or apartment, it’s a negative sign. In that, you will probably experience obstacles and challenges on your way to success. Someone or something will make it almost impossible for you to reach your goal. However, you will manage to find a way and still do it, eventually. If you noticed a bunch of frogs inside your house or apartment, it means that you should be careful with whom you’re hanging out because it seems like you’re surrounded by many dishonest and two-faced people.

What does dreaming of a frog jumping on you signify?

If a frog was trying to jump on you or has jumped on you in your dream, it represents problems that you have in waking life. If multiple frogs are jumping on you then someone’s trying to take advantage of you, so be careful who you trust and let into your life.

Alternatively, your dream portrays your revolt and you feel uncomfortable because of someone’s actions. Someone could be forcing you to do something you don’t want. And you’re having a hard time saying “no” to this person because you’re concerned they might leave. Dreaming about a frog flying through the air or if its raining frogs suggests that you’re taking big steps toward your dreams and you have serious chances of accomplishing most of your aspirations. Your perspective will encounter major change. Something you will experience on your way to success will change how you view things and life, in general, completely. If the frog in your dream was not jumping on you, but just jumping around, it reflects a lack of commitment. Your dream reveals your inability to stick to one goal until you reach it. You should take one step at a time. Otherwise, constantly jumping from one thing to another won’t bring you any good. It won’t bring you the success you want.

Dreams about a talking frog

If a frog was talking to you in the dream, it means you should pay attention to what people have to tell you. It won’t hurt you to apply some of the useful advice you’ve been given.

What’s the interpretation of a giant frog in a dream?

To see a giant frog in your dream suggests that you should remove baggage you’re carrying around. Are you carrying your past mistakes on your shoulders all the time? Even you’re feeling happy, you can still feel the guilt eating you up inside. Being chased by a b Fig frog in a dream indicates your own inner fear - forgive yourself and let go. Alternatively, your dream represents the people who trust you in waking life and who depend on you. It’s time you let people deal with their own shit.

What’s the meaning of frog dream in Hinduism?

Animals play an important role in Hinduism. People believed that Brahma created all the animals with a secret inside their being. So, each animal has a special meaning to humans. People also believed that animals carry the soul of their ancestors. Meaning, they’re a reincarnation of their family members and friends. Therefore, no one’s allowed to harm animals in any way. On the contrary, frogs are seen as sacred. Dreams about frogs in Hinduism have special interpretations. Apparently, to see a frog in your dreams signifies success and prosperity. You’ll finally gain something you’ve been wanting for so long. You’re blessed. Alternatively, because frogs represent a symbol of reincarnation in Hinduism, to dream of this animal means you’re protected by your ancestors, maybe a dead relative/friend.

What’s the Islamic interpretation of a frog in a dream?

The Islamic interpretation of frogs in dreams is associated with devotion to God. So, if the dream was of a vivid frog, you’re probably a devout person who’s doing everything in their power to earn trust and redemption. To see a bunch of frogs in your dream represents healing. But overall, a frog stands for religious devotion and goodness in people. So, if you see one in your dream you’re probably a kind, generous person with a good heart who’s friendly and respected, not only by your family and friends but also by society. To eat a frog in your dream represents authority. In that, you will gain authority.

What is the occult meaning of seeing a frog in a dream?

In occult terms, a frog in a dream portrays people who perform magic and witchcraft. If your source of existence is associated with selling water or you deal with sea life, seeing a frog in your dreams means you will gain profits.

If you see a frog leaving town in your dream, it foretells calmness, answered prayers and inner peace. If you hunt frogs in your dream, it announces your future victory over your enemies. However, frogs in dreams might also represent people who cannot stand monotony. If you see a frog entering your town, it means common peace. If you see one or two frogs, they represent an individual who’s devoted to others. If you hear croaking sounds of frogs in your dream, unfortunately, it denotes death.

What does it mean to dream of a poisonous frog?

To see a dangerous frog in your dream state suggests that you’re not paying much attention to some incident or event that might be of importance to you in the future. Your dream might foretell a celebration or party you’re not so excited about.

What does dreaming of a frog attacking you mean?

To encounter a large, frightening frog attack or bite you in your dream state reveals your personal discomfort and dis balance in life. Often, these dreams occur when you are feeling forced to do something you don’t actually want to and it has a negative effect on your existence. Although you’re feeling confused this dream can be positive. To see a frog attack you in your dream might represent someone else’s social anxiety or intimacy issues. If you are feeling pressured, anxious and uncomfortable around people, ask yourself: why are you still keeping these people in your life?

What’s the dream meaning of frog or toad?

The general meaning of frogs as dream symbol stands for rebirth, transformation, and renewal. It might represent an inner transformation, personality transformation, professional transformation, new beginnings, and major life changes, especially if you see a green frog in your dream state. But, most of the time, the interpretation of a dream depends on how you felt during the dream. If you felt uncomfortable and dreaming of a frog was not a pleasant experience for you, it means you’re going to encounter healing.

Alternatively, the general meaning of frogs in dreams is sometimes associated with love and disappointment. So, perhaps you will end up heartbroken shortly. Or your lover will fail your trust. Your dream might be revealing the lack of love and trust your partner has for you. And you will finally accept what you’ve been denying for so long. To see a frog in your dream might also foretell rainy weather. Perhaps you will attend an event on a rainy day. Or experience something important while it’s raining outside. Either way, it will be refreshing and new to you. And most important of all, you will like it. So, as you can notice, frogs in dreams are often interpreted as positive symbols and stand for luck, prosperity, abundance, progress, and transformation most of the time. Hope this helps!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a frog

Embarrassed. Astonished. Confident. Happy. Bewildered. Proud. Upset. Surprised.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a frog = love, happiness and luck!
  • Stepped on a frog = someone is stepping on you.
  • Seen a toad = knowledge.
  • Seen a lot of toads = increased knowledge.
  • Seen a green frog = see above (my meaning)
  • Seen an ugly frog = giving up.
  • Been a frog = change
  • Encountered a jumping frog = jumping into situations.
  • Eaten frogs = new start.
  • Heard a croaking frog = communication.
  • Killed or injured a frog = healing.
  • Seen a frog in the grass = someone is hiding something.
  • Fed a frog = feeding your mind.
  • Played with a frog = contentment.
  • Kissed a frog = happiness.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You ate frog legs in your dream.
  • You were a happy, jumping frog in your dream.
  • You heard a croaking frog in the dream.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012