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Bread can crop up in our dreams when we are feeling that we need our basic levels of shelter and food are at risk. Spiritually, the more bread you eat, the luckier you will be, and the more profit you will gain. Hi and welcome to my dream meanings. I'm Flo and will help you understand what bread means in your dream.

What is the general meaning of bread in a dream?

If you dream of eating bread, you will be rich and powerful. White bread in your dream means you will have new and positive friends. In general, bread is a good sign in a dream. It means that life will be good for you. Bread symbolizes the good and sober life. However, if you dream of bread made from something else other than wheat, you might encounter a complex time in life. Bread has always been a symbol of religion and can be considered a form of spiritual enhancement. For a woman to dream of eating a piece of bread shows that she is likely to look after a number of children in the near future. Bread in dreams is connected to the idea of earning one's daily bread, which means earning money at work.

To dream of high-quality bread (a better one than the common toast bread) would indicate that you have to get a job that will give you insight. If you dream of cutting a slice of bread, then this indicates confidence in life. Bread is often connected to positive times in life. To offer bread to others in your dream signifies that you will be generous in your life. To dream that you eat fresh bread indicates that you will have comfort and positive friendships. Old bread seen in a dream is a sign of disease and social problems, as well as worries in your house. Fresh bread indicates you will be in a better physical condition. Dreaming of making bread it is not necessarily a good sign, ancient dream books indicate that making bread could be the omen of hunger. Warm bread is the sign of a difficult illness in old dictionaries, but some also say that this indicates a new start. Dreaming of a bagel is the omen that a period of calamity and trust will end soon. Buying bagels mean comfortable life, and that you should seize an advantageous situation. Breadcrumbs are the sign of good health. Moldy bread indicates that you may get sick sorry I know that does not sound too positive, but this is an old dream book. I have given a better meaning by scrolling below.

What is the dream psychology interpretation of bread?

To see bread in the dream state indicates that your thoughts, feelings, and actions will be challenged. If we turn to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, bread can be defined as a symbolism of basic need. During the 1940s, Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow introduced the hierarchy of needs to psychology. There is five basic levels of need: security, recognition, esteem, accomplishment and psychological. Normally, These needs are represented as a stairway. The first need is physical needs and this is what dreaming of bread is focused on from dream psychology. In addition, bread can also indicate that you have many things to learn in your life’s journey and that there are problems that will be overcome. Bread in our normal waking life is connected to feeling nourished. Symbolically bread is used as food by many different cultures. Biblically bread has appeared in the Bible and other religious texts, bread is made up of flour, water, and yeast. There are many different shapes, sizes, types, and textures of bread which can appear in the dream state. In most meals, at restaurants, bread is often served and it plays a number of different roles in religious rituals. Dreaming of bread is associated with the nourishment we seek from others in life. This could be the understanding of how we communicate and share our knowledge with others. Bread, in my opinion, indicates that you NEED to have an open conversation with somebody in waking life. This indicates psychical needs being met in life and that you need to try to increase your self-esteem.

What is the spiritual meaning of bread?

Spiritually bread is representative of the body of Christ. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are associated with bread and how this can spiritually connect with us. In the Bible, bread is mentioned many times. It is connected to steering something into action and also the spirit and mind as it is manifested (John 4:32)  The Bible doesn’t necessarily speak about the bread directly, but spiritually we can assume it is connected to how we feed ourselves.

The type of bread in a dream:

Whole bread or brown flour indicates that there will be a volume of issues in life. As brown bread has high levels of glutathione it indicates that you need to focus on how you come across to others in life. The color of the bread in the dream is equally important - if you see whole grain bread or sourdough bread it can indicate difficult times ahead. To see bread rolls indicates a highly enriched social engagement. If in your dream you could see cornbread which is a mix of cornmeal and wheat, it indicates that you wish to work on your own intuition shortly. Dreams of a flatbread or chapati can suggest that you will find that a project will collapse but this is for the best.

What does it mean to dream of buying a loaf of bread?

Buying bread in dreams indicates that we need to look nurturing and sustaining our growth in life. Bread is often connected to not only physical but also ( I have not yet mentioned) our spiritual development. Bread can also signify a harvesting time in life. Buying a loaf of bread from the supermarket or a store in the dream illustrates that you are going to be offered the prospect to understand yourself a more gracious way.

What does it mean to dream of white bread?

White bread in your dream can indicate contentment, prosperity, and that you are somewhat "sensitive" in nature. As I have mentioned before eating white bread refers to poverty, but this is from ancient dream books. Good bread indicates faithful friends. Eating very hot white bread suggests power and richness is coming your way. Seeing bread in your dream means richness and honor. If the bread is clean, this foretells happiness. Baking bread indicates that someone from far away will visit you. Giving bread to the poor means good health. Bread’s core is the sign of danger and hunger. Eating bread means physical health, and eating it fast is the sign of honor and advancing in rank. Biting from a slice of bread means the threat for your loved ones.

What does it mean to dream of moldy bread?

To dream of eating moldy bread denotes that you are not taking care of yourself as you should be. Bread if green or moldy or past its sale date indicates that you may risk something in life. If the bread is covered with white and blue mold or the crusts are moldy then you need to remove something in your life. If you pick off the mold on your bread this indicates that something has been forgotten. Oh, and here is an interesting fact, did you know that you can still eat moldy bread if you pick it off, gross I know. It’s only when the bread goes black it is associated with a health risk. To see black bread mold known as Rhizopus Stolonifer in a dream from a spiritual perspective indicates that you need to remove a problem from your life.

What do 1920s dream books say on bread?

Here I have just listed the old meanings of bread in dreams: Moldy bread foretells big enemies that are watching you. Rotten bread means fickle fortune. Rotten and old bread is the omen of hypocrites. Dry bread means tiredness. If you see lots of bread in your dream, it is a sign of a trip, discussion, but also happiness. Dark bread predicts guests in need, and you will get help from friends. Fresh bread means faithful friends. Putting bread in the oven refers to solving well a problem. Expensive bread suggests a comfortable life.

In your dream you may have

  • Baking bread = good luck.
  • White bread = poverty but lucky later on.
  • Eating bread = the basic need for survival.
  • Good bread = clear focus in life is needed.
  • Warm bread = riches.
  • Buying bread = new start in life.
  • Bread crumbs = good health.
  • Clean bread = times are going to change for the better.
  • You have bread = good luck
  • You make bread = good luck.
  • Moldy bread = people watching you.
  • Dark bread = luck will only last a while.
  • Fresh bread = same as warm bread riches will be yours.
  • Putting bread in the oven = preparing for riches.
  • Expensive bread = treat yourself.
  • Rotten bread = feeling refreshed but worried.
  • Old and hard bread = sometimes you require pampering.
  • Dry bread = looking for best results.
  • Toast bread = warning that you may feel tired.
  • You are cutting slices of bread = trying to understand yourself.
  • Selling bread = new relationships.

Positive changes are afoot if

Bring spirituality in your life. Expect a time of turmoil.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bread

Scared. Sad. Disgusted. Happy. Jolly. Enjoying. Content. Hungry.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012